A Preliminary Look at the 2019 General Election

The 2019 General Election has been called, enabled partly by the LibDems and SNP, as John Rentoul, the only System journalist-commentator usually worth listening to, has written.

I was surprised that Labour did not block the vote, but I suppose that, with the Government ready to repeal, in effect, the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, using a one-page bill, Labour had little choice but to appear unafraid to address the electorate.

So what now?

It it has been axiomatic, since Harold Wilson pronounced his famous dictum, that “a week is a long time in British politics”.

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[Harold Wilson as Prime Minister, pictured in 1967 on the quayside at Hugh Town on the island of St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly; the young Millard, 9-10 years old, at left]

Harold Wilson was sceptical of opinion polls. When he was in discussion with Lyndon Johnson about the Vietnam War, the U.S. President asked “what are the polls saying?” Wilson later recalled that he had thought that Johnson was referring to the Poles, and that he, Wilson, had tried to recall recent speeches by Gomulka!

That was then. Since then, British politics has given up the realms of commonsense thinking and has taken refuge in ideological spiderswebs and in the reading of electoral tea-leaves.

The opinion polls at present seem to be predicting a Conservative Party victory of as great as a 150-seat majority. Even mainstream commentators are talking in terms of a 70-seat Conservative majority. To me, that would be disastrous. Nothing to do with Brexit (which I favour). For me, to allow the present ZOG/NWO Cabinet of idiots, traitors, aliens and Israeli agents real power would be a calamity for the people of the UK. I have previously blogged about this: see Notes, below.

I am talking about domestic policy and, to some extent, foreign policy. I am talking about the imposition of an elected dictatorship on the British people. I am talking about rule by a concealed Jewish-Zionist lobby. I am talking about worse pay, pensions, State benefits, working conditions, living conditions etc. I am talking about destruction of free speech, too.

Is a Boris-Idiot government (with real power) inevitable? I do not know. Maybe not, but things are looking black.

The first thing to note is that polls usually narrow towards Election Day. At present they point to a Conservative majority of maybe 60. However, if Labour can pull itself up by a few points, that majority might shrink to single figures. Then there are the other parties (in England, mainly) to consider: LibDems and Brexit Party.


The Jewish lobby has weakened Corbyn and Labour via incessant attacks over four years. Some of the poison has seeped into public perception. The attacks continue. Only today, the “MP for Barrow and Furness —and Tel Aviv”, John Woodcock, was again attacking Corbyn and Labour, under the banner of which he scraped back into the Commons in 2017, though he has now left Labour amid charges of sex pest behaviour, and will soon no longer be an MP (no doubt “they” will find him a well-paid position). Again, I happened to see “former Labour Party adviser” John McTernan today on Sky News All Out Politics. Sky’s Adam Boulton was too polite to point out that McTernan’s advice proved disastrous for Labour in the past, and also for the Australian Labor Party. McTernan on Sky again derided Corbyn. With “friends” like those, Labour needs no enemies!

Labour’s more serious problems are, firstly, that it is unclear about what it stands for. Not just on Brexit. No overarching narrative. In the past, Labour’s position was a given: the voice of the “workers”, meaning the industrial proletariat, other manual and low-paid workers, renters rather than “owners” of freehold or leasehold property.

In those days, meaning until the 1970s, there was no serious racial aspect. Though there had been an influx (ultimately calamitous, by reason of breeding) of blacks and browns since the 1950s but mainly in the 1970s (and of course later), the percentage of blacks and browns and other non-Europeans was small until the 1980s; there was no constant wave of immigration in the hundreds of thousands, as there now is.

In the 1980s, Labour lost its way. The industrial proletariat started to disappear along with its industries. Immigration and births to immigrants started to create raceless and cultureless “communities”, including huge numbers of mixed-race individuals. British culture on TV and radio started to be overtaken by the Americanized cultural takeover that started in or immediately after WW2. The stalwarts of traditional Labour in the Commons and in constituencies started to be replaced by those who were influenced by the anti-white politics of post-Marxism, by the feminist and/or lesbian “sexual politics” movements, by persons who were unaware of the fight that Britain had with Jewish extremists in Palestine in the 1940s.

Such Labour activists were brought up in the 1960s and 1970s and had been indoctrinated by “holocaust” hoaxes and nonsense, such as the films of the faked “diary” of Anne Frank, of Schindler’s List (many people now think, quite mistakenly, that it is a “true story”, unaware that it was an adaptation of a novel, Schindler’s Ark, which was written in 1982 by an Australian who was only a child during WW2, having been born in 1935; he was brought up in New South Wales).

Gradually, Labour became the bastion both of the politically-correct ideologues and of the careerist “centrists” such as Tony Blair and his wife, both affluent barristers with no connection to Labour’s history (Blair’s father was a Scottish professor; Cherie’s father was a dissolute Liverpudlian TV actor). Labour went from being led by elderly Marxist hypocrite Michael Foot to, at first, a middling position under, in turn, Neil Kinnock and John Smith, then to Blair’s neoliberalism, with the Jewish-Zionist element firmly in control.

Labour lost connection with the “working class”, first because the old monolithic, unionized industrial proletariat had gone, and because the new concerns of former Labour areas (mass immigration, race and culture, poor conditions of non-unionized and precarious employment, sexual abuse of English girls by, mainly, Pakistanis, drug abuse) were simply ignored and, indeed, denied by the Labour Party.

Labour, in short, was becoming, under Blair, what it now is: the party of non-Europeans (the “blacks and browns” etc), of those dependent on public funds (public service workers, council employees, NHS people, those living on State benefits). These Labour voters were ruled over by a dictatorial pro-multikulti Common Purpose stratum, above which sat the Labour Friends of Israel MPs and above all the Jewish-Zionist “fixers” of the Lord Levy sort, who arranged the funding, doled out peerages and other “honours” to the compliant and “liaised” with Blair and his courtiers.

Meanwhile, Labour’s leadership became a cosmopolitan and finance-capitalist clique, “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich” as one of its degenerate creatures, the Jew “lord” Mandelson put it. By 2010, it seemed to many that there was little difference in substance (as distinct from style) between Labour and Conservative. Labour lost to the Conservatives led by David Cameron-Levita.

Corbyn, though poorly-educated and no sort of leader, gave hope to the “children of the proletariat” (speaking ideologically: many are from rather comfortable backgrounds). His almost miraculous accession to leadership seemed to be a return to old Labour values: community, nationalization, State funding, workers’ rights. I have blogged about the “Hand of God” aspects to Corbyn’s election, eg his getting exactly the number of nominations required, some of which were from MPs who had no intention of even voting for him!

Labour now is a house divided. The Jewish-Zionist lobby may have attacked Corbyn-Labour, but that is only part of the story. Most Labour MPs date from the pre-Corbyn era, most from the pre-2010 era. Some MPs are volubly anti-Corbyn and closer to a careerist “Blairite” or “Brownite” position, such as Jess Phillips (ironically, only elected in 2015).

Labour gives an impression of being split two or three ways, and that is even before Brexit is mixed into the equation. This plays badly, electorally.

So are Labour’s prospects dead? Maybe not. Firstly, it has the support of the non-whites, to a large extent, though that tends to be concentrated in relatively few constituencies. Then it has most of the public service people. Finally, it has the young. Very few under-25s vote Conservative now, only about 4%. Only about 15% of under-35s vote Conservative. The rub is that younger eligible voters tend not to vote. So far.

Corbyn’s policies on utilities, transport and fares, rights for tenants etc may play well for him, if Labour can get them heard amid the Brexit noise and the Boris-The-Idiot-Star clowning and posturing.

Where Labour is undermined is in its disconnect, in visceral terms, from its former core communities: eg in the black-brown MPs Labour has, some of whom seem almost half-witted. Diane Abbott would be Home Secretary under a Corbyn government…

Corbyn’s lack of leadership is also a factor, as is his asinine support for Roma Gypsy thieves and scavengers and for the horrible “tinker”/”traveller” element. That must alienate millions.



In the end, Labour now has no real reason to exist in its present form. It is somewhat neo-socialist, but not at all “national”. It divides rather than unifies, because it prefers non-Europeans to the white British people among whom and for whom it was founded.

“I am a socialist, but a white man first.” [Jack London]

The Conservative Party

The above parody tweet was sent to me by a blog reader. It does rather set the scene for the past decade, the “austerity” (inflicted by part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne and continued by Theresa May and now —so far— by Boris Johnson, again both part-Jew…) upon the poorer half or more of the UK, while the more affluent half and especially tenth of the population have been “doing rather well”


I have blogged rather extensively about the Conservative Party and about its leading members, particularly Boris Johnson aka “Boris-Idiot”.


The Conservative Party, like Labour, has travelled far from its roots, even far from where it was in the 1970s. The old country Conservatives scarcely exist in MP terms now. Like Labour, the Conservative Party is now packed with pretty mediocre MPs, most in it for the money. In fact, many would be flattered to be as good as mediocre. Like Labour, the Conservative Party has ceased to be representative, not only of the country as a whole but even of its traditional supporters. In the 1950s, nearly 5 million people were members of the Conservative Party. Now? About 140,000. Boris Johnson was elected by about two-thirds of those. 92,000 people in a UK which now holds some 70 million. Only 1 in about 500 adult inhabitants of the UK is a member of the Conservative Party.

The trump card of the Conservative Party in this election is that it is not the Labour Party. It has little else to offer, except the Brexit “deal” that Boris-Idiot fluffed and which is worse than that offered to Mrs May 18 months ago. It is only the clown-image, of Boris the Clown, which, bizarrely, is keeping the Cons high in the polls. That, and Corbyn’s rock-bottom ratings.

So Johnson has once again gambled. The gamble is that he can win more Leave-supporting seats than he loses Remain-supporting seats.

Stress points for the Conservatives? Privatization, by the back door, of the NHS; Johnson’s character; the wealthy getting wealthier, the rest getting poorer; privatized rail and utilities; poor pay; the cruelty of the post-2010 benefits system.


Ironically, the key to the LibDems taking seats might be Brexit Party taking away Con votes in the South of England, and so letting the LibDems in. That might happen even more if Labour voters in strongly Con areas vote tactically. I do not have much time for Jo Swinson, a pro-finance capitalist and Orange Book LibDem who pays lip service to the Jew-Zionist lobby, but I have to concede that she has put in a couple of stellar performances in the Commons recently.

The LibDems are pro-EU, pro-Remain, anti-Brexit. They are the only party unequivocally Remain. That clarity has to help them. How much it will help them is unclear. They need to get an across the board 20%+ even to regain the number of seats they had in 2010 and 2005. They are presently polling around 18%, but the night is young.

Brexit Party

Brexit Party has lost its mojo somehow. Its stellar start, with the rallies and speeches and huge enthusiasm, seems a long time ago already. I think that the reason is that Brexit is really its only policy, though others will no doubt appear soon. It is largely “the Conservative Party at Leave”, and people do have concerns other than Brexit. I doubt that it can poll much above 10%. It might manage 15% across the board. Chance of gaining more than one or two stray seats seems minimal at present. However, that may change, but BP needs to start attacking the Conservatives, not forever saying how much they want to play ball with them.

UKIP; Change UK

Both washed up, as I have long predicted. Polling at statistical zero. Dustbin of history zone.


There are 6 weeks to go. In 2017, turnout was below 69%. In 2015, turnout was 66% and in 2010, 65%. 2005: 61%. 2001: 59%. Since the 1990s, turnout slumped in 2001 and has gradually increased again but is still several points below the 1990s figures. If there were an unexpectedly high turnout, particularly among the younger voters who generally favour Labour or the LibDems, that could change the picture completely.

At present, the smart money is on the Conservatives. The smart money was on Remain in 2016, on Hillary Clinton to beat Trump, on anyone but Corbyn to replace Ed Miliband. You get the picture. I do not think that Labour can do well on its own merits, but devotees of the Turf will know that frontrunners rarely win. The election is Boris’s to lose, and he may yet do just that, counter-intuitive though that now appears.











Further thought, 31 October 2019

This is an example of where Britain went wrong during the 1980s, 1990s and particularly under the 1997-2010 Blair-Brown era, and which continued on into the 2010-2019 years:


This sort of nonsense has to just stop. Now.

Update, 31 October 2019

News heard on the early Today Programme on BBC Radio 4:

  • Farage has been reported as possibly going to direct Brexit Party to stand in as few as 20 seats, all Labour-held, 2016 Leave-voting seats;

Could it be any clearer that Brexit Party is not a serious party, not even a semi-serious protest party? I think that Brexit Party can probably be written off at this point.

The news, if accurate, does reinforce my previously-blogged point that Farage, despite his people skills, speaking skills and public profile, is not really very knowledgeable or effective politically. After all, UKIP was in the end a big Westminster zero after 25 years of operation and, so far, Brexit Party has underwhelmed. No by-election successes, and its polling for Westminster has dropped from 20% at one point to 12% now. My feeling is that Brexit Party could have gone the distance, but missed its moment to morph into a real party.

The other piece of news so far today is polling that, incredibly, shows

  • Boris Johnson “more trusted on NHS” than Corbyn!

Whatever one thinks of Corbyn, this is just mad and bolsters my view that the UK has gone mad, socio-politically. Already, we have had polling, from a month ago, to the effect that part-Jew, part-Muslim origined Johnson, whose father was a part-Jew who worked for the World Bank and was an MP, Boris Johnson who had a U.S. passport until recently, who was born in New York City, was brought up in USA and Belgium before attending Eton and Oxford, and who even belonged to the wealth-saturated and degenerate Bullingdon Club, “has the common touch” more than Corbyn!

On the campaign trail

The latest Ipsos MORI poll gives Conservatives 41%, Labour 24%, LibDems 20%, Brexit Party 7%, Greens 3%.

Ratings for the Government as a whole are low, with just 19 per cent of voters happy with how it is running the country, including only a third of Conservatives, while 74 per cent are dissatisfied. Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, cautioned: “As Theresa May knows, a poll lead can be lost during a campaign and this puts the Conservatives at the upper margins compared with other polls. Nevertheless it confirms the Conservatives are starting in a strong position.” [Evening Standard]

If the above poll is accurate, we are staring down the barrel of a Conservative majority of 196, according to my use of Electoral Calculus (I gave Scottish results as likely SNP 50% and LibLabCon 15% each). That 196-seat majority would be disastrous for the UK.

Still, the starting gates have only just opened. All the same, Labour needs to hit hard now. For example, instead of weakly accepting that “antisemitism must be addressed” etc, Labour should start defending the British people; point out that many exploiters and parasites in the UK—by no means all, of course– are Zionists. Take the fight to the enemy and Labour might well find that many many British people want the Zionists taken down, their influence and power reduced greatly.

The opinion polls are proving to me that what so many British people want and need is social nationalism of the right sort.

Below, “Conservative” and, quelle surprise, not entirely English (part-Indian?), judging by photos found elsewhere than on her Twitter profile, freelance scribbler seems to have been living under a rock (or under the protection of a trust fund or affluent family) for the past 10+ years.

Ms. Gill does seem to understand that there is the possibility of radical change inherent in the dispossessed UK young (and, indeed, the not so young). She does not want such change and does not exactly identify what change it might be (“economic armageddon” sounds to me suspiciously like socio-political illiteracy), but the change in question could as easily be social national as post-Marxist.

Strange. Perhaps I was too critical. She seems to take a different and more sympathetic view here (or is it just that she is more concerned about things when they affect her own and personal life?): *click on it and read entire thread…


Now this [below], if understood by enough people in their 50s and 40s, might be a gamechanger:

Update, 1 November 2019

Below, a very accurate though totally obvious view of what has been happening over the past decade in the UK. Though I would not want any Jew to be Prime Minister, I did like the way in which Ed Miliband had time for ideas, for policy, and for the results of applied policy; a holistic view. That used to be the norm in UK politics, before the rise of socio-political idiocy in or around 2005-2010, the Iain Dunce Duncan Smith-type of nonsense.

I do not recall seeing this [below] on BBC News or Sky:

57 thoughts on “A Preliminary Look at the 2019 General Election”

  1. I really can’t understand Boris The Buffoon and his party’s apparent popularity. Law and order has virtually irretrievably broken-down in London (even if you ignore a large part of is black-upon-black stabbings), the police are mired in Tory-imposed PC red tape, Brexit has been botched (people thought they were voting for a genuine withdrawal of the UK from the tentacles of Brussels and a return to real sovereign national UK WIDE independence as was implied by that now infamous but very simple question on the referendum’s ballot paper) immigration is wildly out of control with both legal migrants and illegals flooding-in by the hundreds of thousands and the government doing nothing effective to stop it. Indeed, so ineffectual is their response ordinary people have taken to patrolling for illegal migrants along Kent’s beaches!

    Personally, I think this country gets all it deserves if all it thinks a PM should have is an undoubted talent (his only one) to make them laugh.


    1. I said to fellow-members of Chambers c.2007 that ppl in the UK don’t care that the country is becoming a dustbin, so long as “England” (mostly black sportsmen anyway) win a cricket or rugby or soccer game on the other side of the world. They just laughed…


      1. Indeed. The general ‘dumbing down’ of this country’s inhabitants is increasingly worrisome and is being reflected by politicians and the electorate’s responses to them. The mass media has a lot to answer for in this respect.

        The Independent reports there has been a surge in the numbers of people registering to vote. This could be good or bad for Boris-Idiot and his party’s prospects but I would tend to think it wouldn’t be good news as it may indicate younger people are doing this and might well vote in the election. The CON Party isn’t noted for having huge numbers of younger folk backing it as you have said.

        I believe I am correct in stating that one reason Corbyn and Labour did relatively well in 2017 was younger people bothering to vote and backing Labour.


      2. I am sure that you are correct, m’Lord of Essex. The young will not be voting Conservative, imo. Even a difference of 500 votes will change the result in many constituencies, if those votes go to one candidate. If the Conservative MPs are so confident (though I can see why) why are a number giving up in advance?


  2. People need to remember it isn’t illegal to not cast a vote. A vote not cast for a CON Party candidate is not an endorsement for Labour or the Liberal Democratic Party.


  3. Diana Abbot as Home Secretary isn’t a good prospect but the globalist anti-British CON Party gave us our first ethnics as Hime Secretaries ie the Jews Leon Brittan who introduced the very repressive and anti-free speech Public Order Act 1986 under the alleged anti-PC Maggie Thatcher, Michael Howard (Hecht) (though he wasn’t too bad on pure law and order matters), Pakistani Sajid Javid and now the Indian refugee Priti Patel. The latter two have been put there quite blatantly to win ethnic votes which will never come in decent numbers.

    If you are an ethnic Briton and you want to be Home Secretary FORGET IT is the CON Party message.😡🤬😞


  4. The best result would be another hung parliament. Five years of Corbyn or Boris-Idiot and his cabinet of dystopian US Republican Party-style Libertarian extremists and downright weirdos is a prospect too horrific to contemplate.

    No to quasi-Marxism and no to selfish, ‘me first’, rabid individualism imported from a country which we share a language with but have many differences with as well.

    Perhaps, a punt on the Liberal Democrat Party may be worth a shot? At least that party wants to reform our archaic and increasingly absurd electoral system even though I think the German method of PR (Mixed-Member Proportional) is better (at least for the House of Commons) than the STV Irish system the Liberal Democrats favour.

    One thing that can be said in Corbyn’s defence is that whether you love him or hate him he doesn’t act like a member of Zippo’s Circus. How the party of such distinguished PMs as Wellington. Salisbury, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain think Boris is suitable PM material is frankly beyond me. Not ALL Tories stuff cocaine up their nostrils like Michael Gove, do they?


      1. He did and his being a coke addict would come as no surprise! Luckily for him, his constituency of Surrey Heath is so safe you could have a child murderer as the candidate wearing the blue rosette and he or she would win easily.


      2. I once lived (late 1970s) in the neighbouring constituency (I think), Reigate, which then had an MP so thick and so useless (George Gardiner) that even Mrs Thatcher (whom he idolized) would not promote him. At the time I was unaware that most MPs are as thick as two short planks.


  5. So Farage finally proves he was and remains the utter FRAUD he always was all along and though I have no means to prove it a probable agent of MI6/MI5!🙄🙄🙄

    All the people he CONNED into paying money to the Brexit Party Ltd Company should feel a bit gutted if this report is true!

    Is he going to be found the Tory safe seat he has always craved or a seat in the Lords for services to the CON Party and their , United-Kingdom wrecking Brexit In Name Only (BRINO)Brexit?


    1. I don’t know what game Farage is playing. It may be that he thought that Brexit Party would proliferate like the fake party set up by Macron in France, En Marche!, and that he, Farage, would then be a major player and, who knows, even PM. Now that Brexit Party has largely deflated, Farage is trying to salvage something from the wreckage.

      If the Cons let him have an easy run to half a dozen Commons seats, that might buy off Farage, I think, but at present the Cons seem to prefer to let him and his “party” die on the vine.

      If BP can stand in most seats and get an average 25%, then BP will be a force to be reckoned with; if 20% or below, BP will be just another also-ran party. It may be that BP will get a protest vote around 10%, no MPs, and then just fade away.


      1. If he had any political nous, he would stay well away from the CON Party. Any party that gets near them gets burnt pretty quickly ie the Liberal Democrat Party and now the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has found out the hard way. This would be true at any point in history but is particularly the case when the CONS have a such a psychopathic liar, double-dealer and wholly self-seeking charlatan like Boris Johnson as their leader and PM.


      2. The Brexit Party is needed as the CON Party’s ‘Brexit’ isn’t really a genuine one and, worst of all, it is potentially very dangerous ie how it treats Northern Ireland should it receive Royal Assent. If I were the Queen I would be thinking about doing a little rebellion should it come to the crunch.

        The choice is clear: we either have a full Brexit for the WHOLE United Kingdom or we say ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ in the phraseology of the Liberal Democrat Party and scrap it.


  6. The NHS is not safe in Tory hands! Whilst even Mrs Thatcher would have balked, when push came to shove, at privatising it, Boris and his bunch of Ann Rand Libertarian extremists will have no particular reticence at effectively privatising it as part of a trade deal with ‘America First’ Trump!

    The only way the Tories would handle the NHS better would be they are a bit more likely to crack-down on health tourism.

    Yes, Boris DOES indeed have more of a ‘common touch’ than Corbyn does but it is NOT in a good way! Clowns are popular! They make people laugh rather than cry! Children have always liked them but the general idea should be they inhabit a big tent and not go anywhere near 10 Downing Street!🙄🙄🙄


  7. Are those Tory MPs who are giving-up in advance the ones who were going to retire anyway? If I were a Tory MP I would be a bit confident my party was going to win the election. Sadly, it appears there are a lot of The Scum (as it is so well described by the good people of Liverpool) reading morons around willing to put their cross in a CON Party/Likud Party of Israel/US Republican Party box!


    1. The unaccountable “popularity” of Boris-Idiot and the Con Party owes more to the collapse of support for Labour. Even if Labour can rouse some enthusiasm from the “young”, or “young-ish” (and I do not take that as a given, because so many do not vote, without which such support is useless), I wonder whether that will counterbalance the defection of older voters from Lab to Brexit Party, Cons, LibDems or simple apathy and abstention.


      1. Tories will win not because they have any ability but because Boris makes people laugh so that is ok then! People in this country are so (pardon my French) effing thick they are beyond saving!


      2. The CON Party shouldn’t be as high in the polls as they are as they have presided over an explosion in criminality and not just your run of the mill property crimes either but serious violent offences as well thanks, it has to be said, to sacking police officers and closing-down stations, immigration hasn’t been brought down to the ‘tens of thousands’ as David Cameron once promised, and they have botched Brexit so much that if the withdrawal agreement goes into effect not only will it mean that the United Kingdom will still fail to be a properly sovereign country ie have the kind of relationship to the EU Japan has but it could very well imperil the future existence of the United Kingdom itself.


      3. The courts now are (like the police) politicized, infected, contaminated. Look at this!

        Vicious lesbian screw-up with 10 previous convictions stabbed a woman with a broken bottle. Also intimidated the victim online. Sentence? Suspended, with compensation payment that will probably be paid off, if at all, at £5 a week, and less time picking up litter than Alison Chabloz got for singing a song.

        A man a little while ago got 2.5 YEARS for putting up a few “Nazi” stickers on lamp-posts! Meanwhile, vicious drug-abusing, drink-abusing fuckups that should probably not exist get suspended sentences.


  8. Let us hope the globalist anti-British ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ of the CON Party fail to win crucial marginal seats like Dudley North which they failed to win by the excruciatingly small margin of 22 votes last time, Newcastle Under Lyme by 30 votes, Crewe and Nantwich by 48 votes:


    Provided the CONS have a decent candidate, they have my permission to take the seat of the ridiculously pro-Israel Zionist Lobby doormat and former Labour MP, John Woodcock (no wonder he continues to spout continual slurs against his former leader Corbyn) in Barrow and Furness. He may as well be the independent member for Jerusalem West!🙄🙄🙄

    Let us hear it for the rise of the ultra-marginals!


    1. Must be great to live in an ultra-marginal constituency where even under the very flawed, overly crude and very inefficient way of translating votes into seats electoral system of First Past The Post your vote DOES count!

      Meanwhile, I’m stuck in the admittedly nice place to live town of Brentwood, Essex where my Tory MP could be a child molester and he would win easily and my vote has a value attached to it by the electoral system many, many times smaller than one cast in those ultra-marginal seats above: https://en.wikipedia.org/Brentwood_and_Ongar_(UK_Parliament_constituency)

      It is high time MANY more votes counted WHEREVER they are cast as in Deutschland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_system_of_Germany





  9. So, today was apparently meant to have been the UNITED Kingdom of Great Britain AND NORTHERN IRELAND’s Independence Day so what happened to it, CON Party?

    Boris wasn’t talking his usual utterly self-serving LIES, was he?



  10. The Daily Mirror’s crime reports should be shocking but such is the daily occurrence of vicious thuggery in this country under the ‘party of law and order’ they are anything but and as you correctly observe the police are far more interested in arresting people who don’t believe in globalism and strictly observe the government’s political opinions. Oh to live in a sane and well-governed country like Japan where the police just uphold their Emperor’s peace without fear or favour!


    1. As you, m’Lord of Essex, are well aware, I am, unlike you, *not* a hanger and flogger, but some of the cases seen (and I few I can recall personally) have made me wonder whether a short sharp shock (to society or part of society) might not be necessary.


  11. Drug use is regarded by normal countries as a severe social problem that has bad consequences for not just the individual user but society as a whole but not in CON Party-misruled ‘Britain’ where it is regarded as some kind of ‘alternative lifestyle’ and libertarian ‘freedom of the individual’/‘ free choice’ and therefore nothing to worry about!

    How ridiculously lenient that sentence is! How is it meant to deter more people from taking drugs?

    Whilst I may not go as far as Singapore does: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misuse_of_Drugs_Act_(Singapore)

    we do need to have more effective deterrents put into place to curb the scourge of smack heads on the streets.

    The only drug use that should be treated less strictly should be that of cannabis which is undertaken by people for medicinal purposes and even then it should be under a doctor’s supervision.

    If we adopted Singapore’s policies we would have to execute half the CON Party cabinet! On second thoughts!😂😂😂


    1. I have never been to Singapore, but family members have, en route to/from Australia. My late father got confused there, about a decade ago, and thought that he was in a metro station, which turned out to be the main courthouse! He made it worse by trying to joke with the unsmiling police. I get the impression that the Singapore authorities cut no slack.


      1. My sister hasn’t properly visited Singapore but she did stop-over in Changi Airport whilst the aircraft she was travelling to Australia on holiday on was refuelled. As you can see from the Singapore embarkation card in this article: https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Singapore they don’t mess around there when it comes to severe sanctions for criminal behaviour and like to inform all visitors about their tough stance!😀


      2. I remember, about 30 years ago, a smugly-entitled American boy aged about 20, who thought that it would be fun to end his night of drinking in Singapore by vandalizing about 20 cars parked. Wrong. Sentenced to strokes of the cane (about 5 or so, I think). The American msm were going mad about it (despite the horrendous *American* penal system and court system, but that rarely affects rich young delinquents). In the end, I think that he *was* caned.

        Ah, found it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_P._Fay


  12. From looking at that YouGov voting intention (many cynics call that polling organisation YouTory) it isn’t hard to understand why Cameron, Osbourne, May, Hammond made sure many older people were protected from having too many austerity measures imposed upon them, is it?

    One of the major problems with First Past The Post isn’t just that a different value is placed upon elector’s votes depending upon an arbitrary factor like which constituency you live which is fundamentally undemocratic by itself but also politicians nowdays increasingly craft their POLICIES according to how they might affect voting intentions amongst ‘swing’ voters in the marginal seats and don’t care whether those policies are right or wrong or whether they really fit-in with their party’s supposed political philosophy.

    She says that if people have no capital they won’t be conservative. That depends upon how you define conservatism. Nowdays, the Tory Party has systematically dumped SOCIAL conservatism ie having genuinely restrictive policies towards immigration, a very tough stance on law and order which many ordinary, working-class and indeed lowly paid people can back.

    The Conservative Party has become too economically liberal since Thatcher’s time and this tends to concentrate wealth towards the top 10% or so of society hence the reason why the Tories have difficulties winning elections now. The Tory Party was less economically libertarian in the past and had no trouble appealing to a more average income groups.


  13. A CON Party majority of nearly 200 seats would be crazy and wholly unjustified. Even Mrs Thatcher only got one of 144 in 1983 after the Falklands War and she got a slightly higher national vote share. It just goes to show how appallingly bad First Past The Post is at translating real support for a party into seats. Mrs May got slightly more votes than this poll is predicting yet LOST the small CON Party majority of 2015. Parties should never be able to gain more seats whilst losing vote share just because of the relative position of one party to others.

    I did read a report in The Guardian that if 30% of Remainers were willing to vote tactically for whatever party was best placed to beat the Tories that would be enough to wipe-out any possible Tory majority and give us some hung parliament fun once again!😂😂😂

    It is a silly electoral system that encourages people to not vote for what they believe in but to beat a party they dislike or detest.


    1. We need elections decided by the many, not the few ‘swing’ voters who just so happen to live in the relatively small in number marginal seats.


      1. Good. NO to a landslide for ANY party. They don’t normally produce good governments, especially in Britain, since thanks to the crooked FPTP voting system they are not EARNT and GENUINE landslides by the party concerned actually winning vast numbers of votes but ones GIFTED to them by how the inefficient electoral system operates.

        The last EARNT one was the landslide Tory victory of 1931!

        Francis Pym, Tory Foreign Secretary in 1983, blurted out his opinion that landslides normally produce bad governments during the election campaign that year and then Maggie sacked him for it!


      2. I would hope that the Boris landslide (if it happens) might produce an equal and opposite reaction either on the streets or more directedly (“if you know what I mean”) but I doubt it. There is no social-national party or movement, and the British people have been doormatting for a long time: for the Royal Family, for landowners etc, for the Jews, for the black-brown migrant-invaders…


  14. Regarding

    that’s just another blatant example of Pussy Pass. In furtherance of the “rights” not just of wimmin, but in particular of a doubly-entitled dystopian minority; it grows contempt and helps atomise and divide society further; increases chaos in the public space and it leads to decreased confidence of the community in institutions of State – here, the courts. Ordo ab Chao.
    Another flavour of similarly-weighted sex-bias here:

    Notwithstanding this:

    presumably there are already provisions in place for the appeal of unduly lenient sentences. This defendant has already been inside and has a record as long as your arm. Who knows what she does for a living, presumably nothing and if so the argument against an immediate custodial sentence is minimal – unless ‘pressure on places’ now outweighs the demands of justice? If she cannot be rehabilitated she needs a period of incapacitation.
    btw compare and contrast the treatment of Alison Chabloz, for one.

    The more you dig below the surface the more connections start to appear – a bit like the extraordinarily detailed orga-charts of subversive movements in Nesta Webster’s 1920s books ‘The Socialist Revolution’ and ‘World Revolution’. Although generally cited as destabilisation through other means – principally exhaustion of State finances by extending welfare (to some groups anyway) – the Cloward Piven Plan might well also describe the ***exhaustion of State resources*** occasioned by Government’s destructive policies of lawlessness: in this case, jails, court time and taxpayer funds in providing the delinquents with legal representation, etc etc:

    Another topical example of concerted political agitation and subversion is Extinction Rebellion. Various pundits on the so-called Right have described it as a new pagan religion. So it may be to the minds of the Useful Idiots doing the leg work on the streets, but it’s nothing less than Communistic agitation financed with massive doses of Bankster-Usurer Capitalism. You can go back nearly 60 years to J. Edgar Hoover’s book “Masters of Deceit (The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It)” and read all about it, eg Chapter 15, Mass Agitation. It’s in the usual places online.

    Another sprinkling of societal ills:




    1. The Tories plan to recruit 20,000 police officers. That is all well and good until you realise these policemen and women will only RESTORE the number of officers to the position it was back in 2010 BEFORE brutal Tory cuts to the police took place!

      Also, you have to consider the fact the population has risen in that time due to the mass immigration the CON Party has completely failed to control properly and these immigrants are coming from some of the most backward and violent cultures on the earth such as Somalia. This means the ratio of police officers to the population won’t improve as it should!

      A further point to think about is that the police are currently mired in Tory-imposed PC red tape and as we regularly hear about on this blog they are more interested in arresting people for sending ‘mean’ non-PC tweets on the internet and those Brits who, inconveniently, for this wretched shambles of a ‘government’ don’t agree with the globalist, PC opinions of the Tory government so, all in all, they aren’t doing much REAL police work under the CONS anyway!

      Therefore, what really is the point in people paying their taxes under the Tories for them to recruit more PC PCs?🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬

      We need, as you say, to ALSO build mor prisons which the Tories haven’t mentioned they wa put to do but under their misrule too much prison capacity is being wasted on sending un-PC people to prison and NOT those who deserve to have their liberty being taken away from them.

      The ONLY people who feel terror under the Tory Party’s pet ethnic Priti Patel are non-PC people and law-abiding citizens NOT REAL criminals!


      1. Exactly. You will have read my blog about how Essex Police wasted an entire afternoon interrogating me (nearly 3 years ago) with 2 detectives (same happened to about 5 others, I believe) all because one of that little cabal of ra…I mean Jew-Zionists, the main instigator being one Stephen Silverman, made malicious complaint against me on behalf of the “CAA” fake charity. Meanwhile, in the same police area (Grays, Essex), thousands of unwanted migrant-invaders are shuttled through onto British soil without hindrance, like those who died recently. Tip of iceberg.


  15. Yes, I remember that Michael Fay case as well. The US media made a massive fuss of it as if to say how dare the sovereign and independent state of Singapore dare to cane a Yankee teenager who committed criminal offences in that country! Didn’t the Singaporean authorities know Americans can do what they like in foreign countries even to the extent of committing crimes and not receive the appropriate local punishments!

    The row went all the way up to President Bill Clinton who asked for Michael Fay not be caned. In the end, Singapore relented a bit and gave Michael Fay four of the best swings of their infamous rattan cane and not the six he was originally sentenced to receive.


    1. The Americans always want it their way. When I lived in the USA, a pack of black “servicemen” stationed on Okinawa raped a Japanese schoolgirl in the street. The Jew-owned and operated msm in the USA treated it as if the poor little GIs were victims of a foreign “racist” tyranny. They even had interviews with the enormous mothers of said “soldiers”, so that the sympathetic message got across in one-syllable sentences to the moronic masses watching. I don’t think that the blacks ever were properly punished.

      The South Africans had a word for blacks like that: “skollies”.


      1. Afrikaaners used to call blacks ‘kaffirs’ too if I recall correctly. Yes, Apartheid South Africa was, for the most part, a well-run country by the Afrikaaners and British-origin whites which benefitted the blacks (despite the more ludicrous petty aspects of Apartheid) and the whites. They used to have, before Singapore beat them, the highest per capita rate of executions in the world with almost daily hangings at Pretoria State Prison. This helped to bring the black crime rate under some form of control and now that capital punishment has been abolished there and the black government hasn’t governed anywhere near as well as the previous white government did the crime rate has exploded.

        Now that London has been effectively destroyed by Labour and CONServative mass immigration policies and the blacks are running riot in the streets and stabbing and maiming people the only real option is to introduce daily hangings and floggings with a rattan cane if not for Britain as a whole just for theThird World crime-ridden cesspit of London.

        When it resembles Soweto this is what you have to do or give London its independence as an independent city-state like Singapore so that it is closed-off from us and doesn’t infect us.


      2. If only it were that easy! (isolating London). What about Manchester, Birmingham and all the other cities?

        btw, saw this:

        Long live “democracy” too: 69% of Bideford residents are said to prefer the original sign, BUT THE COUNCIL VOTED TO CHANGE IT TO OBVIATE ANY *SUGGESTION* OF “RACISM”!

        The councillor who raised the issue, Dermot Mc-Something, a bloody Irishman, obviously has too much time on his hands. The new sign is OK too and maybe better anyway, but it is the sheer trembling lack of fibre that annoys me! Apropos of nothing much, I used to drive through Bideford quite often until 2008, en route to the tiny (one –10th, I think–floor of the council offices) County Court in Barnstaple. Oddly, I was often in the twinned town, Landivisiau (Finistere), as well.


      3. Those American soldiers were lucky. Although Japan still has capital punishment they don’t use it often compared to other counties in Asia and don’t use it all for the crime of rape which a few countries do still. Also, Japan doesn’t have judicial corporal punishment like Singapore has.


  16. Apparently, there were four stabbings in London yesterday alone! Also a soldier suffered a slashing with a knife and one of those nice acid attacks that ‘enrichment’ offers us! 🙄🙄🙄So much for ‘Britain’ being under the magnificent and beneficial rule of the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’🙄🤬🙄


    1. The really wealthy (often) cosmopolitans are unaffected by the gradual collapse of society and public order. They use few of its services, having private health, private security, bodyguards, gated houses or developments, concierges, chauffeur-driven cars etc, private postal companies. They need not even use public transport for distance travel: private planes, charters, helicopters etc.


    2. Look at this: Part-Jewish woman’s mother was caught by the dreadful brutal “Nazis” in WW2 Denmark. She admitted breaking a serious law and…was released after promising (falsely) not to do it again!


  17. Devon, Cornwall, Somerset – they’re all in the firing line as White bastions (whether in reality they are so or not). Here’s an example of something that probably shouldn’t be taken at face:


    “South Somerset District Council is trying to speed up the number of new homes being built in Yeovil to meet local [sic] demand for housing.”

    My prejudice being, that I thought south-west England was bereft of jobs, had a sinking economy and mainly exported to the south-east those people capable of employment…

    O/T: I dare say I’m somewhat slow in this but today an unpleasant thought occurred to me: maybe all the criminals being sent to prison today who formerly would have been transported or executed are being well fed and well-exercised there to provide future “operative” style shock troops for the glorious revolution when the jokers-in-government decide to pull the plug and up the chaos in the public space by opening the prisons – as with the Bastille…?
    Meanwhile the sewage outfall keeps delivering:




    1. Exactly. The System wants, ideally, raceless and cultureless serfs, happily ignorant of everything except recent popular culture and how to work communications devices, computers and cars.

      I used to go to Yeovil (from Exeter) fairly often, to the County Court. Yeovil is a bit of a blot on the region. Members of my chambers used to joke about how their Crown Court (and mags) criminal work was always provided by defendants from Yeovil, Plymouth or Gloucester (Yeovil only has a County Court and a mags’ court, no Crown Court).

      I saw this…


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