6 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 May 2022, including a few words about “Prison Planet” Watson”

    1. Mr. Goggins:
      Thank you. I recall reading about that case.

      I have no idea whether or not what you allege is so, but the allegation is plainly libellous on its face, so necessitating the redaction of the name (on this blog).

      I am actually “unsueable”, but prefer to avoid inconvenience where possible.


  1. The supposed rant from Paul Joseph Watson is as fake as a 3 dollar bill. What a joke! I thought he was caught on video, therefore, yes, he obviously did it. But to believe in a recording is the ultimate proof of imbecility! I don’t believe he thinks in that way either. Yes, he has been TOO careful and mild, but many of his videos and observations are very good and to the point. I wish him good luck


    1. Claudius:
      From the social-national point of view, it can be argued that at least the likes of “Prison Planet” Watson paint a background narrative that is, overall, useful to us.

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