Diary Blog, 16 October 2022

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[Paris under German occupation, ~1941]

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Brexit was, in itself, not wrong, not a mistake, but it has been badly-handled from the start, in many cases by ministers determined to mess it up.

Others, such as “Boris”-idiot and Liz Truss, were pro-EU “Remain” supporters until they realized that their political ambitions could be boosted by adherence to a pro-Brexit position.

What could have made Brexit a success? What was and still is the missing piece of the jigsaw? This: the UK gets closer to Russia, distances itself from NATO and US control (in the manner that France has done for the past half century and more), and forms a serious trading relationship with Russia and a cultural bond with the Russian people. Russia, in turn, supplies us with very cheap or even free gas from Siberia, delivered via a new pipeline direct to the UK, as well as a large market in Russia for British goods and services.

Tweets seen

Corbyn could have done no less damage, true, but he was/is a pretty simple and uneducated person, whose political ideas are almost all simplistic or cartoon versions of, eg, 1930s Popular Front-ism. “Cable Street!“, “No Pasaran!” etc.

The one good thing about Corbyn was that he was or is (“was” is more accurate, speaking in terms of his non-existent actual present influence) somewhat anti the Jewish lobby, though not enough.

Corbyn had no real ideas to evolve the UK to a higher and better level.

I rarely agree with anything said by Cleverly, but here is one exception. All such vandals posing as protesters should get a good kicking on the spot before being arrested, charged, convicted and properly punished.

I do not usually watch stuff like this, but I have to admit that, overall, not bad.

Well, another first. I actually find myself in agreement with Israel-lobby MP, Robert Halfon.

Having said that, Halfon seems to think that only now are people coming up to him in the street saying that they are “frightened” by the Government. What about the last 12 years (in fact 15 years, under “Labour” too) of people, especially the unemployed, sick and disabled, being bullied and badly-treated by the Duncan Smith/Jew Freud/Esther McVey/Therese Coffey regime of callousness and cruelty?

The trouble is that, like the “eco-vandals” of Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion, the MPs and ministers responsible think that they can get away with their crimes, and do so smirking openly. A few, over the last several years, have discovered that they cannot get away with their evil, but most —so far— have.

Interesting report from the seashore…


If that does not stimulate tourism, nothing will.

More tweets seen

Yes. Crush them.

It would be a good start if any members of the public who see those sub-terrorists doing anything such as vandalizing artworks or blocking ambulances etc, were to kick them silly.

They rely on people doing nothing, or at least treating them with kid gloves. That applies especially, in fact, to the older and greyer “protestors”. You can see it in their self-satisfied smirks. They travel to London from Gloucestershire, Dorset etc, where they live comfortably on private and State pensions, and invested funds, sitting in houses bought outright, or paid off, or inherited (admittedly, a generalization). Do them.

She is not wrong.

Look at that tweeter “@ThelifeofRon”: “Former senior police officer, now with@resilience247. Director Broad Reach Consulting (Devon) CBRN, resilience, safeguarding, security and Policing. And cats.

Common Purpose? Quite possibly. The police are now riddled with officers holding such attitudes, as from time to time becomes apparent when some politically-contentious incident makes the news, eg the vandalizing of the Colston statue at Bristol.

Whatever the many defaults of the Conservative Party, if Labour take over what is left of the government of this country, you can see that money would be funnelled to the police to become even more of a poundland KGB. Starmer and that thick “ho” Angela Rayner both went down on one knee in sign of fealty to the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense; Starmer is also totally in the Jew-Zionist lobby pocket.

My own experience of the misuse of police powers in the past 12 months or so: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Manipulation of easily-bamboozled police by malicious Jew-Zionists.

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40 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 16 October 2022”

  1. Good morning Ian! Here are some wise words from Putin:

    “Good life in Europe was based on partnership with Russia, Moscow is not responsible for the fact that Europeans, as in the Middle Ages, store firewood for the winter.”


    1. Claudius:
      I agree. The UK, EU states etc have put a wide trade embargo on Russia. They are also feeding money, arms, ammunition etc to the Kiev regime of the Jew Zelensky. As a result, relations have deteriorated between Russia and Western/Central Europe. Totally unnecessary. Why should Russia sell Europe gas etc when the recipients applaud and assist acts of war against Russia?

      The slide to even worse relations may well continue from here.


      1. The corrupt Jew Zelensky seems to be very gung ho and positively salivating at the prospect of Europe and possibly the entire globe being drawn into WW3.

        He must be told that this barely concealed wish of his is a dire scenario and that a FIRM NO will be said to any efforts on his part to make it a reality.

        This Ukrainian/Russian war is a tragic one in many respects but we and other Europeans don’t want yet another conflict starting in terminally unstable Eastern Europe spreading to the rest of Europe as it did in 1939/1940.


      2. If the Tories had any sense they would return to the pro-British/quasi ‘Britain FIRST’ attempted foreign policy of Neville Chamberlain, call a general election and say to the country vote us back in again with our new pro-British foreign policy or take an extreme risk by voting in undemocratic and anti-British Keir Starmer and the gormless Labour mob with their gung ho, pro Jew Zelensky attitude which could lead to a horrific conflict between Britain and Russia.

        There is your choice. Labour also wants to kowtow to the EU over the NI Protocol so they can’t be trusted to ensure the economic, constitutional and territorial integrity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NI.


  2. I was thinking (something very unusual!) how ridiculous all the discussions about Jeremy Hunt and his supposed ability, or lack of it, are. The man is just another puppet from ZOG like his pathetic predecessor! (LOL)

    Having said that I read Jeremy Hunt´s biography on Wikipedia and his curriculum is quite dismalñ the man has done NOTHING! He is, like most of his class, a privileged, spoiled boy who got into politics and/or business because of his family´s connections.


      1. Hunt is pretty competent. He made for a far better Foreign Secretary than Boris Idiot and was leagues ahead of Liz Truss. At least he wouldn’t have got the position of a major Russian city wrong like ex Lib Dem loopy Liz!🙄🙄🙄

        If the stupid Conservative Party members had voted for Hunt to be PM in 2019 instead of Boris they would STILL have got their victory in 2019 and Hunt would still have won by at least fifty seats when faced by PC globalist loon, Jeremy Corbyn, but, more importantly, he would have run a semi competent government and they would not be in this dire mess now and Labour wouldn’t have its ridiculous and unjustified lead in the polls.


      2. Conservative Party members should be castigated for their choices over the last few years but we also need to remember that Tory MPs deserve it too. After all, the Tory members are at the END of the process for selecting a leader and can only eliminate ONE candidate out of the final two.

        Tory MPs have the primary responsibility for weeding out incompetents and the hopeless before the members get their chance and they have not done that properly.


      3. John:
        The reason the Con MPs put both “Boris” and Liz Truss on the ballot as one of the final two was because those MPs, in their unrealistic thinking, thought that both might appeal to Joe Public: “Boris” because of perceived “celebrity” or “star” status, and face-recognition, Truss because she came from a (relatively) modest background, attended a comprehensive school etc.

        Clunky, not very clever, thinking.

        In both cases, the MPs were looking for electoral appeal rather than actual ability.


    1. You are wrong. Yes, Jeremy Hunt HAS had an excellent education at one of Britain’s most elite public ie private schools (Charterhouse) and his background is pretty privileged in that he is the son of a Royal Navy commander and is distantly related to our late Monarch but he did set up his own company, made it a success and sold it for millions.

      That takes some doing on the part of anyone regardless of their start in life. He is a self made man unlike many Tory dimwits on their backbenches.

      He has done more in his life before politics than Rishi Sunak ever has but then Mr Hunt is a native Englishman so that is why his ridiculous PC globalist party has passed over him time and time again over the last few years in favour of promoting talentless ethnics in order to try and get the ethnic vote which shows no real sign of budging from its usual Labour home.


      1. He was a English language tutor in Japan and can speak fluent Japanese. I wonder how many Tory MPs can do that? Not many I suspect! Many of them can barely cope with English let alone a language which is difficult to learn for any Westerner.


      2. Even my ultra-safe stronghold seat of Brentwood and Ongar with its position of being the tenth safest of their constituencies, numerical majority of 29,065 and a percentage one of 55% over Labour is predicted to only remain Tory by about 5,000 votes next time according to Electoral Calculus:


        This site predicts the Tories will retain only 85 seats!

        Well, that is better than the Canadian Tories did in 1993 when they were reduced to just TWO seats caused by mass tactical voting and a strong regional swing by the Reform Party in the Western provinces using our archaic FPTP electoral system but it isn’t hugely better.

        There comes a point where a party has been reduced to so few MPs it isn’t a viable contender for government any longer. In this country that point must be at around the 120 seat level or fewer.


      3. John:
        What must be worrying for Con Party HQ is that hardly any voters under 24 vote Con, and not that many now under 40.

        Hard to see why either of the two main System parties even exist, except as tweedledum/tweedledee “rivals”. They could be called “Red” and “Black”, as in banana republics or failed states (in Yeltsin’s Russia, his party was called just “Apple”).

        I wonder whether the Cons have the face to hang on and not call a general election. If they do call one, they must surely be toast.

        All the same, behind the show, the same conspiratorial groups and cabals are working, in both parties, to the same ends.


    2. Most British people nowdays are not filled with class envy or hatred. Personally, I couldn’t give a damn about Jeremy Hunt’s privaleged background or the fact he received an excellent education at one of Britain’s most elite public schools (one of the original seven public schools).

      What I want from a government and its ministers is basic competence and for the last few years we haven’t had that.

      If the Conservative Party can demonstrate that then it will earn a right to be listened to again and to reduce Labour’s disturbing and extreme lead which will lead to a Labour elected dictatorship of utterly horrific proportions if it actually happens at a real election held under our archaic rigged electoral system of FPTP.


      1. John:
        As matters stand, the Conservative Party will come close to being wiped out in the Commons, left with as few as (?) 100 MPs, maybe even fewer. That is if a general election were to be held within the next 2-3 months. If, on the other hand, the Cons can find *someone*, almost anyone, that looks both English and not a complete dummy or loony, and does not hold a general election until 2024, then, while the Cons would probably still lose, and fairly badly, their MP cadre would probably reduce to 200 or 150, rather than 100 or (even) 50.


      2. Perhaps, as well as teaching Japs our language whilst in Japan Mr Jeremy Hunt also learnt that Japan became an economic and industrial superpower NOT through rabid libertarian extremist economics but because their government from the 1950’s to 1980’s allowed market forces to work but not run amok and only within a national economic framework underpinned by tariffs on foreign goods allowing infant Jap industries and companies like Toyota and Honda to grow by protecting them from the then superior foreign competition and a certain amount of moderate, carefully guided by government intervention in the economy?

        This might be one reason why Jeremy Hunt is against ultra libertarian economic policies.


  3. Putting in the African as Chancellor was asking for trouble! When have Africans ever been good with figures?🙄🙄🙄

    Liz Truss made us a worldwide laughing stock with her appointment of Kwarteng as Chancellor.

    She should have appointed Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor on day one but then he has an IQ level which is why he isn’t in favour of the most loony forms of libertarian extremist economics and he is English hence he was deliberately passed over for that appointment.

    The Conservative Party really needs to stop playing PC Bingo with cabinet appointments and only appoint people on merit.

    PC Bingo doesn’t work and if anything it actually REDUCES ethnic support for the Cons rather than increases it as many ethnics can see right through the pretty obvious intent and regard it as patronizing.


    1. John:
      I see no sign of that pseudo-diversity lessening. Kemi Badenoch is apparently the next “great black hope”…

      This Truss/Kwarteng episode *may* be existential for the “party formerly known as Conservative”, especially if Truss herself is not *swiftly* replaced by at least a more familiar sort of face.


      1. Apparently, Con Party members like Kemi because she is ‘anti-woke’. Well, she might well be that but I can’t see how a black person can be a credible figurehead for the anti-woke cause because without wokeness she and other ethnics wouldn’t be MPs or ministers in the first place.

        At any rate, being ‘anti-woke’ only plays well with being anti-trans not anti LGBT in general and also such a person should hold to economically centrist positions and Kemi doesn’t so that would make her unpopular anyway within the wider electorate.


  4. Labour should only ever be in power with a majority of under 50 seats or preferably more like 20 or less.

    We saw the disastrous results of the last loony plus 100 seats landslide for Labour with their deliberate and utterly wicked agenda of importing millions of immigrants in order to try and crush any resurgence of Tory support and possibility of being elected as a government again.

    British people should have learnt a lesson from that deliberate Labour evil.

    If you don’t like the Tories then that is fine but that doesn’t mean you have to put a cross next to a Labour candidate’s name.

    Abstaining from voting at all is not illegal and that would still mean one vote less for the Tories or you can vote Lib Dem, Green (they are lefties too but at least they are DEMOCRATIC lefties unlike Labour as they endorse PR), SNP, Plaid or someone else.


    1. John:
      I think that, in the south especially, many people would never vote Labour these days, but many former Con voters might either abstain or cast a protest vote, esp. for LibDems.

      Much depends on whether —not Truss (she surely must go soon) but some other not obviously lunatic or stupid Con MP— can present at least a face of reasonable mediocrity and so mitigate the electoral damage by kicking the can down the road for a year or so.


      1. A change of leader to someone sensible, competent and presentable as you say is needed but also a change of direction. The Tories need to end their obsession with libertarian extremist economics and return to the economic centre ground as that is where the vast majority of the electorate is. If they want to be ‘Right-wing’ then that should be demonstrated in the fields of law and order and immigration in particular.


      2. John:
        Peter Hitchens makes much the same point, saying that the UK people might vote for a party akin to Gaullism, nationalist, pro-private enterprise, but with the State controlling most of or much of the really big and essential things such as utilities and transport.


      3. Yes, Hitchens is correct. General De Gualle was a NATIONAL conservative and not a libertarian ‘conservative’. Personally, I have my doubts as to whether anyone can be a libertarian and a genuine conservative at the same time since libertarianism is really a rather silly and essentially anarchic Americanized form of liberalism rather than conservatism per se.

        De Gaulle was very popular too for the most part with his ‘certain idea of France’. His successors abandoned the creed but many French people still believe in it hence the rise of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party.


  5. Yes, a pro British, Britain FIRST (NOT Ukraine First) nationalist/patriotic mentality, tough on law and order/immigration combined with reasonable, centrist economics where free market forces are allowed to operate and encouraged but not allowed to be so dominant that they run riot.

    The economy should be the servant of the nation not its master.


  6. A mixed or even social market economy as the Germans would call it.

    The most extreme forms of libertarian economics tend to enrich the few at the expense of the many. People who propose these kind of economic ideas are not likely to be popular in most electorates around the world as Kwarteng and Truss have begun to find out.

    Britain should become a ‘Singapore On The Thames’ with regard to law and order policies NOT economics as Singapore is only able to adopt ultra libertarian economics because it has few expensive public services to maintain (apart from its police force) and because it is a major transport/trading hub for South East Asia and has a small population.


    1. John:
      What is worse is that Liz Truss and Woolly-head quite plainly get their ideas and policies straight from leaflets coming out of globalist finance-capitalist propaganda outfits such as the “IEA” and others. Half-baked ideas, half-understood by the likes of Truss and Kwarteng.


  7. What are the essentially Tory voting issues? They are economic competence, law and order, immigration, defence/national security.

    I have been looking at the polls which go into more detail and at present the only one with a sizeable lead of more than ten points is the last one but, unfortunately, it isn’t an issue at most elections and one which is uppermost in the minds of the voters when they choose to vote for one party or another.

    So that leaves the remaining three and even with regard to law and order and immigration the Tory advantage is a single digit one of five points as regards law and order and just four on immigration.

    Labour can with some effort make headway in the polls and with a tiny bit of credibility pose as the party of law and order but really the Tory lead on that issue should be a lot bigger and especially so with immigration where Labour should have no form of credibility at all.

    I believe I am correct in stating that under Thatcher the Tory leads on law and order and immigration were very substantial ones of at least ten points and often over twenty or more.

    That is what the Tories should aim for.


    1. John:
      Hard for the “Conservatives” to (continue to) talk big on immigration when they are not only not stopping the cross-Channel migration invasion but are actually *encouraging* so-called “skilled” migrants to invade, “skilled” meaning Indians who can work a computer.


      1. Yes, indeed. The Cons have stupidly misinterpreted the vote on Brexit as a licence for yet more open borders globalism, libertarian economic extremist globalism, deregulation on steroids etc.

        It was none of that. It was, if anything, a proxy vote against mass, uncontrolled immigration. You can see that from the polls leading up to the vote in that it was only when the pro withdrawal campaign started to bring the immigration issue into the campaign that they made any sort of real progress in the polls. Until that happened they were nowhere.

        Non wonder them that many people are so disappointed with Brexit so far and the latest polls indicate that a substantial number of people would vote to rejoin the EU whilst many who did vote for Brexit would not bother to vote against rejoining and would stay at home were a new referendum be called on this subject.


  8. Now that Liz Truss has appointed someone with a modicum of an IQ and basic ability to be Chancellor of the Exchequer who should return to a centrist economic stance, adhere to sound money principles and reject the wild libertarian extremist fantasy nonsense propounded by deluded idiots such as the Institute for Economic Affairs and various other shady groups of spivs she can go further and appoint talented people to other positions such as the Foreign Office and the Home Office in particular.

    Suella Braverman sometimes sounds quite good with her rhetoric but I want to see REAL ACTION not just warm words.

    Let us have a Home Secretary Labour and Lib Dems will REALLY hate with a passion and not another Labour/Lib Dem infliltrator like useless Patel was. Time for a Marine Le Pen Lite at least!

    It is either that or we invite one of the world’s best Home Secretaries ie Mr K Shanmugam of Singapore to come over here and wave his magic at our dysfunctional and terminally unfit for purpose Home Office. It is high time the human rights brigade, leftwing lawyers and liberal globalist lot were told to go to hell.


    1. John:
      Thinking about it, Liz Truss has no principles, just ambition (rather like “Boris”), so will do anything to avoid the ignominy of being booted out of No.10 only 6-8 weeks after having arrived, so I think that she will accept being “the prisoner of Downing Street”, with all decisions taken by others, until she can be pushed off the board slightly later, in a month or two.

      Probably, anyway. I suppose she could just run away tomorrow, but she loves the meaningless title of PM.


      1. Isn’t Jeremy Hunt meant to be the effective ‘back seat driver’ and PM now in all but name?

        As Norman Lamont once said, Liz Truss is, “in office but not in power”!

        How long will Liz last? I would expect they will give her some time until the revised budget and then see if the present dire opinion poll ratings continue and then if they do she will be out by November or mid December.


      2. John:

        Look at the situation today. Huge speculation, but not a sight nor sound of the “Prime Minister” so far. Hiding in Downing Street or Chequers. I just cannot see how she gets back from this, in terms of public perception.

        As to *when* she goes, it could be any time from tomorrow to Christmas.


      3. What makes me laugh is some idiots in politics, the media and amongst ordinary people brainwashed by them who STILL claim that Britain must never have Proportional Representation instead of our current electoral system as it will inevitably lead to ‘coalitions of chaos’ , ‘make Britain as unstable as Italy’ and end ‘strong and stable single party governments’.

        Somehow, I have a feeling Britain isn’t being viewed as a model of political stability by anyone in the world at the moment least of all countries like Germany with their eminently fair, genuinely democratic system of Mixed Member PR producing stable coalition governments.🙄🙄🙄🙄


      4. I really don’t think the present situation is making for a good advert for the so-called virtues of highly undemocratic First Past The Post.


      5. Indeed. Having ‘stability’ as really the only semi-credible argument for FPTP is ridiculous really because the ultimate in political stability would be for this country to have either a dictator or to return to being an absolute Monarchy like Saudi Arabia still is.

        Of course, stability would then come at a cost of democracy being completely extinguished and then Churchill’s maxim of democracy being the worst form of government except for all the other forms that have been tried coming into play.

        Real democracy necessarily entails periods of political instability and that can come under PR OR FPTP as this country so amply demonstrates at the moment.

        The argument in Germany is that, if anything, using PR has made them TOO stable with too little change in economic policy etc but it has enabled German businesses to have confidence planning for the future with investment and their transplant system has benefitted from it too.


  9. They have had it their own way for far too long in this country with the all too predictable dire results such as stabbings virtually everyday in Stab City Upon The Thames (formerly known as London) and our leaky and virtually non existent border control as evidenced by the daily cross channel invasions.

    It is time their malign influence at the Home Office was ended FOR GOOD.


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