Further Thoughts About The Recent General Election

I am just putting down stray thoughts. I shall update this during the day and thereafter.

I have already blogged about the General Election result:


It may be that the most significant fact about the General Election result is that the Conservative Party vote increased by only 1.2 points vis a vis 2017, from 42.4% to 43.6%.

The Labour vote decreased from about 40% to 32.2%. So about 8 points.

It follows that this was not some kind of “Conservative” surge, but a function of the relative collapse of the Labour vote. It also means that Boris-idiot in 2019 is scarcely more popular than was Theresa May in 2017.

Logically, it is unlikely that the economic and social situation in the UK will improve much, if at all, between now and 2022, let alone December 2024, the maximum term of this Boris-idiot government.

We know that, as far as members go, the Con Party has, or had earlier this year, 140,000 members, a quarter of the size of Labour; of which 90,000+ voted for Boris Johnson to lead them. Members, though, are less important than voters.

The membership of the Conservative Party increased greatly in late-2018 to early-2019. 36,000 new members. There were speculations about “entryism”, maybe by former UKIP members:


It is a fair inference that those new 36,000+ members were almost all Boris partisans. Without them, he might even not have been elected leader.

The Conservative Party is now in charge of a government built on shifting sands.

The average Conservative member is over 60 now (though all major System parties now have averages over 50). About half are over 70 years of age.

The typical Conservative voter is at least middleaged, and in fact usually an elderly person. Only in those over about 60 years of age is there a majority in favour of the Conservative Party.

The above-cited Guardian article now adds this rider:

“• This article was amended on 24 June 2019 because an earlier version referred to a supposed “geriatric membership”. Geriatric refers to a branch of medicine; octogenarian was meant. This has been corrected.”

An “octogenarian” membership?!

The obvious if ghoulish corollary to the above is that very many Conservative Party members and many Con voters will not see the next general election (assuming that there is one…).

Shifting sands

The new Conservative MPs from the North and Midlands represent areas traditionally not Conservative. The roots are shallow.

One sees that the constituencies where the Labour Party was not so much affected by the mainly white voter-defection to the Conservative Party were those areas largely inhabited by non-whites. See, for example, Liz Kendall’s seat at Leicester West:


  • Liz Kendall got just under 50% of the vote, compared to about 60% in 2017 and about 47% in 2015.
  • David Lammy’s seat at Tottenham:  76% in 2019, as against 82% in 2017 and 67% in 2015


The msm-applauded “surge” to the Conservatives (in fact only 1.2 points) nationally, which was really an 8-point withdrawal from Labour, has scarcely touched those and similar seats. That supports my view that Labour, in terms of votes, is now largely (not entirely) the party of the “blacks and browns”.

It also supports my view that what the people really want, subconsciously, is a less militarized, less German, more “British” form of National Socialism, but brought into the contemporary arena as social-nationalism or the like.

If the economy tanks for whatever reason (mishandled Brexit, a continuation of the “austerity” nonsense of Osborne and Cameron-Levita, world events), then the brief “popularity” of Boris-idiot and the misnamed “Conservatives” (which in any case is not so: Con Party up only 1.2 points; though Labour is unpopular) will soak away into the desert sand. Will the people then look to “Labour”? Or elsewhere?

One thing is sure: the people cannot vote for a party that does not exist.

So far, since the demise of the BNP, the only alternatives —indeed one alternative under two successive names— to System parties have been UKIP and Brexit Party, effectively the same or under the same control when significant. Controlled opposition. Fakes. Parties posing as conservative “nationalist” while having candidates who were black, brown, Jew, you name it. Even a couple of ex-Marxist “revolutionary” lesbians. And the rabbits all accepted it. Even the “antifa” idiot-mob made those parties a major target of their bile, taking them as they assumed that those parties were, not as they really were.

A few quite random tweets I saw today, which seem to be symptomatic of the craziness of the general election farce that the UK’s degenerate political milieu has just held:

People in Scunthorpe (!) so desperate for a better life and a better UK that they will vote Conservative! My take? “Labour is mostly trash, the Conservative Party is 99% trash, and so people clutch at straws as they drown.”

And what about this one (below)? Jew ex-Labour Party types happy that (of all “people”…I call the bastard “devil”) Iain Duncan Smith kept his seat! For the Jews, it really is always “all about them”, whether it be the 2019 General Election, the evil Con regimes of 2010-2019, or the Second World War.

Below: Jews crying with happiness that a finance-capitalist government has been “elected” by lies and big money advertising…

Who is “gnasher jew”? Appropriately enough, they are not one Jew but legion, but here is one, anyway:

“Gnasher Jew” (one of that cabal of several Jews…) tweeted a semi-literate tweet a few months ago to the effect that I am “a convicted anti-Semite”. No, not convicted of “antisemitism” (which would in fact be impossible anyway, because “antisemitism” is not a criminal offence in the UK) or anything else.

Labour news

I see that Laura Pidcock, now 32, lost her seat at North West Durham. She is all too typical of young Labour MPs (many of whom are now ex-MPs): sole non-political job a few weeks or months as a “mental health support worker” (in her case): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Pidcock

Laura Pidcock is so very typical: “anti-racist” “activist”, a kind of post-Marxist; probably solid on grass-roots problems such as poverty, but I doubt that I am guessing too wildly if I say that she probably thinks that mass immigration is great for the people of the UK. And so on. Well, that’s her binned politically.

Now we move on to a Labour MP who, unfortunately, is still in place: Jess Phillips. This ignorant horrible woman was the subject of one of my “Deadhead MPs” blog articles:


There is now a push from the Jewish lobby and msm to make this ignorant creature Labour leader! Labour, the party of Attlee, Wilson, Blair (whatever their flaws and whatever my own criticism of their policies and direction)…

Jess Phillips is pushing herself forward, despite her lack of culture and education:


Her article, in that stronghold of “working-class” life, The Observer, says that “disappointed” ex-Labour voters voted Conservative; but we have seen that the Conservative vote only went up, nationally, by 1.2 points, so not many former Labour voters did vote Con. Probably more in the North. Generally, they may well have stayed home and not voted, though.

There is also the point that only two-thirds (67.3%) of those eligible turned out to vote.

As one might expect, Jess Phillips’s article does not identify what Labour might do to regain its position, just says that the swing would have to be on the scale of 1997. I am scarcely a fan of Blair, Brown etc, but we have descended into farce if their positions or roles will be taken by Jess Phillips and…who? Yvette Cooper? (shudders…)

The accompanying photograph certainly makes my point about Labour being now largely the party of the “blacks and browns”! Hardly a white face…

Here (below) we see someone who is evidently not one of the world’s great thinkers:

Ever heard of mass immigration? Also known as “migration-invasion”. 13 million since 1997, plus births, plus illegals. Those eligible to vote and who do vote, all vote Labour.

…and look at this arrogance!

Oh, right….”serious current affairs shows” (there are few, if any, anyway) should not give time to “extremists“….Of course, giving time to Indian “Scottish” women who apparently do stand-up comedy and a bit of msm talking-head droning about politics (mainly about how there is supposedly too much “antisemitism”) is OK… of course….oh, no, wait…

Update, 15 December 2019

As expected, the msm are going mad about the “crushing victory” of Boris-idiot and the Con Party, despite the fact that the Conservative vote-share only increased by 1.2 points over what it was in 2017.

I missed this:

In Hartlepool, where Labour has always won, usually with over 50% of the vote and sometimes with over 60%, Labour won again, but on its lowest vote-share ever, only 37.7%. The stunning fact is that the Conservative candidate, in second place, got 28.9% and the Brexit Party candidate (Tice, Farage’s 2-i-c), got 25.8%. In other words, had either the Conservative Party or Brexit Party not stood, Labour would have lost that once very safe Labour seat, and by some margin.

Back on the Jewish front…

The Jewish actress and anti-Corbyn tweeter, Frances Barber (who was rather rude about me a few times when I had a Twitter account), now suggests (see below) that some Corbyn supporters be shot! Will the police be interested? No. However, were anyone to suggest that Con-supporting or Jewish-lobby-supporting persons should be shot, M. le Commissaire Plod would be on the case immediately.


and note how totally irrelevant New York-based loonie and former/one-time/briefly/disgraced ex-MP Louse —I mean Louise— Mensch, tries to seem relevant to British political life, even now!


[above, Louise Mensch, who admitted that hard drugs “messed with” her brain…]

The febrile atmosphere today

Perhaps some people take some things too seriously; others just laugh:

Speaking for myself, I’m laughing, or at least smiling, already!

BqhtYX6IcAA_3Lk.jpg large

Labour’s slow decline

I usually make fun of Ash Sarkar e.g.https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/disordered-and-infantile-people/ , but she makes good (if to me obvious) points here:

The Jews are crowing

Partly because they now have a low-tax government packed with Jews, pro-Jews, pro-Israel Zionists, even Israeli agents. Mainly, though, because they have got rid of Corbyn. He and his people may still be there, but they are there in the manner of El Cid in the film with Charlton Heston. The Cid is dead, but is put back on his horse and rides out. In the case of the Cid, to victory, but in the case of Corbyn, over the field of defeat. The Jews have “won”, but only over Corbyn-Labour. “Their” victory may prove to be Pyrrhic and/or short-lived.

Of course, I should have preferred to see a weak, minority government headed by Corbyn, but for me the General Election result also has its good aspects (already blogged about), such as the “Labour Friends of Israel” MPs getting the order of the boot: Ruth Smeeth, Anna Turley, Mary Creagh, Emma Reynolds etc. Luciana Berger also failed. Others too. Parliament has been purged, albeit in limited fashion. John Woodcock, John Mann, Ian Austin— all gone. Jo Swinson too, who was almost creepily pro-Zionist.


[Get down there, you devil, where you wanted me to go!]


Despite the election result being very much not to my taste, I scent prey here. Now that Labour has been badly wounded, the present evil ZOG regime does not have any real Opposition in Parliament or outside Parliament. The few hundred protesters in Whitehall were easily contained and were little more than an almost-peaceful sideshow.

This should be the moment when a social-national party or movement should arise, with the horns of a lamb and the words of a dragon.

More from Labour


We are witnessing the beginnings of a fundamental realignment in British politics. The old tribalisms are crashing down around us. How Labour responds to this will determine whether it remains a serious political force or is instead destined to become a party of permanent protest.” [Unherd/Blue Labour]


We’re back! (see below). “Economically-radical” —and national— “socialism”… 

Quite a lot of sense in there, but you cannot put new wine in old bottles. Both Labour and Conservative parties are dying. The election hullabaloo should not disguise that. Labour is going straight down now.

“Centrism”, i.e. returning to Blair-Brown times, the Zionist-Labour controllers monitoring the British people and destroying their race and culture (as well as their rights) will not wash now.

Likewise, multikulti Corbyn-Labourism, with its “anti-racism” and “antifascism”, and its tired, hackneyed references to “No Pasaran!”, “Cable Street”, “kick racism out of…blah blah blah”, and the lip-service paid to (dear God…) WW2 “holocaust” fakery and hoaxes, not to mention support for Cuban “socialism”, 1980s Nicaragua or the disastrous Venezuelan regime, is a very dead duck.

McDonnell, the worst thug “antifascist” (and IRA acolyte) of the lot at senior level in Labour (and who played a double game, sucking up to the Jews at every opportunity), was pictured on TV, in his garden, looking like a bemused “grandad” who has just been tipped out of his wheelchair and mugged. He’s gone, finished.

The “parties” of con-man Farage (UKIP, Brexit Party, any new one he may start) are dead too, as are the LibDems.

Only a new social-national party and movement can save the people of Britain.

Even elements of Labour, as seen above, are starting to recognize the correct direction of travel. What matters are the fundamentals:

  • the elements of a “threefold social order” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding
  • the foundation for a better society and a better world can only now be that of European race, nation and culture;
  • there must be a cultural revolution to “drain” (or drown) the swamp(s): msm, politics, law, academia.


Britain’s mass media 2019:

Unsuccessful Parliamentary candidate Fazia Shaheen (Labour), who came fairly close to beating evil Iain Dunce Duncan Smith at Chingford, questioned by presenter Emma Barnett (who describes herself as “a Jew in disguise“) and part-Jew ex-MP Jack Straw.

I was sent interesting information this evening, a map showing what the Parliamentary map of the UK would look like had only those aged 18-24 voted last Thursday (ignore the comment appended by the named “alt-Right/alt-Lite” British-resident ex-Muslim. That comment is absurdly simplistic, ignoring the real reasons why the young favour Labour, i.e. student debt, degrees that are often worthless in all ways, high rent, impossibility of buying a house or even getting a mortgage, low pay, exploitation etc). The map itself is stunning.


You see the result, above. All seats Labour, except for about (?) 20 SNP, about 20 LibDem, and 1 Plaid Cymru. No Conservative Party seats at all, not even in the most affluent parts of the South of England.

That is the train the Conservative Party has coming down the track at it. It may well be that the 18-24 y o voters of today may be less “anti-Conservative”, less pro-Labour in say 2024, when they are 23-29, but even if that map only shows a 75% picture, indeed if it displays even a 50% picture, the future for the Conservative Party is bleak. That bleakness can be intensified by looking at the present Conservative voters aged 65+. That is the hard core of the Conservative vote, and much of it will not exist in 2024.

So, demographically, the Conservative Party vote will have (literally) died by 2024. Not entirely, but to a great extent. The non-Conservative vote will have greatly increased. The only question is, will that new vote be for Labour, or something else, something completely new?

Update, 16 December 2019

Interesting fact. Had Labour received a total of only 2,227 more votes over 7 constituencies in 2017, i.e. about 320 votes extra, averaged, in each of those 7 constituencies, it could then have formed a minority/coalition government with smaller parties:


Corbyn would then have been Prime Minister and Boris-idiot would probably never even have become Conservative leader; at any rate, Labour might have ruled until 2022. Another example of the madness of Britain’s electoral system, whichever way you look at it.


Seems that Jo Swinson is likely to get a fake “peerage” soon. A reward for failure? A reward for doormatting for the Jewish lobby, for sure.

Meanwhile, the 11 remaining LibDem MPs will be voting for a leader. Seems that a woman just elected as MP may get the job.

Boundary changes soon to be implemented will probably reduce the LibDem MP cadre to about 3, assuming that any survive the next general election anyway. Is there really any purpose to the LibDems now? The Con Coalition of 2010-2019 destroyed LibDem credibility, then since 2017 Jo Swinson’s behaviour killed any remaining respect that the voters may have retained for this joke party.

The House of Lords is a bad joke too. There are “peers” such as (soon) Jo Swinson, i.e. failed, old or mediocre ex-MPs. There are peers who were “ennobled” because they were cronies of Prime Ministers or other party leaders.

One woman (Michelle Mone) is there because she posed for a while as a successful “entrepreneuse” flogging lingerie. What a farce! [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Mone,_Baroness_Mone#Politics][https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimo_(brand)#History].

That particular one picked up a very wealthy boyfriend later, and is actually at the Lords rarely if at all. At least that saves the State and people the taxfree £310+ per day “peers” are paid if they sign in for 10 minutes! Her company ceased trading in 2018.

Then we have the odds and sods in the Lords, elevated to make a good headline, such as the instant West Indian “baroness” who is in the Lords because her son was killed by white youths in a bus shelter in the 1990s. You really could not make it up!

Jew wants Labour to die

He also wants his pound of flesh…

[by the way, that photo is not him but an actor; the Jew looks very different and not at all “heroic”!][Update, 23 August 2020: the “avatar” photo has gone, replaced by that cartoon. I believe that I once saw “Nuddering”, then on Twitter as “The Nuddering Nudnik” (it means something in Yiddish), on TV: a thin bearded Jew, and possibly with mental problems, in my opinion].

Labour leadership contest (not yet —officially— going)

The System is pushing for Lisa Nandy to replace Corbyn. Below, Kay Burley, Sky News talking head:

Kay Burley is very much of the System msm. Paid hundreds of thousands a year, and her ex-husband (and father of her child) is a Jew:


I sympathize with Labour members and supporters if the choice is going to be between Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips. Good grief!

Lisa Nandy is the kind of person the System would love to have as “Labour” leader: half-Indian, grandfather a Liberal Party MP and, in later life, a Liberal peer, and (despite her rhetoric about getting close to “our communities”) has never worked outside politics, unless you include some politicized charity work (researcher etc). Pro-migration-invasion. Anti-Corbyn so probably pro-Jew. Has a child but is not married to the father, who is a “public relations consultant”. She even has a link to one of the renamed and all-but-toothless (and politically-correct) trade unions:



As to Jess Phillips, I blogged about her a while ago:


While Lisa Nandy is not my idea of a politician for Britain, and for several reasons, she is a serious figure, whereas Jess Phillips is just a vulgar bad joke.

Jews try to repress free speech in the UK even more now

The “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [CAA] is raising money in order to wage “lawfare” against anyone they label “antisemitic”. In a day or so, the “CAA” has already raised nearly £70,000 from about 30 Jews. About £2,500 average apiece. Of course, to suggest that Jews are more affluent than native/real British people would be “antisemitic”, so they would say…

Meanwhile, the Boris-idiot ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) and the Zionists “behind the arras” are quickening plans to destroy free speech and dissent:

The Boris Johnson/”Conservative” Party ZOG victory in the general election was procured via Jewish money and mass media influence. “It was the Jews wot won it”, to adapt the famous Sun headline of 1992. See below:

Note the “fellow British citizens” weaselling.

The Golan Heights Chardonnay must have flowed like water.

Now the Zionists are, as noted already, preparing to attack free speech in even more ambitious and evil ways, by using large amounts of Jewish money to misuse the British legal system:

Emily Thornberry threatens to sue ex-MP Caroline Flint! “I’m lovin’ it…”!

Caroline Flint says that Emily Thornberry (aka Lady Nugee— her husband is a half-Jewish High Court judge; see photograph below) said that those in the North etc who voted Conservative instead of voting Labour in their “ancestral”/traditional habit, are or were “stupid”. Well, motivations for voting are complex sometimes, but if Emily Thornberry said that, I can see her point!


[above, Emily Thornberry, her husband (on right of picture) and the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev, at a Zionist banquet in London]

Boris Johnson could ditch promise to guarantee workers’ rights and environmental protections after Brexit, No10 suggests

[headline, The Independent]

Well, that did not take long. 3-4 days into the Boris-idiot ZOG regime and the lying “promises” are already being broken…

Anything is now justifiable to remove “Boris”, his ZOG Cabinet and this whole (misnamed) “Conservative” regime procured by lies and huge amounts of money.

Remember the poll tax?

BBC and other msm bias?

Which is why non-msm news and comment websites have become so popular. Popular with the public, though not with the System.

Now I read that The Canary [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Canary_(website)] is going to be “investigated” by ex-Labour ex-MP and doormat for Zionist Jewry, John Mann. The political and social milieu  in the UK is now almost Stalinist, albeit well-disguised. People, whole parties (Labour now) and news outlets placed “under investigation” by pro-Jew, pro-Israel apostates like Mann and John Woodcock. Ironically, the editor of The Canary is herself a Jewish lesbian.

I suppose that “lord” Mann would approve of the incitement to violence by an ersatz “Jewess” called Charlotte Nichols, who (just) managed to get elected at Warrington North:




In fact this woman, about whom there is not a great deal of information in the public domain, is a convert to Judaism, apparently. The traditional Jews do not even allow that. She made an amusingly bullshit statement to the TV to the effect that “as a Jewish woman” (which she is not, really) “whose grandfather fought in WW2” (so what? So did mine— BEF France, Dunkirk, later Burma— it’s usually Jews who make a big thing of that now, 75-80 years later, to try to sound somehow “credible” on such topics…she has learned from them, it seems…).

Is Charlotte Nichols aware of the terrorism that Jew-Zionist extremists unleashed against British soldiers (soldiers just like her grandfather) in Palestine after (and indeed before) 1945 (and against civilians too)? Bombs, bullets, the Jews even hanged some British soldiers.

“What goes around comes around”… [an American saying]

In fact, I feel that the country is turning away from civilities. The Zionist Jews are intensifying their well-funded abuse of the legal system for political purposes, and here is a “Jewish” woman (ersatz or “self-identifying”, so be it) saying that “Nazis” “should get their heads kicked in“.

In fact this Charlotte Nichols is not a known political quantity. “Brought up in the North West” but “living in London”, according to Wikipedia, which contains little else about her, not even her age or parentage. She has apparently been a trade union office-bod for several years.

This is what she says about herself:


Here is what the Daily Mail had to say about her prior to her election:


and the Telegraph:


In her TV interview, she mentioned that her opponents “made use of” her “medical history” or some such. Are we talking mental health “issues”? I wonder…

She says that she was born in Romford, East London, but brought up in Reading:


She sounds like a loonie, in fact.

Update, 17 December 2019

Having woken up unwillingly, thanks to a gardener using a very noisy leafblower, my thoughts about what is left of the Labour Party are not very kind, especially having yesterday also noticed the comments of that Warrington North loonie (see above).

The prevailing wind at present comes from the wishful thinking direction. Labour is not the only example. However, it is a good example.

I saw it during the internal election that brought Corbyn to power. One instance was a Labour rally/meeting in York, which was in all the newspapers. Labour sources were ecstatic. Corbyn attracted about 2,000 or more listeners, maybe it was even 5,000. Yet the York area, as I tweeted at the time (the Jews, those benefactors of humanity, had not yet managed to have me expelled from Twitter), has about 210,000 people. You see my point. The crowd may have looked huge but was only 1%-2% of the population.

Nigel Farage was getting crowds of 2,000 recently, but in the end, the net result was almost zero.

Wishful thinking…Yes, Boris-idiot has plenty too, and his supporters more, but I am talking about Labour now.

When I used to hear Corbyn talking about politics, it was often like wandering into the Collet’s London Bookshop in Charing Cross Road c.1976. Militant, Tribune, the Morning Star, posters about anti-apartheid rallies, the socialist struggle in Latin America, Fascism, “No Pasaran!“, Cable Street etc.

Many many years ago, maybe 35-40 years ago, when I was learning Russian, I was always struck by the masthead of the newspaper Izvestia, which showed, inter alia, a picture of the cruiser Aurora, whose single (and blank) shot was a key event in the Bolshevik takeover of late 1917.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_cruiser_Aurora#October_Revolution_mutiny. It always seemed to me a symptom of a state political system preserved in jelly, or ossified. A state stuck in the battles of 60 years before.

The self-described “Left” in Britain is also like that (though I myself always avoid the use of “Right”, “Left” etc as unhelpful and undescriptive). So we get Labour MPs still, in 2019, talking about “Cable Street” (which they evidently do not know much about anyway), and which took place 83 years ago, as if it means something today. No. It does not. https://www.oswaldmosley.com/battle-of-cable-street/

Another myth is that trade unions still mean something. They don’t. Anyone listening to the last few Secretaries-General of the TUC could understand easily that the old powerful (sometimes too powerful) British trade unions of the 1970s and 1980s, destroyed by the outcome of a few large strikes (notably the Miners’ Strike) and by other factors (Conservative government legislation, but more importantly the gradual closure of heavy industry and then almost all manufacturing and extractive industry, and above all by immigration on a vast scale), have become toothless, politically-correct bodies not even much good as “workers’ advice” centres.

Mass immigration has destroyed much in the UK. One victim has been effective trade unions. Big business loves mass immigration: more consumers, lower unit wage costs etc.

For the typical Labour MP, member, supporter, what I have just written is unacceptable. For those people, “Cable Street” still means something, trade unions are still a major fact, mass immigration is something not only not bad but very good, something to be (in their sickening bastard language) “celebrated”.

House of “Lords”

The tweet below does not say everything that could and should be said about the House of Lords, but it does say a lot.

The tweeter was kind enough not to overload his tweet with “inherited £300 million, or £500 million, pounds“.

In a way, though, that tweet, by that tweeter, is symptomatic of the whole of the self-describing “Left” or “socialist” side of UK politics generally (and indeed of most of what the System and “antifascists” call “the far Right”, too). The response to manifest injustice and to political chicanery is not the “aux armes, citoyens!” of French history, not the Germanenorden of German history, neither the disciplined ranks of SS and SA nor even the barricades of 1968 Paris. It is the bleat of the tweet, the bleat of people whose idea of being radical, and even edgily so, is to post a comment (being careful not to infringe the ever-more-repressive laws around what is lawful to say or not, as free speech is eroded).

This made me laugh:

The subject itself is not funny, of course:


Proportional Representation

Interesting to see that three-quarters of Labour supporters now back PR. The “Conservatives” see no need now that they have a large majority in the Commons, but their spell as top dogs may be both short and lead to a different outcome. Still, I detect seismic movement at last, deep under the surface. This may happen, at last, but not for the life of this Parliament.


Time to say goodbye (from this blog post). I think that I shall start a daily comments blog soon.


Update, 23 August 2020

Since I wrote the blog post above, a very good explanatory graphic was created to show where 2017 voters went in 2019:

Note that almost as many previous Labour voters failed to vote (at all) as went to all other parties combined.

Update, 12 March 2023

Noticing today that the article has had a few recent hits, a few updates:

Jo Swinson never did get a peerage, though the System did chuck the silly cow a CBE.

At various times since 2019, the Jew-lobby MPs John Mann, John Woodcock and Ruth Smeeth all got “peerages”.

Corbyn has been deselected and chucked out of Labour, so may fight his seat as Independent.

Keir Starmer, of course, backed by the Jew lobby, became Labour leader and now has every chance of becoming Prime Minister by late 2024, now that, after the chaos and nonsense of the “Covid” “panicdemic” and “scamdemic”, and the disastrous governments of Johnson, Liz Truss (now that could never have been predicted in 2019, not even by me!), and now Indian money-juggler Rishi Sunak, Labour is running at over 50% in the polls, with Conservative Party at 25%, a level of support which (with Reform UK at over 5%) might mean a Commons coterie of only 20-30 Con Party MPs.

147 thoughts on “Further Thoughts About The Recent General Election”

  1. If Emily Thornberry did say that it is completely understandable and I sympathise with her point. Do people in these Northern cities and towns REALLY think Boris and his evil, anti-British cabinet of anti-social misfits and even outright aliens give a damm about them? He doesn’t. So much so in fact he has been caught making some quite insulting
    and disparaging remarks about working-class men and women.The bloke is a severely untrustworthy fraud and the Tory Party should hold their heads in eternal shame for making him their party’s leader when they could have gone for a more decent man in Jeremy Hunt.

    I can understand them not liking Labour but really they should have abstained from voting. Boris hasn’t made not voting compulsory- YET.


  2. Yes, I do remember the Poll Tax and that huge riot in London’s Trafalgar Square. After that and her party losing the Eastbourne By-Election to the Liberal Democrat Party Tory MPs turned on Mrs Thatcher. There was a leadership election and she was forced to resign.

    Boris can be beaten by civil disobedience and needs to be since he has let his essentially fake ‘victory’ gifted to him by the grotesquely inefficient workings of our archaic electoral system go to his corpulent head already and has showing distinct signs of becoming a despot. 🤬😡That must be his Turkish genes coming through.


    1. Good grief, is that John Mann character still around? As you say, a complete doormat for the Zionist Lobby. I shall never forget his ridiculous and bad-tempered argument with Ken Livingstone on the stairs of the House of Commons because of Ken’s correct interpretation of the history whereby Hitler’s regime agreed with Zionist Jewry in Nazi Germany to facilitate what both parties considered to be a mutually beneficial agreement that Jews in Germany should be encouraged by Hitler’s regime to move to the then British mandate of Palestine with the benefit for Zionist German Jews that they could settle there and build a new Jewish homeland and Hitler’s regime could rid Germany of what was in his own eyes and that of his regime a disloyal and troublesome ethnic minority.


    2. I was living in the USA when the poll tax riots happened. I remember my first wife (American) saying “Jesus Christ, Ian! Isn’t that London?” as the TV news on in the background showed some fellow shoving a long metal pole through the window of a bank or embassy in Trafalgar Square! I think that there were overturned cars burning too.


      1. Yes, it was pretty bad:


        A few months after that riot and defeat for the Conservative Party’s candidate in the Eastbourne By-Election, her party stabbed her in the back and got rid of her:


        Ha, ha, Maggie had made a witty remark about the Liberal Democrat’s new party emblem in a part of her party conference speech only a few days before losing the by-election:


      2. “2,300 rioters”…just shows that numbers are not the main thing: there have been “peaceful” marches of hundreds of thousands or even a million in London, accomplishing nothing. Weapons accomplish nothing either, certainly not on their own. As Hitler said, “it’s not the gun that matters, but the man behind it”.


  3. Will Labour MPs ever drop their obsession with the Battle of Cable Street?🙄 Contrary to public belief, Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley wasn’t ‘anti-semitic’ at first and only became mildly ‘anti-semitic’ when Jewish extremists attacked HIM and his party’s rallies etc. Also , the Battle of Cable Street was really a failure since Mosley and the British Union of Fascists (BUF) went straight back to that part of the EastEnd a few days later and picked-up more support not less!👌😂😃


    1. As with, inter alia, “Dunkirk”, “the French Resistance” (which scarcely existed until 1944), and “D-Day Deception operations” (ie WW2 was not won, according to this fable, by the millions of Soviet soldiers, tanks, guns, or by US forces and industrial power etc, but by terribly clever little people in Whitehall, MI5, SIS etc, as well as amateur agents at SOE, shooting German sentries in the back in the Auvergne, taking messages etc!). “Cable Street” is another myth. Mainly East London Jews, gangsters and Communists (think Venn diagram).

      “Extracts from Special Branch Police documents held at the National Archives report the following :-

      “The general cry is that the entire population of East London had risen against Mosley and had declared that he and his followers ‘should not pass’, and that they did not pass ‘owing to the solid front presented by the workers of East London’. This statement is, however, far from reflecting accurately the state of affairs.” – Special Branch Police Report, November 1936, The National Archives ref: MEPOL2/3043 ”



  4. Yes, there are plenty of Labour Party dinosaurs around and what is left of the trade union movement still has quite a few. If they had brains they would be dangerous! The Trade Unions should have been at the forefront of people opposed to mass immigration because it lowers workers’s wages etc, makes workers collectively weaker and this implicitly strengthens the bosses against unions but Marxist theories of ‘ant-racism’ and internationalism came first, didn’t they?

    Quite a few trade unions also still oppose Proportional Representation! Again that only helps the bosses and their party the CONS as we saw last Thursday. Supporting PR would reunite the centre-left to Left vote which has been historically split between Labour and the Liberals since the 1920’s. The Labour Party really ought to back PR for this reason, amongst others, and also because it looks as if Scotland is permanently lost to Labour and with that cretin Boris in power looks increasingly likely it will break away anyway so any possible Labour revival there would be pointless.


    1. Exactly. Actually, I blogged about the Scotland situation or tweeted about it in 2016 and before. Without England, Scotland will be a poorer country economically. Many Scots are aware of this and oppose “Independence” for that reason. Others are willing to take the hit in return for cultural and political independence, but how they square that with black and brown immigration (which the SNP pretends to support) or the membership of EU, IMF etc, I do not know…Wishful thinking. I assume.

      The effect on England would be to remove the 59 Scottish MPs, only a few of which are not SNP or Labour. Labour would not only have a few fewer MPs but would be without the SNP as a potential coalition partner.


      1. I think a few ‘Right-wing’ people in Scotland are voting for the SNP and support ‘independence’ because they don’t wish to see Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland go the same way as that crime-ridden, Third World dump Stab City Upon The Thames. If it were not for the calamitous mass immigration imposed by Labour and CON Party governments alike separatism in Scotland would be weaker. Because of mass immigration, Scots increasingly regard England as a foreign land they don’t recognise and don’t want anything to do with.

        The SNP were not always a party of open borders supporting globalist values they are now. Indeed, because they were not the authorities had them under surveillance like Sir Oswald Mosley’s BUF.


      2. Apparently, some of those who later (officially or behind the arras) ruled the UK in the past couple of decades at one time had MI5 “PFs” (Personal Files): Mandelson, Blair, Straw and various others of that ilk. One might laugh and call it overkill, but Blair and his whole bloody cabal did more to make this country the “third world” ****hole it is or is becoming than any number of Communist agitators, anarchists, spies etc.


      1. Labour always should have backed PR but they never have. After all, can you REALLY expect to build a fairer society on the back of an electoral system that effectively dumps into the nearest bin 45% of people’s votes (as it did last week) and thereby prevents those votes from electing a representative in parliament? Fairer societies are more likely to be built when as many people’s voices in a democracy can affect a general election result. It really isn’t rocket science. All the countries in Europe that use PR have more socially just societies than ours ie in the Scandinavian countries and Germany.

        Labour though preferred to think they could do that through winning under FPTP on a low vote share without believing that the Tories would then win again and rapidly undo any social progress. The mass media under the control of very wealthy people can affect results under FPTP more easily since they only have to influence a small minority in marginal seats. Needless to say, billionaires are not likely to support radical social reform.

        Also, Labour should have supported PR because they are meant to be the ‘people’s party’ hence Labour shouldn’t be afraid of more people’s votes affecting general election results and notions of equality and democracy are intrinsically linked together. Equality is a democratic value thus Labour should naturally support it as a principle for electoral systems.

        An electoral system like First Past The Post which embodies inequality and has that festering at its very heart should be anathema to a party like Labour.

        A society for the many not the few can’t be based upon an electoral system where results are decided by the few not the many.



        We share First Past The Post with such democratic icons as Liberia, Kuwait, Uganda (where the government has a disgusting current proposal to execute gay people, Malawi, and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea!🙄🙄🙄)



      2. FPTP was developed when British society was far simpler in every way, and when politics could usually be described as “the upper classes” v. “the lower classes”. Simplistic but more or less true. Look at any constituency before 1960, especially before WW2. Two, occasionally three candidates at elections.

        FPTP is completely out of date. It just does not reflect the true feelings of the voters. The msm is treating Boris-idiot as a political sage now because of this bloody election, when the Cons have a crushing majority despite their national vote having increased by only 1.2% since 2017. Yes, nearly 14M voted Con, but well over 10M voted Lab and about 3.7M voted LibDem. Greens got 835,000. Even Brexit Party got 642,000+! The LibDems “should” have about 11.6% of seats, so around 77 MPs, Greens about 16 and Brexit Party 13. As for Cons, only about 280 or so.


  5. Indeed. Seeing as MI5’s supposed role is to protract the realm from internal subversives they why did they allow those vile globalists to rise to power? Looks like they aren’t fit for purpose along with the Home Office etc.


    1. Not such a surprise. MI5 are told “there’s your quarry; go, boy!” and they go. It is the counter-enemy version of being “pennywise”: they catch or at least chase the spy, the “terrorist” etc, but meanwhile, all around them, the farm is being sold, as alien populations flood the cities, as the very soul of the nation is corrupted and made diseased by the well-paid “comedians” and “celebrities” of the day. All that is “not part of the remit”.

      The police are even less useful in that sense.


  6. Here is one piece of information for Labour to digest with respect to this debate: Apartheid South Africa used First Past The Post ( the pro apartheid National Party came to power in 1948 under the system they inherited from us ie FPTP and then proceeded to institute apartheid). When Apartheid and white minority rule ended, South Africa didn’t continue with PR but dumped it and changed to PR.

    None of the new democracies in Eastern Europe from 1989 onwards chose to use FPTP.

    I believe I am correct in stating that there is NO country in the world that has ended its use of FPTP then employed PR and then reverted to using FPTP.

    FPTP is a very flawed system with few attributes.


  7. Look at my constituency for a good example as to how many ‘wasted votes’ are piled-up under the FPTP system:


    It was bad enough before last Thursday but now it is utterly ludicrous!

    How exactly am I meant to use my vote to decide the overall national result in this constituency?

    You may as well hand over this seat to the Tories on a permanent basis and cancel any further general elections here! Voting for anyone other than Alex Burghart is a complete waste of time!


    1. Quite. Had Corbyn-Labour got another <3,000 votes in 2017 (spread over 7 marginal constituencies, average 300/400 in each), then Labour would have had enough seats to parlay into a coalition/minority govt. 7 more Labour seats and 7 fewer non-Lab. A 14 MP difference, all over 2,700 votes!


      1. It is ludicrous that such a tiny number of voters JUST BECAUSE of where they live can decide the fate of millions of people. Are these voters exercising a greater thought as to how they vote compared to someone in a ‘safe’ seat? They might be but then again they might not do so and could be filling-in a postal vote whilst watching the Champions League Final on Sky! So why are their votes given a greater value than mine? The reason is they are cast in marginal seats that are far more likely to change hands and thus change the result at the national level!

        Let us, in an apt adaptation of the Labour Party slogan, have elections DECIDED BY THE MANY NOT THE FEW!


  8. Yes, it is definitely a get a monkey from London Zoo, stick a blue rosette on it and said creature will win by a landslide kind of a constituency here!

    Contrast Brentwood and Ongar to Angela Merkel’s seat in Germany:


    Yes, it is still a safe FPTP constituency (though not absolutely ludicrously so) BUT a voter there gets two votes to cast under the Mixed-Member PR system so they do have an effective vote for a party state list and therefore can influence how many seats in total in the Bundestag Angela Merkel’s Party has overall.

    _proportional _representation


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral _system_of_Germany


    1. A simple PR system is too simple for our Parliament. Example: the DUP got fewer than 1% of all UK votes in the recent contest. Should we say “sorry no MPs”? That might start a “loyal rebellion”! There should be a threshold but perhaps only half of one percent. Or we could give NI special status.


      1. A national list PR system like Israel has where the entire Israeli state forms a single constituency would be inappropriate for us because of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales being nations within a multinational country.

        The best system, I think, would be Germany’s Mixed Member PR system with regional ‘open’ lists. The party lists would use the regions of the current EU Parliament regions ie my constituency of Brentwood and Ongar would be part of an Eastern England region and so on..

        We would probably have to create two electoral regions in Scotland instead of using Scotland as a whole because of the geography of the Highlands and Islands.

        Germany has a party for the Sorbs minority but as it normally only stands in regional elections that problem you allude to isn’t an issue. However, if that party did stand in national Bundestag elections it would be exempt from the 5% threshold at any rate. To qualify for PR representation in German elections the threshold is EITHER 5% of the national vote (the regional state lists are linked) OR 3 directly-elected constituency MPs so a party like Plaid Cymru or the SNP would have their supporters represented proportionally using that route. The SNP and Plaid have rarely had fewer than 3MPs each.


  9. The power of the telescreen – 1.1million views since Friday!

    Alastair Campbell and Piers Row Over the Election Result | Good Morning Britain

    Morgoth’s right – the Labour Party earned this


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