Diary Blog, 20 March 2023

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The same phenomenon is seen in the UK. Report something to the police (I mean a real but “minor” crime, not a murder or a rude word said about a Jew) and nothing happens. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Black hole.

Look at the sentences given out for most things. Very lenient in most cases of “real” crime.

Something in the background is working to destroy normal society. Sinister.

Absolutely stupid. For one thing, many of the worst trolls use pseudonyms either exclusively or alongside their “real” social media accounts.

The poll does show how most of the “sheeple” want to be subjects of a (however fake) “caring/sharing” police state, at heart. I suppose that that came out during the “panicdemic”.

If the present Government were both willing and able to stop not only the cross-Channel migration-invasion but also general and continuing mass immigration, that would be a game-changer. However, since all System parties are supportive of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, that is very unlikely to happen.

Having said that, if the cross-Channel invasion on its own could be halted, so that there were no longer picture and clips of film showing invaders disembarking from boats, that might be enough to convince many voters to vote Con rather than Lab. Maybe.

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If that were to happen, Poland must be suspended from NATO before a third major European (and perhaps world) war is triggered. Poland was the trigger for WW2. Most people do not want WW3. If the Polish leadership wants their country to become a devastated and, this time, also irradiated wasteland, that is their problem, but do not expect us, of Western and Central Europe, to back you up (and receive a horde of Russian nuclear missiles on our heads too).

Some people must have been reading my blog! Vive la France!

Late tweets

As of today, 482 utter mugs are still sending “Jack Monroe” a total of several thousand pounds, perhaps many thousands, via Patreon. She laughs at them, spends their donations like a drunken sailor, then pops up here and there pretending that she knows all about “poverty” and survival on little money. A complete fraud.

Thinking strategically, China and Russia together stack up fairly well against the USA. Both strategic nuclear powers, both with large armed forces, both with large populations (in China’s case, huge), both with geographically large state territories, both economically strong in different ways.

Were there to be a nuclear war involving all three (and leaving aside what might be left of this world if that were to happen), I would bet on a recovery in both China and Russia long before any such in the USA. As Hitler said (simplistically but truthfully all the same) the USA is “half-judaized and half-negrified“.

The aftermath of any large-scale devastation in the USA would be social collapse and social/racial war. That happened after Hurricane Katrina, a localized problem. How much more then after a nuclear attack?

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 20 March 2023”

  1. Hello Ian: Could you tell me what the hell is “The London Underground”? My instinct tells me is the subway (I think you call it “the tube”), on the other hand the shocking video that I am sending you shows an attack on the street, therefore that cannot be called “the underground”. BTW, it also shows what kind of urban jungle the city has become.


    1. Claudius:
      In the UK “The London Underground” is, as you say, the subway or metro system (first one in the world, 1863) :

      However, “Underground” can be meant metaphorically, as in Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from Underground”, the popular music group Velvet Underground, the Underground Railroad in the 1850s/1860s of the USA etc



      or when a fugitive or spy “goes underground” (ie in hiding).

      I suppose that there could be one or more organizations or even clubs which might be called the London Underground (eg, maybe, music venues in cellars…just an idea…cannot think of one offhand, but I have not lived in London for 20+ years now).

      I do recall that there was a jazz club once at 100 Oxford Street, London, in a building called “Century House” which, at the time (1970s, 1980s), was also the name of the building where MI6/SIS was housed (Westminster Bridge Road, on the south side of the Thames and a little “inland”). That secret service “Century House” is now an expensive apartment building.


      1. Thank you for the reply and the information about “London Underground”. The video was definitely referring to the subway.

        Changing the subject, did you manage to watch some episodes of that Russian TV series on YT called “Professor”? Is very good


    2. Claudius:
      Further to earlier reply, the tweet you sent is now not available, but some of the “London Underground” is actually above ground and has stations above ground.


  2. Hello again: Just a question. My wife saw today on the morning news segment of GB NEWS that failure to reply/accept the “Public Emergency Alert” send by the government will result in shutting down your mobile phone line/service. I found it ridiculous and unbelievable. In fact, I checked the government article announcing this and it does not say or suggest ANYTHING like that. What do you think? Have you heard of anything like that?


    1. Claudius:
      I know only what I have seen on Twitter and on smaller platforms.

      I think that the suggestion is that those mobile telephone owners not pressing a button in response will not have any service until they *do* respond. It may be true; I do not know. I do not think that (at this stage) people are going to be permanently shut out of the network or system.

      I myself had a mobile telephone quite early, from 1993, and had one all the time I was practising in England as a barrister (1993-1996 and then 2002-2008 or so), but I have no use for one now (and prefer not be be tracked and snooped upon), so no longer have one.


  3. I just read the ridiculous words pronounced by the idiotic Polish ambassador to France. This is serious because that imbecile would not have said that unless he got the OK from Warsaw. What a cheek to talk about “Poland’s civilization and culture”. A) I never heard of them B) Compared with Russia, at a cultural level, Poland does not exist.

    The Poles are the same arrogant, chauvinistic morons of 1939. They love to play the role of “useful idiots”. Some people never learn…


  4. How you made me laugh with that expression “482 utter mugs” I love it! 🤣 🤣 🤣 If I was Jack Monroe, I would also be laughing my head off. What a bunch of morons!!! As the Americans say: “There is one born every minute”


    1. Claudius:
      I know. I can understand people sending cash to help someone in need, or to support a cause, but there are frauds such as “Jack Monroe” (and others) making a good living out of the stupidity of Twitter virtue-signallers. What “cause” is “Jack Monroe”? She has put much of the money sent, or otherwise made, up her nose or down her throat, but seems now to have bought a property, thanks mainly (if so) to the misplaced generosity of those “mugs” at whom she laughs.

      I do not think that we shall see much more of “Jack Monroe” in the UK msm, but so long as those 450-500 mugs keep sending her £3.50 to £44.00 a month, she will be (literally) laughing…


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