Diary Blog, 12 April 2023

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[Ivan Kramskoi, Rusalki, 1871; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Kramskoi]

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There is no point, though, in simply denouncing one stupid woman; the whole political system is broken.

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Typical BBC cretin. Has no answers. A complete deadhead. Eventually has to say that various (unnamed) organizations talk about “hateful content” (on Twitter). One gets you five that the BBC cretin is referring to the troublemaking and constantly demanding Jew-Zionist orgs in the UK and USA.

The overarching problem today, as compared to the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and up to the 1980s, is that there are few real journalists. Instead, there are, to use the Japanese word, “salarymen”, pushing a System agenda. Most of them are, also, extremely poorly-educated (despite their paper “qualifications”), and some near-illiterate (as can be seen in the online newspapers, especially the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and Sun, and even the Times.

See also: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11964299/Elon-Musk-accuses-BBC-reporter-lying-hate-speech-Twitter.html.

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Pretty sad. The continuation of a process or trend that started in the decades after the Second World War, and accelerated in the 1980s and thereafter, with horrible housing developments of various kinds often covering what were once fields, woods, and orchards.

Late music

[devastated Warsaw, 1945]

2 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 April 2023”

  1. I don’t understand why the Ukrainians are still fighting in Bakhmut. Surely not out of love for Zelensky! Why these idiots don’t give up? Perhaps they have been told that the Russians will murder them?


    1. Claudius:
      I cannot say for sure. Probably a mix of “honour” (thinking that they are fighting for their homeland, and not wanting to be seen to surrender), fear (of what might await them if captured), and also the fact that they cannot simply retreat as individual soldiers, both for the reasons of “honour” and “fear” already mentioned, and because the Kiev-regime army probably has military police stop-squads positioned in layers behind the front line.


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