Diary Blog, 1 February 2023

Morning music

[https://iro.uiowa.edu/esploro/outputs/doctoral/Countess-conductor-pioneer-Lady-Radnor-and/9983776782802771; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubert_Parry]

On this day a year ago

What I predicted, a year ago, as a kind of microchip police state, though not yet with us (partly because of the brave “anti-vaxx” resistance of many) is still the System game-plan, together with all the “eat insects”, “15-minute-cities” stuff, and the rest. The System is looking for another opportunity, as happened with the Chinese virus, to push it all forward together.

We see apparently unconnected phenomena which are in fact, all part of a strategy. Major banks in the UK shutting down their branches (and so promoting online remote-access-only for customers); also, the major supermarkets reducing the number of tills where people can pay in cash, and promoting the self-service checkouts (where you cannot pay without a credit or debit card).

Take a look at the Neil Oliver tweet below on this blog.

The “Jack Monroe” situation continues

All very true. As others have tweeted, “Jack Monroe” “cleanses her Twitter timeline” by engaging with her supportive mugs on distractive topics (favourite ice-cream, cats, dogs, antiques, painting walls, whatever), to drown out the tweets of those who have exposed her behaviour and activities.

“Jack Monroe” must be quietly smug to see that, even though the msm and “celebrities” have now almost all dropped her like a hot stone, there are still hundreds of brainless mugs willing not only to tweet meaningless messages of fake or other “supportive” “concern” to her but even to continue to send money to her. As of today, 636 utter mugs are still signed up to her Patreon “grift”, giving her thousands of pounds a month for nothing.

Against stupidity, even the gods struggle in vain” [Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans].

[Update, same day: Patreon now gives the number of “Jack Monroe” mugs as 522, not 636, so it seems that quite a few are, albeit belatedly, waking up to the scam].

I was looking at the tweets of those now “supporting” “Jack Monroe” on Twitter: almost all 50-75 years old, seemingly all white people; some supporting her because of her supposed “non-binary” lifestyle; quite a few seemingly mentally odd or disturbed. No young people, no ethnic minorities. Ironic, in a way, looking at her pronouncements over the years.

I think that the “Jack Monroe” scam will be an interesting, if minor, footnote to the future socio-cultural history of Britain in the 2010-2023(?) era.

An interesting and unusual take on the “Jack Monroe” scam.

Other tweets seen

As for me, what always strikes me on encountering (admittedly only rarely) schoolteachers, or (much more often) seeing them on TV quiz shows etc, is the huge ignorance of almost all of them.

Late music

13 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 February 2023”

  1. Hello: I have to say that Neil Oliver speech about the digital ID and the terrible near future was good and believable. In fact, the future is already here; there are lots of surveillance systems operating and the overrated and much publicized VPNs are (according to some experts) rubbish, they DO NOT protect your privacy at all.

    PS: I found infuriating that Jack Monroe still has 635 morons giving her money!!! The woman has been exposed as a grifter by hundreds of people!!! 🤬 🤬  Here is your classical Italian hothead! (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      I noticed today that the mugs still signed up to her Patreon “grift” are now numbered 522 and not 636. They must be slowly waking up.

      As to digital ID, whether microchipped under the skin or not, my point expressed several times over the last few years is that it will probably not be mandated by law, as in “get microchipped or you will be prosecuted” but rather that it will just be made almost impossible to exist in advanced countries *without* it.

      You will find it hard to travel, buy anything online or even in-store (including food), unless you have the digital ID and/or sub-dermal chip. Cash will slowly be phased out; there may be a premium (10%? 20%?) charged for even using cash; then cash will be phased out completely.

      Basically, anyone not microchipped will be able to live only on the most basic level— maybe in rural encampments, on the fringes of mainstream society, on the edge of legality, desperation leading many to steal food from the mainstream “chipped” population.

      I would predict that only a small number will resist for longer than a year or so; perhaps 1% of the population, if that.

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  2. I agree with you in regards to the coming digital ID. Perhaps living in a backward continent, I shall be safe, but I don’t think so. Somehow the idea of living many years looks more and more depressing to me.

    Incidentally, here is an interesting video from PJW that proves what a despicable POS Jordan Peterson is (in case there was any doubt about it…)


  3. I hope so. I would like to see a POWERFUL reaction against this awful system before I die!

    Changing the subject. In what other film apart from “Becket” did Peter O’Toole play the role of a king of England? I have the feeling he did so in another film but I cannot remember it. Perhaps I am wrong, I was once in 1907… (LOL)


      1. Thank you very much for the reply. The funny thing is that the title was familiar to me but I could not make the connection. Somehow, I was convinced that Richard Burton played the king there and that Katherine Hepburn was not in the film. As we say in Argentina, “my wires were crossed” (LOL)


      2. Claudius:
        The Lion in Winter won Oscars, and was popular with the public, but I myself have started to watch it two or three times, and become bored or irritated with it after 10 mins or so each time. Maybe one day, I shall see more.


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