Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Nigel Evans Story

The above exchange reminded me of the existence of Nigel Evans [Con, Ribble Valley], a perfect candidate for my Deadhead MPs series.

Nigel Evans was born in 1957 and will be 62 within a couple of weeks of the appearance of this article. He was born and brought up in Swansea, attending what was, from 1971, a comprehensive school, attended at other times by people as well-known as, or indeed better-known than Evans, among which were numbered an Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams), at least one other MP (Julian Lewis), and —now long-gone but once a household name— Sir Harry Secombe (d.2001), singer, actor, comedian and Goon. The school no longer exists.

Nigel Evans attended the University of Swansea and, in or about 1979, was awarded a BA in Politics. His only known job before becoming an MP in 1992 is that of assisting his parents in the operation of their corner shop in Swansea. The shop operated as a newsagents and convenience store.

Evans became a county councillor in West Glamorgan in 1985, rising by 1990 to become deputy leader of the Conservative group on the council. 1991 saw Evans step down from that role.

Evans contested two seats unsuccessfully before winning in the usually safe Conservative seat of Ribble Valley in Lancashire in 1992 (the LibDems had held it for a year; Evans had failed to win the 1991 by-election).

As MP, Evans made slow but steady progress. He joined several Commons Select Committees, was PPS to three more senior MPs in turn (including the then shadow Secretary of State for Wales, William Hague) and was in the Shadow Cabinet himself during 2001-2003 (as shadow Secretary of State for Wales). I assume that he is a freemason but admit that I have no direct evidence for that.

As MP, Evans has been a consistent opponent of the National Minimum Wage (is that the small shopkeeper in him coming out?) but is perhaps best known (or was, until he was tried for male rape) for his unusual expenses, claiming up to £400 a month for mobile telephone calls, as well as claiming for no less than four digital cameras in 18 months. Having said that, Evans has been in fact one of the least expensive MPs in terms of expenses.

In 2010, Evans became a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons. He announced that he was gay later the same year.

In 2013, Evans was charged with counts of male rape and of sexual assault (six of the latter, one of the former), involving seven young men. In 2014, Evans was acquitted at trial on all charges.

Reading the newspaper accounts (see Notes, below) and casting my mind back to TV news reports of the time, I think that Evans was lucky to have been acquitted, overall, but there it is…

I might add that the Guardian reported after the trial that Henry Hendron, a notorious gay barrister since convicted at the Old Bailey of serious crimes and yet, surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly…) not disbarred (again, see Notes, below) is or was a friend of Evans and provided moral support during the rape trial.

Like most “Conservative” MPs, Evans has consistently voted to cut back help for the disadvantaged, eg. State benefits, legal aid etc. Amusingly enough, this backfired on him when he himself needed help!

In 2012 he had supported large cuts to legal aid which became part of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012; in 2018, after losing his life savings defending himself in 2014, Evans said that the experience had shown him that “It’s wrong, completely wrong, to remove people’s right to have expert legal representation … We’re definitely talking about justice being denied as a result of LASPO.[17]


Ah, there’s nothing like personal experience to teach you a lesson…

There’s nothing much more to say about Nigel Evans, except that, judging by his TV appearances, he has arguably the worst taste in clothing of any male MP (and surely must have the worst sartorial taste of any gay MP!). I tweeted about his clothing once (though that would not usually much interest me), when I had a Twitter account, and to the effect that, on BBC Daily Politics, he looked like Phil Silvers or someone out of a Phil Silvers film. I was tweeted back by a furious member of the Phil Silvers Society!

Evans has maintained a vote-share above 47% since he became MP in 1992; his worst result was still nearly 48% (in 1997), and his latest (2017), at 57.8%, was his best ever, though still below the 60%+ attained by David Waddington in the 1980s. Evans is embedded, so to speak, in Ribble Valley, and looks set to stay until the House of Lords or the Grim Reaper beckon.

So there we are. Nigel Evans, an MP whose only previous experience was a few years as a county councillor and helping to run a corner shop owned by his parents. A true deadhead MP, whose TV appearances show him vainly struggling for mediocrity; he is therefore well-fitted for the Westminster monkeyhouse as it now is.



A comment on Twitter re. MPs, from “Old Holborn”; I think that I may add this tweet to some of my future (and even previous) Deadhead MPs articles…

I think that the answer to his rhetorical question is that so many better-qualified potential candidates, people like me, are weeded out at the MP-selection stage. They are too independent, not facilely “anti-racist” and “anti-sexist” etc, and unwilling to be controlled by a pack of Jew-Zionists. As for myself, I never thought of abandoning my principles and ideals in order to get selected as an MP, though I suppose that it would have been easy enough, if I had been willing to ditch all honour and integrity.



70 thoughts on “Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series: The Nigel Evans Story”

  1. Strange that he remained at home to attend University College Swansea rather than going away to university in a more *sympathetic* environment, say, London, notwithstanding the then abundance of non-repayable grants to cover fees and maintenance. Maybe he was required to mind t’ shop.

    I don’t know if your series has yet embraced Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes, but there are a couple of minutes worth watching from around 37m of last Friday’s Delmer Unit presentation (er sorry, UK Column News)

    – claims she misled Parliament when rubbished sources of peer-reviewed materials on GcMAF; received money from Flow Ideas Ltd connected to pharmaceutical industry…

    O/T but more video:
    “Watch: Survivors of the Halle attack sing and dance.
    At the conclusion of Yom Kippur, the survivors of the Halle shooting were taken by bus to a guarded site that the police organized for them.”

    Two goyim were shot by the idiot / Manchurian Candidate problem-reaction-solution fomenter but that was not uppermost in the dancers’ minds – presumably.


    1. “They” care only for their tribal interests.

      As for Dr Wollaston, she blocked me on Twitter when I had an account, even though I had never tweeted to her; she must be an enemy.

      Re. Nigel Evans, I expect that he lived at home, when a student, for financial reasons.


      1. I believe I am correct in saying Sarah Wollaston is of partly Jewish heritage. She did impress me once though when she spoke in a debate in the House of some of the pretty silly reasons people had written to her opposing gay CIVIL marriage.


  2. Nigel Evans seems to me to be a positive ‘bright spark’ and future candidate to be in cabinet or PM compared to some of the rubbish the Tories (and Labour) have on their backbenches!

    Look at these two dopy mares:

    WHERE did the Tories dredge the member for Banbury/North Oxfordshire from?

    It is an INTERNATIONAL TREATY you are being asked to vote on not what soap opera you want to change tv channels for hence you should give it some wise consideration!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Silly Tory cow should be washing the dishes at the local school not an MP deciding a treaty regarding the future of our country!🙄🙄🙄

    God almighty! The Tories in particular but also the other parties shouldn’t pick candidates just because they are women!
    Feminism, eh! What is it good for?🙄🙄🙄


      1. I am not disagreeing with you about his awfulness but just saying there ARE even worse muppets on the Tory backbench like the Member for Banbury/North Oxfordshire. Sadly, many of them are in safe seats where you could put-up a real monkey from London Zoo, place a blue rosette on it and it would win by a landslide. First Past The Post is the bane of this country.🤬😡😞

        The EU must be delighted they are negotiating with such a ghastly collection of thick morons as are in our parliament and cabinet.🤬😡😞

        Why not do an article on the seeming only example of a half-decent MP namely Sir John Hayes who holds the second safest Tory seat of them all of South Holland and The Deepings?


  3. Not that Tory men are much better than the women in that party when it comes to such important matters as international treaties. After all, John Major was told by Germany’s Helmut Kohl to “read the Treaty” at Maastricht to ensure he understood exactly what he was signing us up for!🙄🙄🙄


  4. Looks like loyalists in Northern Ireland are very understandably not happy with Coco The Clown’s SURRENDER TREATY.

    I wish though he and others wouldn’t compare the scumbag in No.10 at the present time to Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain would NEVER have considered breaking-up his OWN country and giving a part of it away to the Irish Free State and Chamberlain’s appeasement policy was predicated on entirely noble aspirations of trying to preserve European and world peace and what he perceived to be the British national interest. Chamberlain betrayed OTHER countries NOT his own. He also controlled immigration and had a firm grip on law and order.

    Taking all this into account then it is an utter insult to compare Chamberlain to the half-Turkish monkey/Benny Hill impersonator we sadly have for a PM now.


  5. Only Boris-Idiot could ever think it was acceptable to erect economic barriers between Northern Ireland and Great Britain thereby creating an effective internal border within what it is supposed to be a single country.

    So, not only wrong from a constitutional standpoint but also very wrong economically especially when you consider that the vast majority of Northern Ireland’s trade is an internal matter between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

    Boris-Idiot can’t be trusted to run a brothel full of hookers competently let alone a country!


    1. The alarming thing is that, were there a general election today, Idiot might come out the other side with a majority of anything up to a hundred…if that happens, you can probably write off Labour permanently.


  6. Yes, there are an awful lot of utter MORONS in this country prepared to vote for the stupid, wreckless, brain dead cretin that is Boris-Idiot of the NON Conservative and decidedly NON Unionist Party.

    I truely do wish he suffers a massive illness and succumbs to it. This worldwide national embarrassment and clown is intentionally breaking-apart this country just to show(falsely) that Brexit is ‘done’. Frankly, I don’t think a REAL Brexit can ever be possibly ‘done’ if you give away control of our armed forces and security services to the EU as his so-called ‘Brexit’ includes.🤬😡🙄🙄🙄

    Where is the UDA, UVF etc when you need them?

    His fake ‘Brexit’ needs to either die a death by revoking Article 50 or be confirmed by the people in a new referendum.


    1. Boris-Idiot has only hitched his wagon to the Brexit star because it is all he has. Without Brexit, Boris would only have clowning, joking and extreme finance-capitalism as his standards.

      A second referendum would not solve the problem, because the voters would still be split about 50-50 in all likelihood. Referenda are alien to the UK representative system anyway, a fact that David Cameron-Levita-Schlumberger failed to notice. He also created this Westminster logjam by pushing through the idiotic Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

      Referenda work better in places that are small, as in Switzerland, which is not only small, with quite small population, but federal, leaving most governing to the cantons.


      1. There is nothing wrong in principle with the Fixed Term Parliaments Act as it rightfully prevents a PM from going to the country merely to secure his or her own party’s electoral advantage. It was a joint CON Party and Lib Dem Act intended to prop-up a rather unnatural coalition in an electoral environment not suited to coalitions in peacetime ie using the grotesquely undemocratic First Past The Post electoral system.

        The only thing wrong with the present act is that it lasts for five years when it should be for four.

        Referenda are indeed alien to Britain but it was, as ever, the CON Party – the so-called guardians of the British constitution – (another thing they lie about) that made us need a referendum on this question as they gave away British national sovereignty in 1972/1973 WITHOUT asking the people FIRST as they should have done.🤬😡🙄


      2. There is nothing wrong in principle with the Fixed Term Parliaments Act as it rightfully prevents a PM from going to the country merely to secure his or her own party’s electoral advantage. It was a joint CONServative Party and Lib Dem Act intended to prop-up a rather unnatural coalition in an electoral environment not suited to coalitions in peacetime ie using the grotesquely undemocratic First Past The Post electoral system.

        The only thing wrong with the present act is that it lasts for five years when it should be for four.

        Referenda are indeed alien to Britain but it was, as ever, the CON Party – the so-called guardians of the British constitution – (another thing they lie about) that made us need a referendum on this question as they gave away British national sovereignty in 1972/1973 WITHOUT asking the people FIRST as they should have done.🤬😡🙄. Effectively, THEY and THEY alone who broke the previous British constitution by signing the European Communities Act without understanding its full implications like they are doing NOW.


      3. Referenda clash with the notion of parliamentary sovereignty as a matter of principle when the ENTIRE BASIS of your ‘democracy’ is based-upon the UNLIMITED SOVEREIGNTY of parliament as in this country.

        They work much better in Switzerland, as you say, because that country has a written constitution and government is predicated on the principle of the POPULAR sovereignty of the people and not the ‘Queen (or King) in parliament’.

        Our ‘democracy’ is, in reality, not a ‘bottom-up’ one but a ‘top-down’ one ie from the Monarchy downwards.


      4. As you say.
        Obviously, the Threefold Social Order concept (which I favour) stands against the idea of a Parliament, i.e. political sphere, dominating the other two spheres (spiritual-cultural sphere and economic sphere).


      5. Yes, who could possibly trust Boris-Idiot? In the months and years leading up to the referendum in June 2016 he was not noted for being a ‘Eurosceptic’ far from it actually. Indeed, in the week or so before he penned two articles for the Daily Telegraph one setting-out reasons to stay and one for leave. He has only ever used the issue to satisfy that demented craving he has had from being a teenage ie being PM.

        A man of political conviction he most certainly is not. I think the description of his being a self-serving chancer and lying charlatan is far more apt.


  7. Stupid, brain dead %%%%%of the CON Party need to be locked-up in a mental institution so we don’t have to suffer their inane cry of ‘getting Brexit done’. These gormless %%%%%%%% need to be told signing international treaties is a SERIOUS business and is NOT akin to changing tv channels using the remote!


  8. This clusterf### of the last three years (though it has been FOUR DECADES in the making) or so just goes to show how badly we need to modernise our governing arrangements ie having a simple written into one document constitution just covering the basics, FAIR votes ie a system of PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION etc. The old ways of doing things have been shown to basically not cut it in the year 2019.


  9. Isn’t Boris dead in a ditch yet? Seeing as whatever happens with his SURRENDER and United Kingdom-wrecking Bill, we definitely won’t be leaving the EU by October 31st which was his supposed deadline for leaving then why hasn’t this happened? Oh, I forgot, this promise was just like EVERY one he has ever made ie a FLAT OUT LIE from the MASTER OF LYING.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  10. Isn’t Boris dead in a ditch yet? Seeing as whatever happens with his SURRENDER and United Kingdom-wrecking Bill, we definitely won’t be leaving the EU by October 31st which was his supposed deadline for
    leaving then why hasn’t this happened? Oh, I forgot, this promise was just like EVERY one he has ever made ie a FLAT OUT LIE from the MASTER OF DECEIT, UTTERLY SHAMELESS DOUBLE DEALING, and LYING.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  11. If Brexit means having a part of your country being semi-detached and held in an EU-controlled ‘no man’s land’, eventually breaking-away because of that status and followed as it inevitably will be by the rest of this land then that is too high a price to pay and I, for one, don’t give my consent to that process.

    BOLLOCKS TO BORIS and BOLLOCKS to BREXIT if that is what his proposed deal will do.

    We either ALL leave or none of us do.


    1. Needless to say, a potential total break-up of the United Kingdom started-off by Northern Ireland’s semi-detachment carried forward by a supposed British PM and a party that still has the word unionist in its official full name WAS NOT on any side of a red bus!🙄🤬😡😞


  12. It is utterly disgraceful to think the Tories are prepared to contemplate a break-up of the United Kingdom and thereby dishonour their own MPs like Airey Neave (murdered by the INLA) and Ian Gow murdered by the Provisional IRA and countless British soldiers.


    1. This sell-out shows you what Boris Johnson and his cabinet of aliens deep-down think of their mostly new (apart from one) 13 Scottish MPs without which there would have been no point in having a confidence and supply pact with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).


  13. It is high time capital punishment was brought back for High Treason if nothing else. It is time for this EFFECTIVE IRA supporter of a PM (Jeremy Corbyn for the Tory accusations against him ISN’T doing the ACTUAL selling-out) to face the ultimate penalty for his vile betrayal of unionists/loyalists in Northern Ireland:


    1. Would you allow Boris and the others final spiritual comfort? Most of his Cabinet would not accept the Last Rites or whatever is the C of E equivalent (“a nice cup of tea”?), and I am unsure what the Jewish equivalent is (is it some prayer called “Kaddish”?).


      1. Yes, I would allow him to pray with the prison’s chaplain before his execution as this is what was the normal procedure in the condemned cell just before the capital sentence was carried-out. After all, Boris-Idiot has a lot of sins to repent for!🤬😡

        I would allow final spiritual comfort for the other members of the cabinet as well. I am, after all, a humane man!😂😂😂


  14. I am desperate to pull that lever on Boris-Idiot.

    Failing that dream coming true, we NEED to stop Brexit if this is what it means in reality. Boris’s proposed ‘deal’ is too dangerous to go ahead with and NO leave voter voted to break-up our country.


    1. Well, should I need a hangman (unlikely in view of my regrettably-soft attitude towards judicial killing), I know where to go! You might even get a title. How about “The Lord of Essex, Lord High Executioner”?


      1. That title is pretty nifty when I come to think of it and has much to recommend it!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌😎😎😎😂😂😂


      2. I will normally expect to earn the going rate for hanging traitors though I will put the noose around the neck of and pull the lever on Boris The Grotesque Liar for free. Now, I can’t say fairer than that, can I?😂😂😂👌👌👌


  15. JUST SAY NO to the half-Turkish CLOWN and his despicable selling-out of Northern Ireland’s unionists and his EU-appeasing SURRENDER TREATY.



  16. On a more serious note, Ulstermen and Ulsterwomen have paid a considerable price in blood in numerous wars to FULLY EARN their place in our United Kingdom so British governments should show them some loyalty back. For instance, some of our very bravest troops were comprised of Ulstermen at the Battle of The Somme etc.


    1. Ah, the Somme, I suppose the bloodiest battle of WW1, and the one in which one of my own great-uncles died (he was, or so I was told, a captain in the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry). If I were a Jew, I would still be finding something to be offended about concerning it…(((they))) always pretend to be terribly upset that the relative they never met was killed (or just died) in WW2. Fake emotion with an ulterior motive.


    2. I wonder what today’s vote would be? “Themselves” 80%, “Party” 15%, “Country” 5%? Or is that too cynical?


  17. No, sadly not at all🤬😡☹️ Looks like our elders were onto a truth even then when the standards found within all parties were a lot better compared to the 99% utter dross inhabiting the House of Treason now!.

    What a tragedy that Sir Oswald Mosley was not our PM then as a lot of the post-war rubbish and treachery could have been avoided. Winchester College should be very proud he was an ‘Old Wykehamist’. It is a real shame these expensive public schools don’t turn-out the Sir Oswald Mosleys of today and we get Boris Johnson type figures instead.🤬😡☹️


    1. I agree, but the sad fact is that the Cons, who should by any decent valuation be toast electorally, are not yet going to be because of stupid monkeys like this on the Labour benches (indeed, in Shadow Cabinet!):

      MORE “refugees” (migrant-invaders)! Diane Abbott fits my idea of a traitress, except that in my view she is not in any real sense British.

      Who will vote Labour? The blacks and browns, maybe; few others, surely?


      1. Mainly the blacks and browns, some poor people who need to ie benefit claimants and Guardian-reading nutters though the now virulently anti-British and globalist liberal CON Party should be pretty appealing to those types too since they have clearly abandoned the pretence ,let alone the reality, of being socially conservative which should be the real dividing line between that party and the liberals.


      2. btw, saw this: the well-meaning paralyzed victim, a doctor, “takes comfort” that she “saved a life” when this useless ****** jumped off a building and landed on her! A “nice” sentiment maybe but the “greater good” would have been if the n** had landed a foot to her right or left. Then the UK would have had one more (and seemingly very nice) medical doctor and one less useless millstone round its (our collective) neck.

        This is what we have been importing for decades.


  18. They do like their whinging about virtually all Brits suffering from ‘anti-semitism’, Some of them are so active at this they could power several El Al flights to Tel Aviv each week! Yes, much of it is done to make the goyim feel a sense of guilt.


  19. It is disgraceful to think that Zionist Jew settlers in the West Bank are of more concern to treasonous CON Party MPs than our own loyal people in Northern Ireland.😡🤬☹️


  20. Hangmen also got to visit some of the colonies of the British Empire as well in order to do hangings since many of them had no trained local executioners. Mind you, they probably were not there long enough to sunbathe themselves on a nice beach in somewhere like Fiji or The Bahamas!


      1. Looks like that book could be very interesting for a devotee of capital punishment like me!😂I’ll have to buy a copy.

        Syd Dernley had a macabre sense of humour from reading that interview with him at the link on the bottom of the Wikipedia article.😃😃😃

        I remember reading a book about British executions in school by one of the prolific British authors of this genre and my teacher came into the classroom and asked me what book I was reading so I told her and she said I was a bit “ghoulish”. Little old me, ‘ghoulish’ miss? Never!😂😝😃


      2. Schoolmasters too can be harsh. When I joined my secondary-level school, in the 2nd Form, my end of term report from the Art Master said “uninterested in class, unreliable out of class”! I think that the latter was because the silly effete idiot told me at end of class to go to another room and get a chair. I forgot (to get one)! He did not forget…


      3. BTW, saw this:

        There will probably be some kind of “civil war” (read “White Northern European Upsurge”) eventually, Europe-wide. Not sure whether the start-date will be 2022 or later.

        On the report’s specifically “MP” point, it seems to me that MPs themselves underestimate the extent to which they as a group —and many individual MPs— are hated. Not just disliked, distrusted, disrespected or despised. Hated.


    1. This was the tip of the iceberg. In fact even the msm (Daily Mail, mainly) have discovered that the police do not really police the area near Purfleet because they claim to be short-staffed or lack “resources”.

      The very same police (Grays Police, Grays, Essex) were those who, pressured by sinister Jew Zionist (and probable freemason) Stephen Silverman of the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” —he lives not far away—, called me in for a “voluntary” interview (2-3 detectives, an entire afternoon) nearly three years ago after Silverman and/or other Jews made up a complaint about me: see

      When the police stop acting as doormats or flunkeys for Jew-Zionists, and start doing their real work, I might be more sympathetic to them getting more funds and/or personnel. Until then, the police can FO as far as I am concerned.


  21. Exactly. We need bigger police forces to combat crime effectively. This is an essential first step to do that since even if you were to have draconian punishments for crime such as hanging and rattan cane flogging as in Singapore the FIRST THOUGHT upon the mind of a criminal is the risk of getting caught, charged with a crime and being sent for trial in a court.

    So, if the Tories propose to REVERSE their brutal CUTS to police manpower that is to be welcomed (though what they propose STILL won’t actually INCREASE the overall sizes of police forces because of those prior cuts).

    However, saying this, the police aren’t as effective as they should and could be in combatting crime since they have been far too politicised under successive governments since Thatcher’s and are mired in PC red tape.

    This dangerous politicisation of the police needs to be ended with immediate effect and they need to be released from the constraints of the PC cult and go back to their traditional role of upholding the Queen’s peace WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR.

    Only then will spending taxpayer’s hard-earned money increasing their numbers be worth it.


    1. NO police force in the world can do their job properly if ordinary, law-abiding people don’t want to know or support them so the police have to be thought of by those people as being resolutely NON-political. I would suggest Mrs Thatcher was very unwise to politicise the police during the Miner’s Strike of 1984/1985 and every government since hers has increased this tendency. This process MUST be reversed as quickly as possible.


  22. That report about violence against MPs shows how pissed-off people are becoming with them and it isn’t just Brexit I suspect that is causing this. There are a few decent MPs ie Nigel Dodds but most of them are anti-British scumbags who are out for themselves so the free relatively conscientious ones get caught-up with the generality of them.

    If this report is true to any great extent the Tories might find having YET ANOTHER general election might not turn-out as they wish. After all, our crazy electoral system of FPTP causes our elections to behave like a lottery now but add a low turnout and the intervention of a fourth party ie the Brexit Party to a system that is basically only designed for two main ones collecting 90% plus of the national vote between them and the results it will spew out will become even more random.


    1. I agree, and of course “a week is a long time in British politics”. The Conservatives are unlikely to be overtaken by Labour anytime soon, but if the Con lead were to reduce from 10 points to say 5, if the LibDems and Brexit Party were able to improve their showing by even a few points, then we would be back in hung Parliament territory.


  23. Re Daily Mirror story about doctor at Westfield shopping centre, Stratford, I agree with you entirely. I went to that place shortly after the Olympic Games were held in 2012 but I would be reticent about visiting it again because of all the blacks and Asians around there and their propensity to use knives to stab people with. I’m a law-abiding Brit so I don’t go around in a public place carrying a knife so if I were to be stabbed around there I wouldn’t have anything to use in self-defence and I have zilch confidence that Priti Patel’s PC Met Police would even be doing foot patrols in the area or that her PC plods would come to my aid should a young black buck or asian stab me.


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