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There comes a point, under any system, where the people are just being exploited and also led to disaster by the governing regime or political class. At that point, a vanguard of the people is entitled to use any methods to topple those exploiters and mis-rulers.

The welfare of the people is the highest law” [Cicero].

At present, an illegitimate “Conservative” government is (superficially) “opposed” by an Opposition which is anti-British and in fact not opposed to the really big Government policies. Look at “Labour”. Does it oppose Con policy on Ukraine, “Covid”, mass immigration etc? Not really. Tweaks and nuances only.

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Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng

I have seen a few tweets to the effect that Liz Truss is or was getting banged —to put it colloquially— by Woolly-head Kwarteng. There have even been a few tweets from msm commentators implying it quite strongly. It may or may not be true. We know that Liz Truss was having an affair with influential then MP Mark Field about 15-20 years ago; she therefore, more or less, became an MP at least partly on her back.

As for Kwasi Kwarteng, until several years ago, he was in a personal relationship with unpleasant one-time MP and Cabinet minister, Amber Rudd. He then married a younger Amber Rudd lookalike.

Our political system is a bad joke, and those at the heart of it are of the same ilk.

Ideas on tax, economy etc

What would I do if I were in the seat(s) of power?

First of all, we need to give tax legitimacy in the eyes of the public. It may be simpler and more efficient to do it in the way that happens now, i.e. to get tax monies from different sources (income tax, VAT, “National Insurance” —very outdated and misleading—, road tax etc) and then allocate the money by government to various spending outflows, but that way of doing things distances the tax from the tax-payers.

I suggest that at least some tax revenues be ringfenced for specific purposes, so that, eg, a certain percentage goes specifically to the NHS or health and care overall. Likewise, road tax should go specifically to roads, or perhaps to transport (inc. rail) overall.

Maximum income and capital should be enforced. It might be that the maximum income allowed should be, net of income tax, about £200,000. As for capital, perhaps the permitted limit should be around £100M. I do not think that these measures could be claimed as dictatorial or extreme.

The same with land. In most of England, there should be a limit on acreage owned by one person or family. Perhaps 1,000 acres. In Scotland or Wales, perhaps 5,000 acres.

Again, scarcely “communistic”, in my view.

There is an argument that income tax should actually be abolished and replaced by variable-rate VAT and/or purchase taxes. Something that should be looked at by experts, anyway.

Basic Income must surely come, at least for those without other income above, say, £15,000 pa, even if the actual amount of Basic Income is only something like £10,000 or £15,000 a year. Again, specialists need to look at the topic in detail.

Companies doing business in the UK, such as Amazon, need to be paying a transaction tax, even if only 50p or £1 per transaction.

Just a few of the necessary measures.

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[Marshal Zhukov inspects the ruins of Berlin, 1945]

Needless to say, I should have preferred it had the Reich prevailed in its titanic struggle with the Soviet Union in the 1940s, but we must take history as it turned out.

[war memorial, Panfilov Park, Almaty, Kazakhstan]

Jeremy Hunt

Presentationally, looking at that, it seems to me that Hunt has placed himself in a solid position to replace Liz Truss, in that what Con Party has to try to do now is project a “grown up” and/or “stable” image, to detoxify the perception that a loony and ignorant woman and her woolly-haired African “friend” are running the UK into the ground.

Either Liz Truss becomes “the prisoner of Downing Street”, allowed less power than Larry the Cat, or she is just pushed out completely.

I am no pro-Hunt (or Conservative Party) partisan, obviously, but who looks more “Prime Ministerial”? Hunt (as seen above), or Liz Truss (as seen, eg, in her recent Press conference car crash)? Not even a question, really.

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Sooner or later, Russia will win this war, which has become so sad and grim.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone“…

[New Testament].

A WELSH Conservative MP has been described as “not credible” when giving evidence at his trial related to an early hours car crash which demolished a telegraph pole.

Jamie Wallis was convicted of three offences, but cleared of driving without due care and attention, in relation to the early hours crash last November when he was wearing a “black leather mini-skirt” and “high heels”.

The MP told the court he was transgender, said he had swerved to avoid a cat and left the scene because he had become “overwhelmed” by his recently diagnosed PTSD and felt vulnerable in women’s clothing – having been raped the last time he wore such an outfit publicly.

Convicting Wallis of the other three charges, – failing to stop, failing to report a road traffic collision and leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position – Judge Ikram said: “I am going to be upfront: I didn’t find the defendant credible in the evidence he gave.”


What a bunch of clowns most of the MPs are. Quite a few of them are just sick, in fact.

Britain 2022— honesty and truth get you into trouble…


A retired biomedical scientist who posted ‘only women have a cervix’ has been booted from the profession after a tribunal ruled he was ‘inflaming gender discrimination’.

Blood expert Malcolm Needs was accused of uploading a string of social media posts that a disciplinary panel found were ‘seriously offensive and discreditable’

One of the now-deleted posts he was punished for sharing said: ‘Only women have a cervix. There, I said it, it’s not difficult. Women also have a right to women-only spaces. Speaking up in defence of women’s rights doesn’t mean we can’t respect how others wish to live their lives.’

While another added: ‘I Swear my head will explode if another person classes me as a “cis woman”. I am NOT a cis woman but I AM a woman. I have a cervix which no man can claim to have and biologically that will never change. I am not just tired of this insanity but I’m fed up of being labelled.’

The 67-year-old’s social media rants led to the former chief examiner in transfusion medicine for the Institute of Biomedical Science being struck off after a panel found his posts ‘seriously offensive and discreditable’. 

But a defiant Needs refused to attend the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service (HCPTS) disciplinary hearing. 

‘How many times do I have to tell you that I want NOTHING to do with your Kangaroo Court, and that, if I get one or email about this, I will take legal advice about harassment,’ he told the panel. 

…the pension [sic] targeted migrants crossing the Channel, tweeting: ‘And make them pay, like they paid the people smugglers to come over in the first place, and give our own taxpayers a rest”, while sharing an image stating, ‘Putting illegal immigrants up in 5* hotels has saved the hotel industry. So let’s save the airline industry by flying the f***ers back home!!”. 

The committee also found that Needs’ Twitter activity was ‘dismissive and offensive towards black people’ – citing a tweet stating that ‘Multiculturalism destroys culture’, which the panel found to be ‘inflammatory, divisive and prejudiced’.

Another post, which asked if there is ‘ANYTHING that is not racist?’, was found to intentionally ‘inflame a controversial and heated situation’.

Needs, now of South Devon, ‘voluntarily absented himself’ from the disciplinary hearing by sending an email telling the tribunal that he was ‘happily retired’.

Deciding to strike him off, the tribunal said that there had been no evidence of ‘any remorse, reflection or remediation’ on Needs’ part, and there remained a high risk of repetition.

[Daily Mail]

Note the Daily Mail monkey’s (“journalist’s”) semi-literate Sun-speak: spelling errors, hyperbole, and pejorative language (perfectly OK comments described as “rants” etc).

My own experience, in 2016, of having been similarly targeted, in my case by [a fanatical small part of] the Jew-Zionist element:

Incidentally, the comments of Daily Mail readers are entirely supportive of Mr. Needs.

I have more that I should like to write about the case reported upon, but think that I shall keep my powder dry, for now.

I think that the sneak who, in Stasi “inoffizielle Mitarbeiter” style, denounced Mr. Needs to the “kangaroo court” tribunal and/or regulator, should himself have his identity exposed.

Late tweets

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15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 17 October 2022”

  1. So who do you think should be leader, Dan Wootton? Some new libertarian crackpot loony? Not Boris The Buffoon again? Even by the absymal low intellectual standards of The Scum
    Boris must be beyond the pale by now? After all, you lot at that rag helped to get him elected yet he messed-up his own Premiership because the man had no natural ability to be PM in the first place as people like his former employer at the Telegraph, Max Hastings, pointed-out before the Conservative Party took the dire step to put him on the path to power.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John:
      I am wondering now whether “Boris”-idiot *is* angling to return. After all, his (inevitable) classical reference, when he left, was to the Roman dictator (I believe a position only valid for 6 months) Cincinnatus, who then returned to his farm, as “Boris” said. What “Boris” did not say is that Cincinnatus was recalled later to serve a second time…


      1. The Conservative Party is already regarded in terms not far distant from the Monster Raving Loony Party how much more would this be the case if they brought Boris back?

        I suspect whatever level of seriousness the British electorate view it as still having would disappear virtually entirely if that scenario happened.

        Boris could make for a good party chairman but as leader and PM? No! His time is done and is a very large reason why they are in this mess.

        They will have to look for someone else. Jeremy Hunt could make for the ‘safe pair of hands’ option and to steady the ship or why not give Penny Mordaunt her chance?

        She did, after all, only miss being in the final two by a few votes and there was some opinion polling evidence to suggest she wasn’t completely off putting to voters in the ‘Red Wall’ seats.


      2. John:
        Times have changed. I do not think that anything can bring back the “Red Wall” areas to Conservative Party control, not between now and late 2024. The Conservatives are now not so much trying to save their Commons majority, or even to save 250 seats, as to save their party from being reduced to 100 or even 75 seats.


  2. By the way, Britain has a parliamentary system of government NOT a presidential one and that means the public don’t have a direct vote for who they want as PM (Israel tried this idea once but they had to scrap it as it wasn’t helping to produce the desired level of political stability).

    The only people who directly elect the PM are the voters of the PM’s constituency and party members/MPs of the governing party.

    The leader of the party in parliament with the largest number of seats and with the expectation they can form a government is the person the Monarch appoints as PM.


  3. In 1940, many ordinary Britons and certainly very large numbers of Conservative MPs and party members were perfectly content with having unelected (apart from the voters in his seat) Neville Chamberlain continuing to be PM but certain warmongers in the Establishment didn’t want that so they undermined Chamberlain and put unelected (apart from the voters his constituency) Winston Churchill in power instead in an unjust and squalid coup in parliament.

    I bet you lot at the warmongering, globalist rag The Scum approve of that history, don’t you?


    1. I agree 100% with you John; in fact, there is serious evidence that Chamberlain was pushed because he opposed to war. The Diaries of James Forrestal, US Navy’s Secretary, are a precious source, I shall quote a very important fragment of his entry for 27 December 1945:

      “Played golf today with Joe Kennedy [Joseph P. Kennedy, who was Roosevelt’s Ambassador to Great Britain in the years immediately before the war]. I asked him about his conversations with Roosevelt and Neville Chamberlain from 1938 on. He said Chamberlain’s position in 1938 was that England had nothing with which to fight and that she could not risk going to war with Hitler.

      Bullitt, (US ambassador to France) he said, kept telling Roosevelt that the Germans wouldn’t fight, Kennedy that they would, and that they would overrun Europe. Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jewry had forced England into the war.

      In his telephone conversation with Roosevelt in the summer of 1939 the President kept telling him to put some iron up Chamberlain’s backside. Kennedy’s response always was that putting iron up his backside did no good unless the British had some iron with which to fight, and they did not.”


  4. Certain warmongers in the Establishment also got the Labour Party to refuse to serve alongside Chamberlain in a unity government unless the Tory Party dumped their leader overboard and put half-American globalist warmonger Churchill in charge instead.

    How about that for shady machinations behind the scenes by the Establishment?


  5. I was surprised by the way those nitwits from GB NEWS (Dan Wootton and Neil Oliver) are attacking Jeremy Hunt. The man has been in power for barely 48 hours!

    Anyway, regarding your observations about tax reform, I remember that in 1998 John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, abolished the VAT (21%) replacing it with the GST (Goods and Services Tax) (10%). I cannot say if this was better or worse, although on paper looks/sounds better. What do you think?


    1. Claudius:
      In principle, I prefer purchase taxes to incomes taxes, though for that to work there has to be another input, which I would say is some measure of “basic income”, as well as a cap on income and capital.

      GB News is the home of pseudo-nationalist finance-capital globalism and “libertarianism”, so of course they hate that Hunt has reversed all the budgetary and fiscal policies of Truss and Woolly-head (Kwarteng).


      1. Hello Ian: I agree with you. In fact, we (I mean Argentinians, but I am sure Brits do it too )pay hidden taxes on everything we buy (bread, petrol, wine, meat, etc.) then, on top of that, comes the hateful and unfair VAT, and to top everything: income tax!!!

        BTW, do you pay VAT on water or electricity? We do. That is unbelievable!!! Regarding GB NEWS, I hate them, they are as fake as a 3 dollars banknote (LOL)

        PS: In Argentina taxes made up nearly 55% of the price of a brand-new car. Our cars are awfully overpriced and that is because the bloody State is taxing the hell out of all the people involved in their manufacture.


      2. Yes, your last point is spot on. GB News is yet another fake Establishment trick which attempts to put a patriotic/nationalist cover onto the essentially American and uncivilized, globalist, rootless/selfish creed of manic individualism known as libertarianism which the Conservative Party has become infatuated with over the last twenty years in particular and which if they don’t make serious efforts to expunge it from the party will KILL the Tory Party off for good. The clock is ticking on this as the opinion polls at the moment show. This philosophy has no real public support and never will do because we native Brits are a better and more moral people than that.

        Intelligent people like Jeremy Hunt (especially him as he was an English language teacher in Japan where he could witness Japan’s strong economy and society which isn’t based upon libertarian values) reject this immoral nonsense and that is why they attack him so much.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Yes, the Labour Party offers only superficial tweaks and nuances to Tory policies.

    They are a virulently anti-British party and the people of this country need to be aware of the fact that if they get into power again and with the type of loony landslide that is predicted this country will regret it forever because they will be so drunk on power they will repeat what that ghastly Bliar did and utterly flood this country with immigrants in order to ensure the ‘the Right’s noses are rubbed in diversity’ so a Tory resurgence and return to office becomes impossible.

    THAT aim is why Keir Starmer acts like Chairman Mao and refuses to put Proportional Representation in his manifesto as many in his party now want.

    Labour under him still represent profoundly dangerous and globalist anti-British values as under Blair.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. As to your question, Jeremy Hunt of course. He has, after all, received one of the best educations money can buy at Charterhouse where he was Head Boy (Charterhouse has a better educational record and reputation than Eton apparently) and is of good family breeding stock so it should come as no surprise he comes across naturally as being of Prime Ministerial material and certainly worthy of being Chancellor or Foreign Secretary.

    He is made to be a serious and presentable PM or have a senior cabinet post just like Prince Charles was brought up naturally to be King Charles III one day.


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