Diary Blog, 8 May 2021

Justice, injustice, or vindictiveness?

Read this report: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9554237/Pro-Palestine-trade-unionist-jailed-fighting-Jewish-barrister-Hampstead-political-pub-row.html.

The defendant attacked a Jew lawyer who was himself, not long before the attack, quite violent (and had to be restrained). The defendant then, having been ejected from the pub where both parties had been drinking (incidentally, one in which I myself have had a drink once or twice, though about 30 years ago) returned and attacked the alleged victim, so could not, in law, have pleaded self-defence.

The alleged victim apparently suffered considerable injury.

I can see why the defendant was charged with “s.18” GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm with intent) rather than the lesser “s.20” GBH, the defendant having returned to the alleged victim (accompanied by his, the defendant’s, sons). There was, plainly, an intent both to attack the alleged victim and also to inflict serious harm upon him.

Where I find the matter unjust is in the sentence.

A nine-year sentence! Almost ludicrously harsh on the facts (at least as presented in the newspaper), and in this case the defendant has been sentenced to serve 2/3 of that, meaning 6 years.

I hope that the defendant will appeal this seemingly harsh sentence.

Another point that interested me was that the alleged victim says that the defendant “goaded” him “into revealing [the alleged victim’s] ethnicity“, i.e. that he is a Jew. So he wanted to keep it secret or unremarked upon to some extent? I seem to recall that Dr. Goebbels once commented on what he implied was a typical attitude:

These incidents happen when people are in drink. I also seem to recall that the playwright, Dryden [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dryden], was targeted and attacked by the Lamb and Flag pub in Covent Garden (which pub is still plying its trade today, and in which I have, again, had a drink though, as with the King William IV in Hampstead, long long ago). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dryden#Personal_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_and_Flag,_Covent_Garden.

We sometimes forget quite how violent and uncontrolled London life was in the past (too).

John Rentoul’s quiz tweet of the week


Well, I usually do better than John Rentoul (almost always, in fact), and this week was no exception: John Rentoul scored 6/10, but I beat him easily with 9/10. The question to which I did not know the answer was question 6 (though I looked up the answer and realized that I did, sort-of, or in the back of my mind, know it, so I nearly scored, for the first time in these Saturday quizzes, 10/10. Damn). Still, 9/10 it is, this week.

Tweets seen

Labour now represents mainly the ethnic minorities (except Jews, wealthy Indians and Chinese), the public service workers (esp. NHS), and the so-called “woke”. So where should it be based? Brixton? Spitalfields?

I wonder whether that clown is receiving (but unable to touch at present) monies deposited offshore for him, or has any promise of such monies? I should not be surprised.

Well, the UK electoral system is manifestly unjust, of course. The following example from the General Election of 2015 makes the point:

Boundaries can be (and are) drawn to achieve a desired result:

Alles gut…but frankly I think that my analysis, in blogs of the past couple of days, has been far better (immodest though that reads…).

The reality is that people are pushing back against both main System parties. In areas usually Conservative-voting, against the Conservative Party; in areas traditionally Labour, against the Labour Party. The people are frustrated.

The voters (and the many millions of non-voters) want something different, yet are presented with a System-controlled fake binary choice (plus a LibDem “dustbin” option, and here and there a few “controlled opposition” crank options), neither of which two main options they really want, or even respect.

Exactly. I have been blogging in that vein and, before that, tweeting (until a Jew pack managed to have my Twitter account closed down in 2018), for years.

In the UK, the self-describing “Left” and/or pseudo-socialists put out 95% of their effort into “deplatforming” those they have decided to hate (especially people like me, those with real ideas), rather than trying to present an alternative to global finance-capitalism, the New World Order (NWO), and Zionist Occupation Government(s) (ZOG).

In fact, the self-describing “Left” has no alternative to present, unless you count as an alternative world-view some farrago of “antiracism”, “antisexism”, compliance with Jew-Zionism (sometimes, absurdly, mixed with anti-Israel-ism), “holocaust” fables, anti-“Nazi” rhetoric, and a vague belief in the goodness or efficacy of washed-up societies such as Cuba or Venezuela.

The self-describing “Left” has not really understood yet that history left them behind in 1989 (some of them don’t even understand that history started to leave them behind in 1956).

Here we are, one year away from the next great pivotal year in the 33-year cycle, 2022, with the international conspiracy/consensus moving towards its “Great Reset”, and people in the UK are still talking or tweeting about “the Tories” and “Labour”, as if they really mean something fundamental. Those people do not understand that the System parties in the UK are like Soviet chocolate boxes— the chocolates differing in shape but with identical fillings.

As for “Leftism” (I myself have never designated politics as “Left” or “Right”), the following cartoon says it all:

The British people —what’s left of them— do not want or welcome evidence, they just want to be told that they are safe in all circumstances. All measures are accepted if that is the justification.

You have seen it in the last year or more of “panicdemic” measures. People are told that ludicrous facemask muzzles save them from the dreaded virus (which has —supposedly— killed about 1 in 1,000 UK people, but really far far fewer), and people want to believe that. Those who do not (and fail to wear them as mandated) are fined, and so deterred from not wearing facemasks. cf. “holocaust” “denial” laws in some countries.

The same or similar applies, mutatis mutandis, to the vaccine promotion etc.

The days are long gone when the Soviet Union might have invaded the UK; Russia today has no wish to do so, and no ideology to underpin that kind of strategy. If Russia ever were to invade, though, the British of today would roll up like a map…

Fantasy strategy…

Late tweets

Once the Queen goes, they all have to go. New page. New words. New lives.

Especially now that Labour has become a basically minority-ethnic party; at least, that is very much the direction of travel. Which means that most of the white British, especially white English, have just switched off from Labour. They might or might not vote Conservative, but Labour is very much yesterday’s news.

Late music

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 May 2021”

    1. Watcher:
      I think that the judge said that the defendant was of previous good character or words to that effect; no mention of any “previous” “form” (though any previous convictions that are “spent” are not taken into account, and are not usually even mentioned).


    2. Watcher:
      On rereading that report more carefully, I see that the *headline* does make it clear that the sentence *was* no less than NINE years! Incredible.

      It is a long time now since I was at the Bar, and I was never much of a criminal practitioner, though I did both Crown Court and mags trials, especially in the early/mid 1990s. That sentence must surely be appealable.

      I am judging purely by the Daily Mail report, obviously, but I should have thought that 2 years would be more than sufficient to indicate the disapproval of society etc, so out in 1; whereas, now, that defendant will probably be doing the whole of the 6 years (ie 2/3 of 9 years)

      No wonder our prisons are so crowded, with oversentencing of that sort.


  1. Hello Ian: I have contacted a Russian nationalist who has given me some interesting information about Putin’s regime. He basically told me that real nationalism (that means ethnic nationalism) is persecuted. People who publicly speak or write against (((the chosen))) are punished, fined or even arrested. Like the US there is talk of “domestic terrorism” and that means nationalist dissidents.

    Basically, Putin’s regime is a softer or “light” form of Stalinism. You must have noticed how loudly Putin celebrates the end of WW2 and the “great victory over Fascism” promoting and reinforcing the traditional Soviet version of it.

    Changing the subject, what can you tell me about Azerbaijan? Did you watch the little video I sent you where the president demolished a stupid female BBC reporter?


    1. Claudius:
      You are right about Putin’s Russia up to a point. Also, there are still some Jew oligarchs tied in with the Kremlin. However, I suspect that some of that repression is designed to stop Jews overseas from casting Putin as “antisemite”. Ceausescu in Romania, in the 1970s and 1980s, bent over backwards for the Jews and Israel, with the result that Romania was thought of by many in the West (ie because of favourable news stories etc) as the most liberal of the socialist states, when the reality was the reverse…

      Romania also had a credit rating of AAA in the 1980s…

      As to Azerbaidjan, I have never been there. Baku was a boom town before the First World War because of oil. Now again. It has money coming out of its ears. The famous spy or agent, “Sidney Reilly”, a part-Jew adventurer
      was there around the time of WW1.

      The new Azeri state has spent huge amounts on expensive architectural projects such as those by the late Zaha Hadid.

      Of course, the Azeris recently defeated the Armenians (again). Even under Sovietism, there were anti-Armenian riots in Baku.

      I believe that Baku has good relations with Turkey and Iran.

      It is geographically small, just over a third of the size of the UK, and about 1/30th of the area of Argentina.

      There is a railway from Tabriz in Iran which I think goes through Baku and on into Russia. I was thinking of taking it to the then Leningrad around 1980, but never did. “Hard Class” travel, a one-way ticket, was at that time about £15! (USD $20). Cheap even then. Come to think of it, that ticket might even have been only £8 (USD $12). It was a long time ago..Tabriz-Leningrad was then a 43 hour trip; about 3,400 km…

      I heard, years ago, from someone who often travelled to Baku, that Mrs.Thatcher’s dim and nasty son, Mark, tried to get in on oil business there, in the early/mid 1990s. The Azeris humoured him, let him open a representative office, flattered him, but gave him no business! Wily Orientals, if you like…I also heard that his arrogant manner appalled them (secretly).


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