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Diary blog, 1 August 2022

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Keep the Elgin Marbles where they are.

UK Police again behaving like a Thought Police

It seems that some employees of Hampshire Police and other police orgs think that Nineteen Eighty-Four is a training manual: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11067677/Recording-non-crime-hate-incidents-makes-people-question-police-police-chief-says.html

A senior police chief has said that recording non-crime ‘hate incidents’ makes people lose faith in cops.

Stephen Watson [Chief Constable] of Greater Manchester Police said that officers needed to have confidence in telling the public when matters were not for the police.

He said that he was happy that the national standards body for policy had issued guidance emphasising that offence being taken should not lead to views being stigmatised.

He said that officers recording non-crime hate incidents ’caused people to question whether we know what we’re doing‘.

It comes after an army veteran was arrested by police for ‘causing anxiety’ after retweeting a picture of a swastika made out of Pride flags on social media. 

Darren Brady, 51, slammed Hampshire Police for ‘impeding his right to free speech’ after he was placed into handcuffs on Friday at his home in Aldershot for sharing a meme.

Footage of the arrest was widely shared on social media and showed an officer who told Mr Brady he was being apprehended because his post had ’caused anxiety’ and been reported to authorities.

Harry Miller, a former police officer, was also arrested after claiming he had tried to prevent the former serviceman from being detained.

He told MailOnline: ‘Hampshire Police showed a blatant disregard of the law. They approached Mr Brady and acted as summary judge, jury and executioner – but didn’t know what offence he’d actually committed. They said he was being arrested for causing anxiety, which is utterly ridiculous!

Mr Brady is a British Army Veteran and they were trying to extort him for money by making him pay around £80 for educational course so he could downgrade from a crime to a non-crime, which would still show up in a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Writing on Twitter on Sunday, Mr Brady told his followers: ‘It’s nice to be able to enjoy a Sunday morning in peace without being harassed by Hampshire Police trying to extort money from me, or have me ‘re-educated’ for sharing a meme on the Internet.

[Daily Mail]

Wouldn’t you know it? The so-called “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [CAA], a tiny but well-funded group of fanatically pro-Israel Jew-Zionists, was, with others, involved in stoking it all.

I have blogged in the past about the “CAA” fake charity and its (in fact, few) “activists”. They have targeted me for years. Two examples below, from 2017 and from 2021-22:

It will be seen that the latter complaint against me of those two (among many other false and malicious complaints made against me by the same Jewish cabal over the past 12 years) also involved Hampshire Police (though at the request of another police force).

The “CAA” has (((typically))) managed to worm its way into influence within some police forces.

Backstairs influence, resulting in socio-politically-motivated injustice.

The “CAA” fake charity pretends (via supporters, often Jewish, in the msm) to be some massive Jewish organization, whereas in reality we are talking about a few dozen fanatically pro-Israel Jews, not hundreds, not thousands, and certainly not the 250,000+ Jews living in the UK.

The “CAA” is a tiny, nasty, fanatical cabal, nothing more.

Apart from trying to get the police to do their dirty work by prosecuting me (I have in fact not, at least as yet, been prosecuted, nor even arrested), the CAA has also tried to attack, in various ways, many others, including the writer and theorist David Icke, the satirist Alison Chabloz, the nationalist activist Jez Turner, Al Jazeera TV, and even Jewish —but anti-Zionist— persons such as the jazz musician Gilad Atzmon and the journalist Mira bar-Hillel.

Some of the leading activists of the “CAA” have actually been caught out using pseudonyms to sadistically troll people (mainly women) online, a fact inadvertently admitted by an incompetent CAA lawyer some years ago in open court.

As to the police themselves, I have to say that those members of both Essex Police (in 2017) and Hampshire Police (in 2021-22) whom I encountered conducted themselves in a reasonably-fair manner while taking part in a wholly unreasonable exercise, i.e. questioning me at the instigation of the perennially-whining and/or demanding “CAA” nuisances, who waste huge amounts of police time on those false and malicious accusations.

The ordinary police are, usually, “just following orders“…

In the incidents I blogged about, I was never actually arrested, by either police force, just invited to supposedly “voluntary” interviews under caution, both times leading eventually to the matters being dropped. The police, though, really should have told those malicious “CAA” bastards to go whistle right from the start…

The Daily Mail report shows clearly what happens when confused bad law (eg Communications Act 2003 s.127; eg Protection from Harassment Act 1997) is abused by such as the “CAA” bastards, bamboozling the poor old “plods”, who themselves however often seem to be unaware of the limitations to their lawful powers. They are often also ignorant of the law generally.

The police really should wake up to the fact that the “Campaign Against AntiSemitism” snoopers and serial whining complainers are abusing law and procedure for their own ends, and manipulating the police at the same time. Many well-known Jews agree with me, incidentally: see

It may be that the “Common Purpose” poison, encouraging mediocre office-holders to “lead beyond authority” has in fact led to this mess, and others, in the police, in local government etc.

Even the Daily Mail report cited and quoted above wrongly presents the “CAA” as if it were a respectable organization worth listening to, rather than what it is.

Incidentally, the Daily Mail itself seems afraid of what the British people reading its columns might write in the “readers’ comments” section of that report, so has simply prohibited them from leaving any.

[Update, 7 August 2022: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11089847/Hate-crime-awareness-courses-SCRAPPED-Hampshire-police-following-controversy.html].

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…symbolized by Boris-idiot being replaced by an Indian, except that that plan seems to have gone wrong, so another, this time English, puppet has been put in place— Liz Truss.

I have blogged about that doctor before. She really is (unlike so many “doctors” on Twitter) a medic, though she gave it up not long after having qualified, and now tries to make money as an “activist”, supposedly propagandizing (uninvited) for the NHS. Mentally disturbed, in my admittedly lay opinion (why else would she make her young son wear a facemask while walking with her in the local park?).

To answer her question though, “because masks have no effect whatever“, as well as being a mass psychological-control conditioning experiment.

Late tweets

What gets me, apart from all the social and demographic problems the migrant-invaders cause the British people, is the sheer bloody cheek of the bastards.

When you talk about Liz Truss, you are talking about someone so devoid of intelligence, knowledge, and ideas that she makes even Boris-idiot look sage and informed.

The policewoman in the middle looks particularly spiteful; would have been good to see her get what should have been coming to her.

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Nothing Works Any More

I saw this newspaper report today:


What struck me, apart from the violent and cowardly attack on the girl victim and a friend of hers, was how useless every public service was proven to be. I leave aside my surprise (and disapproval) that a girl of 18 is in a Manchester nightclub at 0330 and leaves on foot to walk home.

Read the report above.

Initially, the victim and her friend (apparently a teenage boy who was also a victim), were helped by some civilian volunteers who offered to call an ambulance. The victims refused because they were told that there would be a 2 hour wait. Two hours! The victim(s) then went to hospital by taxi. The hospital simply dispensed eye drops and told the girl to go home. When she returned to hospital a day or so later, she was told that she has a blood clot on one eye. The police were informed of the attack, but no police officer has spoken to the victim. The victim utilized social media, as a result of which a witness has come forward. The police have made no comment to the newspapers. The local council has offered to check cctv for film of the attack or suspects.

In case anyone knows anything and, by some statistical miracle, reads this blog, the main suspect is white, about 5 feet 8 inches in height, and was wearing a pink T-shirt. I am no detective, but I should have thought that the starting point would be the nightclub interior cctv…

My point in writing about this is not just because the behaviour of the criminals outrages me (and makes me wonder whether flogging should be reintroduced as suitably condign punishment in such cases) and not just because I feel sorry for the girl (and her friend). My point is that this case shows that, all too often, things are just not working in our society.

In the case displayed here, the girl was let down by general public safety (police, primarily), by the ambulance service, by the NHS hospital A & E service, by the police. Had the perpetrators been caught, if they are caught now, the CPS and magistrates will no doubt also let her down.

As Napoleon is supposed to have said, “there are many reasons for failure, but never an excuse.” Funding for public services has been cut drastically in the past decade. That is obviously a factor. How, though, does that explain (still less excuse) the “polyclinic” approach apparently adopted by the hospital, or its failure to make a proper diagnosis? I concede that my knowledge of clinical-medical matters is limited, but even so…

Is lack of funding of police personnel really the only reason why the victim has not been interviewed? Yes, she was knocked unconscious, but still might recall identifying details from before that. Also, it would reassure her that she is not alone in a jungle.

Is the police force doing what it can (eg checking nightclub cctv) to track down the suspects? Why was the social media appeal left to the victim to do?

One sees everywhere, now, “things not working right”, from the NHS and police, through rail and road maintenance, every aspect of the justice system (from CPS and police to sentencing, probation and prisons), the postal service (still mostly OK), the planning system, education at every level, the DWP and its post-2005 “torture the unemployed and disabled” ethos, the armed forces, Parliament. Everything, pretty much; and it is unlikely that a government headed by Boris-Idiot will be able (or even try) to improve matters.

My feeling is that the UK is still in many respects in that state of which a 1960s senior civil servant said (I think, to Anthony Sampson) that his job was “the management of decline”, but more so. Further down the steepening slide. The migration-invasion of the blacks and browns, the destruction of culture in the msm etc, have accelerated that process.

Only a truly focussed social national government can fix this country.


I should not like it thought that my criticisms devolve mainly on individuals working in public service. No doubt most of those who work in the police, NHS etc do their best most of the time. I criticize, primarily, the system(s), the decisions taken, and the management.

I do not know Manchester well, in fact scarcely at all. I have been there a few times, many years ago now, driving straight to the Manchester County Court (there being a massive open-air car park nearby, close to an overhead rail line) and then driving away as quickly as possible. Apart from that, my only visit was to the Manchester Royal Infirmary in or about 1985, accompanying a member of the Georgian State Dance ensemble from the Soviet Union.

The dancer (who spoke only Russian and Georgian) had cut several fingers to the bone while practising, pre-performance, with his razor-sharp Georgian sword (the swords have to be that sharp in order to create showers of sparks during the mock fights that are part of the dance performance).

Even back then, some 34 years ago, we had to wait for about 30 mins or more to be seen, though the nurses tried to expedite it for me and were very pleasant (and very pretty, though perhaps my memory is sugar-coating things for me…).

Update, 17 July 2019