Diary Blog, 27 March 2022

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On this day a year ago

Once again, in the intervening year, several tweets reposted have been expunged via Twitter censorship.

Tweets seen

Not very literate but, once deciphered, “Rachel’s” tweet is more or less my view, though I am far more sceptical about the competence of the Russian General Staff and Russian intelligence orgs, and far less willing to accept the brutal way in which this whole invasion is now being carried out, in terms of civilian harm done.

Old v. young, Ukrainian v. Russian, nostalgia for socialism v. misty optimism about finance-capitalism. Sounds like a very limited foreshadowing of Rudolf Steiner’s “War of All against All” prophecy.

Zelensky is trying to browbeat NATO into winning this war for him, in effect. Also, his assertion that Russia somehow menaces the eastern states of Europe is not very credible: after all, the whole world has seen how Russia has struggled to beat down shambolic and corrupt Ukraine, and has still not managed to do that.

“Ukraine is the new Covid”, for the transnational conspiracy.

Climate change narratives, Covid lies, facemask nonsense, “Black Lives Matter” nonsense, Ukraine (Zelensky) partisanship etc— for the transnational conspiracy, “all roads lead to Rome“…

…or Jewish lobby/Israel lobby puppet.

I blogged recently about how I once accompanied the then Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Komissarenko, to the main UK “bio-lab”, at Porton Down, Wiltshire; about 27 years ago, though.

Britain, 2022


Notwithstanding the very sluggish Russian invasion of Ukraine, are we really expected to believe that the British Army could perform adequately now?


A profile in the Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine (in an imperfect translation):


Who really is the Ukrainian comedian who became the beniamino of the western press and decanted as a hero on the covers of our weekly and in our News?

Who is the character that showed up in military uniform last Saturday in Florence between the applause and ovation of the PD armed Pacificist Square?

We know that he was born in 1978 from a family of Jewish origin and that his first language is not Ukrainian, but Russian.

He chooses his career as an actor and a comedian, founded the Kvartal 95 Studio and produced the Telenovela “Sluha Narodu” (Servant of the People) in which Zelensky himself plays any man who is tired of the political corruption that rages in Ukraine, see you One unexpectedly elected president.

It seems that Igor Kolomoyskyi – powerful businessman with the triple Ukrainian, Cypriot and Israeli passport, US trustee and Ukraine’s main oligarch – watching the popular telenovela comes the magnificent idea of turning fiction into a king height and making comedian Zelenzky play the part of the President not only in video but also in reality.

Immediately after Zelensky announces the foundation of a party that has the same name as the popular telenovela: “Servant of the People” and, at the peak of its popular television, announces its candidacy for the presidential elections of the year s occasionally.

From then on, its company, Kvartal 95, will register an abnormal flow of funding, run through off-shore based tax havens, for a sum of $40 million.

Zelensky’s main subsidizer of the campaign is really the [Jew] oligarch Kolomoyskyi, owner of PrivatBank, the largest bank in Ukraine, involved in several cases of fraudulent banking and illegal investments.

Igor Kolomoysky was one of the main sponsors of some of the neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalist paramilitary groups that in 2014 produced the coup that overturned President Janukovic’s legitimate government by initiating 8 years of instability and civil war in the region.

In April 2019 Zelensky newly elected President immediately provides to distribute government duties to the members of his company, the Kvartal 95.

Ivan Bakanov, already CEO of the company, becomes the head of the Secret Services, while Vice Director Serhiy Shefir becomes the official spokesman for the president.

Oligarch Igor Kolomoysky, the godfather and sponsor of Zelensky, has strong economic interests on the Donbass, which is why his private army of Neo-Nazist organizations, partly framed in the Ukrainian Army, has been eradicated about 16 since 2015 a thousand russophones to silence from the international community.

This is also the reason why Zelensky at the peace negotiations rejects Russian requests for recognition of the Donbass People’s Republics and is willing to continue the war by any means, trying by all means to involve NATO and extend it to the rest of Europe.

According to what appeared in the Pandora Papers and reported by “The Guardian” of October 3, 2021, Zelensky holds shares of three off-shore companies, has ties with several oligarchs from which he receives illegal funding and billionaires in revenue and is c straight wrapped around guns and money ai Neo-Nazis.

In the light of this and its declared interest in joining Ukraine to NATO, placing American missile bases on the borders of Russia, invoking the no-fly zone and the use of an atomic bomb, one is asked if the Ukrainian president is truly the hero that the European media is representing.

We wonder if the politicians and western media really realize what kind of business and corruption are hiding behind this shameless character and how much they are risking us to hide the war delusions of this unbalanced affair. “

[from Vanity Fair magazine]

The Ukrainian “neo-Nazis”, of course, the few genuine ones, are just being played, as are most of the others in this rather serious game.

Incidentally, take a look at the “usual suspects” on Twitter— the pro-Israel tweeters are all tweeting heavily about Ukraine, and every single one of the bastards is pro-Zelensky…

Usual suspects“? The ones that were/are all pro-facemask nonsense, pro “Covid” “vaccination”, pro-“lockdown” shutdown, anti-Corbyn etc…

Every. Single. Time.

More tweets seen


Without commenting on the reported case specifically, it seems clear to me that the police, CPS, and maybe judges too, are getting pretty tired of the “CAA” Israel zealots desperately seeking to find “antisemitism” everywhere (and trying to pretend that it is a serious “problem”).

The small but well-funded “Campaign Against Antisemitism” is a tiny group of obsessives, stalkers,and snoops. A few dozen Jews, out of about 300,000 Jews in the UK.

They have been trying to have me prosecuted for a decade now (even before the CAA’s official foundation): see, for example (not a full list by any means) https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/; https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and, most recently, https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/

I sense, though it is only my impression, that the police, CPS, many MPs, even the largely (((controlled))) mass media are getting pretty tired of this constant Jewish-Zionist and/or pro-Israel whining, the attempts to bully people, the contrived and/or false accusations against people etc.

In fact, I notice that quite a few of the trolls and plotters who have targeted me over the years are, shall we say, “not doing so well” these days. “The stars in their courses fight on the side of the just” [ancient Chinese proverb].

[“Get down there, where you wanted to send me, you unclean spirit!“]

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/07/18/theyre-coming-to-take-me-away-ha-ha/. Sadly, the recent intensification of quasi-police-state censorship on (and by) Twitter has resulted in blank spaces where some of the most amusing tweets used to be seen until very recently.

Incidentally, that CAA “report” on the Nicholas Nelson case portentously refers to “a new legal device” developed by them to unmask anonymous trolls etc. In fact, their “new legal device” is a Norwich Pharmacal order [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_Pharmacal_order], the first of which was granted in 1974! In fact, I remember learning about them when I was a Bar student in 1987-88. The development of such orders had nothing to do with the CAA, which was only established in 2014, forty years later…

The only “new” thing (actually, not so new anyway) is that the CAA has used that type of court order to unmask an “anonymous” Internet “troll”. I myself thought, but some years ago, of doing the same, to unmask and locate a few of the would-be “anonymous” (pseudonymous) Jew-Zionist and “antifa” trolls who pollute Twitter; sadly, to date, I have no money with which to undertake such a ratissage, not as yet, anyway.

In fact, even the use of such a court order in relation to Internet activity is not new, having been used against or in relation to Facebook and Google as long ago as 2008 (see, e.g. that Wikipedia article).

Looks as though a certain self-promoting and Israel-resident lawyer may have been been telling “porkies” once more,…

So (((typical)), such self-promotion (and such falsehood, as well).

Late tweets

No detail as yet as to whether the deceased was “vaccinated”, “boosted” etc, but the chances are that he was…

We hear that Ukraine and, indeed, Russia, are corrupt. Very true. So is, pretty much, all of Africa and South America, and much of Asia. How though, can we say anything about those places, when the UK has become as, if not more, corrupt over the past few decades?

Incidentally, Michelle Mone, instant “baroness”, is known for nothing but self-promotion and for having started a lingerie company that crashed in the end, but by that time she had managed to promote herself as a “self-made” “entrepreneur” or entrepreneuse.

A dishonest woman, in my opinion, who is, again in my opinion, little better than a fraudster. Despite now being married to a billionaire, she still wants to grab hundreds of millions, regardless of ethics.

If the UK ever has a real revolution, criminals like her will be the trigger.

Part-Jew “Conservative” David Cameron-Levita made her an instant “baroness”. Pathetic.

What a contrast to shameless and fraudulent fake “baroness”, Michelle Mone…

Still clapping, idiots?

Late music

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 March 2022”

  1. Hello Ian! Just a question, who is the man Nicholas Nelson and what did he say? I know that the people from CAA are a bunch of paranoid psychopaths who see antisemites under every stone but I would like to know what happened. Thank you


    1. Claudius:
      I had never heard of Nicholas Nelson until he was on trial some time ago (early this year). Now he has been sentenced:


      He in fact had been also convicted on a previous occasion, for somewhat similar behaviour, about 18 months ago:



      1. Thank you for the information regarding Nicholas Nelson. I found it difficult to believe that he would be so stupid as to do what they say he did. What I found very surprising is that he was not sent to gaol. As you said, it seems that even the judge must have considered the charges ludicrous (LOL)


      2. Claudius: your guess is as good as mine as to the ratio behind the sentence, though it may be that (in the big scheme of things) his offences were not considered as being so serious that a custodial sentence (immediate custody) was thought unavoidable.

        As you say, the offences seem more “sad” or “mad” than “bad”…


  2. Very nice words from Savitri Devi (“Reflections of an Aryan Woman”)

    “It is already too late to regret the past. We should have thought about it before the Second World War—and not unleashed it!—before the over-industrialisation of the West, then of the world; before the intensified massacre of forests and wild animals, and all the horrors committed or permitted, on the beast (always innocent, incapable of being ‘for’ or ‘against’ any ideology whatsoever) in the name of man’s interest, or of his well-being or simply amusement. We should have thought of this before the irresistible progression, the geometric progression, of the pullulation of the two-legged mammal at the expense of its quality, the ultimate source of all evils and all degradations.”


    1. Watcher:
      The System msm cannot tell readers or viewers the truth, ie that there is a transnational plan to replace all white people in Europe with mixed-race hordes. Priti Patel is just a tiny part of it.


  3. I’ve seen several tweets about how nobody calls Bush, Obama, Clinton etc war criminals, that’s not quite true. A lot of the “left” call Bush a war criminal, but ignore the war crimes of Obama and Clinton. And a lot of “conservatives” call out the Clintons & Obama over Benghazi etc, but ignore the crimes of Bush. The phony “left Vs right” paradigm


    1. SaxonEngland:
      Of course. After all, all American presidents are part of, or puppets of, the overall Western plan (call it NWO, or whatever). Some may be more or less so than others.

      Beyond that, one could say that to try to place war within a legalist framework is the wrong approach, not least because it is, inevitably, “victor’s justice”.

      War is inherently bad, and cannot be waged “lawfully” —overall— anyway, whatever may be said; it can only be waged either as decently as possible, or indecently.

      It may be that particular egregious acts by particular commanders or others should be punished by a quasi-legal process but , in the end, it could be argued that the same result would be accomplished by simple decision of the victors, since the winning side is never punished anyway, no matter what they have done.

      I suppose that the ur-example of that in the past century is 1945: Nuremberg Trials for the losing side, as against no trials for the winning side that dropped atomic bombs on two cities known to be full of civilians.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Very good observation “SaxonEngland”. The problem is, most people cannot think “outside the box”, in fact, most people cannot think properly, full stop. The best and most shocking example of this inability has been the reaction of the sheeple (90% of the population) to that hoax known as “Covid 19”.

      In my country, nearly 7/10 people are still wearing masks, THREE MONTHS AFTER the major of Buenos Aires told the sheep that it was safe to go out without masks… (which of course was rubbish since there was NEVER any danger!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes this covid has been one of the biggest hoaxes i can think of in history. I don’t think it matches the “holocaust” quite yet though lol. The only people i know who have ended up seriously ill have been the “vaccinated”. A woman i know had all 3 of these jabs. A few days after the third one she became seriously ill and was bed ridden for 2 months. Thankfully she’s recovered, but still said she’d have this proposed 4th “booster”. The general public are beyond help i’m afraid


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