Diary Blog, 19 February 2023

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On this day a year ago

Peter Hitchens on the facemask nonsense, Ukraine etc


I agree with much of that and, looking at my blog posts from a year ago, can claim to have been ahead of him.

Tweets seen

Ukraine, a failed state, is running out of (willing) recruits, running out of ammunition, running out of time.

I notice that the neon sign behind the incident tweeted advertizes “currency exchange“. Ukraine (both government and people) now completely dependent on input from the West.

[Update, same day: obviously, the “Nazi-central” part of the comment is silly, as a reader of this blog immediately pointed out. I suppose that the tweeter was referring to the members of the Azov Battalion killed or captured in Mariopol/Mariupol].

Does the “German” government imagine that it can act as the quartermaster for the Zelensky regime indefinitely without eventually getting hit? If so, very mistaken.

Anyway, once the Reich was defeated in 1945, Germany was lost and without meaning. Perhaps, in the future, it can regain its proper sense of direction.

Soviet” means “tough

Only real social nationalism can save Britain and mainland Europe.

David Morgan” Twitter account

I have recently discovered the Twitter account @david_r_morgan. One of the best current Twitter accounts. I urge all readers who have Twitter accounts to follow that account, and retweet as many tweets as may be convenient.

and see:

More from the newspapers


The war with Ukraine will be over unless the EU finds a way in weeks to speed up the provision of ammunition to Ukraine, Josep Borrell, the EU foreign affairs chief, warned on the final day of the Munich security conference.”

[The Guardian]

Good. I hope that that comes to pass. The terrible and destructive conflict in Ukraine should end now, with Russia taking all the territory east of the Dnieper, and also the Kiev area, with the present Kiev regime relocating to Lvov.

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2 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 February 2023”

  1. Hello: The tweet from S.L.Kanthan made me laugh; the imbecile calls Mariupol a “Nazi central”. Another proof that there are no limits to human stupidity. (LOL)

    Another idiot (Nicholas Drummond) said that the Leopard I A5 (an old tank with only a 105 mm gun when almost all modern tanks have a 120 mm one) “remains a potent weapon that will defeat most Russian tanks, as well as providing invaluable fire support for Ukrainian infantry.”

    “Invaluable fire support”? First of all, Germany will send only 14 tanks (a drop in the ocean!) The only way they might have an impact in battle would be if ALL of them concentrate their fire on one target, like a small village attacked by Ukrainian infantry.

    He also said that the Leopard I “will defeat most Russian tanks” forgetting that the tank in itself is nothing, what it matters is the quality of its crew. The man is a moron without any knowledge of military tactics nor the limitations imposed by nature and the terrain on military technology.


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      I suppose that the point he, a former officer of the Welsh Guards—

      was making is that any armour is better for the Kiev regime than no armour.

      Obviously, I take your point about the number. WW2 (and later engagements in the Middle East) seems to have taught the lesson that armour is best employed en masse, in large formations, and not split up in order to support infantry. At present, the Kiev regime does not *have* the mass of armour necessary for a scaled down Kursk. That is why the Jew Zelensky keeps demanding (the right word, I think) 300+ tanks to be given to his forces.

      From the viewpoint of the Kiev regime, their best bet would be to concentrate the notional 300 tanks, plus whatever they presently have into maybe 2 groups, in order to do a WW2 “Guderian” in *one* —at most two— strategically-vital part(s) of the overall front.

      The danger of concentration would be that something such as a missile attack (a fortiori, using a tactical or battlefield nuclear weapon) would destroy the entire concentration in one go. That must be the Russian aim, I expect— to destroy the lot in one go, preferably *before* it is deployed.

      ps: saw this, which you might find interesting, though I expect that it will not be new to you:


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