The Latest Boris-Brexit Noise— What Happens Now?

For those new to this blog, I shall briefly outline my view: I have always favoured Leave/Brexit, certainly since about 2010. The EU, which was originally the EEC, a group of nation-states in mainly North and West Europe co-operating together and trading freely, has become a monster.

The EU has allowed millions of non-whites from Africa and Asia to invade its shores. It has encouraged that invasion and has attempted to resettle those millions and their offspring in countries and places. The EU permits Roma Gypsy thieves and scavengers free movement from their nests in Eastern Europe to the West. The EU Commission, the body which really directs the EU (the Parliament providing mainly a mere facade of “democracy”), has had its tame lawyers and most of the tamed EU states pass laws against “holocaust” “denial” etc, which echo the laws against heresy and blasphemy promulgated in the late Middle Ages. It is clear that the EU is on a course, planned from the beginning, of centripetal convergence. The aim is a “European” (meaning geographically European) superstate whose controlled and monitored citizens will be largely non-European and/or of mixed race, as provided for under the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan:

At the same time, I am extremely opposed to Boris Johnson and his pack of mainly non-British idiots and schemers posing as a Cabinet. They are just a manifestation of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government).

The above positions have created a conflict, because Boris Johnson has tried to hijack the Leave/Brexit cause, calculating that, in such a polarized political environment, he and the Conservative Party might count on the support of perhaps 50% of the voters, whereas otherwise, Conservative Party electoral support now only amounts to about 35%, at most.

I blogged previously about the dissonance:

So now, Boris-Idiot has been railroaded into asking the EU for an extension of time, which he has done, despite his brave words about how he would rather “be dead in a ditch” than make any such request.

I suppose that any other Prime Minister of the UK would have complied with the newly-imposed legal requirement; a few might perhaps have considered refusing to comply. Boris is once again unique in having come up with a schoolboy “plan” to send a photocopied letter to the EU, while not signing it! In what world is that the act of a statesman? It is the act of a naughty schoolboy trying to be clever. Did Boris-Idiot think it up alone, or did his mad adviser, Dominic Cummings (see Notes, below) assist?

In any case, surely it is clear to me that merely failing to sign such a letter in such circumstances does not invalidate the request. To take a similar type of case, if two heads of state or government meet to sign a treaty already agreed in all details, is the treaty ineffective if one such VIP, as a joke, signs in invisible ink, or pretends to sign using a pen without ink? To my mind, the answer must be in the negative. The formal signing is merely the public show. True, in that case, the VIP would have at least mimicked the required act. Having said that, who but a charlatan public entertainer posing as politician and statesman would try such a stunt? I can only think of one, off-hand…

In my opinion, the sending of the letter, albeit in rough photocopied format, albeit unsigned by the person posing as Prime Minister, is still a valid request, a valid request from one EU government to the EU, not from one individual. If the Supreme Court of the UK pronounces upon these questions, no doubt they will first be analyzed in detail.

I predicted from the start, as soon as the 2016 Referendum was held, that the EU ZOG/NWO matrix would work to defeat the intention of a majority of the voters. The idea would be either to remain in the EU or to leave in name only. I see no reason to change that view. The Boris “deal” is no better and indeed arguably worse than that finally achieved by Theresa May. Even “No Deal” would be a scam in the hands of Boris and his ZOG/NWO colleagues. The only difference would be a bias toward the USA and not so much toward the EU part of the NWO/ZOG conspiracy/consensus. The ultimate result would be the same.

What now?

Electorally, this in itself may not harm the Conservative Party. Perhaps even the reverse. The “broad masses” of voters are in any case not only interested in Brexit. What is giving support to the Conservative Party is not anything that that party is doing or not doing, but what Labour is doing or not doing. The weakness of Labour is the main factor. The opinion polls are now all very firmly putting the Conservative Party well ahead of Labour, in some cases by more than 10 points. Unless Labour can pull its socks up pretty soon, it is toast, unless events move on the ground: economic collapse, any chaos via No Deal Brexit etc. Even should that happen, it is not clear that Labour would or could reap any electoral benefit. The Conservatives might, in those circumstances, be damaged, but not enough.

What about Brexit Party? My sense is that it has “lost its mojo”. It might get 15% in any general election held soon, it might get only 10%. Enough to take the gloss off any Conservative win, but not enough to prevent it. One should never completely write off the egregious Farage, but in the end he has had no Westminster success, at least to date.

For me, it is clear that a social-national movement must arise. At present it cannot, because the basic conditions do not exist: no germinal social-national party exists, no revolutionary situation which that party might both exploit and command exists.


A few extra thoughts

Twitter is a very unreliable guide to the public mood. If you only took Twitter into consideration, you would imagine that 90% of the population want the UK to remain in the EU (most polls put it at or below 50%).

“Hate”: we hear a lot about “hate” from certain groups, whereas in fact those groups are themselves the chief purveyors of hate:

  • Remain whiners;
  • Jew-Zionists;
  • post-Marxists and pseudo-“socialists”, such as the “HopeNot Hate” and “UAF” crowds.

Not infrequently on Twitter are encountered individuals manifesting all three of the above.

Part of the delusionary tendency of Remain is the idea that people who want out of the EU are poorly-educated, have never travelled (save to somewhere such as Magaluf) and are extremely stupid. I suppose that such ideas bolster the Remain whiners’ sense of self-worth. Sadly for them, their ideas about this are, like their ideas on other subjects, suspect. I myself was once measured at 156 IQ, have a degree from somewhere at least semi-decent, have post-professional qualifications in law (in three countries) etc. I once had a personal library of 2,000+ books, have lived in, worked in or visited dozens of countries, speak a foreign language etc…Should I feel inferior to Remain whiners, most of whom are in every way less intelligent, educated, travelled and experienced than me?

Remain whiners are, in my opinion, often the kind of people who, in the 1950s and thereafter, carefully read books to make sure that how they lived and behaved was certified “U” and not “non-U”. In other words, Remain whinerdom seems to be yet another manifestation of British suburban snobbisme… See, for example, the tweet below

Silly Remain woman comes from Oxfordshire to march (pointlessly) with hundreds of thousands (we are told) of others, contra Brexit. Sees a group of drunks in a pub who claim to be pro-Boris Idiot. That gives her the chance to tweet (the main purpose of the day) about how they are or may be “racist” (which of course would be terrible…). One of the drunks has no teeth. Ha ha! Look at him! What a hillbillie! The woman does not fail to note on her Twitter profile that she worked for the DTI, BBC and Reuters. She forgot to mention that she reads the Observer (well, probably—if she can guess about people, so can I).

As for the “million-strong” march, its effect will be the same as all other large marches in London. Zero.


Brexit is the Devil, though! I despise Boris Idiot, but smug Remain whiners like that woman from Wallingford have me almost defending him!

Same Remain woman tweeted this:

It is pretty clear that most of the hysterical young Remain whiners of 2016 have grown up a bit, but that the middleaged and elderly Remainers have not quite understood that the times have left them behind. I would be prepared to bet that all those Wallingford Remainers support mass immigration, and fake or other “refugees” as well! After all, those elderly Remainers will not live long enough to see Wallingford (a pleasant Thames-side small town which I knew as a child) turned into yet another urbanized or suburbanized black/brown multikulti hellhole…

Looked at a few more tweets by Sarah Hurst; here’s one just seen (so I was right —see above— give that man a cee-gar!):

Further and minor exegesis

I should add that, while for me it is important to get out of the EU, my main socio-political focus is on the racial and cultural future of the UK and, beyond the UK, Europe (EU and non-EU). There is no point stopping free movement from the EU if the UK is still going to be importing blacks and brown (etc) in huge number. Another point of huge importance (for the UK and beyond) is the necessity for a “cultural revolution” and chistka.

Update, 30 November 2020

The Jewish or half-Jewish anti-Brexit Remainer woman from Wallingford, mentioned in the body of the blog post above, is an enemy of “English nationalism”:

Actually, she is comedy gold, reading some of her tweets. Dual nationality (UK/USA, apparently), and she celebrates Thanksgiving in Wallingford because she spent 12 years in the USA but “cannot afford” to return there (implying that she wishes that she could).

She apparently stockpiles tinned food (buying extra regularly), in which I am with her— it is a good idea if you can afford to do so and have storage space (see also Dennis Wheatley’s memoirs, Drink and Ink, in which he says that he not only did the same in the years 1938-40, in case food was rationed should war break out, but urged the readers of his newspaper column to follow suit).

As to her recent tweets to the effect that Brexit might result in food shortages, the incompetence of Boris-idiot’s government might indeed cause such shortages now. Her tweets are, however, often just unintentionally funny, as when she cries poverty while also spending over £300 at a go in Waitrose.

Oh, and she thinks that Lord Sumption, until fairly recently a Supreme Court justice, is “a dangerous lunatic”!

I have my own idea as to who might be a dangerous lunatic…and I am not alone in that…

That woman reminds me of several things, such as “why are persons of Jewish origin always alien, ‘strangers in a strange land‘ as the Old Testament has it? More than just strangers; hostile strangers.

Also, why are “Remain whiners” also, almost invariably, facemask and “lockdown” zealots?

Incidentally, the woman in question also poses as a expert on Russia. Here is an example of her “expertise”:

If an attempt at humour, not terribly amusing.

More from her? She retweeted this:


43 thoughts on “The Latest Boris-Brexit Noise— What Happens Now?”

  1. Yes, it is easy to generalise about people. Remainers do it all the time. That remain whiner sounds like a right snob. I wonder if she has a son or daughter and they attend a private school? I have a feeling she does.

    I don’t support Labour’s plan to abolish private education for many reasons least of all in that I don’t think it is healthy for any society to have such a thing as education under total state control. Indeed, because of how Hitler treated education in Nazi Germany and used it as an instrument of totalitarianism, Labour’s equivalent party in that country called the SPD wouldn’t be allowed to enact a similar policy as Germany’s post-war constitution guarantees a right to private education.

    I can generalise too. Why is it that so many middle-class people in Britain appear to think patriotic values are somehow ‘dirty’ and not virtuous, internationalism is a sign of ‘goodness’ and that lower-class people who are patriots or who have nationalistic feelings are beneath them?

    Did upper middle-class and (Old Etonian) Anthony Eden think like that and that is why he took no action to control immigration in the 1950’s? Apparently, ‘Old Harrovian’ Winston Churchill wanted to and was going to run the 1955 general election on a ‘Keep England White’ slogan but he was an ill man by then and had to resign before that election came about.

    Yes, Wallingford is a lovely town that isn’t too far away from Henley-Upon-Thames. I was fortunate enough to visit both in 2013 and yes if people in those kind of places continue to vote Tory they will also go the way of that crime-ridden Third World cesspit called London.

    Yes, the real reason leave won was NOT because even many middle-class leavers shared the Tory Party’s utter obsession with free trade deals with the likes of ultra cheap lands such as Vietnam let alone working-class leave voters in Sunderland but constant mass immigration which no potential or actual government in this country shows the slightest inclination to get to firm grips with. 😡🤬😞.


    1. You are right. The “bien-pensants” of Wallingford (I suspect that they are in the minority there) may be less numerous than the similar but Labour-voting, or LibDem-voting, sheep of say, Hampstead, or Blackheath, but their direction is the same. I have heard such people (as long ago as the 1980s!) say “oh, those people only want to stop immigration because they think that immigrants will take all the council houses” etc. Well, that would not bother such casually snob chattering-class idiots, who (in the exact case noted) not only had well-paid work, but whose father had bought [that person] a house, outright! Not to mention the inheritance expectations! Easy to be dismissive of council housing, public transport, areas free of backward races etc, when you yourself are unaffected…


  2. Boris is a ‘racist’ she whines! I say IF ONLY he was as then this buffoon/clown/international embarrassment might be of some use! Unfortunately though this ‘racist’ is on record as saying he wants ILLEGAL immigrants to this country (we have, apparently, about a MILLION of them already here!🤬😡) to be given YET ANOTHER AMNESTY thereby further encouraging more illegal immigrants to try their luck.🤬😡. I have yet to see Boris retract that wish.


    1. As you know, I was blogging long ago now (and when I had a Twitter account, tweeting) about how Boris-Idiot can never ever be believed on *anything*, and msm scribblers, some of them, were saying similar, yet you STILL have people writing comment columns or talking on TV as if Boris has actual beliefs, or ideals or principles! No! No! No!…


      1. Surely these people must be wiser by now? If they are not then they must be totally asleep! BORIS BELIEVES IN BORIS and that is ALL he believes in! He is a self-serving, self-obsessed narcissist. Der Fuhrer was a narcissist too but, at least, he didn’t just believe in himself!🙄


      2. Perhaps all political leaders have to have a degree of narcissism. The problems arise mainly when the self-regard is not matched by ability (as with Trump) or where the individual cannot listen as well as talk.


      3. Further to earlier reply re lying politicians, just saw this (see below) re Hillary Clinton claiming that, as 8 y o girl, she wrote to NASA wanting to be an astronaut but was rebuffed because female. Hilarious.

        Some of the responses are funny. Many nail Hillary…

        This was the original tweet:


  3. Yes, getting out of the EU is NOT a ‘magic wand’ to solving this country’s myriad of problems but COULD be a step in the right direction were we to have a political party with the right philosophy ie a national-conservative/nationalist party.

    We need a party like Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland (Afd) at the very least.


    1. You favour conservative nationalism; I favour social-nationalism with a pan-European aspect, but there are many points of agreement. There are no parties in the UK for me or, I think, for you at present.


    2. Further to earlier reply, this tweet by Britain Elects is interesting:

      The questions around Brexit are too difficult (or made to seem so) for most people to understand or bother about. The public is perplexed.


      1. The idea behind Brexit is a very simple one ie the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland should be an independent and sovereign country whose future destiny is in its own hands.

        The execution of the idea is more difficult and as the CON Party is so abysmally incompetent it isn’t surprising they have royally %%%%ed it up. Was this deliberate to make it seem Brexit can’t be put into effect? Perhaps!

        You can have a no deal Brexit though it obviously requires a lot of careful preparation and money to be spent on it. Not unjustifiably many are genuinely afraid of a no deal Brexit in this shambles of a government’s hands. People like Michael Gove and Boris Johnson in charge of no deal preparations don’t inspire much confidence in me.


      2. That is the problem. The competence of most MPs and so ministers is now suspect, to put it at its barest. Liam Fox, cocaine-snorters Gove and Johnson, Ayn Rand idiots Javid and Raab… and then you have twerps such as Matt Hancock and “hoes” such as Nadine Dorries, Liz Truss etc. Labour is of course no better (Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler , Angela Rayner etc…), which the “Conservatives” must love. Those Labour idiots are saving the bacon of the Cons, so far.

        “In March 2009, Dawn Butler came under criticism for claiming almost the full £23,000 annual second home allowance, despite her other home in Stratford being the same distance from Parliament as her Brent South home.[21][22] She had claimed £2,650 for new central heating and £2,308 for a suite including a whirlpool bath.” [Wikipedia]


  4. Yes, I believe we must have a party to the ‘Right’ of the Conservative Party which has now totally succumbed to the liberal-left globalist ethos.

    The Afd isn’t perfect but it is a step in the right direction for Germany and the only reason it has grown so large is because Angela Merkel’s CDU Party is now perceived by many Germans who, in the past, would have naturally voted for it as too ‘centrist’ and globalist. Our Tory Party has gone in that direction too much as well.

    I am not a globalist.


  5. The Tory Party is such a grotesquely irresponsible party they are prepared to pass a so-called withdrawal from the EU bill ie a fake ‘Brexit’ that could seriously undermine the fragile peace in Northern Ireland and engender a return to terrorism from loyalists just to save their own sorry asses from the electorate and ‘get Brexit done’🙄That sort of behaviour is utterly contemptible and should exclude them from ever misruling this country again in the future.

    What was their slogan in the general election of 2017? Yes, ‘No Deal is better than a bad deal’. Well, this deal is very flawed indeed especially since it threatens to unravel the United Kingdom entirely. If this is ‘Brexit’ then we would be better off staying!


    1. Perhaps that is the long game that the international conspiracy has been playing: delay Brexit implementation for so long that the 2016 Referendum becomes irrelevant because so far in the past, offer BRINO deals that effectively keep the UK for most purposes *in* the EU, make everything very complicated (and the future seem bleak) so that most people just get tired with it all…


      1. I don’t support staying. I’ve wanted to leave even before the Maastricht Treaty was pushed through without a referendum by the undemocratic globalist spiv John Major. However, is a Tory Brexit really worth it? Being anti-British globalists they won’t use it to build high-tech export industries providing skilled jobs, won’t use it to seriously restrict migration and if their version of ‘Brexit’ helps to break-up the country then it will be a pryric ‘victory’ indeed.

        We need a party that actually believes in our country to make the most of a real Brexit otherwise it will be just more missed opportunities and just as much open-borders globalism though through the back door and not the front door.


      2. You only have to look at the present Cabinet: Johnson is part-Jew, part-Muslim origin, with many Jewish connections (eg stepmother), Grant Shapps, Jew, a dodgy business scammer who used false ID to get money out of people; Priti Patel, an East African Indian by origin; Israeli agent; Raab, half-Jew; Sajid Javid, Muslim apostate and devotee of Israel and the Jewess Ayn Rand; Gove, cocaine abuser and pro-Israel propagandist; Theresa Villiers, pro-Israel, pro-Jew propagandist; etc etc


  6. I’ve been reading around the web and it looks as revenge from the DUP served upon this government for its betrayal could be very cold indeed.


    1. It could, apparently, include voting for the ‘nuclear option’ ie agreeing with amendments for a second referendum. The non-Conservative and NON- Unionist Party have forgotten one very important principle the DUP have ie their commitment to Unionism which is in that party’s DNA as expressed by the party’s name so if they have to make a choice between Brexit and NI’s place in the United Kingdom and backing a second referendum they will go for the latter.

      As ever, the dopy ####wits of the CON Party haven’t thought things through and have betrayed the wrong people.


  7. It surely proves beyond all doubt what a complete lowlife Boris is when the fact is the Conservative and Unionist Party is organised in Northern Ireland (much to its credit) and therefore has party members and activists in the province. I wonder how they feel now that Boris has effectively told them they aren’t wanted?

    Boris being the throughly dishonest spiv that he is told his party members and activists in N.I. the opposite during his visits there in the Summer and said he wanted, if he were to be elected party leader and PM, to strengthen the bonds between the nations of the United Kingdom.🙄🙄🙄


  8. Yes, they are a motley collection of fundamentally alien weirdos and never-do-wells, aren’t they? Needless to say, they are also completely incompetent to boot and ‘led’ by the chief clown, international embarrassment, downright evil and psychopathic, self-serving liar Boris Johnson.


      1. Indeed. No one whether they are an ordinary citizen, an MP of whatever party, a civil servant etc should trust a SINGLE word he says. This clownish half-Turk is clearly a psychopathic liar and to be frank anyone who lies on such a consistent basis as he does must have something mentally wrong with them and be ill as far as the ‘top drawer’ is concerned.

        It must be all that imbibing of cocaine he has done! Can all Brits of whatever political persuasion agree on one thing at least: NO COKEHEADS IN NO 10!

        Drug use is a serious problem in British society and he is a good example as to why.


      2. If he told me it was nighttime and the time was five minutes to midnight I would struggle to believe my eyes!

        With his unrivalled ability to tell flat-out lies, we could, if he wins a majority at a possible election (god forbid) be, once again, lied into a war in the Middle East. It is imperative therefore he leaves office as soon as possible.


  9. Hopefully, the DUP will use its votes to get their own back on the evil worthless liar that is Boris Johnson in spectacular fashion or, failing that, the Ulster Freedom Fighters, Ulster Volunteer Force, Ulster Defence Associative will pay Boris a friendly visit because, quite simply, we don’t want this virulently anti-British piece of lying fioreign Yankee-born FILTH in office any longer.



  10. CON Party members, especially those who are not 90 year olds with senile dementia to excuse their wrong voting choice, should HANG THEIR HEADS IN UTTER SHAME for electing this constant liar and imposing him upon our nation.

    Having an ability (the ONLY one he has) to make party activists laugh and feel good about themselves is NOT a sufficient reason to have elected him party leader and our PM.🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


    1. Despite knowing the procedure, I still feel astonished that there he (Boris Idiot) stands, Prime Minister, head of UK government, primus inter pares in Cabinet, *yet was put there by the votes of only 92,000 Conservative Party members*, out of (even if you exclude persons under 18) at least 50 million inhabitants of these islands. Very roughly, 1 in 500 people. “And they call it democracy”…


  11. But, Ian, I thought you were against capital punishment? 😂😂😂 You would make an exception for Boris then?😂😂😂🤣🤣😀😀😀😝😝

    Right, we have decided!

    Judge (little old me) I am putting on my black cap: “Alexander De Pfeffel Johnson, you are 55 years
    of age, it is my duty to pass upon you the only sentence the law can pass for the crime of wilful High Treason, you will be taken from this place to a lawful prison and thence to a place of execution where you will suffer death by hanging and your body buried in the precincts of the prison in which you shall be last confined before execution and may the Lord have mercy upon your soul.”

    (Said by court chaplain) : “Amen”

    Judge: “Take him down”😂😂😂😎😎😎

    So it is execution by the time-honoured and relatively humane British method of a quick long-drop hanging or the Chinese method of a few bullets in the back of the head?


  12. I also don’t know whether there was such an official but I do remember watching that film of the tragic case of Derek Bentley (the entire film is available to watch on YouTube) called ‘Let him have it’ and after the Lord Chief Justice in that case, Lord Goddard, pronounces the death sentence someone says amen.

    Here is an interesting site:


    1. Well, I have never attended a capital trial, needless to say, still less appeared in one. I have read the biography of Pierrepoint and the autobiography of Sid Dernley, another hangman. Interesting, that latter.

      Apropos of nothing much, I knew someone at the Bar in the late 1980s whose long-suffering pupilmaster (and believe me, if Simon T. was his pupil, the barrister in question *would* have suffered…) had been a magistrate in Rhodesia (possibly/probably at the same time when I was there) and had apparently sentenced “terrs” (terrorists/guerrillas/”freedom-fighters”/”Liberation” “heroes”, season to taste) to death (presumably either captured in the field or arrested with firearms etc elsewhere).


      1. Terrorists deserve to suffer capital punishment from the angle of retribution and justice but I would be reticent about framing a law to punish them in that way since hanging them etc could ENCOURAGE terrorism as it may create ‘martyrs’ in the eyes of their supporters. Locking them up for life without the possibility of parole, not giving them the ‘oxygen of publicity’ etc could be the wiser thing to do.


      2. “Treason is a matter of timing” [Talleyrand]
        Much the same could be said of “terrorism”. Terrorists who were later rulers include Mau Mau, The Jewish gangs of 1940s Palestine, Irish rebels, Cuban Communists and many others.


    2. I’ve alluded, en passant, to this here before, but this instance is the more apposite.
      Go to,_Baron_Goddard
      and search for valet and trousers.
      Somewhat believable, although Wikipedia’s reference to Goddard having gained an upper second in jurisprudence at Oxford at the end of the c19th is not helpful to demonstrating accuracy – I thought second class degrees there weren’t divided till around the 1980s or thereabouts….?


  13. Yes, as you can see from knowing about that site, instantly recollecting its address and finding it interesting, I am a bit of a devotee of capital punishment!😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀


  14. “Mr Cole-Hamilton writes, “I challenged him, explaining his statement wasn’t just wrong but it was offensive. He responded by saying that he was as much entitled to his opinion as I was, to which I replied that my ‘opinion’ was empirically verifiable as historical fact.””

    Quite the inverter of reality, too. The evidence for the (Jewish) Holocaust is actually negligible at best compared with that against. However, one detects that as with “living constitutions” that word has assumed a moveable feast of shape-shifting conceptual content. An escape hatch from responsibility for the 6million Talmudic dogma should one be required in future.

    Using two browsers alternately I can’t read the comments either there or in the source:


    1. Note the aggression but also the brittle lack of confidence this stupid drone has in his “holocaust” belief. He remains “pretty shaken” that at least one of the people he met has woken up to the fakery and nonsense. He wants the (((narrative))) to be unchallenged and (via some future mediaeval-style heresy/blasphemy law, no doubt) protected from examination.


      1. See this:

        Jewess made up (either knowingly or via ignorance) a narrative that Victorian England executed dozens of gays. Now let’s say that she had invented yet another fake Jew “holocaust” story: according to Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, that should be unchallengeable, because it is “anti-Semitic” to challenge any part of the “holocaust” fable. In fact, were there a “holocaust” “denial” law, as Cole-Hamilton would no doubt like to see, challenging or doubting the fakery would even be a crime!

        She even got a “doctorate” from Oxford on the back of her “research”! At least she does not misuse the title “Doctor”, unlike some people in the UK.


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