General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog

I have already given a preliminary opinion piece about the upcoming general election:

and in other blog posts have examined Boris Johnson and his Cabinet, Corbyn, the various political parties contending, and some of the main issues in considerable detail.

I am now inclined to blog daily with any significant news. I start with the Daily Mail report below.

The essence of the report is that Nigel Farage tried to form an electoral pact with the Conservatives, which has now been rejected by “leading Conservatives”. Farage has left the offer open until 14 November, like the businessman he is. The reason for the rejection seems to be that the Conservatives are unwilling to accede to Farage’s demands. Another connected reason would be that the Cons would have to give the Brexit Party a free run in at least some seats.

Since the 19th Century, the Conservative (and Unionist) Party has made it a point of honour to stand a candidate in every Westminster constituency. Another point is that, if Brexit Party were to end up with even a small bloc of seats, BP might later strike out from that citadel and be a far greater danger to the Conservatives. Once a party has more than a tiny number of Westminster seats, it’s launched, it’s a player.

Most Brexit Party members and candidates are far closer to Conservative Party ideology than that of the Labour Party. To some extent, that is true of BP voters too, at least in the South of England.

The Brexit Party has lost its mojo recently. By-election misses, poll doldrums (as Boris-Idiot tried to capture the Leave/Brexit vote). Brexit Party a few days ago was at its lowest in the polls since the Spring: only 7%.

However, one can never quite write off egregious Farage. His bold gambit in demanding that the Cons comply with conditions such as effectively gifting him a bloc of seats may energize Brexit Party now that the Conservatives have so contemptuously refused the proposal.

Boris Johnson is no “One Nation” Prime Minister. He was jeered and booed when leaving Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, yesterday. The Conservatives may have been at 42% in the polls a few days ago (published yesterday but work done a week ago) but I doubt that that can be maintained.

Brexit Party has the power to hit Labour, but it has the ability to hit the Conservatives worse. There are large numbers of seats where a Brexit Party candidate can mean a Conservative candidate losing to a LibDem, or to Labour, or even, who knows, even to…a Brexit Party candidate.

If (at present, a big if) Farage and Brexit Party can pick up speed, increasing support from the recent 7% to 15% or more, Boris-Idiot is toast, along with the Conservative Party. The Conservatives may then find themselves, not with the solid majority they want but worse off than they are now.

The BBC’s outline:

Update, 2 November 2019

(Mike Ashley is a barrow-boy “entrepreneur” who makes Alan Sugar look like Andrew Carnegie).

(might mean a Con majority of 90+, if accurate…)

The polling website Britain Elects has interpreted these as showing a current Tory vote share of about 35%, roughly 10 points ahead of Labour; and the analytical website Electoral Calculus has extrapolated a Tory majority on 12 December of about 70. That would be by far the party’s largest since Margaret Thatcher’s third election victory in 1987. There are obvious flaws to this suggestion that Johnson will win decisively. In 2017, May had an even bigger initial poll lead, but it shrank to almost nothing by election day. And this year’s contest is potentially more volatile still.” [The Guardian]

“The fanfare at the launch of a general election tends to obscure the reality that Britain’s voting system involves hundreds of very particular local elections. That constituency variation, combined with unusual volatility in party identification, makes the poll due on 12 December highly unpredictable. Brexit has shuffled conventional loyalties, forcing the Conservatives in particular to seek support on unfamiliar terms.” [The Guardian]

Update, 3 November 2019

In a sign of the increasing volatility and unpredictability of the UK electorate, the latest opinion poll now places Conservative Party on 36%, Labour Party 28%, LibDems 14%, Brexit Party 12%.

By Electoral Calculus calculation, that could still give the Conservatives a Commons majority of 40+, but is a long way below other recent estimates. In 2017, the Conservatives started the General Election campaign very far ahead of Labour, but the advantage had almost disappeared by polling day. Another few days and Labour would have overtaken.

Jewish families will leave the UK if Jeremy Corbyn wins general election, Tory chair James Cleverly says” [Daily Telegraph]. Yay!

Update, 3 November 2019

These connected tweets made me laugh. Ghastly old Jewish “ho” Edwina Currie got a shock while canvassing for the “Conservative” candidate in the High Peak constituency of Derbyshire:

Surprisingly (perhaps not very), she ignores the occupier’s plea that he is very busy and engaged on a conference call; she just ploughs on regardless.

Jesus! If that ghastly apparition appeared outside my home on Halloween, after dark, I would arm myself with a mallet and a wooden stake!

Meanwhile, on the national stage, Nigel Farage has announced that he himself will not be contesting any seat, but that Brexit Party will now be contesting at least 600 seats.

This will obviously have an effect on Conservative vote-shares in those constituencies and on the number of Conservative MPs returned. To what extent that is so depends on how high the support for Brexit Party goes. If only 5%-10%, maybe not so serious. If 10%-15%, possibly enough to prevent a Conservative majority in the Commons. If anything like 20%+, it is Goodnight Vienna for the Conservatives, especially if Labour and the LibDems also increase their shares.

The Conservatives are taking the Brexit Party effect seriously, which is why they just offered the Brexit Party chairman, Richard Tice MEP, a safe rural Conservative seat if he would defect (he has, it seems, refused).

Update, 4 November 2019

Conservative Party candidate for Gower, one Francesca O’Brien, wrote that those living on State benefits should be “put down”:

and now it seems that Ross Thomson [Con, Aberdeen South] will not be standing for re-election after having been caught engaging in gay sex assaults.

I have only one regret about this nasty little shit leaving the Commons: I was going to include him in my “Deadhead MPs— An Occasional Series”. Plenty of fish, though.

In a way, the Ross Thomson story is the tale of how the Conservative Party has become something totally alien. A few extracts from his Wikipedia entry:

Prior to entering politics, Thomson worked as a store trainer for department store Debenhams“;

On 5 October 2016, Thomson repaid expenses relating to a night’s stay in an Edinburgh hotel with a male friend whom he subsequently hired.[16]“;

[“hired” the “male friend” on his MP’s expenses, of course…was he giving the “male friend” a test drive?]

On 3 November 2019 MP Paul Sweeney accused Thomson of sexual assault in the Strangers’ Bar in October 2018.[22] Denying wrongdoing, later the same day Thomson announced that he would not stand for re-election as the Member of Parliament for Aberdeen South, saying that allegations of groping had made his life ‘a living hell’. [23] However, this was later contradicted when it emerged that he only stood down when the chairman of his local Conservative Association refused to sign his nomination papers to allow him to stand as a Conservative candidate.“;

On 6 February 2019, various newspapers reported unsubstantiated claims that Thomson had been escorted by police from the Strangers’ Bar of the House of Commons the previous evening. Initial reports indicated that police had attended following reports of “sexual touching” of patrons by the MP. Eyewitnesses claimed that Thomson had repeatedly groped several young men also present in the bar, grabbing their bottoms and genitals. No prosecutions followed and a Conservative Party investigation is yet to conclude, but the Parliamentary Commissioner on Standards dismissed the complaint.[28][29][30][31] Thomson has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, citing the allegations as politically motivated.[32]

The damn cheek of the bastard! He has the gall (re. the above) to say that he is a victim! (because he has been “trolled” online about his degenerate behaviour).

Here he is, a couple of years ago, weaselling about the Bedroom Tax:

All that, and now I read that the bastard is in favour of mass immigration and wanted to make the UK a friendlier place for “refugees” and other migrant-invaders! This creature was (is still, for the next few days) a Conservative Party MP!

Breathing cleaner air, the latest news about Brexit Party seems to be that BP is going to put up 600+ candidates unless Boris-Idiot complies with several demands. Looks as though Brexit Party is going to rain on the “Conservative” parade (if Brexit Party can climb higher in the polls, at least)…

Back in the (((swamp))), I see that “they” have arranged a suitably well-paid safety net for sex-pest depressive and Israel mouthpiece, John Woodcock, who had to resign the Labour whip when he was exposed, so ending his political career(ism). He is going to be engaged in spying on social nationalists and trying to close down free speech. I blogged about this unpleasant individual a couple of years ago:

The comments (hundreds of them) under that tweet are very amusing…(click on the tweet to read the thread).

Update, 5 November 2019

I just noticed the date. How will history remember these years of our lives in England’s long history?

Remember remember

The 5th of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot,

Life is short and memory long

And traitors deserve to be shot

[I suppose that, in these febrile and unfree times, I should add that the poetic whimsy above does not constitute any injunction or incitement to anyone to be beastly to MPs, or indeed to anyone, whether mentioned in this blog post or not…]

Back to boring old General Election news, and it seems to me that today marks the start of the real campaign. Corbyn is at least vocalizing the reality, that the Boris-Idiot Cabinet of Israeli agents and doormats for the Jewish lobby plans to impose a “free market” dystopia on the British people. When/if enough people realize that, the Conservative Party lead will evaporate.

The government of David Cameron-Levita promised to build 200,000 new affordable houses. Not one was built. If the UK stopped importing unwanted blacks, browns etc, new houses would be unnecessary anyway, but that is another issue. The point is that promises are cheap and, in the mouth of Boris-Idiot, easily made.

I saw cocaine-abusing Israel doormat Michael Gove today on Sky News. One of the (in the end) five tweets by reason of which I was wrongfully disbarred in 2016 was that describing Michael Gove, entirely accurately, as a “pro-Israel, pro-Jew expenses cheat”. At that time, the public was unaware that Gove was also a cocaine-snorter. He looked drugged or drunk in the Chamber of the House of Commons recently. When will the British people wake up to the corrupt political/msm milieux, aka “the (((swamp)))”?

Seems that Robert Largan, “Conservative” candidate for High Peak (Derbyshire) is tweeting mostly about Alison Chabloz, with the odd negative attack on the Labour candidate and present MP, Ruth George. Largan seems obsessed with “anti-Semitism”, but then he is an accountant working for Marks & Spencer in London.

All Mr. Largan has to do now is learn to regularly shove cocaine up his nose (I shall be polite and assume that he does not already do so…) and he will be welcome at Gove’s degenerate parties…

Largan has tweeted or retweeted nine or ten times about Alison Chabloz in the past few days. His other tweets mostly try to attack the Labour candidate, Ruth George, using “guilt-by-association”. It is clear that Largan has nothing much useful to say to the voters of High Peak. He seems mostly interested in keeping in with a certain (((lobby))).

Here is what Largan and all “Conservative” MPs and candidates now support (click to listen):

High Peak’s “Conservative” candidate (who lives in a chi-chi part of London) is in fact a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Quelle surprise…In fact, he went on a (subsidized?) trip to Israel only a few months ago. The cheek of the bastard! Surely he could wait until becoming an MP before freeloading?! I wonder whether he will be elected. I hope not. There are enough Israel-doormats in the Commons already.

Some people are taking things into their own hands:

Meanwhile, there is movement in the opinion polls. While all polling shows that the Conservative Party is well ahead, a minority of polls are now showing a diminution in that lead.

That polling would result in a Conservative Party majority of about 16 seats, according to Electoral Calculus. Boris-Idiot would welcome that, though it is far from the recent predictions of 100-seat majorities. I sense a slight change in the air. Corbyn and Labour are never going to be flavour of the month with most voters, but I sense a new determination on the part of many to try to stop Boris-Idiot and his satraps from becoming an elected ZOG/NWO tyranny, as they assuredly would be, had they a majority in the Commons.

Another poll:

Brexit Party will have to get a long way up from 11% to make a really big impact. That YouGov poll would still give Boris-Idiot a Commons majority of as much as 126 seats; but things are now starting to move. The ice is beginning to melt.

Below: desperate…

This, below, from the Daily Mail Comments section, made me laugh! (capital letters in original)


Latest: Phillip Hammond not seeking re-election.

Update, 6 November 2019

Yet another Conservative Party MP has decided to give up politics. Lazy half-Jew chancer and general waste of space Ed Vaizey will not be again contesting Wantage, a safe Conservative seat. He would undoubtedly have been re-elected, but his chance of further ministerial preferment (he was Secretary of State for Culture for several years, absurdly) would have been minimal, at least in the short term. He was obviously unwilling to stay on as a backbench MP for years, or indefinitely, and unlike many MPs, does not need the money.

Alison Chabloz has commented on the attack both on her and on Labour candidate Ruth George by prp-Israel Marks & Spencer accountant and “Conservative” candidate for High Peak, Robert Largan:

39 thoughts on “General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog”

  1. A CON Party PM being jeered at in Cambridge might not mean as much as some people think. The Tories haven’t had an MP there since 1987 -1992. Since then it has had Liberal Democrat and Labour MPs and there has been a strong Green Party vote. The Cons now come third in the parliamentary seat. Also, in the referendum it was one of the few council areas in my part of the world (Eastern England region) that produced a Remain victory and a impressive one at that.

    It is true that Michael Ashley isn’t exactly an ethical businessman and could be described as the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ but he is, at least, a Briton unlike the Jew Sugar with his contemptible ‘what is good for Jews attitude’ ie he was and presumably still is a staunch Remainer but has taken a very strong dislike towards Corbyn for some odd reason! Corbyn may as well be Julius Streicher or Adolf Hitler himself in Sugar’s eyes!🙄

    Sadly, unless Labour can close that gap more or the Liberal Democrat Party can concentrate their vote to an extent they haven’t managed before it looks highly probable Coco The Clown and Donald Trump puppet will be PM for the next five years at least.

    I’m having nightmares about this election!🤬😡😞


    1. The night is young. The LibDem vote in particular is unpredictable. I doubt that the Cons can maintain 42% support (in fact one poll has already reduced that to 34%), but Labour really needs to start marching if it is going to come a good second rather than a poor second. I suppose that there is still an outside chance that Labour still might end up largest party, but not much of a chance.

      I want a weak government at this stage, pref. a weak Corbyn one.


  2. The best result would either another hung parliament so we can get rid of this crazy, grotesquely unfair, illogical electoral system that positively encourages people to vote tactically (this can have DANGEROUS effects for the country) or a TINY Tory victory ie about FIVE seats or less so as to provide a restraint on their probable stupidity.

    NO to a UNLEARNT, as it will be under FPTP, landslide for ANY party.


  3. That was a Party Election Broadcast on behalf of The Clown Party (formerly known as the serious party called The Conservative and Unionist Party and provider of PMs like Wellington, Salisbury, Arthur Balfour, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain. Yes, guys and girls, our party has fallen an incredibly long way!)😞🤡


  4. “Britain’s electoral system involves hundreds of very particular local elections” That Guardian report says it all, does it not, about our crummy system!

    Surely, this is MEANT to be a NATIONAL ELECTION, NOT a LOCAL ELECTION, for a supposed NATIONAL PARLIAMENT out of which a NATIONAL government is meant to emerge!

    First Past The Post should never be used as a stand-alone electoral system for supposedly NATIONAL legislative bodies but only as a local election system (it is still not ideal) OR as PART OF a hybrid NATIONAL electoral system as in Germany:



    1. Some REAL link should be made by the system for the NATIONAL vote shares of the various parties. At present, there is NONE!🥺


      1. Yes. In fact, the local nexus is often absent anyway. Very few MPs come from or were brought up in their constituencies. Many are parachuted in. Luciana Berger was a case in point.


  5. A Christian man got arrested the other day for praying in a public park yet Priti Patel’s PC Stazi don’t arrest Muslims for making nuisances of themselves praying to Allah in public. YET ANOTHER DEMONSTRATION of the Tory Party’s loony leftism, adherence to PC globalist and anti-British values and how the police have become dangerously politicised under their misrule. Why the double standards?

    They want our hard earned taxes to pay for another 20,000 of these PC Gestapo goons!

    I say remove the cult of PC from our police forces then we won’t mind paying to RESTORE your brutal CUTS to them from 2010 onwards!

    Here is a REAL police force from a SANE and WELL GOVERNED country ie the Republic of Singapore:


  6. So, even in notoriously hardline on crime Singapore, they do allow some criminals the possibility of being rehabilitated and allowed back into society and don’t hang or imprison all criminals for LIFE MEANING LIFE sentences then!😂😂😂


    1. ps. Look at this

      Vicious thug stamped on the head of an unconscious victim. Sentence? 18 WEEKS, and even that SUSPENDED, just because said thug has “signed up for” GCSE exams! Shite “everyone passes, most get Grade A” “exams” as a Get Out Of Jail Free card! 18 weeks would have been ludicrously lenient anyway, even had it been served. 8-9 weeks, in reality.


  7. Yes, that local connection to a seat is indeed often missing. One of the main advantages claimed by the advocates of First Past The Post is the strong constituency link. How is that served when sometimes MPs can’t even be bothered to live in their seats (The Tory MP for St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Ann Main, lives miles away in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire!) and candidates are parachuted in and come from a nationally-approved list of candidates ie Cameron’s PC points means prizes A List. Where is the discretion to choose their own candidates supposedly afforded to local Tory associations nowdays by Britain having this electoral system made-up only from local constituencies and not party regional or national lists as in other countries with Proportional Representation systems?


  8. So James Cleverly and his repulsive anti-British Party is more interested in whether a small yet influential ethnic minority leaves the country just because Jeremy Corbyn says a few pretty mild things against the sometimes wrong actions of a FOREIGN country ie Israel (Jeremy NEVER criticises Jew Zionist extremism against gentile Britons IN BRITAIN) than he cares about the most loyal and patriotic section of British CITIZENS in a part of OUR OWN COUNTRY ie the loyalist/unionist community in NORTHERN IRELAND.

    If that doesn’t sum-up the sheer degeneration of the ‘modern’ Conservative Party and Unionist Party which ISN’T Conservative and is now not even genuinely unionist either then, frankly, I don’t know what does!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬

    Jeremy IS NOT an ‘anti-semite’ at all. Most gentile Brits haven’t even knowingly met a Jew in this country such is the small size of that community so very few people care about how they look or what clothes they wear. You have to go to really only one place in this country ie Stamford Hill before you think as if you could be in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

    Gentile Brits are just occasionally concerned about the behaviour of SOME Jews NOT about the way they look, the clothes they wear or the particular aspects of the Jewish religion. That REAL anti-semitism barely exists in this country and has never done so on a big scale. After all, it is pretty silly to get uptight about a less than 1% population that doesn’t show any signs of growing much!


    1. I can’t agree with you that most Brits have never met a Jew! There a quite a few of them…As for their numbers, that is not the issue, which is their financial power, msm influence and political connection.


      1. Numbers are not the problem as you say. The problem is that some of them ie the Zionist extremist ones insist upon forming a ‘nation within a nation’ as Sir Oswald Mosley once put it and using their influence in ways that are not beneficial to the host population. In that way, these Jews clearly haven’t sufficiently assimilated into our society.


  9. The first Jew I ever met in Britain (fleetingly) was the former Jewish BNP councillor for a ward in Epping Forest, Patricia Richardson, when I was in the distinct council offices there. IRONIC or what!😂😃👌


      1. Yes, that was the first time I had KNOWINGLY met a Jew. Most of them, after all, are not the obviously Jewish people (Orthodox) you would come across if you went to Stamford Hill in North Hackney. I’ve been there and felt I had been transported to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem!😂


      2. I have only been to Stamford Hill twice, the first time to help a friend and his girlfriend (both recently-Called barristers) move out of their rented flat. c. 1990. The Jew landlord tried to cheat them out of the deposit. I noticed in the street that almost all the children of the Hasids —or whatever they are, meaning the funny hat lot— wore glasses. Is that centuries of inbreeding? Some other genetic defect? Even those that looked about 4 or 5 had glasses.

        My second visit was about 1994, but that was a garden party organized by (what I later discovered to be) a corrupt unqualified “outdoors clerk” of a solicitor, who was basically a con-man (also only later revealed). The house was owned by his West Indian girlfriend and her mother and was a decent Victorian detached house with large garden. At one time Stamford Hill must have been not too bad, maybe around 1900.


  10. So, Labour and the CON Party are on a combined national vote share of 64% which is 2% below the 66% both parties got in 2010 – a record low share for them up to that point in time. Needless to say, our country has got worse in that time in many ways so both should be lower than this poll indicates. Hopefully, that will be the case.

    The non-CONServative and non-unionist Party should be on a absolute maximum of 30% ie about the level John Major got in the election of 1997 which was a record low in terms of vote share since the Great Reform Act of 1832.

    Another fall in the Tory lead to one of 6% should result in either a very small Tory victory or one of those fun hung parliaments!😂😀😂


  11. Yes, Stamford Hill isn’t as nice an area as it was in earlier decades. About twenty five years or so ago I watched a BBC programme about the area and apparently the young blacks there were often mugging the Hasidic Jews as they thought all the Jews had loads of money.

    Black crime in London has been out of control for a longtime and didn’t start with all those vicious and brutal stabbings occurring in London almost daily now.


    1. I lived in London (on and off: also lived at times in Surrey/Hampshire and overseas) for about 15-20 years (from 1976), mostly in Little Venice, but also in Blackheath/Lee, New Cross, East Dulwich/Denmark Hill, Tulse Hill, and briefly —in 1998— Holland Park/Shepherd’s Bush (border). There has been a gradual social deterioration, but matched or paralleled by an influx of wealth in some areas and by a gentrification in some (e.g. when I lived in East Dulwich, in the late 1980s, it was not the almost wealthy area that I believe I read that it is now).


  12. It must be nice to be so confident about the safeness of some of your seats that you can offer one to a former Tory(?) as an electoral bribe! This initiative on the part of the CON Party just goes to show how uncompetitive general elections are in far too many seats. I live in Brentwood and Ongar (2017 Tory numerical majority 24,002 and a percentage majority (the really important figure since constituencies don’t have the exact same number of voters)of 45% over their nearest opponent!

    The Tories rightly believe in the power of competition when it comes to business. Well, I think it would be a good idea if our general elections were made much more competitive by introducing a new electoral system of proportional representation. General elections shouldn’t effectively pass seats like Brentwood and Ongar by!


    1. I agree.
      The Cons are not as confident as the polls would suggest. The attempted bribe to Richard Tice; also, the bribe to those on State benefits, a 1’% or so upgrade next year. Not exactly munificent after 10 years of “austerity” and 4-5 years of no increases, ie real-terms decreases, but it is obviously intended to send a message: “we’re OK, you’re OK”…


  13. That looks to be the case. Caricature of a caricature (and we are in the age of caricatures in politics are we not with Coco The Clown being PM!)otherwise known as Lord Charles or Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg has apparently pleaded for Nigel Farage to retire!

    Well, Lord Charles, there would be no reason for the Brexit Party to exist if the CON Party had DELIVERED a GENUINE Brexit applied in a UNIFORM manner across the ENTIRE UNITED Kingdom as was implied by voting leave on that now infamous ballot paper on June 23rd 2016 but your party hasn’t achieved that!

    Even though I do oppose many of his libertarian stances (though I agree with him about abortion) I hope Lord Charles gets returned as the member for North East Somerset.

    I am surprised he doesn’t wear a top hat to the House of Commons like the students at his former school Eton College used to have as part of their uniform!😂😂😂


    1. Lord Charles. Yes, very good. Mogg is of course a caricature in his very person, as well as being the leader, in a sense, of the masses of pseudo-“country” people and/or faux-“gentry” across the shires. Rees-Mogg is not a country gentleman really (albeit of such roots in part), but a City of London speculator. His whole history (I am surprised to learn that he is only 50) and life (not to mention the family fortune, partly from his wife, of over £100M) makes him completely insulated and isolated from the British people, some of whom however like him as a kind of mascot, such as was “Lord Charles” (thanks for that clip) or the art critic Brian Sewell, if you recall him: .

      As to Brexit Party, I have blogged about how BP has (in the annoying but useful term) “lost its mojo” of late. I think that is because the Cons took up the running on Brexit, but also because Farage is playing a devious game, very quiet lately. Now it’s game on again, apparently.

      Brexit Party is, it seems, standing 600+ candidates, and I think may be able to climb in the polls to 15% or so, though I doubt much further (we shall see). UKIP’s 12% in 2015 prevented the Cons getting a fairly large majority. I hope that the same will be the case, though Labour has slipped badly in recent months, and that may be crucial if unchanged by polling day.

      On the other hand again, the LibDems fell to 7.8% in 2015 and then again to 7.4% in 2017 (though getting 4 *more* MPs thanks to the absurd FPTP electoral system). Now, antipathy towards the Cons and Labour means a “surge by default” toward the LibDems. They are currently polling somewhere in the 12%-16% range. That will have at least some effect; if the LDs can raise their support to above 20%, great effect, though Jo Swinson is a proven enabler of Con policy. Still, the worst result would be a Con victory, Boris-Idiot with a majority of 100 MPs behind him. Anything is better than that.

      The Cons obviously fear Brexit Party for those reasons. They fear losing anything up to 20% across the board, which would result in few (if any) Brexit Party MPs, but would allow many LibDem and Labour MPs to scrape through. Labour might be hit in the North in the same way, but far less hard (IMO).


  14. The Liberal Democrat Party needs to localise that national opinion poll rating if it is to have a real effect ie in South West London, mid Wales, a couple of seats in Scotland, and in the South West in particular as that is where the CONS made good gains off them in 2015. GoIng from under 10% of the vote in many seats to 20% isn’t going to win seats.


  15. Regardless as to whether they are CON Party MPs or not, it is a bit stupid and unwise for gay men, lesbian women or bisexual men or women to be in favour of more immigration from Third World countries or indeed from some of the Eastern European ones like Poland as well since quite a few of them have homophobic and biphobic cultures.

    Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (National Rally Party or RN) has softened its previous attitudes and policies towards LGBT people and as a result they gained the support of about a quarter of Paris’s LGBT voters in 2017’s Presidential Election.


    1. There comes a point for every person and every political party when there is a choice between convenience and principle. I usually choose principle, I think that I can say. System politicians usually choose convenience and compromise. They have within them the seeds of death.


  16. As for that Tory candidate for the Gower seat, words fail me! I wonder how the CON Party got to be known as ‘Britain’s nasty party’?🙄🙄🙄 It is a shame their nastiness only extends to law-abiding British poor people and NOT to violent thugs, muggers, mostly black people in London with a penchant for stabbings, and illegal immigrants who the chief clown is on record as saying he wants to give YET ANOTHER amnesty to!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

    Let us have some ‘nastiness’ directed towards law breakers and ensuring our immigration laws are actually applied!


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