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Diary Blog, 25 January 2022

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NHS failures killed young girl


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I read that the USA leadership has put 8,500 troops on standby, for whatever that may mean. If they are sent to Kiev, it will cast down the gauntlet to Putin, and he will have little choice but to pick it up. An American occupation force, even one of 8,500, could not be ignored.

If American and Russian forces engage in direct combat, anything could happen.

Of course, “Boris”-idiot is playing the poodle, but is not taken seriously, except by the Express, Sun, and other pleb-level propaganda “newspapers”. His “warnings” to Putin carry about as much weight as anything else he might say, on any subject.

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He was right.

When driving through the Belgian part of the Ardennes in 2001 (en route from Turkey to the UK), I stayed in a small hotel-restaurant (just a large house) in a remote area. My wife and I were the only guests and, that evening, the only diners.

Our room was that actually used by Patton during the Battle of the Bulge. It overlooked a lawn and beyond that, trees. The whole area is heavily-forested.

I had no idea when I stopped the car at what was a convenient-seeming place to stay overnight, that it had that historical association. Just fortuitous. See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Bulge.

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Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad“…

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Never has Boris-idiot’s am-dram Churchill impression seemed more ludicrous.

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[the Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary (former Carlsbad)]