Give Them An Inch And They Take A Mile

As I have been predicting, it seems that the Labour Party will soon adopt in full or almost-full measure, the “IHRA” “definition” of “anti-Semitism”, which the Jew-Zionists claim as the “international definition”, even though only about 30-35 states, out of nearly 200 in the world, have “adopted” it.

I have written, on previous occasions, that even if Labour “adopted” this Zionist-drafted “definition”(strange that there is no “international definition” of being anti-European, anti-white, anti-British etc, only “antisemitic”… well, maybe not so strange!), that would not be the end of it. The Jews would then move on to demand more and more, until they achieved their strategic objective– to remove Jeremy Corbyn and to regain full control of the Labour Party, which control they lost when Corbyn became –against the odds– Labour leader in 2015.

Today, Margaret “Hodge” MP, a Jewish Zionist (and Labour Member of Parliament), laid it on the line: even if the IHRA “definition” is accepted in full, it will not satisfy the Jew-Zionists. What will? Ah, yes, the head of Jeremy Corbyn, served in all its non-kosher glory on a silver platter. That is what they really aim at.

Ideally, Labour should just tell the Zionists to go whistle for their stupid “definition” and, in fact and in general, should tell them where to get off. I doubt that that will happen. For one thing, Momentum, the ginger group so much part of Corbyn’s backing force, is run by (in fact is actually owned by a private company of) the Jewish Marxist Jon Lansman. Though Lansman seems to be far from typical, blood is thicker than water. Indeed, only yesterday, Lansman had the damned cheek (Jews call it “chutzpah”) to suggest that “Jeremy” should get “training” in how not to be “anti-Semitic”!

I have seen no response from Corbyn to this idea that he should subject himself to Jew-Zionist brainwashing. I suppose that he will continue the way he has gone so date: sitting on the fence between openly challenging the Jewish Zionist lobby and its shibboleths (in particular, the “holocaust” narrative and industry), and becoming an out-and-out doormat for the Jew-Zionist lobby (in the manner of most Labour MPs).

If only Corbyn had the confidence to appeal to the rank and file Labourites who back him! Many, true, have been brainwashed by Zionist infiltration of propaganda into schools, msm etc (not to mention fiction masquerading as fact, as in, e.g,, Schindler’s List and the like), but even some of those are now waking up:

In fact, many of the better Labour people on the ground are not very far from social nationalism, though the brainwashing so evident everywhere now would prevent most from seeing that.

If the Jews get what they want and have Corbyn removed (or forced to resign), then Labour will probably do worse rather than better in any general election of the near future. On the other hand, if Corbyn stays but as effectively a prisoner of the Zionist lobby, he will –accurately– be seen as a weak leader. The voters will turn away from that.

The next general election is Labour’s to lose, and it begins to look as if it may do just that. I had thought that Labour would be the largest party in a hung Parliament. Now I am not so sure.

Update, 6 November 2019

A good typical example of how the Jew-Zionist lobby demands this or that, wears down resistance by constant bullying or whining and then, having got what it wants, moves on to the next demand and is perennially unsatisfied:

Update, 27 July 2021

Well, I think that I can claim that the above blog post from three years ago has been proven to be pretty accurate! Give that man a cee-gar!

8 thoughts on “Give Them An Inch And They Take A Mile”

  1. The lady from Hexham calls herself a Pink Revolutionary. Your guess is as good as mine.

    I’ve come round to your view about Labour and I too hope for a Corbyn plurality in the Commons.

    My own interest is more on the Tory side of things. I started a discussion on Facebook (link below, which in turn links to a previous thread – hope it works). Would welcome some input.

    Basically, I’m proposing the formation of a spoiler party – provisionally called the Brexit Party – that could divert maybe a few hundred Tory votes in marginal wards and constituencies and thereby punish the Tories and help Labour gain seats by exploiting the Corn Laws-type cleave over Chequers/Brexit. It’s not really the formation of a new party, as such, rather I call it an ‘open source political party’ because there would be no leadership, structure, membership lists, accounts or organisation to speak of, and more or less anybody could stand as a candidate.


    1. Regret unable to contribute to that Facebook discussion. I am not on Facebook. Interesting idea about the “spoiler party”, in a context where only “marginal” seats matter, maybe 100 (if that) out of 650. Labour must seize its opportunity now. I think that there are now dozens of Conservative seats with majorities under 500. By 2022, the new boundaries will have come into effect and Labour will be down about 30 seats.


      1. Regarding Jews, one thing you will never hear them admit is that the pro-white movement may have had a point in opposing coloured immigration from the Commonwealth given that Moslems are likely to be the source of a lot of the anti-semitism in the Labour Party (some of which, it must be said, is real). But there I think the communal leadership of Jews differs somewhat from the ordinary Jew. The leadership are, consciously or otherwise, pursuing an agenda in which Britain is ‘Israelised’ and becomes, like Israel itself, a hotbed of conflict between ‘Westerners’ and Moslems. As part of this, organised Jewry is keen for us to rest on a surrogate, deracinated type of nationalism.

        A pattern I’ve noticed with Jews is that they always say that if X, Y or Z undesirable happens, they’re leaving the country. Maybe Rabbi Sacks doesn’t realise how threats like that underline the anti-Jewish argument. Funny how Jews themselves play up to the ‘stereotypes’ and reinforce them.

        One flaw, or risk, with the Brexit Party idea is that it could make matters worse by also attracting Labour voters (many of whom are pro-Brexit and patriotic/socially-conservative). Local campaigns would have to be carefully targeted at Tory voters only, the idea being to draw away a few hundred of them and thereby cause the Tory candidate problems.

        The idea could work in both Tory and Labour margins. It would be used in Tory margins for the purpose explained above. In Labour margins, it would be used to help Labour keep the seat. We may have a by-election coming up in Peterborough and that could be the ideal testing ground: Labour’s majority there is wafer-thin.


      2. Re. difference between Jews en masse and the leading Jews, “it was ever thus”: it seems to have been “the chief priests and elders” who wanted Christ crucified, not the mass of Jews of Jerusalem, if the Gospel accounts are to be believed. Same today. The average Jew is only radicalized to the extent that he/she has taken in the “holocaust” brainwashing (etc) to which Jews subject their offspring (in many cases).


  2. 1. Monday 3 Sept.: UK Column News are back from their civil service summer leave of absence and feature at 26m 50s a strange item about Corbyn’s being summoned by MI5 chief Parker (Thunderbirds are go!!!!)
    Note UKC’s commentary before screen cuts to guest David Ellis.

    2. Tuesday 4 Sept.: Labour adopts FULL “anti-Semitism” definition with “caveats” (which prevails?!):

    3. Tuesday 4 Sept. shortly after #2: Labour anti-Semitism caveats criticised:

    As the title of this present blog post indicates, nothing is ever enough. Unless resisted this will be escalated to match the situation prevailing in post-revolutionary Russia where (so-called) anti-Semitism was a capital offence and if memory serves, even identifying someone as Jewish counted as same. Recommended reading:–ACollectionOfReportsOnBolshevismInRussia1.ed.


  3. Another front opening:

    That’s how they’ll try and head-off social nationalism: with Orwell-style patriotism. A betrayal of Robert Blatchford’s British/English national-socialism.


  4. According to the latest opinion poll – Labour is 4 points ahead. Whether this is correct matters not, as it clearly shows that many members of the public don’t give a damn despite all the msm propaganda!


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