New Year Honours— A Bloody Joke


[I wrote this for my Diary Blog, but it deserves its own article]

New Year “Honours”

This has of course been a farce for a very long time. At least in the mediaeval period, there was no hypocrisy involved. You were a crony of the King, or helped him out in battle or otherwise, you got a title, and maybe the lands (and so, income) with which to support your new-found estate (status).

Later, absurdities such as the creation of the “baronet” class, the earliest example of the “sale of honours”, went alongside honours sometimes given for real achievement in the arts, sciences and commerce.

There were scandals along the way. The sale of honours under Lloyd George was egregious not in quality (it happened before, it still happens in 2019) but in quantity. Few “average citizens” realize that hardly any of the still extant hereditary titles predate 1900. And that is before we even consider the “life peers”, which rival the baronetage in risibility.

A woman starts a bra company. Turns out that it is a house of cards that eventually collapses, but not before Michelle Mone is “elevated” to the House of Lords as a “baroness”, having convinced idiotic David Cameron-Levita that she is a great “role-model”. A West Indian woman’s son is killed by some white ruffians in a scuffle at a South-East London bus stop. What?! Oh my God! Make her a “baroness” too! And bung her family a hundred grand at the same time.

The “House of Lords” was badly “reformed” by Blair; a poorly-thought-out reform, like so much of his legislation. It is time to get rid of it.

As to the new honours list: I have not read it in detail but, for one thing, is it not incredible that Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, a proven liar and fraudster, should be “knighted”? His record:

  • A part-Japanese, who attended a “secondary modern” State school near Birmingham and then went on to a substandard merchant navy school on Anglesey, later fraudulently inventing a university background (was found out, but sadly too late);
  • Poses as a kind of “upper class” Englishman by reason of having been a Scots Guards officer (never got beyond Lieutenant in 6 years, and was considered a deadhead even in Guards circles);
  • Married a wealthy wife but still, for a while, fraudulently claimed State benefits;
  • Has always sponged off his father-in-law, even —and to this day— living for free in a house on the latter’s estate in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire;
  • Has wasted literally billions of State funds in trying to make his misconceived “welfare” “reforms” work, while subjecting the sick, disabled, unemployed etc to a regime characterized by an Oriental cruelty and vindictiveness;
  • Has, in effect, via his policies, killed tens of thousands of people;
  • Fraudulently claimed hundreds of thousands of pounds on his MP expenses for “employing” his wife; in fact she never did any work at all; Dunce was, however, never tried for what was a plain fraud on public monies;
  • Claimed that he could easily live on a few pounds a day if he had to; meanwhile, he claimed on his MP expenses for underwear and also for a £39 breakfast at the Waldorf in London (among a huge number of other doubtful claims);
  • Has shown himself incapable of properly holding high office;
  • Time and again proven to be a liar;
  • Conservative Friends of Israel member…

Dunce is the most obviously unmeritorious recipient of an honour this time, but what about the degenerate singer-songwriter, Elton John? I should like to have him removed from the airwaves and from sight. There again, a black woman has apparently been given a minor honour for baking cakes. Also, there is the  now-usual plethora of sports people etc. Win a cricket match or rugby game on the other side of the world? Knighthood. Bloody joke.

At the other end, there are the people who get honours for years of “service” (work). OK, and many may be meritorious; many may not be. I was slightly acquainted once with a woman who, 20+ years later (2006 or 2007), got an honour (MBE, I think) “for fostering relations with Russia”. From what I heard on good authority, mainly carnal ones…

I think that this whole business needs a reboot, especially the higher honours, the “peerages”, “knighthoods” etc.


11 thoughts on “New Year Honours— A Bloody Joke”

  1. Labour only gained one seat at the recent general election ie Putney but it should have been the lair of evil Dunce-Smith namely Chingford and Woodford Green. Even that Asian candidate Labour had would have made a better MP! At least she wasn’t a pathologicaly evil piece of #@&# like Dunce-Smith is.


  2. I suppose giving that Bake Off star an honour is slightly better than giving one to Baroness Lawrence! The truth is that her son was a petty lowlife drug dealer as were the white ruffians who killed him so if they were living in Singapore instead of here all three criminals would probably have been hung by the Singaporean authorities for being drug dealers and there would be no question of the case being brought-up even twenty plus years after it happened by a racist anti-white media! 🙄

    It wasn’t the ‘racist murder’ of PC globalist Jew Zionist extremist media myth!


    1. I was unaware that Stephen Lawrence was involved in drugs. I read the outline of the matter once or twice. My (admittedly offhand) impression of the evidence as to what happened was that the white group or gang did not (arguably) intend to kill or *seriously* injure, on which premises the charges should have been manslaughter, not murder.


      1. The media also carefully blank-out those parts of pictures of him which show Steven doing a black power salute.🙄🙄🙄


  3. Steven Lawrence’s mother was made into a Baroness by the British government for being the mother of an Afro-Caribbean child who was murdered by a gang of British youths for allegedly racist motives and for being a woman who could then be media star for ‘anti-racism’ purposes.

    Yet where are the honours for the parents of British youth Richard Everett murdered for PROVEN racist motives by a gang of Bangladeshi thugs in Somers Town, London? White lives obviously don’t matter to Labour or CON Party governments.


  4. Bloody hell! The village Dumbo-Smith lives in is miles and miles and miles away from his constituency! That Asian Labour candidate, Faiza Shaheen, at least lived in the seat and should have won on that basis alone!

    So, Iain Duncan-Smith is not only an evil bastard and wholly undeserving of any kind of honour (least of all a Knighthood) he cant even be bothered to live in the seat he represents or, in fact, ANYWHERE NEAR IT!🙄🙄🙄


      1. It wouldn’t matter whether it was Essex or Bedfordshire! The point is that the CON Party prattle on and on and on about the supposed massive benefits of the archaic First Past The Post electoral system with its ‘strong and accountable local constituency link’ but here is one of their more prominent MPs who can’t even be bothered to live relatively near to the constituents he is meant to represent in the House of Commons let alone live in the seat he is the MP for! Call me a cynic if you like but I think this ‘local constituency link of a single, accountable MP’ isn’t all that valued by the CON Party and they like First Past The Post for other reasons ie its ability to hand then UNEARNED majorities on CLEAR MINORITY SHARES of the NATIONAL VOTE!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  5. Isn’t having a local single MP with their strong accountable link to a constituency ie taking into account the fact it is just the one MP and not several as in that rather strange Irish Proportional Representation method of the Single Transferable Vote meant to be one of the prime benefits of the archaic First Past The Post electoral system the Tories insist we must maintain?

    Ha, ha, what hypocrites they are! Here is one of their more prominent MPs driving a coach and horses through that supposed big benefit of FPTP by his not even bothering to live NEAR his seat let alone IN IT!


  6. That House of Commons website says it all, doesn’t it? So, you don’t even have to be a resident of the UK to represent a constituency’s electorate in Parliament let alone have to live in the seat you are an MP for!🙄🤬😡

    Nor is there any requirement for a British PM to have been born in the UK! Boris Johnson wouldn’t be PM if there was such a law in place as there is in the USA for a President. Boris was born in Irish-American dominated New York so it is no wonder the slimy and constantly lying clown shoved the DUP under the bus and unionists in NI with his wretched ‘Brexit’ deal with its absurd provisions for NI’s treatment.

    This country really is an utter farce and sick joke when it comes to democracy.🙄🤬🤬😡


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