Diary Blog, 18 December 2019

Welcome to my diary blog, which will probably be published on a near-daily basis from today. It will contain political and social comment, mainly, but may also include music, art etc.

Anything requiring more length or structure will be put into a separate blog article.

I saw a tweet (see below), which shows how many of those on Twitter are in a relatively small echo-chamber. The tweet contains an “exit poll” taken on the recent Polling Day, and asks for which party the voter voted. The result (of over 68,000 responses): 64% Labour, 20% Conservative, LibDem 7%, 10% Other. So Labour was overvalued at about twice its real national vote-share, Conservative Party undervalued at less than half what it actually received on that day, the LibDems also undervalued at 7% instead of the real figure of 11.6%. As to “Other, 10%”, well Brexit Party got 2% in the actual election, Greens got about 3%, then there were SNP, Plaid, the various Irish parties; so “Other” may have been accurate overall, something which evidently cannot be said of the main Twitter poll.

The lady further below the tweet understands what an “echo-chamber” Twitter is:

This made me smile:

“@mojoss55/Maureen Fitzsimmons” used to follow my Twitter account. “Three degrees of separation”?

“and now for something completely different…”

Labour Party leadership

Rebecca Long-Bailey [Lab, Salford and Eccles] has been put forward as a candidate for Labour leader. She is in the Corbyn camp.

I do not know much about her at present, but what I do like is that the Jews on Twitter etc all seem to hate her. A good sign! Also, I like the fact that she is not one of the many “silver spoon” MPs (both Labour and Conservative): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebecca_Long-Bailey#Early_life_and_career

I shall do a separate blog on the Labour leadership contest once all candidates are known.

Musical interlude

Metamorphosen, by Richard Strauss, one of the great composers of the 20th Century and for two years in the 1930s the head of the Reichsmusikkammer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamorphosen


Labour leadership (again)

Just took a look at Oddschecker and it appears that Rebecca Long-Bailey is favourite in the betting market. All the Jew-Zionist claque on Twitter is attacking her. Looking good…(from my perspective). I of course am not a Labour supporter, but their rank and file are at least generally better than the selfish, moneygrubbing “Conservative” ones, with their parasitic buy-to-let investments, inbuilt family life-advantages etc.

So the Jews are attacking Rebecca Long-Bailey, the usual msm drones are attacking her, the System talking-heads too. She must be one of the best candidates…

Of course, these msm talking heads (let alone the Jew element) are scarcely objective. “They” want to retake control of Labour, so that it can be “controlled opposition” again, and if it comes to it, a (((controlled))) government as well.

In fact, all this talk about “would Labour be electable under a socialist Labour leader?” (as distinct from a more “social-democratic”, or even “Con-lite”, one) tends to neglect the fact that:

  • The Labour vote collapsed from 40% to just over 32% at the General Election, true, but that was only a partial collapse. Three-quarters and more of the Labour vote held, despite the years of System and especially Jew-Zionist vilification of Labour and especially Corbyn, which campaign became almost hysterical near Polling Day. Jews, we were told, were sitting on their suitcases, waiting either to make a last despairing bid to get to Tel Aviv or awaiting the knock at the door and the train to the East. Yeah, right… Contrast that with the mostly very soft msm treatment given to Boris-idiot over 20 years. (and I should have thought that, were any of the “Jews are scared of Corbyn” stuff true, it would have encouraged more people to vote Labour!).
  • Statistical work done since the General Election shows that, had only 18-24 year old voters voted, the Conservative Party would not have a single MP anywhere in the UK. That does not necessarily mean that they will vote Labour next time, or that the next wave of 18-24s will, but it does make me think that the coming mainstream of voters will want a more radical agenda than the System preferees such as Keir Starmer or Lisa Nandy are willing to offer.
  • The next general election will not only have all those present 18-24s or most of them voting Labour (probably) but also the next wave of 18-24s (and they might be more inclined to use their vote if Labour has a radical leader).
  • The next general election will have far fewer Conservative voters, as older voters (and most Conservative voters are old) fall victim to “old age, sickness and death” (Buddha’s description of the Primal Karma of humanity).

The recent General Election win for the Conservatives is unlikely to be repeated for the above reasons. This may be partly why they are tightening up on voter registration etc. The boundaries of constituencies are being changed too.


Looking at the above, the smart move for Labour, counter-intuitively, might indeed be to have a (younger and) very radical leader. Corbynism without Corbyn. After all, someone such as Rebecca Long-Bailey has no baggage from the 1970s, 1980s and generally; and the Jews can hardly play the “we are all so scared” card again and with a woman aged only 40-something (she is 40 at present).

By the way, Salford and Eccles was previously represented by disgraced expenses cheat fraudster, Blair-Brown acolyte and Labour Friends of Israel drone, Hazel Blears:


I do not know whether Yvette Cooper will try to become Labour leader. She would be disastrous: pro-Jew, pro-Israel, with a history of formulating and getting passed poorly-drafted legislation, often very repressive legislation too.

Yvette Cooper is a virtue-signalling “refugees welcome” hypocrite and idiot who, with her equally bad-news husband, Ed Balls, pretended that they would be offering their home(s) to migrant invaders, while urging others to do the same (which they never did, of course; cf. Lily Allen). Perhaps she did not understand that most British people do not have several houses. She and Ed Balls made mucho money out of the British taxpayers when they were both MPs. They now have several properties, none occupied by “refugees”.

The family, which includes their three kids, live in a £650,000 terrace house in Hackney, East London. They also own a £900,000 North London house and a property worth £230,000 in Castleford, West Yorkshire. (The Sun & Daily Mail)https://www.spearswms.com/ed-balls-net-worth/

To cap it all, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper may have been lucky to avoid prosecution for fraud:



Interesting parallel

EU “freedom”

Wars and rumours of wars

Large-scale wars do not start without warning. There are always rumblings from the telluric depths first, sometimes for years.

It would be madness for the UK to fight Russia. Russia may not be the old Soviet Union, but it can still put up to 4 million men (and women) in the field, if need be. That’s including reserve forces. 900,000+ are active; many of those are front-line forces.

Britain’s forces total just over 200,000, of which only a small fraction (perhaps 40,000) are both active (non-reserve) and front-line.



Similar proportions in respect of naval, air, strategic rocket forces etc.

The fact is that, if the UK gets involved in a war with Russia, the UK will be devastated. Glasgow (which is near the Faslane base), London, the major ports etc. There would not be much left. That may be true of some Russian target areas too, but the old Soviet Union was 92x the (geographic) size of the UK, and even the present Russian Federation is about 70x the size.

Before you cut, measure seven times…


Jesu Christi!

Just when you thought that Diane Abbott could not do more to destroy Labour with most present UK voters, the stupid monkey comes up with this!

I am convinced that the mere existence of Diane Abbott, at least as Shadow Home Secretary, lost the Labour Party a million votes at the recent General Election.

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 December 2019”

    1. I have not researched Barry Gardiner. I know, so far, only what I have seen on TV, on the old Daily Politics, maybe Marr and a few other shows. Impression: underwhelming. Nothing much either way so far. Wouldn’t have thought he had the charisma or the ideas to lead a political party fighting for its existence.


      1. Yes, he would be unlikely to frighten anyone. As you say, a pretty anonymous character.

        It is a shame for them they don’t have an obvious buffoon to turn to. Circus acts are popular with the British electorate and not just at Christmas time!😡🤬😞☹️


      2. Labour had such buffoons as Boris-idiot, though not quite so egregious, but they are gone now. Maybe Dennis Skinner was the last, with his bitter humourless “jokes” and his hypocrisy: a professional Northerner —Derbyshire— who lived in London, for the past 20 years with his wealthy American Jewish girlfriend. In his defence, he was supposed to be a good constituency MP and he was at least not “in it for the money”, unlike so many MPs.


  1. A nice piece of music there from Richard Strauss. Germany and Austria have undoubtedly produced some of best classical music composers in history:



    Part of that musical composition by Brahms was used for this series:

    The Tories: A Warning From History (0ops, a Freudian Slip there!😃😂)

    The series was really entitled The Nazis: A Warning From History:

    France had Maurice Ravel:


    Who could forget this incomparable piece of his:

    Where would Torvill and Dean be without that music of his, eh?👌😎😃


  2. If the Jew Zionist extremists on Twitter and in the media ext hate Rebecca Long-Bailey she must have something going for her then! Mind you, those swine hate ALL Britons who don’t praise them 100% and fall at their feet! at all times, don’t they?🙄🤬😡


  3. Time for Britain to become Judenfrei (free of Jews)!

    Die Juden Sind Unser Ungluck! (The Jews Are Our Misfortune)

    Before all these utterly ridiculous allegations of ‘anti-semitism were directed towards Labour by Jew Zionist extremists I never really thought much about this tiny ethnic minority but now I think what do they really bring to Britain and if they left our shores and moved to Israel would that really be all that bad? Many of them, as these allegations have proved, are thorough nuisances!


  4. You say the Jews can hardly play the we are all scared and might leave the country card again! I beg to differ on that assumption!! Rebecca Long-Bailey may well be a woman and still only forty years of age but if any ‘anti-semitism’ allegations can be pinned on her the Jew Zionist extremist fraternity will do their damnedest to make sure they stick!

    Now, for a musical interlude from another great German composer:


  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about Britain being involved in a war with Russia since the CON Party gets a large amount of its funding from there as well as people with Israeli links. Indeed, the war scenario
    to be scared about is one where the Tories launch one in the Middle East ie a war with Iran.

    Yes, Dianne Abbott is awful but the CON Party brought us Sajid Javid and now Indian refugee Priti Patel so has grotesquely insulted us with non ethnic Brits in control of our borders.

    Choosing between Tory and Labour in regard to border and migration issues and lots of other ones besides is like the ‘choice’ afforded still to some death row inmates in the USA ie do you wish to die by means of a lethal injection or the electric chair?🙄


  6. Germany – a land which produced many of those musical geniuses and is highly cultured in other ways yet voted for Adolf Hitler.

    If Zionist extremist Jews were prepared to REALLY learn from history they would reflect upon the above and be wise to refrain from the sort of antagonistic behaviour in this country which they did in Germany in the 1920’s and led to that Austrian corporal with the funny moustache gaining power.

    I am sure they would not wish the British to implement a ‘Final Solution’!


    1. Don’t fall for the idea that Hitler was a silly little man who somehow ranted his way to power. He was highly-educated, though not in any university (self-taught). He had great powers of imagination and strategy. His main flaw was also a strength—his emotional nature.

      His main aim was not to eliminate Jews as such, but to raise Germany from the gutter into which it fell post-1918, then to make it a great power. Neither could be accomplished while Jews lived in Germany.

      He did accomplish his first aim and Germany was the envy of Europe in the 1930s, but he then found walls of opposition to the second aim. He did accomplish the second aim, but all too briefly.


      1. I accept your points about der Fuhrer. Certainly, before 1939 he done a lot of good for Germany: controlling immigration, putting unemployed people into REAL jobs, combatting crime effectively, reviving Germany’s self-respect and its national morale. restoring its power status, reducing the influence and power of Jew Zionist extremists . Chances of ANY of these good things happening under our international embarrassment Boris the Buffoon as PM? A big, fat ZERO!

        Yes, Hitler originally just wanted what he considered to be (with some evidence) a troublesome, often disloyal and overly influential ethnic minority to leave Germany and didn’t want to kill them.


      2. Hitler didn’t go to university but in some ways he had far more common sense than utter Oxford University ‘educated’ cretins like Boris will EVER have. At least Adolf did do some good for Germany initially! Under Boris, we can expect the NHS to be dismantled eventually, to still have no real reduction of immigration, for vulnerable people to be hounded to an early grave by petty tyrants at the DWP, for the black crime rate specifically and the more general crime rate by all ethnic groups to further rise out of control and the country itself to come to an end and the countryside will further diminish in area because of housing planning controls being relaxed because of burgeoning population size increases caused by totally out of all control immigration.

        Basically, there is nothing to look forward to under that idiot unless you are a member of the 1%.


      3. Former Liberal Party PM David Lloyd-George visited Germany under the Third Reich and commented at how Der Fuhrer had worked miracles putting the unemployed into REAL employment (please take note Tories and stop your constant lies about our unemployment situation), etc and how happy and contented Germans were under his rule. About the only people nit happy were Jew Zionist extremists who lost their privileges so continued to whine and whinge about ‘anti-semitism’ as they tend to do!🙄


      4. Again, exactly so. The Jews had really made a killing in the Weimar period, especially during the 1923 inflation, when Jews came from all over Europe with suitcases of hard currency and were able to “buy” (extort from) Germans art works, jewels, land, buildings, factories etc, all for pennies. As late as 1938, Jews STILL owned about 40% of the buildings rented out in Germany! 5 years AFTER Hitler took power. He should have gone harder and faster. It was that situation that provoked Kristallnacht.


  7. Diana Abbot lauds the contributions of immigrants to British society! Well apart from the few who work in very specialised and highly-skilled fields like surgery, science etc I can’t see her point. As far as London is concerned I don’t see many of those types of immigrants in that city but there are plenty of others who make a contribution to its ever increasing stabbings!

    As for the immigrants providing us with a fantastic range of restaurants ‘argument’

    Roman Atkinson for Home Secretary! He would make a far better one than Israeli agent and globalist Priti Patel!

    There are no real benefits to mass, uncontrolled immigration but plenty of downsides the most important one of which is the loss of a homeland. No amount of Ponzi scheme like fake national prosperity can make-up for that!


  8. Those idiots who voted for Boris should have their right to vote taken away from them, especially those who should know better ie those up North in deprived areas. They should have abstained rather than voting for this globalist anti-British government some of whose members have suspect loyalties ie the ever-sneering Priti Patel. Those constituencies up North where Scum ‘readers’ voted for the globalist CON Party are going to be utterly hammered into the ground now. Boris doesn’t give a flying one for them as his remarks about working-class people record for posterity. No doubt he has already bought himself a nice magnum of Bollinger to celebrate pulling the wool over these people’s eyes successfully. They had better not go crying to the Labour Party or the other opposition parties when the NHS gets worse or gets flogged-off to the USA or their elderly parents can’t obtain care!

    Turkeys DO indeed vote for Christmas!


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