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From the newspapers


A pub landlady today defied authorities and put more of her golliwog collection back on display just days after 20 of them were seized by police as part of an investigation that she and her husband had committed a hate crime.

Benice Ryley proudly placed five of the controversial dolls behind the bar of The White Hart pub in Grays, Essex, which she has run for the past 17 years with her husband Chris.

The couple, who are in their 60s, had six officers enter the pub last Tuesday and take away 20 dolls displayed on a shelf behind the bar after an anonymous complaint was made against them. 

They also seized an assortment of golliwog badges and magnets that adorned the bar.

[Daily Mail].

Meaning “defied” the clown police of Essex. My own experience, from 2017: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

Read that article. The Essex Police clowns are still claiming that the golliwogs they seized are “part of an investigation” into a so-called “hate crime“, which is complete nonsense. It is not unlawful to own or display a golliwog.

One of the alarming aspects of contemporary Britain is the degree to which the police are (wilfully?) unaware of the limits to their power and, indeed, jurisdiction.


Today’s revelation that suspected terrorists have entered Britain posing as small boat migrants brings a whole new context to the Channel crisis.

It was already known that hundreds of criminals had been identified among arrivals from France – raising huge questions about Britain’s porous border and the Government’s ability to protect its citizens.

Now we know that the problem is far, far worse.

The 19 terror suspects who camouflaged themselves as would-be refugees to enter the UK are known to be affiliated with some of the most murderous groups in the world, including Islamic State and the Somali Islamist insurgent group al-Shabaab.

The security services were already under pressure keeping tabs on thousands of individuals who pose an active threat in the UK.”

[Daily Mail]

Well, what a huge surprise…


Potentially very important.


Ukraine’s air defence could crumble ‘within weeks’, according to leaked US intelligence documents.

The New York Times reported that newly leaked Pentagon documents and US officials suggest that a huge influx of munitions is needed to keep Russia’s air force from changing the course of the war.

According to one leaked document, missile stocks for Soviet-era S-300 and Buk air defence systems, which constitute 89 per cent of Ukraine’s protection against most fighter aircraft and some bombers, could be fully depleted by May 3 and mid-April.

One leaked document reportedly assessed that Ukrainian air defences designed to protect troops on the front line will be “completely reduced” by May 23.”

[Daily Telegraph]

There it is. The air defences of the Kiev regime may have “crumbled” and will be “fully depleted” and “completely reduced” within 1-5 weeks from now.

At the same time, the Kiev-regime infantry still living is suffering poor morale and huge losses.

The conclusion must be that Russia can press its advantage in the warmer weather expected soon.

Tweets seen

Zelensky will have to stop pretending to be a great (or any) statesman and/or great (or any) military leader, and go back to clowning on TV comedy shows. Either that, or retreat to his USD $40M villa in Florida.

Typical, but it is “Kiev“, not “Kyiv“, and certainly not (as the BBC, Sky etc now say) “Keeev“.

Stalingrad meets Mad Max.

The above analysis is very weak re. Weimar hyperinflation. The Weimar Republic did not collapse because of hyperinflation.

The Weimar hyperinflation period was 1921-1923, but mainly summer 1922 to November 1923. In other words, hyperinflation really only existed for about 18 months.

The hyperinflation did notcollapse” the Weimar Republic, though it did destroy the savings of those who had savings, thus making the whole political situation in Germany, already unstable, more unstable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation_in_the_Weimar_Republic. It did rob the Weimar Republic of authority, to be sure. People distrusted it.

The final collapse of the Weimar Republic, which stabilized to some extent in the mid/late 1920s, came about more because of the Depression, which was born outside Germany, in the USA.

Hitler and the NSDAP did not attain full State power until 1933, a decade after the end of the hyperinflationary period.

The NSDAP only garnered 2.6% of the vote in 1928. Over the several elections succeeding, that vote-share grew to 37.3% in 1932, and then to 43.9% in 1933. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Party#German_Reichstag.

[Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany]

Vanity publishing

I was just looking at the memoirs written (actually, ghost-written) by some “senior” (so-called) politicians. Liz Truss’s Out of the Blue, which came out too late, after she had already been deposed, is at present selling about 200 new copies monthly on Amazon. Not very impressive, but better than Andrea Leadsom’s effort, Snakes and Ladders, which is managing a mere 20 per month.

More tweets seen

I may do a “deadhead MPs” profile of Heidi Alexander sometime.

More from the newspapers


A newly-leaked top-secret Pentagon document reveals American planners doubt Ukraine’s ability to launch an effective counteroffensive against Russian invaders this spring.

Outlining the developments of the war since February, the document picks up on ‘force generation and sustainment shortfalls’, predicting Ukrainian forces will fail…

[Daily Mail]

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[German armour advancing, Kiev area, 1943]

More from the newspapers


Still clapping?

More tweets

You can guess what sort of (((group))) is behind that, ultimately…

Late music

[Chateau Frontenac, Quebec]

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