Diary Blog, 1 February 2021

A dull day, featureless. Haze not amounting to mist or fog, no rain, no sun, no snow.

Time for some music and then a very late morning breakfast. Toast, Cheshire cheese, tomato, and some kefir. It’s nearly midday, so make that brunch.

Tweets seen

The most pressing question across the Western world, especially in the Anglophone countries, is the JQ.

Interesting… see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/07/18/theyre-coming-to-take-me-away-ha-ha/

Brilliant. Laurels and oak leaves.

I think that we know that this nonsense is not going to be eliminated by tweets, blogs or debates, at the end of the day.

More tweets

Well, “Dr.” Raw does have a point. True, Labour is closer behind the Conservative Party than was the case at the 2019 General Election, but that is mainly because the Jewish press (both msm and otherwise) has almost stopped demonizing Labour now that Jewish-lobby puppet Starmer is leader.

Still, looking at the incompetence and nonsense of the present ZOG/NWO regime at Downing Street, it might have been expected that Labour would be miles ahead. It might be, were it a real Opposition, but Starmer just supports everything that “Boris”-idiot is doing, but says that it should be done more! Lockdown, the facemask nonsense, you name it. On immigration, Labour cannot attack the Government’s poor record, because Labour still favours mass immigration…

Overall, Labour looks pretty sad.

An elderly lady I once knew used to say, in the 1980s, if a picture of Brittan came up on TV, “doesn’t that snout just need kicking?!

but look at the subsequent exchange below:

The first tweeter has a “prison” mentality: obey the “rules”, denounce “rulebreakers”, and maybe the “authorities” will “allow” you a period of outside exercise every day…

Ironic…if I am not mistaken, that “antifascist” tweeter, “@jdpoc” (who in the past has tweeted against me) was quite recently tweeting something online about his own “issues”…

Par for the course, it seems.

I could write a book about the immigration cases I did in the early 1990s; I appeared before immigration tribunals at first instance, in the Immigration Appeal Tribunal, and also in the High Court (on judicial review applications).

Some cases were run of the mill, involving marriages etc, others involved fugitive members of foreign secret services, and yet others alleged members of extremist or “terrorist” groups (mostly Kurdish).


If only Holbrook and other members of the Bar had broken cover and spoken up clearly (or at all) when a pack of malicious Jews instigated my disbarment in 2016, he might not be where he now is…


Oh, really, “@KathyConWom”? Where were you and Conservative Woman etc in 2016, after I was disbarred (and then pilloried in the “free” Press)?

I have also not heard a word or seen a word in support of persecuted satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz from such “free speech” advocates…in fact she is still facing both persecution and actual prosecution.

[Alison Chabloz]

Late afternoon music

Late tweets

Last word of the day…

MSM going mad about Russian police and their rough tactics. The Russian police are rough at times. Russia is a rough country. So what is the excuse of the Dutch police, who on the weekend were using mounted police, water cannon, and rubber bullets on pensioners and young women (among others) protesting about the “lockdown” repression? The Dutch mounted police were filmed cracking open the heads of fleeing protestors with heavy clubs.

Strangely enough, the UK msm went mad today about Russia, but forgot to mention the Netherlands. BBC propaganda was blatant. All very (((odd))).

Late music

Below, same orchestra, same conductor (the composer) but a different recording of Hanson’s Romantic Symphony , with far better sound quality:


9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 February 2021”

  1. Hello Ian: Your mention of Cheshire cheese reminded me of an odd and rather funny incident that happened to me a few days ago. My wife, who is English, said: “God, how I fancy some Cheddar cheese!”. I made a mental note of it and went to get some (BTW Cheddar cheese is fairly rare here) I went to two cheese shops and nothing, in the third one I bought some. My wife was over the moon. A few hours later she came and said: “I am sorry, it is not Cheddar but Red Leicestershire, anyway I love it, thank you!”. Then I realized that what we call “Cheddar” is “Red Leicestershire”, I now suppose I must go and ask for “Red Leicestershire” in order to get “Cheddar”! Talk about “lost in translation”! (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      the world of cheese is wide…de Gaulle once complained how hard it was to rule a country with (I think) 350 types of cheese. The UK now has (again, I think) 240.

      There is a red *Cheddar* as well, by the way. Similar to Red Leicestershire:

      Cheddar is of course not the same as Cheshire…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ian: Thank you very much for the information. Ironically (and shamefully) in a country with such a huge diary industry we have very few “gourmet” cheeses and these are very expensive. It is very annoying and illogical. The only explanation is GREED. There’re very few producers and they are all geared towards mass production. You have to drive into the countryside (2 hours) to find really rare, and very good, cheeses.


  2. Hello Ian: Here is a contemporary British painter whose work is very interesting and nice. Most importantly he sees art as a vehicle for transmitting cultural values and traditions. Someone called Hitler had the same ideas, the surname rings a bell… LOL


      1. Thanks! I know you have written about “prepping” in the past, therefore I thought you and other readers might find such information useful and interesting!


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