Jack Sen Meets a Jewish Media Person

Channel 4 Film: Sleeping with the Far Right

I interrupted writing a longer article to write this brief piece. I am in fact unsure whether it is worth the effort, but I should regret not saying something about this typical piece of propaganda presented as documentary film.

I made the mistake of watching what passed for a documentary, presented by Alice Levine, a Jewish woman who has apparently (I had not previously heard of her) presented a number of TV and radio shows. Wikipedia says this about her:


I wasted an hour watching this. In the film, London-based Jewish media person Alice Levine spent a week, or at least a few days, living at the house of Jack Sen, a British nationalist activist. The house is in Southport, Lancashire.

I do not know Jack Sen, though I have heard of him. I believe that we exchanged a couple of tweets several years ago, when I still had a Twitter account. He stood as UKIP candidate in West Lancashire in 2015 and, despite being disowned by UKIP after he tweeted something of a critical nature to then Labour Party MP for Liverpool Wavertree, the Zionist Jewess Luciana Berger, achieved an honourable 6,058 votes (12.2%), and thus retained his deposit.

I have to say that I myself would never invite a Jewish (or even non-Jewish) media person into my home, let alone agree to that person staying for days. I can only assume that either Jack Sen is one of those who thinks that “no publicity is bad publicity”, or he received a fee for his participation. I cannot imagine any other motivation.

The film introduced Jack Sen’s mother (also resident there) and his charming Ukrainian wife and little daughter.

The Alice Levine person, when in bed in the room she was allocated, seemed to wear several layers of clothing. Whether that was because the house was cold, or because she did not want Sen to take “sleeping with the far right” too literally, must remain a puzzle!

There was, of course, no attempt to let Jack Sen properly explain his socio-political outlook. One of the problems with this kind of show, for the subject (“victim”), is that not only does the interviewee not know what will be raised by the interviewer, but also what will be left out of the finished product.

I found Jack Sen to be somewhat eccentric, though that was obviously deliberately amplified by the programme-makers. This was, after all, a week compressed into an hour. He seems to be a basically decent person, to my mind, at least on the personal level. I am unwilling to speculate that he is not. “The soul of another is a dark wood” (Russian proverb), in the end. I am aware that many distrust him and his motives, but I cannot comment either way.

At one point, Alice Levine “discovers” from Sen’s mother (I would bet that her researchers discovered the fact well before she ever arrived at Sen’s house) that his original name was Dilip Sengupta, Sen’s father having been either Indian or half-Indian, a fact mentioned by Sen himself to Ms. Levine. The mention of the name(s) to Sen made him angry. He did not present himself well at that point. He allowed the Jewess to provoke him. Later, she tried to give the impression that she was afraid of Sen, which I very much doubt was the case.

It was obvious that Alice Levine had no idea of life outside her comfortable careerist bubble. She went from a comfortable childhood in Nottinghamshire to the University of Leeds and straight into TV and radio. Jack Sen’s background (not much explored in the film) has obviously been more difficult.

Sen did not (out of politeness, or hospitality?) put Alice Levine on the spot about her Jewish origins, beliefs, attitudes etc. Having said that, I was surprised that she was offered pork by Jack Sen (even I found that rather insensitive!) and even more surprised that she apparently ate it.

At any rate, Alice Levine obviously lives in a bubble where everyone thinks and feels much as she does. In a word, biased. She evidently found it challenging even to think that many do not share her multikulti views. She was unwilling to be challenged on Skype or similar by Nick Griffin.

I had to laugh at it all. If Alice Levine thinks Jack Sen “extreme”, what would she make of me, I wonder?

This attempt to copy Louis Theroux was a waste of time, unenlightening. It is the sort of “documentary” that taxpayer-subsidized Channel 4 does. Dull, really.











6 thoughts on “Jack Sen Meets a Jewish Media Person”

  1. To be fair to Miss Levine it was not the worst hachet-job i have seen – not by a long shot, although with presumably dozens of hours of footage taken out one can only imagine what was “inappropriate” or “uncomfortable” enough to have failed to make the cut! As for Sen, he came across pretty competent to me, although i have issues with mixed-heritage individuals involved in “Ethno-Nationalism” or their motives to be honest. I will make one interesting observation though, he was “particularly” South Asian looking on the school picture they showed of him as a young boy, which presumably meant his “Indian” grandfather was very dark also!


    1. Well, I do not know much about him or his activities. One of the faces he met with at the cafe shown seemed familiar. I’ve seen him before somewhere. I have to say that leaflets etc do not strike me as very useful.

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  2. Sounds like a re-tread (but kinder, gentler – or subtler) of the infamous hatchet job done “on” Mark Collett 15-20 years ago.

    Morgoth (“I’m Jack…”) says he has an issue with Sengupta for undisclosed reasons, and he doesn’t elaborate. @1h 3m of 2019-02-20. Morgoth has a generally canny take.

    [audio src="http://feeds.soundcloud.com/stream/578328819-defendevropa-radio-europa-ep-32-hope-not-hates-far-right-report-spains-snap-election.mp3" /]


    (Not really a listen, particularly as interrupted near the start by delays for technical reasons and F-Bombs seriatim from Croatian “Boris” in particular).

    A propos of nothing:


    “Serco, which makes 40% of sales from the UK, said sales in 2020 would rise 5% due to new contracts, including a £1.9bn deal to house asylum-seekers in Britain.

    “We are not fussy about where contracts come from,” Soames said.”


  3. 2019-02-17
    Case of Chabloz & the Criminalization of the “Holocaust Denial” in the UK: British nationalist Peter Rushton explains the scope of this judgment.

    Starts with TTS but blooms into human voices.

    Somewhat disheartening listening. @IRM pls feel free to spike this posting if you prefer, thx.


    1. I have approved it without listening. In fact, I just clicked on the screen only to see “Video unavailable. This content is not available on this country domain.” In other words, the servants of ZOG have had it censored.


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