Nothing Works Any More

I saw this newspaper report today:

What struck me, apart from the violent and cowardly attack on the girl victim and a friend of hers, was how useless every public service was proven to be. I leave aside my surprise (and disapproval) that a girl of 18 is in a Manchester nightclub at 0330 and leaves on foot to walk home.

Read the report above.

Initially, the victim and her friend (apparently a teenage boy who was also a victim), were helped by some civilian volunteers who offered to call an ambulance. The victims refused because they were told that there would be a 2 hour wait. Two hours! The victim(s) then went to hospital by taxi. The hospital simply dispensed eye drops and told the girl to go home. When she returned to hospital a day or so later, she was told that she has a blood clot on one eye. The police were informed of the attack, but no police officer has spoken to the victim. The victim utilized social media, as a result of which a witness has come forward. The police have made no comment to the newspapers. The local council has offered to check cctv for film of the attack or suspects.

In case anyone knows anything and, by some statistical miracle, reads this blog, the main suspect is white, about 5 feet 8 inches in height, and was wearing a pink T-shirt. I am no detective, but I should have thought that the starting point would be the nightclub interior cctv…

My point in writing about this is not just because the behaviour of the criminals outrages me (and makes me wonder whether flogging should be reintroduced as suitably condign punishment in such cases) and not just because I feel sorry for the girl (and her friend). My point is that this case shows that, all too often, things are just not working in our society.

In the case displayed here, the girl was let down by general public safety (police, primarily), by the ambulance service, by the NHS hospital A & E service, by the police. Had the perpetrators been caught, if they are caught now, the CPS and magistrates will no doubt also let her down.

As Napoleon is supposed to have said, “there are many reasons for failure, but never an excuse.” Funding for public services has been cut drastically in the past decade. That is obviously a factor. How, though, does that explain (still less excuse) the “polyclinic” approach apparently adopted by the hospital, or its failure to make a proper diagnosis? I concede that my knowledge of clinical-medical matters is limited, but even so…

Is lack of funding of police personnel really the only reason why the victim has not been interviewed? Yes, she was knocked unconscious, but still might recall identifying details from before that. Also, it would reassure her that she is not alone in a jungle.

Is the police force doing what it can (eg checking nightclub cctv) to track down the suspects? Why was the social media appeal left to the victim to do?

One sees everywhere, now, “things not working right”, from the NHS and police, through rail and road maintenance, every aspect of the justice system (from CPS and police to sentencing, probation and prisons), the postal service (still mostly OK), the planning system, education at every level, the DWP and its post-2005 “torture the unemployed and disabled” ethos, the armed forces, Parliament. Everything, pretty much; and it is unlikely that a government headed by Boris-Idiot will be able (or even try) to improve matters.

My feeling is that the UK is still in many respects in that state of which a 1960s senior civil servant said (I think, to Anthony Sampson) that his job was “the management of decline”, but more so. Further down the steepening slide. The migration-invasion of the blacks and browns, the destruction of culture in the msm etc, have accelerated that process.

Only a truly focussed social national government can fix this country.


I should not like it thought that my criticisms devolve mainly on individuals working in public service. No doubt most of those who work in the police, NHS etc do their best most of the time. I criticize, primarily, the system(s), the decisions taken, and the management.

I do not know Manchester well, in fact scarcely at all. I have been there a few times, many years ago now, driving straight to the Manchester County Court (there being a massive open-air car park nearby, close to an overhead rail line) and then driving away as quickly as possible. Apart from that, my only visit was to the Manchester Royal Infirmary in or about 1985, accompanying a member of the Georgian State Dance ensemble from the Soviet Union.

The dancer (who spoke only Russian and Georgian) had cut several fingers to the bone while practising, pre-performance, with his razor-sharp Georgian sword (the swords have to be that sharp in order to create showers of sparks during the mock fights that are part of the dance performance).

Even back then, some 34 years ago, we had to wait for about 30 mins or more to be seen, though the nurses tried to expedite it for me and were very pleasant (and very pretty, though perhaps my memory is sugar-coating things for me…).

Update, 17 July 2019

3 thoughts on “Nothing Works Any More”

  1. A truely disgusting and repellent crime! It would be bad enough for some criminal urchin to do that to a young man let alone a young female. I do hope her eye heals and she doesn’t suffer a permanent disability form her awful experience.

    Sadly, these kind of crimes are becoming increasingly commonplace in now very degenerate and lawless ‘Britain’ Yet, we are supposed to have the so-called and self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ in power!

    It should come as no surprise that the Tory Party’s highly politicised thugs in uniform/PC Gestapo/Stazi haven’t bothered to make contact with the poor girl to, as you say, give important comfort and reassurance to her that she isn’t alone or to publicise this disgraceful crime in the local media. I think those of us who are aware of our PC masters know why this hasn’t happened ie the victims are white and the perpetrator was a white lad hence the Stazi simply aren’t interested. Of course, it would be a different story entirely if the victims were ethnics of some description and the criminal had said even a racist comment let alone had committed a racist assault.

    Yes, once we have restored proper police forces in this country and ended their obsession with the Marxist cult of PC then we can begin to consider introducing more serious sentences for this kind of crime ie either Singapore’s use of the rattan cane or the return of birching as the Isle of Man used to have:


    1. Ha, ha, those women in the second clip advocating the Isle of Man retain the birch would have made perfect Conservative Party members in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s and would have heartily cheered and clapped any Tory Party conference delegate who stood-up and made a law and order debate conference speech urging the party to bring back flogging and hanging!👌👌👌😀😀😀😀

      Now, in the 2010’s, they would be deemed too Right-wing’ and either be banned from joining the party in the first place or told to leave it!


      1. I remember watching on TV in the 1970s (when political conferences were genuine, not the stage-managed and sparsely-attended stunts of today): middleaged ladies wearing floral or other hats, madly cheering for a return of the birch etc. The oddest conferences then were the TUC ones, with someone like NUM leader Laurence Daly storming up to the podium to make incomprehensible points about “the composite of the composite of this motion” (and “composite” pronounced “com-po-syte” too!).


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