The Self-described “Left”, “Liberals” and “Democratic Socialists”: The Fall of the Pretensions

Those who follow me on Twitter, WordPress etc will know that I never use the now-outdated terms “Right”, “Left”, “far-Right” etc. Politics is more nuanced now. There are not two monolithic ideological blocs facing each other. However, others do still use such terms, for what they are worth. Those who self-describe as “left”, as well as some “liberals” and “socialists”, have been celebrating the rigged election (rigged via propaganda and hullabaloo) of a French presidential election candidate, Macron, who should be their worst nightmare.

In Macron, we see someone who believes in the virtually untrammelled movement of money across the world. He describes French culture as non-existent, he wants to destroy most of the rights of French citizens in respect of employment, State benefits and in respect of their culture. You would think that such a person would be anathema to the so-called “left”, yet most of the latter in France supported and voted for him rather than voting for Marine le Pen, not even abstaining. Their counterparts in England applaud Macron, because he opposed Marine le Pen.

As in other political matters, the role of the Jewish Zionist element is key.

In the UK, the upcoming General Election is likely to be a “landslide by default”, with the misnamed “Conservatives” sweeping all before them as their main rivals (UKIP, Labour) implode (the LibDems being unlikely to figure except as peripheral players). Again, the self-described “left” has nothing effective to say. Its supporters prefer to laugh at the demise of UKIP (and in general the failure of non-Conservative nationalist parties) rather than offer the British people anything by way of effective opposition to the Conservative regime under Theresa May.

The Labour Party is now widely expected to achieve no more than 150 or so seats, a prediction I made a year ago. Some predict as few as 125. Labour is declining from what it was until 2010, with a self-view and image as a national or UK-wide party, to that of an English and Welsh party focussed around and supported by, mainly, some ethnic minorities and public sector workers.

The self-described “left” favours many things which most British people do not: mass immigration, open borders, globalized movement of people, of money, of employment. These are also favoured by the Conservative Party and the LibDems.

The people have been left out. They are the victims not only of the rootless cosmopolitan finance-capitalists but of those who have claimed until now to speak for the people: the “left”/”socialist”/”liberal” political parties and the trade unions tied in with the “socialist” or “social democratic” political parties. The whole journalistic milieu, pretty much, can be added to the mix, as can a good deal of the “media” world generally, including entertainers etc.

The “Left”, “liberals”, non-national “socialists” etc are now not speaking for the people of Britain (or any part of Europe). Their pretensions are exploded. They can only applaud the anointing of a completely-manufactured fake and puppet, such as Macron, just as they applaud the finance-capitalist EU (and imagine that it will somehow protect “rights”, despite “holocaust” “denial” laws, arbitrary cross-border arrest etc), just as they applaud mass immigration and just as they want open borders so that the detritus of the failing post-1945 international order can flood across Europe, destroying everything in its path.

The fall of the pretensions means that, soon enough, nothing will stand in the way of pan-European (but anti-EU) social nationalism. It will speak for the people and it will be heard.

Update, 20 July 2019

I was right about the direction of travel, though wrong about Labour’s likely performance at the 2017 General Election.

Update, 5 July 2021

The 2019 General Election confirmed the essential accuracy of my analysis. Labour has lost most of the English people; it even seems to have lost some of the Muslims, now that it is under Jewish-lobby control again.

As for Macron, he is very much on the back foot with the French people.

14 thoughts on “The Self-described “Left”, “Liberals” and “Democratic Socialists”: The Fall of the Pretensions”

  1. Well thought out commentary! I like your abandoment of the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ category.
    A concise crystal clear appraisal of the current state of established political life.
    Certainly rings true with me!


  2. Am beginning to think that you are wrong about Labour! Not because Corbyn or his team of incompetents are any good, but because May and her seriously dysfunctional policies are so utterly awful.

    If May should win there will be all hell let loose. The split between no10 and no11 looks like the new chancellor of the Exchequer will be Amber Rudd after the election win.

    Two utterly incompetent fascist women, both with a chip on each shoulder, trying to be more hard hearted and callous than the other, while trying to prove the superiority of women.

    I am beginning to think that because there is no other option, (not voting is plainly irresponsible in this case), that people will vote Labour just to keep the two fascist women out.

    There has been no debate about the European Arrest Warrant which is going to become law meaning anyone in the UK can be arrested and held without trial anywhere in the EU, if May gets back in.

    Then there is the fox hunting scandal, Establishment paedophilia, Zionist influence in Westminster, Met police being trained in Israel and by Common Purpose, whistle blower Melanie Shaw still languishing in solitary confinement after a secret trail, amalgamation of UK armed forces with the EU, adoption of EU law in to the British legal system.

    Diane Abbot is a small price to pay to stop fascist May.

    For the first time in my life I am seriously thinking of voting Labour because the alternative is so utterly appalling.

    I believe if you considered the matter level headedly you would come to the same conclusion.

    NB. You look like quite a normal pleasant child in your fox hunting photo. What went wrong in your life for you to end up as you are now? ….Only joking!!!


    1. I am not voting for several reasons, one of which is that there is no party which I can support and no party which even deserves a tactical vote. In any case, where I now live the Conservative votes are weighed not counted. I think that Labour came in 4th or even 5th in 2015.

      Not sure what you mean about European Arrest Warrants. They have been in force in the UK for years.

      I like about half to three-quarters of the leaked Labour manifesto, but a Labour government would mean even more immigration etc. Also, Labour cannot run a whelk stall these days. In fact, I doubt whether Diane Abbott or Dawn Butler could run a banana stall. Apart from which, Labour has to be obliterated before any real social-national movement can exist. I focus on that.


  3. Yes I like your ideas but reality is kicking in…May and Fallon are shams…and it is becoming so obvious they are both utterly inept only the congenitally insane will vote for them now!
    ‘The Canary’, which is a bit left wing globalist, has a poll giving Labour 35% support…which if true means May is up to her eye balls in s**t and is on the point of drowning.
    I used to live in a community in the 70s which had close connections with Findhorn. One of our members went up there to set up a branch of Findhorn on Iona about 1975 or 76. Sadly, by then, all the magic had gone and it was just becoming another tourist stop for drug addled Americans. You would have been wasting your time so it is no loss in all truth.
    You know, May’s mother was an Arab I think. I don’t believe her Anglican vicar father would have married a Jew, though of course the Arabs are Semites which is pretty close.
    Of course Sidon, where May’s grandparents lived, used to have a big Jewish population 100 years ago who were mostly very anti Zionist, (Herzl mentions this about the coastal Jews in his diary). Thus it is conceivable that May might have some distant Jewish relatives!
    There was due to be a debate on the European Arrest Warrant this week in the HoC, but the whole thing has been abandoned according to the government website. The clerks have not even written it up, which they are bound to do by law, re what will happen to this debate.
    Much of Labour policy is National Socialist in fact which is why people like it so much. It is not that Corbyn will win the election…I don’t believe he has that ability…it is that May is so utterly dreadful it is beginning to look like she (and her American advisers) will lose the election.
    Remember Obama coming here to tell us to stay in the EU and then legging it with his tail between his legs? The team backing May are the same lot who managed Obama’s election. May’s problem is that she is not black. Clearly being black was the crucial factor for Obama’s win. I don’t think these American advisors actually have any experience of dealing with the UK public.
    And the other point that you haven’t factored in is that the media favourite in the US, Hillary Clinton, failed. Looking at May she seems about as steady as Hillary, and as stupid, and she is also the media’s favourite. May looks to be on a downward spiral…she looks like she is going to crash and burn when you see her off screen photos. She looks like a zombie cum hob goblin!
    Too early for the bookies to be accurate as well. If Corbyn continues with his walkabouts and speaking at the stump as well as inviting the press to question him off the cuff, he at least has a chance.
    May looks like yesterday’s dog’s breakfast. She is clearly out of her depth and on the point of drowning. And not only that but has no ‘spark’ or ‘vitality’.
    May has lost it.


    1. I agree that Theresa May will crash and burn as Prime Minister. It is already clear that she is no good in a crisis.

      Having said that, in my view Theresa May has already won the General Election 2017. Labour is let down by two factors (mainly):
      1. unwillingness to stop or even slow mass immigration or even to attempt to do so;
      2. The shambling sub-mediocrity of the Labour Shadow Cabinet, who make even the mediocre “Conservatives” look (almost) good. Corbyn is not the worst. Far from it. Think of deadheads Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler (not Cabinet but still shadow minister) and Angela Rayner. That is without even taking into account the racial aspect.

      I was thinking that Labour might get 150 seats. Now, as Labour voters desert in droves, I am starting to think that it might go as low as 125.


      1. If they don’t have a total of around 100 seats or less it is no good as they can, with some difficulty, recover eventually from that. If we want to get rid of one of the major arms of the globalist Lib/Lab/CON party they need to be under the magic 100 seat mark since at that point it is virtually impossible to revive properly. Then we face the problem of Labour’s downfall increasing Tory strength since the usual dustbin party of British politics the Lib Dems are out of the game at this moment in time. There is a reason the Lab/CON party likes the absurd FPTP system so much!


      2. Yes. The ping-pong is what the System likes, as the electorate turns from one false choice to the other, with a third (LibDem/UKIP) waiting in the wings. The next 5-10 years are our best chance. LibDems and UKIP are no longer even fancifully “parties of government”, Labour is still there but only just. If it can be reduced to a rump, seen to be catering for a collection of minorities and special interest groups, that leaves only the Conservative Party. Once a real crisis hits, a social national party, if existing and organized credibly etc, could catch the wave. A long shot, but possible.


  4. Rothschild wants more immigration so whoever gets in there will be more immigrants. I too live in a solid Con area. It has the lowest anti Establishment vote anywhere in the south.
    Diane Abbot will be enough for me not to actually vote Labour. You know, or maybe you don’t, but while waiting for the final result, candidates are asked to read ALL spoiled voting slips to confirm that they are spoiled!
    It means that you can write a polite protest such as: ‘I can see no one to vote for on here as it is clear that you all will support Establishment paedophilia/destruction of the NHS/mass immigration to the detriment of the indigenous people…delete as appropriate.
    This means that you can perfectly legally get your message across in to the heads of the (often nervous and apprehensive) candidates when they are most vulnerable.
    Just saying…you don’t seem to be aware of this protest tactic from what I can make out.


  5. Changing the subject slightly I have just discovered that after Afghanistan, North Korea is the second largest poppy growing area in the world. This must mean that Rithschilds, which is the numero uno drug cartel in the world, must have a finger in that country in some way. This suggests that Trump is following orders re his sabre rattling.


    1. Interesting. I recall reading in some magazine put out by an ultra-national group in Mexico in about 1977 how North Korean diplomats had been expelled for drug importation and dealing on a big scale. In fact, those “extremist” publications were well ahead of the msm. Another, an American “neo-Nazi” newspaper, carried an assertion that the USA would invade the Middle East (something which of course happened only a couple of years later when the USA invaded Lebanon). I still recall the changed words (of the US Marine Corps song) they used:
      “From the halls of Montezuma
      To the shores of Tel Aviv”! Close, anyway.


  6. You know, with all your ‘positing’ this and that about the demise of Labour the sum result is that the Conservatives will be free, with their huge majority, to establish the police state unopposed.
    Once a significant minority of the people realise they can do nothing about systemic child abuse, eternal debt slavery and increasing banker promoted wars they will have no other option but to protest on the streets.
    While you fantasise about a British form of National Socialism which you call Social Nationalism, which even its originator Gregor Strasser himself described as ‘Marxism without internationalism’, the 5% or 6% of those red Pilled Britons will be slaughtered on our streets by the Israeli trained UK police force that will be backed up by EU military.
    From this debacle where the brainwashed people who are manipulated by government controlled social media, lied to by the BBC/Ch4 circus machine, and forced to live on £100 a month on PIP or choose suicide instead at the hands of Common Purpose trained civil servants, you seriously expect a Social Nationalist political party to evolve?
    This is not post war 1920s Germany. This is the most oppressive police state in the history of police states in all the history of Europe. By destroying Labour you will not create a Social Nationalist party or even create the circumstances for such an entity to thrive.
    All opposition will be mercilessly crushed by the May-Rudd-Carney triumvirate who do their master’s bidding. One thing I have learned is that in this instance you can’t change the system from within. The system is rotten to the core!
    I used to think my boarding school education gave me an insight in to how the system operates, but the sadists and paedophiles that we the norm amongst the teaching staff in those dreadful places pale in to mere shadows compared to the scum that rule us today.
    Neither May nor Corbyn have any power either in themselves, or through their party apparatus. Whatever you achieve with Labour/Corbyn will not make one iota of difference until you tackle the bankers that rule them, and us.
    I think the reason why JFK so admired Hitler, (read his diaries if you don’t believe me), was that they both perceived what the real problem was and exactly who caused it. They both died trying to tackle it head on.
    Corbyn was at one point prepared to consider reintroducing the Bradbury Pound, our own government issue debt free currency, but he has been nobbled by our real masters and no longer will consider it.
    Corbyn was actually for a few years a real patriot to considers this, and I say this as an opponent of both Labour and Corbyn.
    Democracy [more correctly called government by unelected banker(s)], has run its course. It is time for a ‘tyrant’ to be elected, in the old fashioned Greek sense, like Solon.
    Cancellation of all debt and cancellation of all wealth. Everybody must do a day’s work for a day’s pay. No more usuar, no more share dealings, no more currency speculation, no more gambling of any sort with other people’s (or nation’s) wealth and resources.
    Until the usuary problem is dealt with all else is futile.


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