Diary Blog, 27 January 2023

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Either a parody or “Jack Monroe”; it is hard to say.

Journalism was once a trade, then nearly became a profession, but that has ceased to reflect reality as online news outlets use 20-something near-illiterates with meaningless “degrees” in “journalism”.

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See also: https://www.politico.eu/article/ukraine-russia-war-volodymyr-zelenskyy-vladimir-putin-germany-us-tanks-timing-and-training-ukraines-new-battlefield-challenges/.

The one sure way to finish off the Zelensky regime in Kiev is to take and occupy Kiev, or (appalling though that would be from any humanitarian point of view) to flatten it.

The “resistance” to Russian occupation in even the non-Russian parts of the Donbass and the general south of Ukraine has been patchy, though the Kiev-regime special forces have scored a few notable assassinations etc.

What that says to me is that, if the Russian forces can take the whole of Eastern Ukraine (Ukraine east of the Dnieper), the Kiev regime forces will find it hard to recover that territory by any combination of external force and internal “resistance”. External force alone would have to accomplish any such mission.

It may be that that is why Zelensky wants hundreds of tanks, the ideal force for such a mission.

In the east of Ukraine, outside the Donbass, Kharkov is the major city (the largest in Ukraine outside Kiev itself). If Kharkov can be taken and held, the rest of Eastern Ukraine outside the Donbass consists of sparsely-populated countryside with a relatively small number of small cities, towns and villages.

All the same, Kiev is the prize, for strategic, historical, and propaganda reasons.

[Ukraine: state of play as of 27 January 2023]

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The “West” (NWO/ZOG) is escalating the Ukraine conflict by stepping up supplies of arms, ammunition, other supplies too; also, by providing technical military training in the UK and elsewhere.

God knows what the ultimate consequence will be; quite possibly a massive nuclear conflict across Europe and beyond.

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Absurd. If “grifter” “Jack Monroe” wants to call herself that instead of her birth name (Melissa Hadjicostas) then that is a matter for her, just as it is not her right to try to prevent others calling her (or, as she apparently prefers, “them“) “Melissa Hadjicostas” rather than “Jack Monroe” or, indeed, “grifter“.

As of today, the 635 utter mugs who pay “Jack Monroe” money monthly via Patreon (for nothing in return, “Jack Monroe” having failed to fulfil her promises) are still signed up… They must be masochists. She mocks them, openly.

…and even now you sometimes hear that ridiculous slut, Clare Moseley, on radio and TV, bleating about the so-called “refugees” (migrant-invaders). The msm are just part of the enemy forces, enemies of the British people.

Many lunatics were empowered by the ridiculous facemask nonsense, and by the whole “panicdemic” narrative, and were able to at least try to force their malice, and their petty dictatorial tendencies on stray people they encountered . Now they have been forced back into their boxes, at least for now, and the same goes for all those would-be retail NCOs and social “police”, demanding that shoppers stand here, go there, keep 6 feet from the next pawn etc. They are now back at work, stacking shelves.

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9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 January 2023”

  1. Hello Ian: Thank you for posting that article of the “Daily Mail” that shows the colossal failure of the incompetent idiot known a “Boris the Clown” and his ministers. I was glad to hear that and I hope that the vile plan to get rid of all petrol-based cars by 2030 will also fail.

    Anyway, talking about electric cars you may recall a photo posted on Twitter showing a lot of small electric cars abandoned in France; apparently, they were supposed to serve as taxis as part of a “green” initiative of Macron. Well, if you look for that, almost ALL the damned websites connected with it will tell you that there was nothing wrong with the cars, what happened is that the contract between the car manufacturer and the French government was cancelled. They call it “checking” Oh, really?

    That is AI at work my friend! (((They))) hide the good websites and show you the only the “correct” ones! Of course, all this is done “to fight disinformation” (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      Over Christmastime, many affluent “wokes” and the like in the UK, who had bought (literally) into the “electric car revolution”, found that their cars, which supposedly did 250 miles on a full charge, were in fact running out of charge after 100 or 150 miles in the cold, leaving the drivers floundering around in the snow desperately trying to find an available and working charge point. Hundreds were stranded far from London.

      I have no interest in getting one, and anyway would be unable to afford the price. I suppose that the hybrid type are better, in that you can still fill up with ordinary fuel if necessary, but again the purchase price seems to be about £60,000 here.


  2. This video by PJW is priceless. Having said that you will notice that the “Ukrainian refugee” (Oksana) does NOT look very Ukrainian. However, her comments to the dark-skinned (of course!) interviewer of the vile BBC are great.

    BTW, you can tell what kind of moron the scruffy idiotic English woman who volunteer to home one Ukrainian refugee is. Have you noticed they ALL look/are the same? Scruffy, dumb, gullible… I could go on and on (LOL)


    1. Claudius:
      Very good! That Englishwoman is typical of so many today, particularly of that age group, broadly 40-60, maybe 35-60, looking at her again.

      The same idiots who thought that the ANC was wonderful, the same ones who obsessed over the facemask nonsense etc, who love the migration-invasion etc. Naive traitors, if you like.

      I recall a “Russian” (actually, part-English, part-Jew, but brought up from age 14 in the Soviet Union), aged 60+, saying to me after seeing (1980s) the first “black” (actually, half-caste or mixed-race) newsreader in the UK, Moira Stuart, “not only a black woman but one with a speech impediment!”…

      Frankly, most of the “well-meaning” (virtue-signalling) British people who undertook to house Ukrainian “refugees” deserve to be taught a lesson, and many have had to learn more than one.


  3. May I ask you what is the VBI and what is its connection with “Jack Monroe”?

    Regarding the “well-meaning” idiots I remember a saying “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. These idiots are ultimately traitors and should be treated as such.


    1. Claudius:
      The term “Vimes’ Boots” comes from the British sci-fi/fantasy author, the late Terry Pratchett.

      In fact, Wikipedia is out of date, in that its piece credits “Jack Monroe” with coming up with the “Vimes Boots Index”, whereas in reality, though she had the idea or rather the idea of the name, there actually *is* no such Index, as such. She simply floated the idea, raised more money for herself on the back of it, then failed to create an “Index”.

      Moreover, Wikipedia has it wrong again inasmuch as the ONS (Office of National Statistics) has said that, though its officers met “Jack Monroe” once (at her request), it was a general chat, and she did not influence their work in any way at all. She however has presented that brief conversation as if the ONS were being led by her on the topic. Another of her lies…

      She initially claimed that it would take “a weekend” to come up with a usable “VBI”, but that was a year ago…

      The “VBI” is a fiction, in short.


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