Diary Blog, 2 October 2022

Morning music

[Grot Pavilion, Tsarskoe Selo, near St. Petersburg, Russia]

On this day a year ago

Uncle Tom’s party


Woolly-head Kwarteng “…is said to have told attenders at the reception of austerity-style budget cuts to come while guests drank wine, champagne and cocktails as they congratulated him on the measures announced in the House of Commons, according to the Sunday Times.

[The Guardian].

Tweets seen

Not a complete list; don’t forget “create the basis for a future super-race” and “eliminate Jew-Zionist exploitation” etc.

Reading some of the tweets by hard-core supporters of the “Bootstrap Cook”, it is clear that quite a few of them are mentally-odd people desperate to “support” (even if only via “slacktivism” and/or “clicktivism”) something vaguely (as they imagine)”progressive”.

For example, I saw some tweets by an elderly Swedish woman resident in the UK, possibly an aged lesbian. People like that just want to “believe”, a bit like the British supporters of Stalin in the 1930s. They do not want dissonant facts to disturb their belief-system.

For once, I agree with the Jesuit anti-pope, but in this situation, one might reiterate Stalin’s rhetorical question, “how many divisions has the Pope?” (referring to Pius XII).

The Roman Catholic Church has run out of road.

More music

[“The Voice of South Africa”]

The last 30 years in South Africa are a salutary warning of what happens when blacks and other non-whites take political and judicial power in a country previously run by Europeans.

Another version:


More tweets

Foul abuse“? I still have a screenshot of a tweet from several years ago, in which that Lazarus individual tweeted to other Jew-Zionists (connected with the small but well-funded malicious Jew-Zionist pressure group, “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”]) that I and another then Twitter user (the same pack of Jews had me expelled from Twitter in 2018) should be given strychnine to drink. Nice “people”…

Late tweets seen

A pretty silly tweet from former ITN talking head Alastair Stewart. Talk about autres temps, autre moeurs— as a student, he was elected to the NUS on an extreme Marxist ticket. Just another hypocrite of that type, I suppose, like Tony Blair and others.

Imagine thinking that someone is OK financially just because that person has a telephone or laptop computer! I believe that it is virtually impossible even to claim State benefits, let alone get or hold down a job, without them. Stewart is only 4 years older than me, but in his tweets really shows his age, I think.

So a horrible little Jewish “oddity”, who has supported political selfishness for decades, was shouted at and supposedly assaulted. Quite funny but, more seriously, when you trample on people’s lives and rights, expect some pushback. I expect that other MPs will be watching such incidents with interest.

In case anyone feels too sorry for Fabricant:

Fabricant has frequently caused controversy through his use of social media.[23] In June 2014, he came under criticism when, following an exchange between Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Rod Liddle on Channel 4 News the evening before, he tweeted that he “could never appear” on a discussion programme with her, as he “would either end up with a brain haemorrhage or by punching her in the throat.


I admit that I also disapprove of “journalist” (ignoramus) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Make that “25 years”, though, or at least 15.

Late music

[Levitan, Vladimirka]

15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 2 October 2022”

    1. Claudius:
      I do not know. I hope so. In an ideal world, people such as the head of that organization would be dealt with. It’s all part of an attack on European civilization. European race, culture, and civilization has to be defended from these attacks. I doubt, personally, that legal cases, petitions etc are enough to do that.


      1. I do agree with you. (((They))) have an army of barristers at their disposal with lots of money to burn. Even if she wins (which I doubt) that won’t change anything in the long term. As Bismarck said “the issues we are facing won’t be solved with votes but with blood and iron”


  1. That is the horrible, hateful bitch whose video I sent you a few days ago. She cut the man at the register and start yelling at him. She should be in a padded cell or six feet under.

    BTW, in case you didn’t know the Jesuits were the leaders of the pro-Marxist movement within the Catholic Church in the 60s known as “The Theology of Liberation”. The Jesuits brainwashed hundreds of youngsters all over South America to become “freedom fighters” (i.e. useful idiots on behalf of the Soviet Union). Bergoglio is just another POS in a long tradition of pro-Bolshevik priests.


    1. Claudius:
      As a matter of fact, I did know about that (“Liberation Theology”).

      Of course, they found plenty of combustible material in the large parts of Latin America where social conditions were —and are— dire. Revolutions do not come out of nowhere, and do not happen for no reason.


  2. This video of PJW has nothing to do with politics but I found it interesting and very relevant because it is obvious that the progressive and engineered dumbing-down of today’s youngsters has produced these neurotic, stupid creatures obsessed with video games.

    In fact I remember being abused in a nationalist forum when I criticzed/laughed at some idiots who were seriosuly discussing video games as a form of valuable political warfare or propaganda!


  3. That pathetic little bastard Fabricant was not assaulted at all! They don’t know the meaning of the word. MPs (all over the Western world) deserve to be b… up, if not h…ed


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