Diary Blog, 13 April 2023

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From the newspapers


Now, a leaked trove of US intelligence documents has given us the clearest answer to date. It is not good news for Kyiv, and it could be about to get a whole lot worse.

Overall, Russia has lost more men and more firepower than the Ukrainians, the documents show, but its losses are nowhere near as devastating as many in the West had been led to believe – with less than two Russian casualties for every one Ukrainian.

ammunition for Ukraine’s Soviet-era air defences, which make up 90 per cent of its anti-air defences when you take low-altitude weapons like Stingers out of the equation, is perilously low.

Rockets for its BUK launchers were due to run out on March 31, while its S-300 systems only had enough to last until early May.

If those rockets do run out, the documents warn Ukraine will not only struggle to protect its cities but also its troops as it masses them for the expected counter-attack.

With Western stocks of ammunition and armour all-but exhausted, it is unlikely Ukraine’s allies will be able to build another army any time soon – added to which, the death toll may mean President Zelensky is running low on troops.

[Daily Mail].

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From what I can see (on the msm but also online, social media etc), the Kiev regime is running out of troops, recruits, and maybe —despite frenzied NWO resupply— arms and ammunition.

Everyone should watch that, and get at least two others to watch it.

It is actually pathetically sad that many “educated” Africans and blacks generally really want to believe rubbish like that.

In principle, the NHS, like the police, is a great idea. In practice, neither are really working, much of the time, in the UK. Hit and miss.

Interesting and well worth reading. I myself am, however, more concerned about the still-increasing Jew-Zionist power and influence in the UK, which includes the corruption and suborning of officials of the police and Crown Prosecution Service [CPS], of MPs and ministers etc, as well as their takeover of the mass media.

Britain— a banana republic without either a republic or any bananas.

More from the newspapers


Police investigating an alleged hate crime over the display of golliwogs in an Essex pub are to examine online messages by the pub’s landlord in which he apparently joked about Mississippi lynchings alongside an image of the racist dolls.

Essex police confiscated the golliwogs last week after receiving a complaint about an alleged crime.

The force has now confirmed that detectives conducting the investigation are aware of Ryley’s Facebook posts. It is understood the posts are being reviewed as part of the investigation.

Earlier this week, a source close to Suella Braverman suggested Essex police had been reprimanded by the home secretary. The police force denied this.

Sunder Katwala, the director of the integration thinktank British Future, said: “It is important that police can do their job. These Facebook posts are important…”


Are there actually any British people in or around this absurd misgovernment of Indian money-juggler Rishi Sunak?

Apart from that aspect, it must be comforting to the people of Essex that the Essex Police have time to waste on “investigations” about golliwogs, arising from complaints by troublemaking organizations. After all, it is not as if Essex has any real crime occurring within its boundaries…

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

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I have to admit that some of the ladies of the American South are rather charming…

Late tweets seen

Homeschooling is the only way in modern Britain, and the USA (etc). So far, contrary to what many think, it is perfectly lawful in the UK: see https://www.gov.uk/home-education.

Well, if you will give political or scientific credibility to a careerist bodybuilder/actor…

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      1. Thank you for the information, I read his biography:


        At least he was fluent in three languages and wrote some books that seem interesting:

        “The Last Secret: Forcible repatriation to Russia, 1944–47” with introduction by Hugh Trevor-Roper, London: Deutsch, 1974.

        “Russia Besieged” Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1977.

        “The Palestine Triangle: the struggle between the British, the Jews and the Arabs, 1935–48” London: Deutsch, 1979.


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