The 20th of July 2019: thoughts


Today is the 75th anniversary of the attempt made to assassinate Adolf Hitler at his headquarters in East Prussia, the Wolfsschanze (Wolf’s Lair), now situated within the borders of post-1945 Poland.

I blogged last year about matters around the event and around those times more generally:

What is there to add? Perhaps a reminder that human manifestations on this Earth do not last forever. The film, below, shows what the sprawling headquarters of 1944 is like today: as abandoned and lost as the cities of the Aztecs or the Mayans.

On the other hand, the devastated cities of the Germany of 1944 and 1945 are today thriving governmental, commercial, cultural and residential centres, with populations again in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.


[above, Dresden in 1945]


[above, Berlin in 1945; area shown is the Unter den Linden boulevard in central Berlin]


[above, Berlin in 1945; area shown is the Reichskanzlei or Reich Chancellery]

The above photographs show the devastation resulting from war. Today, those same areas are prosperous, busy, thronged with inhabitants. Some of the old has been replaced, some kept, adapted to contemporary usage.

The same is true of ideas. Both the practical and the spiritual-cultural achievements of National Socialism were huge, enormous, particularly when it is considered that they were achieved within only 6 years of peace, the years 1933-1939. SIX YEARS!









We do not need to copy or indeed defend everything that was done by, or in the name of, the Reich. Indeed, many of the flaws of the Reich, or supposed flaws, existed and in fact were even more glaring in both the West and the Soviet Union of the 1930s. The Zeitgeist streamed over the world as a whole, like the jetstream.

In 2019, we honour what was good in the Reich, what worked for the German people and the peoples of all Europe. The rest, we do not need. Times move on. Some challenges remain; others, newly emerged, have to be faced for the first time.






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We honour the past and stand ready to create the future.


27 thoughts on “The 20th of July 2019: thoughts”

    1. I saw that, but thanks. Akin to the American Amish or “Pennsylvania Dutch” (a corruption of “Deutsch”, as you probably know); similar also to the widespread Mennonite and Hutterite communities which exist in various parts of the world (eg Canada, Paraguay, pre-revolutionary Russia).

      You may know this film, 49th Parallel, about German fugitives who hide out in, inter alia, a Hutterite community in a remote part of Canada in WW2


      1. Yes i think i have seen that on Film4 during the afternoon – typically anti-NS if i remember?


  1. One interesting aspect of that community in Sussex that i found was the £17-£18 million pounds they supposedly earn – talk about self sustaining!


    1. Community is powerful. Gemeinschaft…(or on the larger stage, Volksgemeinschaft). A community bonded by a common ideal-set (in their case, religious) can accomplish almost anything. Leaving aside whatever judgment we may make of the particular beliefs etc, that is clear.

      Look at the 150 Mormons who went to Utah in 1846-47 (part of a “church” that had 70,000, admittedly). By 1860, Salt Lake City already had a regular coach connection with the Eastern states; by 1890, it had a normal-looking commercial main street etc. Now look!

      Likewise, I was interested to see the beautiful city of Salisbury (now Harare, African mis-ruled and less beautiful, from what I have seen on TV) in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1977.

      All created from a small group or soldiers in 1890, and later small influxes of settlers (though not part of any religious community, bonded by common race, nationality, ethos) in the 1920s and thereafter.


    1. As I replied to someone else: “the idea that the countryside should be (further) trashed in order to create rabbit-hutches for more blacks, browns, Chinese and white chavscum, that alone should kill the Conservative Party vote outside the cities.”

      This new Boris-idiot government of the unworthy is doomed. It’s going down and taking nearly 200 years of Conservatism with it.


      1. Libertarian extremists ie NOT true Tories (ie Baldwin, Enoch Powell etc) are taking the Tory Party down and trashing it.

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      2. I think it is noteworthy to mention that one of the very earliest supporters of the Council for the Protection of Rural England was the last real Tory PM we ever had ie Neville Chamberlain. People like Mogg and Tebbit would make Neville turn in his grave!


    2. Perhaps, he should set an example by releasing some of the land on his country estate in Somerset for development? I have a feeling Jacob wouldn’t be too pleased if that was done and some chavscum moved next door! His mansion’s value might well plummet!


      1. Probably. Obviously, Rees-Mogg is a caricature (though there is steel underneath the top hat). We are in an age of caricature, living caricatura in politico: look at Boris-idiot…


  2. What a stupid idiot! I thought the general belief in Tory circles was that Jacob Rees-Mogg was the new Tory messiah who was going to be their leader and solve all their electoral problems! Well, that worked-out fine, didn’t it since Mogg never bothered to put himself forward for leader!

    Mogg is just another of these weird libertarian extremists who have managed to bury themselves within the Conservative Party over the course of the last thirty to forty years. If the Tories had any brains they would expel the likes of Mogg and tell them to their faces to go and join the tiny British Libertarian Party or Farage’s Libertarian CULT before the Tory Party is destroyed completely by these USA-infatuated types although the time for this is now very, very near to midnight.

    For another example of just how weird and crazy libertarians are only today Lord Tebbit (surely he is suffering from senile dementia by now?) wrote an article seriously suggesting Adolf Hitler was a man of the Left and a socialist!

    Of course, to bolster his nonsensical article he had to mention Sir Oswald Mosley by saying he was a Labour MP and this proved his theory about ‘racism’ being a ‘left-wing’ belief and that it should not be linked with and made synonymous with ‘Right-wing’ people..

    He forgot to say that Sir Oswald Mosley started his political life as a TORY MP, became an independent MP and only then joined Labour before forming the BUF. Also, it has not occurred to Tebbit that the Daily Mail supported Mosley for a while and when it came to British Political Establishment people supporting him those MPs that did do so were overwhelmingly Tories!

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    1. Many people tie themselves in knots about “were the NSDAP and Hitler *socialist*?”. The problem here is linguistics and labels. For those brought up to think in soundbite Marxist ways, only something more or less “Marxist” can be “socialist”. Hitler used a different, more folk-related Germanic lexicon based around the idea of the folk, the folk community etc. Organic, rather than abstract Jewish-style theorizing. “Volksgemeinschaft” etc.
      See below.

      ” “Socialism,” he retorted, putting down his cup of tea, pugnaciously, “is the science of dealing with the common weal. Communism is not Socialism. Marxism is not Socialism. The Marxians have stolen the term and confused its meaning. I shall take Socialism away from the Socialists.

      “Socialism is an ancient Aryan, Germanic institution. Our German ancestors held certain lands in common. They cultivated the idea of the common weal. Marxism has no right to disguise itself as socialism. Socialism, unlike Marxism, does not repudiate private property. Unlike Marxism, it involves no negation of personality, and unlike Marxism, it is patriotic.”

      The same factors are behind the fruitless quest to label people or parties “left”, “right”, “far right” etc.


      1. I don’t know whether I am absolutely right about stating this but I believe Sir Oswald Mosley once said his politics were of the ‘radical centre’.


      2. I had not heard that. More words…or another label. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday about Mosley. What a speaker! His image (pre-1945) was not right for England, though. Too militaristic, too clipped. He was a tremendous orator though. His style seems histrionic today. The TV diminishes the leader (any leader), as seen here from 1967:

        Today, of course, Mosley would not be interviewed but effectively put in the stocks for the pleb audience to attack with rotten fruit (or perhaps, now, “milkshakes”). Think the Nick Griffin Question Time lynching a decade ago. Afterwards, the Twitter mob, led (unwittingly) by the Jew-Zionist element, would have fun for days. The end of any real democratic interaction.


      3. Agree. I think libertarian fruitcakes are very wrong to denounce all forms of communitarianism or collectivism as forms of what they call ‘socialism’. To me, socialism is an economic way of thinking. The ‘Right’s form of collectivism or communitarianism isn’t to do with the government owning the factors of production but a distinct society viewing itself as a nation. Nationalism IS therefore a ‘Right-wing’ form of communitarianism or collectivism. NOT all ‘Right-wingers’ are ultra-individualists like these libertarian nutters are. Yes, there IS something called society. Nationalists CAN therefore be called ‘Right-wing’ albeit it perhaps more correctly placed on the ‘old, traditional Right’ . Hitler was ‘Right-wing’ In that sense.


      4. If you think that the “left/right” idea is useful as a mental construct, then fine, but I myself never use it.

        Your analysis does point out, impliedly, the same factors I mentioned earlier, i.e. the organic way of looking at society v. the abstract dummy intellectualism of the Jew “intellectual”.

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    1. It’s all very well for wealthy persons such as Alan Duncan or Rory Stewart (who, certainly in Stewart’s case, inherited everything), with expensive houses in expensive or rural areas, to laugh at or lecture those who are British and not wealthy and who now face the prospect of living cheek by jowl with the racially or culturally inferior. This is why the System MPs are losing traction with most voters. They are just out of touch.


  3. Yes, Mosley was a fantastic public speaker and a pretty charismatic man. In my opinion, he was the best PM Britain never had (second best would have been Enoch Powell) Just think of how much blood and treasure we could have saved if he and his beautiful (she still looked good even in her 90’s) and classy wife Lady Diana had been in No.10 in 1940 instead of Old Harrovian clot Winston Churchill!

    As ever, loudmouth Zionist extremist Jews in that audience whining about his alleged ‘anti-semitism’ when the truth is as Mosley said there that he wasn’t interested in them and yet they picked a fight with him and his party FIRST. If he was such a terrible ‘anti-semite’ why did some Jews belong to the BUF? Indeed, one of them (Harold Soref) was one of his key people and helped to keep order at his meetings. Later, he became a Tory MP after the war.

    Jeremy Corbyn should take some lessons from that interview ie you must not appear weak to Zionist Jew extremists but show some strength of character because otherwise they will just keep on and on at you and your persecution by them will never end. Basically, don’t give them an inch!

    Tories should also take a lesson from it ie get yourself a competent leader from Winchester College (Mosley’s oldschool) not yet another idiot like Boris😂🤬 from Eton College who will be that schools biggest Eton Mess yet!

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    1. Ha. A “leader from Winchester”? Labour has one (not Corbyn…Seamas Milne!).

      I have blogged already re Jews, inches, miles and Labour.

      I met Harold Soref a couple of times in, I think, 1975 (he was a recent ex-MP at the time).

      Peter Cheyney, the Jew thriller writer (big in the late 1930s) was a member of the New Party (and I thought BUF too, but apparently not).


  4. Destroying Germany, and much of Europe was a crime against humanity. Why did the Brits declare war on Germany? It was because they could not resist the pressure from the Jews and because of their own imperial arrogance of the time.


    1. I cannot argue about that. The Jewish influence was on a relatively few key players, Churchill being the most obviously important one. He needed and wanted war and was pushing for it for years before 1939.

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