A Few Thoughts About the EU and Local Elections To Be Held in May 2019

The Brexit mess, so spectacularly mishandled by Theresa May and the idiotic careerists around her, may save UKIP from immediate collapse as a party, inasmuch as many British voters will want to punish the Conservative Party one way or the other. There may be in general a “perfect storm” for the Conservative Party, pressured on two fronts by both the Leave and Remain sides.

There will soon be elections for the European Parliament, on 23 May 2019. Recent opinion polling seems to be saying that Labour will have a landslide: initial voting intentions show Labour on 37.8% (up from 24.4% in 2016); Conservatives at 23.1% (unchanged), Brexit Party (Nigel Farage’s new party) 10%, LibDem 8%, UKIP 7.5%, Change UK (the recent Lab/Con defector MPs’ vehicle) around 4%, among others.

One has to be cautious in assuming that the above opinion poll reflects the likely outcome. The same poll seems to indicate that, after discussion, many pro-EU voters prefer Change UK (which would hit Labour and LibDem levels), while anti-EU voters may prefer either UKIP or Brexit Party.



Before the EU elections (in which the UK may not participate at all if the UK leaves the UK before 23 May), there will be local elections, on 2 May 2019. The indications are that, in those elections, Labour may also sweep the poll, with Labour benefiting not only from the “pendulum” or “see-saw” effect of elections in a system using FPTP voting, but also from abstentions by usual Con voters (or by their voting for Brexit Party or UKIP).

As far as the local elections are concerned, Labour starts the campaign with several advantages. The decade of spending cuts has finally impacted even the most true-blue Conservative areas. Labour has a army of local activists, thanks to its membership surge under Corbyn. It also has funds from the same source.

The Conservatives have few local activists now and most are beyond retirement age. The party looks tired. The Brexit mess can only be laid at the door of Theresa May and her Cabinet. The Cons will be lucky to avoid a wipeout in the areas voting for local councillors on 2 May.


There are also strategic factors. The Conservative Party claims 124,000 members, which seems high (average 200 members per constituency). Most are elderly. Few are active. The median age for Conservative voters has also risen, to 52. Recent polling has shown that only 16% of voters under 35 support the Cons, and only 4% of those under 25 do so.

In respect of the local elections, I see them as a straight fight between Labour and Conservative, overall. Labour is obviously in a good position in every respect.

In respect of the EU elections (in England and Wales), Labour may start in pole position, but there is a long way to go. Pro-EU voters may vote Labour, LibDem, Change UK or even Conservative. Anti-EU voters may vote Brexit Party, UKIP, or possibly either Lab or Con. Hard to say. Many voters may just try to hit out at the Conservatives any way they can. The obvious way to hit at the Conservative Party government is to vote Labour, assuming that hitting out trumps Brexit issues.

I can see that, while the Jewish/Zionist attack on Corbyn-Labour has made a dent in Lab’s popularity over 3-4 years, the voters are now tired of the whole Labour “anti-Semitism” whining, not least because Labour is now suspending members who speak out against the Zionist prominence in the UK. People have real issues with which to contend. It is a mistake to think that Twitter is the same as the UK public, especially now that Twitter has purged so many dissident voices (including mine). Jews and their “useful idiots” have colonized Twitter, to an extent.

The Leave/Brexit vote will be split between UKIP and Brexit Party, weakening both. All the same, these EU elections are all about (in the UK) protest voting.

Whichever way one looks at it, Labour looks like doing very well at the local elections and fairly well at the EU elections.

Update, 14 April 2019

Some msm outlets are now predicting a solid Labour win in the expected General Election too


Update, April 15 2019

Despite having no policies beyond the UK leaving (really leaving) the EU, Brexit Party is already running at anywhere up to 15% in opinion polling for the EU elections of 23 May 2019.


It is reported that up to 56% of those who voted Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum will vote either Brexit Party or UKIP in any General Election held this year. It is unclear whether Brexit Party would contest a general election, but if not, its votes would presumably go to UKIP. So about 50% of about 52% = about 26% of votes. That might not be enough to win any seats (certainly not, if split two ways), but it would cripple the Conservatives.

Update, 17 April 2019


Update, 18 April 2019

Update, 18 April 2019

Brexit Party, thanks to star turn Farage, is now at almost 30% in polling re. the EU elections. UKIP cannot seem to get much beyond 8%-9%. Still, that does mean that the Cons, in particular, will crash. They are polling now below 15% re. EU elections.

As far as the UK local elections are concerned, Brexit Party is taken out of the equation (contesting no seats) and UKIP is not contesting very many seats. That must favour Labour.

Update 21 April 2019

From the Daily Mail:

“If there is any overall winner from the meltdown in British politics, it will be Jeremy Corbyn – leader of what has become by any normal standards an extremist party.

As a historian of political ideas and movements, I have studied the rise and fall of parties and ideologies in Britain and Europe. 

Today we are witnessing a meltdown in British politics with no historical precedent. Both main parties are shedding their traditional supporters at an astonishing rate.

According to a ComRes poll published last week, not much more than half (53 per cent) of 2017 Conservative voters intend to vote Conservative at the next General Election.”

[John Gray, Daily Mail]


Update, 24 April 2019

The mad jamboree which passes for UK democracy in 2019 continues apace. Ann Widdecombe, one of the worst Home Secretaries ever, is going to be a Brexit Party candidate (for the EU Parliament seat of South West England). She says that she will still vote Conservative in the local elections. Having just looked up her details, it seems that she is 71. I thought that she was at least 80.

The tweet below captures the mood:

At least Ann Widdecombe is an animal-lover, especially cat-lover…

Update, 27 April 2019

Britain Elects organization has just today tweeted as below:

As can be seen, and with less than 28 days to go before polling (assuming that the UK takes part in the EU elections), Brexit Party is neck and neck with Labour and has the momentum. The Conservatives are rapidly becoming also-rans as far as the EU elections are concerned. It looks as though those voters who want to cast an anti-EU/Leave/Brexit vote are going with Brexit Party, leaving UKIP to flounder around near the bottom of the poll. All or almost all UKIP votes are going to Brexit Party. Most Eurosceptic former Conservative voters are also going to Brexit Party. This is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile, in less than 5 days, there are the local elections. There, the results may also be dramatic, but not to the same extent: Brexit Party not standing, UKIP not standing for most council seats (and at present has only 101 councillors out of a possible 20,712); only about a third of council seats being contested this year. Also, in many parts of the South of England, there is little “democratic choice”, with most candidates posted being Conservative, the Labour and LibDem parties not contesting all seats.

Update, 1 May 2019

8,804 local council and other seats are in contest tomorrow, 2 May 2019. The Conservatives are contesting 96% of those seats. Labour will be contesting the majority of them. The LibDems are contesting some. UKIP have 18 candidates standing. Brexit Party is not contesting these elections:


As far as the EU elections of 23 May are concerned, the latest polls show an irresistible rise for Brexit Party, which is running somewhere around 33% now; the corollary is UKIP on only about 4%, not helped by the bizarre behaviour of UKIP’s MEP candidate “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin), the “alt-Right” vlogger standing for the South West England constituency.


This is incredible! I am not a “supporter” of Farage or “Brexit Party”, but this is the sort of reception that few get! Reminiscent of the Fuhrer (though without the depth or substance, of course). Brexit Party is on a roll! Only three weeks to go before the moment of truth (EU elections).

Update, 11 May 2019


38 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts About the EU and Local Elections To Be Held in May 2019”

  1. The British government did not want to do Brexit, and that is why they have gone through all these motions these past couple of years. It is political theatre.


    1. Precisely. This is obvious to any Brit that has any real sort of political brain. The British Foreign Office has been pro-EU for decades now and considers our membership vital to what they perceive as British national interests so a little drunken public schoolboy like Mr Farage who likes the sound of his own voice rather too much WILL NOT be allowed to get in the way of that.


      1. Yes. FCO was once, until about 30 years ago, very “Arabist”, but the Zionist NWO/ZOG element has now thoroughly penetrated it. Look at the recent ambassadors to Israel. One was even a Zionist Jew! It is clear, too, that since the demise of Sir Maurice Oldfield, SIS has slid down the same slope.


    1. Look at the photo of the Jews arriving by air in that Daily Mirror report. Healthy and apparently well-fed. Why, also, would the Germans keep them alive for 3+ years if they intended to kill them? And why would they ship them west to Bohemia. Even the Zionists admit that there were no “gas chambers” there.

      As to Ash Sarkar and the like, I blogged about her, inter alia, a while ago
      If someone like that actually has a lecturer position at a “university”, what does that say about educational levels today, at least in that institution? I did not see the TV show you mention, but I have seen her before. Pretty ignorant. The System TV loves idiots like her and Owen Jones. They can say “look how tolerant we are! We allow revolutionaries on!”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sadly, the latest polls suggest a near even split in support between Farage’s globalist personal vanity vehicle which hilariously describes itself as a proper political party when it is nothing of the sort and UKIP which means that as Britain uses a REGIONAL list system of PR in which the list votes are not linked to other party list ones in other regions like they are in German federal elections this means you have to have sufficient support within a region to have a chance of getting MEPs.

    Depending upon any widespread tactical voting by Remainers , turnout levels etc this could mean, in the worst case scenario, BOTH UKIP and Farage’s jokers getting either very few or NO MEPS!

    JOB DONE then for probable MI6/MI5 agent Farage! I hope the British security services pay him well as he has run up some rather large bar bills over the years!


    1. I agree. UKIP is washed up in strict political/electoral terms, and has been since the 2015 GE. It still has a run in it in respect of the EU elections, as protest vote, and might have had MEPs (if the UK holds the elections scheduled for 23 May), but, as you say, the existence of NU-UKIP aka Brexit Party is bound to impact it to some extent. UKIP was little more than anti-EU “Conservative” with a small social-national element. Farage’s “Brexit Party” takes out even that tiny social-national element, exsanguinates what is left and makes it fully “kosher”, so to speak…

      UKIP may not have been a “Deep State” operation, but it certainly looks like one. Look at UKIP’s one-time and ex-Con MP, Carswell. Very odd…BNP beat UKIP in almost all Westminster and other elections until 2010.


      1. I must say I have had my suspicions about Mr Farage re the security services whilst he was leader of UKIP and they have grown even more so especially since the ‘victory’ of June 23rd 2016. Why did he, for example, leave the leadership of his party and go swanning off to the USA to help Mr Trump JUST AT THE MOMENT HIS LEADERSHIP was most vital to his party and to the country when a politically astute leader would have known the ever duplicitous Tories would use his absence to install a Remainer to lead them and plan to betray the vote? Then, to cap that action, he helps to destabilise UKIP and goes off in a huff and forms his own so-called party which doesn’t even intend to stand in non-EU elections because of a pretty minor policy point about Islamic extremists! AGAIN, this split occurs at the most inappropriate moment for Brexit supporters!

        My suspicions about Farage and UKIP whilst he was leading it have been shared by Lord Tebbit who once said MI6 may have infiltrated UKIP.

        To be frank, if I were to write a script for a film about how the British government either intends to stop Brexit entirely or to water it down so much that it becomes essentially meaningless then I could do worse than to describe Farage’s actions since 2016.


      2. As previously noted, UKIP was running very much second fiddle to the BNP until 2010. In fact, the existence of UKIP prevented the BNP from broadening its base vote. Look at how UKIP degenerated: an “anti-mass-migration” party full of black/brown election candidates!


      3. I notice Rees-Mogg’s sister has joined and is a candidate and the party was set-up and aimed at business people etc – it doesn’t bode well, except as a vehicle for Farage!


      4. Brexit Party: a joke or fake party which allows Farage to do three, maybe four things: sink UKIP, stay in the news, get msm jobs and slots; hit out at EU verbally.


  3. Precisely, Ian. Speaking personally, I’ve never had a particularly good opinion about UKIP because to me they’ve always been a bit too obsessed with the EU issue though I will, of course, concede it is an important issue and therefore all credible parties need to address it. In short, they have been too one dimensional in this respect. That being said, it surely comes to something that compared even with the likes of UKIP, this new Brexit party is even worse. How anybody other than the most moronic voter can see this outfit as being anything other than a blatant single issue pressure group (and even then only really focussing upon the Tories) and personal vanity project of Nigel Farage is beyond belief. Sadly, many will fall for Nigel’s latest hobby horse. We get the politicians we deserve so it is said and even though the Tories and Labour are not doing well at the moment in the polls they must be laughing at the cretinous voters who will vote for this globalist joke ‘party’.

    Oh for a more well-informed and politically astute British electorate! A ‘party’ like the Brexit Party would be laughed out of the room in France with their Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen or in Germany with their national-Conservative/nationalist AFD.


      1. The most lame and obvious ‘pop-up’ safety valve ‘party’ of all time may as well use the national anthem of the Zionist state of Israel such is Nigel and company’s Kosher nature! Mind you, saying that, would PC globalist Nigel want to associate himself with a state that isn’t too endowed with tolerance for its Muslim residents? Nigel did say, after all, his new ‘party’ wouldn’t tolerant ‘intolerant’ people in its ranks! No doubt he wasn’t thinking of pro Zionist Jews in it but lowly British goys!


      2. As you say…
        I find myself puzzled by Farage’s motives. I thought that he was supposed to be very wealthy, so cannot be doing this solely or mainly for the money. Those in public life that do that (example: Boris Johnson) are usually pretty obvious (except to msm journalist-drones, it seems). I can only think that Farage is doing what he is now doing out of a mixture of motives.


      3. It would also be a good party anthem for the new rather appropriately named CUK ‘party’ with their leading members including pro Zionist Jews like Luciana Berger! They are rather coy as their sources of funding. Who knows as to what the truth is with regard to that? Such is their obsession with the Labour Party’s alleged anti semitism they may as well have the same donors as Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party!


      4. The CUK party is a dead duck or soon will be, despite its offshore funding via Panama, Liechtenstein, Caribbean etc. I have been to all of them. “Robert Maxwell” ben Israel used them all too. I would be prepared to bet that much of CUK’s funding comes from Margaret “Hodge” or her associates.


  4. Yes, the public. spending cuts of the Tories are starting to bite in true blue Tory areas too now. I live in the Brentwood Council area which is normally solidly Tory and was Tory controlled from its creation in 1973 to 1990, hung in 1990 to 1991, Lib Dem controlled from 1992 to about 2006 and then Tory again to the present day. We have had the opening times for the local library cut since Cameron first became PM and now under Teresa Mayhem/Maybe and the the so-called ‘party of law and order’ they have decided to do away with our local police station! We were due to have a minimal police presence relocated from a dedicated and fine old police station dating from the 1930’s in the town to the local council offices but now we will have to have policing from Chelmsford and even Harlow!

    Still, I doubt we will miss a truly local police force much since under calamitous Tory Home Secretary’s like Teresa May and Amber Dudd all policemen and women seem to do is sit on their backsides all day in order to spy on mean un PC tweets on Twitter!

    Labour is unlikely to gain in this area as they have only two local councillors in one specific ward and been weak here since the 1970’s so along with this police news and the present ‘government’s’ shambolic handling of Brexit I am expecting some Tory losses and Lib Dem gains though that will probably come from Tories abstaining rather than switching much to them.


    1. I doubt that many former Conservative supporters will switch to Labour. A few, yes, same to LibDems. Most will either abstain or will cast a protest vote for UKIP or Brexit Party even while understanding that such votes (in Westminster and even local elections) are wasted.

      In fact, as far as local elections are concerned, I hear that Brexit Party will stand no candidates. EU elections only. UKIP has not the membership, funding etc to stand many candidates now, but they may do OK anyway where they do stand. What is certain is that the misnamed Conservatives will do very badly in all elections this year.


  5. I wonder what Farage’s mob would have to say about these police cuts under the Tories? We don’t know because his useless globalist Tory spare wheel ‘party’ has NO policies other than Brexit and will only stand in EU elections! If we have learnt anything about the last three years of shambles it is that any credible party has to have policies on ALL subjects and that victories in the EU’s parliament are worthless when they are measured against where REAL political power is located ie the House of Commons and local council chambers and that power in the former is the ONLY place where an EU withdrawal policy can be enacted from!


    1. Distinguish between Farage himself, a wealthy opportunist, and his supporters, most of whom want police stations, fire stations, public libraries and other appurtenancies of a functioning state.


  6. Re that general election prediction I only briefly skimmed through a small article in the Online version of the Telegraph (most of it was behind their paywall) and Sir John Curtice reckons that the Tories will lose 59 seats and luckily Amber Dudd will be one of them and possibly Ian Dumbo Smith as well! Still, as you have predicted before, Labour won’t win an overall majority but would do well enough to form a minority government


    1. Labour is itself facing a wall. Only about 35%, maybe 40% at peak will vote Labour in any Westminster (general) election this year. However, those in England and Wales who hate this Theresa May ZOG will almost all vote Labour.

      That was always going to be the case. What makes it deadly for the Con Party is that
      1. floating voters will either vote Labour or anywhere other than Conservative; and that
      2. many people who would normally vote Conservative will, in anger or desperation about Brexit, continuing mass immigration and other issues, *not* now vote Conservative but will either abstain or will support one of the 2-3 anti-EU and anti-immigration parties. Thus the Con vote in the 50-100 most marginal constituencies will in effect be split, allowing Labour in by default.

      It does not matter whether UKIP or Brexit win seats (they almost certainly will win nothing in Westminster elections). However, the votes going to them will be enough to sink the Cons.


  7. One could almost feel sorry about the Tories now pretty dire electoral predicament but, frankly, I don’t because not only have they betrayed Brexit but they haven’t lifted a finger to control immigration since 2010 ie the THIRD WORLD ones the EU DOES allow its member states to control. They would have had that issue to fall back upon to control any leaching away of their support to abstention, UKIP or Farage’s new vanity project. However, they are determined to show how ‘right-on’, PC globalist and ‘modern’ they are nowdays so they haven’t done this and must now take the electoral consequences. They are completely deluded to think all but a small minority of the richest ethnics or Guardian readers will ever vote for them but then they are not known for being Britain’s ‘stupid party’ for nothing! Ian Dumbo Smith’s constituency is illustrative here as it is now a Tory/Labour marginal whereas as recently as ten years or so ago it was pretty safe. No doubt this is due to it becoming more ‘diverse’.


    1. Yes. Like much of Britain, the Con Party (a more accurate name for it than “Conservative”) is running on empty. The fact is that its membership is no longer young or even middle-aged but elderly. In my part of the world (deep blue), I know that the (completely and utterly useless) Con MP relies on a tiny handful of unpaid volunteers, all in their eighties. Give it another 10 years and the paper membership numbers (supposedly 120,000+ but I think that the real level is about 50,000) will collapse as the members die and are not replaced.

      The Conservative Party has relied on fakery for a century. It said it would safeguard the Empire: Churchill, and especially Macmillan, gave it away. They said that they would limit immigration: Britain is now turning black, brown, yellow, multikulti by the million. They said they would improve [you name it]. Now look at the roads, railways, schools, libraries, NHS, social security, pensions. They said that they would promote business. All we see are closures and “McJobs” paying peanuts for most people.

      I have no confidence in Labour, but the Conservative Party is a disgrace; and that is before you even get into the Jew influence…


  8. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the utterly useless Con Party there. Most people think the rot in the Tory Party began under notorious Europhile Edward Heath but, sadly, it goes back much further than that such as Macmillan’s premiership and who did we have at a crucial time in our nations history, the flip flopper, one minute Liberal, the next Tory, drunk, half-god damm Yank Churchill instead of true Tory Lord Halifax. The last remotely decent Tory PMs were Old Rugbelian Neville Chamberlain who had his heart in the right place and who had a social conscience and Old Harrovian Stanley Baldwin.

    So bad are they I can’t think of any political party elsewhere in the world that is as inappropriately named apart from the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party of PM Shinzo Abe and company which is nothing like our globalist liberal-left Lib Dem’s and is basically a Japanese nationalist party which should be called Japan First.


    1. Not sure about your view that going to a famous school is a guarantee of probity. After all, Churchill was Harrovian, the part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne went to Eton and St. Paul’s respectively and poseur-idiot Boris Johnson was not only at Eton but was Head Boy there.

      Japan is enigmatic. So cultured in some ways, so uncultured in others: killing dolphins, overfishing worldwide, hunting whales etc (and surely no other country sells the used panties of schoolgirls from vending machines!).

      Halifax could have had the Conservative leadership and with it the office of Prime Minister, but was too much of a gentleman to push. It went to Jew-corrupted drunken Churchill by default….and all of Europe paid the price. Had Halifax been PM, the war would have finished early, probably, despite Halifax having been against compromise with Germany during the Phoney War (Bore War, Sitzkrieg). Halifax was probably too hidebound to ask for peace, but might have responded to a German approach in mid-1940. Europe would thus have been spared most of the following 5+ years of cruelty.


      1. Yes, many of these top public schools do tend to push out idiots ie Churchill from Harrow and George Gideon ‘Gidiot’ Oliver Osborne from St. Paul’s. Eton College’s record in this regard is not too brilliant either despite it being the school 19 British PM’s attended. The last decent premiers from there seem to have been Arthur Balfour or Robert Gascoyne-Cecil at the turn of the last century!

        Apparently, the general rule is ‘rich and thick’ go to Eton College whilst the intelligent ones go to Winchester College. I think only one PM went to that institution and, sadly, somebody who could have made an excellent PM and saved this country a lot of deaths and bankruptcy ie Sir Oswald Mosley who also attended there didn’t enter No. 10.


      2. Eton has incredible facilities and if there is anything in a pupil to hothouse, it will be. For example, it has its own orchestra with professional instructors. However, whether these “top schools” really fit their products with the ability to “rule the world” *now*, as distinct from in 1899, I am sceptical.


    1. That could well be the case! Although you should NEVER underestimate the cretinous and unthinking nature of far too many British voters who will vote, in droves, lemming-like, for any globalist party ie Farage’s new Brexit ‘Party’ the media decide to push at them to ‘save’ them from the so-called ‘far right’ as they now utterly ridiculously describe UKIP as being! I am being quite serious here when I say some voters in this country are so DAMM WELL THICK they would jump off Beachy Head if the Daily Diana (Daily Express) told them to do it!

      I think the elections could well have a higher turnout than normal as Remainers think it is their last hurrah at trying to stop Brexit.


      1. Remainers will presumably vote Labour or LibDem.

        As to Daily Express, like so much else in the UK, running on empty. The facade is still there, but there’s nothing inside it. Same as Bar, Parliament, police service, Army, Navy and Royal Family


  9. Yes, the last couple of institutions we could rely upon to be proud of etc ie the Royal Family, the army, navy, and the Air Force now lie increasingly ruined by this country’s addiction to PC liberal-left globalist values. Even a few years ago, the Armed Forces were generally ok but then that evil, anti-British wretch Tony Blair got to work on them and the result is dire and is well illustrated by those utterly cringe worthy recruitment adverts they had earlier this year. I bet President Putin, the Argentines etc are shaking in their boots at the thought of us being a potential enemy.


    1. I was just reading an account of how two drunken female “soldiers” (airhead bimbos) got into a fight in Magaluf. Majorca. One has been arrested by the Spanish police. Not totally unattractive, judging by pre-arrest photos, but that is beside the point. I cannot imagine that Spetsnaz or the VDV would have any trouble dealing with them, and read that how you like! One was even in the military police, looking at her post-passing-out photos showing her in a red cap!


  10. It would be a laugh if the perpetual drunk, frog-faced, globalist, Thatcherite, Tory Boy Farage got defeated by a high turnout and well organised tactical voting by Remainers.

    At least then the lazy git will have a good excuse as to why he can’t turn up to fisheries committee meetings in the EU parliament which he has never really bothered to attend in his 10 years or more as an MEP despite the fact he has continually moaned about the Common Fisheries Policy and its implications for our fishermen in that time.

    Also, the other counties MEPs won’t have to listen to his insulting rants which demean our country and show him up to be your typically overly privileged, smug, and very rude Tory git.


    1. I am amazed that Brexit Party is riding so high in the EU election polls. Nearly 30%. Another example of “celebrity” culture, this time political. Farage is a known “celebrity” politico, unlike Batten. Thus Brexit Party is on ?26% and UKIP, despite (because of?) its 27-year history etc, on less than 8%.

      As my recent blogs have noted, the votes going to Brexit Party *and* UKIP will sink the Con Party in the EU elections. Polls now have Cons at 10%-15% re. the EU elections…

      As far as the local elections are concerned, UKIP is only contesting about half (as I understand) and Brexit Party no seats at all. I think that Labour will do well but on a very reduced turnout.

      Where I live, there is no real choice for either of the two seats (county and district), just Con, Lab (only one candidate; no chance), LibDem (only one candidate, I think), and a few Independents (who are they? God knows). Not one BNP, UKIP, nor even a solitary Green standing.


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