Diary Blog, 28 February 2022, with more thoughts about Ukraine, Russia, and the West

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Surely calling those idiots “intellectuals” is a little too kind? That horrible little blot, Harwood, was recently sharing, on Twitter, his revelation that Italy, on a map, looks like a boot!

Almost as good as the “advice” given to the British public in the 1980s by constipated civil servants, to the effect that, in the event of nuclear attack, British people should shelter under a stout table, “protected” by a tablecloth or blanket, and should not forget to keep safe their pension books and bank documents!

As previously blogged, the aim in the medium-term is to get as many people as possible microchipped, probably on the arm or wrist, and get them using that system for all everyday uses: NHS, shopping, travel. Those refusing will be gradually marginalized and, ultimately, probably, detained indefinitely.

Only extreme resistance now, or soon, will prevent this in Western and Central Europe, North America, Australasia, and elsewhere.

As a control mechanism, “the virus” has done most of its job. The majority of the (eg) British population have been proven to be sheep, easily corralled and controlled; in effect, brainwashed. The facemask nonsense was key in doing that.

Of course, a properly-run society would properly punish the likes of Professor Ferguson (or, indeed, laugh at him from the start, and certainly not take him seriously).

Stray thoughts about the increasingly acrid Ukraine situation

Had the Russian forces mounted a properly-planned Blitzkrieg from the start, and thus achieved their main strategic objectives within days, toppling the Jew-Zionist Kiev regime and installing a puppet government de facto over the Kiev region, over that part of Ukraine east of the Dnieper, and over the Black Sea littoral, there would have been no time for the creation of a civilian resistance, and no time for the NWO/ZOG powers of the EU, UK, and North America to respond effectively. Also, the Ukrainian civilians would not have suffered harm, certainly not on the scale that looks likely now.

In the ancient cult of Magna Mater, the candidates for initiation had at one point to wade through a literal bath of blood. Metaphorically, that is where Putin and the Russian forces now are.

Unless they are going to abandon the operation completely, which would not only be humiliating for Putin personally but disastrous for Russia strategically, they have to press on to victory, even though any victory now will be horrible and bitter.

NATO, the EU, even usually-neutral Sweden, and others, are funnelling serious armament into Ukraine now. It will be placed at the disposal of the Kiev regime.

The ground-to-air armament flooding in may deny Russia command of the skies before very long. Even now, Russia’s air force does not seem to be being used as effectively as it could be, and certainly not as ruthlessly as the Americans use theirs.

This situation can only worsen for Russia over time. The only answer will be for Russia to destroy the Kiev regime very soon, whatever it takes. The key players have to be captured or eliminated.

I tremble for the remaining civilian population of Ukraine (and their companion animals). This should never have happened, certainly not in this way.

Supplies of food and fuel must be running out in Kiev. The odds are still in favour of the Russian invaders, if they press forward.

The Russian Army has been hugely upgraded over the past 15 years, but has shown itself incapable of proper staff work and planning. It dithered for weeks (that may have been Putin’s fault), then launched an unimpressive, sluggish and “bitty” invasion that seems to have lacked elan and rigour.

In a way, this incipient debacle is reminiscent of what happened in Karelia in 1939-40.

Stalin would have been shooting generals by now. Putin cannot do that, but he has to reinvigorate this operation before it becomes a manifest and historic defeat.

How is it that a country with (one reads) 4,500 fighter aircraft cannot dominate the skies of one that has fewer than 100?

If Putin and his generals do nothing, or if they withdraw behind Russia’s frontiers, The Kiev regime will be resupplied, its forces upgraded (all paid for by NWO/ZOG states), and before long there will be NATO or NATO-proxy forces stationed only 300 miles from Moscow (Moscow is 300 miles from the Ukrainian border at the nearest point).

The logic of the above is that the Kiev regime must now be toppled by massive force, even though a victory bought at such a price in destruction and suffering could not be other than bitter and even sickening.

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[Wanda Landowska with Tolstoy, at Yasnaya Polyana]

Ukraine— possible developments

What if Russian forces manage to control the whole area east of the Dnieper, as well as the Kiev area and the Black Sea coast? What then?

If there is a relocation of the Kiev regime to Lvov, with control over the western part of Ukraine, then NATO and the EU will flood it with arms and training staff. Russia, and Putin especially, would then have the choice of coming to some accommodation with that government, or fighting it. The Western allies would presumably keep referring to it as the Government of Ukraine de jure, even if the Russians install a Ukraine government, de facto, in Kiev.

In fact, both such regimes would only, de facto, control about half of of the whole country. Both would be supported as “de jure” governments of the whole by, and only by, their individual patron-states.

It is hard to see any such Lvov regime accepting Russian rule over a third to a half of present Ukraine, and including Kiev. On the other hand, and on present evidence, the Russian forces would seem incapable of taking the whole country, let alone holding it.

It is easy for many to talk about Ukraine as if it is smaller than it is, but Ukraine is about the same size as France. Huge. Nearly three times the size of the whole UK.

As for Kiev, with its 3 million inhabitants, it is —depending on where administrative boundaries are drawn— about the 7th-largest city by population in Europe. Indeed, if one excludes Istanbul, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, the 4th-largest.

Of course, if one includes suburbs outside strict city limits, London and Paris have even larger populations, but that would still mean that Kiev would be the 5th-largest city in Europe (excl. cities in European Turkey and European Russia), after London, Paris, Madrid, and Berlin.

The international situation can only go down from here. On the periphery, biding its time, China…

Time to repost my blog thoughts about the potential necessity of founding a new civilization on the rubble of the old…

More tweets seen

The tweeter is an Arizona state senator.

Would that be “from the horse’s mouth“, or “out of the mouths of babes“?

Analysis on video

This is basically correct.

As that person is saying, Russia is not, as yet anyway, flattening everything in Ukraine, whereas the American idea, seen repeatedly, is to flatten whole cities, regardless of civilian harm.

In any case, Putin does not want to take over a flattened wasteland.The way things are going, though, he may have little choice.

Again, the cold logic seems to lead to a massive attack on the locations of the Kiev regime itself, i.e. on central Kiev, with the aim of decapitating the present government and thus starting to end any mass resistance.

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Late tweets

…unless something is done about it now or soon…

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan in action.

Better stop him next time, in case he just walks off into DC and gets lost forever. Oh, no… wait a minute…

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14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 February 2022, with more thoughts about Ukraine, Russia, and the West”

  1. UK Column is casting doubt on an invasion having even taken place. They (the Russians) have said that they’re carrying out airstrikes against military targets, but nothing else. The question being asked of the Western ‘journalists’ is ‘can you show us any compelling footage of the Russians inside Ukraine?’

    All of the footage shown so far has been old footage from previous military exercises and flyover practices by the Russian airforce for military celebrations.

    Note that the electriicty is on in Kiev, and all utilities still functioning normally.

    My colleagues have reported that their relatives (in the East) haven’t seen any Russians on the ground as yet (other than planes).

    After the Covid Hoax, I do begin to wonder if this whole thing is a complete fraud perpetrated by the West and their Ukranian (((allies))).


    1. HennyPenny:
      I too am puzzled. In these days of telephones taking videos (or whatever), you would think that there would by now be thousands of films of Russian soldiers in Ukrainian cities, at least from a distance, but I have looked yet only seen a handful. The few Russian columns shown seem to have been abandoned. It is very puzzling. After all, if Russian soldiers want to desert or run away, surely the obvious way in which to do that is to do it *in the vehicles* rather than on foot in a city likely to be hostile.

      “In war, truth is the first casualty”, as we know. We have already seen the wide acceptance of inherently-implausible propaganda stories, such as the airborne knight in armour called “the Ghost of Kiev” (or as the “occupied” msm now prefer, “Kyiv”) and the Snake Island border guards (that story was taken straight from the defiance of Napoleon’s Old Guard at Waterloo).

      Why is there no footage of the heavy fighting we hear about? Just rockets and explosions here and there.

      I do not know what age you are, but I am old enough (b. 1956) to recall the fake battles staged to disguise a palace revolution in 1989 in Bucharest. The city’s population were even gathering to watch it, as if at an al fresco operatic performance…

      I cannot say that there *is* no invasion as such, but I agree that there is something here that does not quite fit.


      1. Hello, Ian.

        It would certainly go some way to explain away the anguished cry of regrets by that vile cretin, Tom Harwood, when he says: “My biggest worry of those viral videos of Ukrainians encountering Russian troops is how they just talk to them and then move on, all too often no conflict.”

        It may well be that the videos show Ukrainians encountering Ukrainian troops on exercise. No wonder there’s no particular reaction by either party.


      2. HennyPenny:
        “The fog of war” is certainly dense at this point.

        I saw a Daily Telegraph report by video, about 2 mins long. I think from Kharkov. Empty streets, no sight, nor sound, of either Russian or Ukrainian troops. No sound of war (bombing, shelling, or even small arms fire). They came upon an apparently abandoned Russian armoured patrol column, about 4 vehicles, from which, the reporter was told, the Russians had fled into the neighbourhood, and were being hunted. No sign of such a hunt, though…Why would they do that? Why not just drive away?

        That city, Kharkov, is supposed to be where the heaviest fighting is.

        There *is* something here that does not add up.


  2. It does seem slightly odd that this Ukrainian Army – which is unilaterally holding off the might of the Russian Army – is the same Ukrainian Army which has had such trouble dealing with a (albeit reasonably well armed) militia in the Donbass region for the best part of a decade. These Ukrainian troops appear to have been transformed into superhuman fighting machines in the blink of an eye. Well, either that or they’re not really fighting anyone.

    And (((Zelensky))) is just performing various photo-ops around Kiev in the same way that Tory Party MPs are prone to do in order to boost their flagging ratings.

    I think that I’ll go and watch ‘Wag the Dog’ again just to brush up on the techniques they employ for such things.


    1. HennyPenny:
      It is clear that the bulk of Russian forces, even in theatre, are for some reason *not* being used. We were told that in-theatre numbers were about 150,000. Where are they?


      1. Precisely: where are they?

        I was just looking at Wag the Dog again, and noticed the director – a certain Barry Lee Levinson – hails from a family originating from a particular (((tribe))) who were living in Russia. Probably not much of a cohencidence considering the proliferation of them in Hollywood – but ironic and pertinent in the current circumstances.


  3. Hello Ian.

    Another excellent analysis of current events by yourself and other commenters.

    I have a podcast that may be of interest to you (and other readers), by independent journalist and researcher, Mark Windows:


    His latest show summarises the situation in Ukraine and explains how it may be connected
    to the UN’s Global Action Plan and Agenda 21.


  4. Watched about 20mins of Peston earlier, yet had to switch off due to the insane propaganda featured. Anyhow, David Davis suggested that 5-6million may flee Ukraine and that Britain should take it’s fair share – 750,000 to 1million! Talk about gobsmacked, where on earth do they think we can house that many? No doubt the Politicians will not be affected by shortsighted decisions such as this! 🤔


    1. Watcher:
      Let’s put the least pleasant half-dozen in the house of David Davis! More seriously, while (unusually) I have no objection to a modest number of Ukrainian refugees coming here (after all, they are white Europeans, many blond in fact, a legacy of their Viking ancestors, the Varangians), the numbers are very difficult, as you say. A thousand, yes, a hundred thousand no; a million, certainly no.


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