Corbyn and the Jew-Zionist “Claque”

In the past couple of years and particularly the past couple of months, I have blogged about Corbyn and the Labour Party, and the attack on both by the Jewish-Zionist element (including some MPs who are not actually Jewish but who are part of the “depose Corbyn” plot(s)). Now we have seen about a month or so of highest-level abuse and “active measures” by that Zionist lobby and against Corbyn and the Labour Party he leads. The allegations of “anti-Semitism” and “pro-terrorism” are in every MSM newspaper every day and are frequently on TV, radio etc. I wonder why?…

Leaving aside rhetorical questions, we see that, as I predicted, the anti-Corbyn campaign this time is not slackening much. “They” know that their star is waning. Their one hope is to depose Corbyn and the one way left to do that is to get him to resign. The other methods have already been tried— a coup by MPs, then a second attempt. Those failed and then Corbyn’s success in at least having dozens of new MPs elected at the 2017 General Election cemented him into position as Leader. The “anti-Semite Corbyn” campaign by the Jewish-controlled and/or influenced msm may have been part of the reason why as many as 50,000 Labour members and supporters have recently left the party, but that still leaves Labour with at least 500,000 members and maybe as many as 540,000. That compares to 124,000 reported by the Conservative Party (though many think that the real figure is as low as 50,000).

In the Vienna theatres and concert-halls of the 19thC, as well as those of Paris and elsewhere, there was a well-organized “claque”:

The Zionist-controlled msm as a whole is rather like the “claque”. One could include in that claque connected Jews on Twitter, most of whom are members or supporters of the malicious “Campaign Against Anti-Semitism” fake “charity”.

The opinion polls at present (August 2018) show the two major System parties close together in popular support, though Labour may have a slight edge again now, as the constant anti-Corbyn propaganda becomes counter-productive.

The Zionist Jews are appalled, having thought that their constant propaganda on msm would cause a huge dip in support for Labour and so build pressure on Corbyn to resign or face yet another leadership bid from some pro-Zionist doormat. The failed and laughed-at plotters of the recent past, such as Liz Kendall, Chuka Umunna and little Stephen Kinnock are still at it, plotting in luxury farmhouses against their own party.

In the end, what the Zionists fear is that Corbyn and Labour will be thoroughly labelled as “anti-Semitic” yet go on to win the next general election, thus proving that the people themselves are sick of the Jewish-Zionist element.

What does this all mean for social nationalism? A weak government under Corbyn (who is unlikely to win an outright majority) can only favour us. Labour members, supporters, voters will blame the Zionists (not unfairly) for having put Labour down. On the other hand, a Conservative Party government (probably also minority) will be the focus of mass hostility, along with its Zionist controllers.

I doubt that Corbyn will resign, for all the pressure put on him. He has come too far against all the odds. That favours us, overall, because in the end, it means that the Zionists will not control both main System parties.

The British people will need an effective and social-national government.

Gott mit Uns.


4 thoughts on “Corbyn and the Jew-Zionist “Claque””

  1. Exactly, it is telling too, that almost every day another councillor, or mp is accused of antisemitism – including former Scottish mp Jim Sheridan! It seems that labour is in total chaos over these allegations – however spurious they are, which as you say can only benefit us! I think you are correct when you state that there is a sizeable percentage of the voting public who don’t like either “main” parties – which obviously can only boost a potential social national party. I think we live in interesting times!


    1. I think Zionist Jewry in this country is in grave danger of overplaying their hand with their increasingly rabid denounciation of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn for being ‘anti-semitic’. TRUE ‘anti-semitism’ as opposed to anti-Zionism and critical comments about the behavior of SOME Jews is barely existent in this country and always has been (even in the 1930’s when today’s Jews in Britain say it was a plague) so they might well encourage the real form of it to emerge in this country if they don’t stop some of the more fanatical allegations. If I was an ordinary non-Zionist Jew I would be urging ultra-Zionist organistations like the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and the Board of Deputies to quieten down a bit and lay off the Labour Party and Corbyn lest some British gentiles get tired of this anti-Labour campaign and turn into real anti-semites.


      1. I agree, to the extent that this plainly contrived campaign against Corbyn and Labour is exposing the Jew-Zionist lobby more than ever before (arguably). If the Zionists think that Corbyn etc are “anti-Semitic”, what *would* they think of me?


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