Diary Blog, 30 December 2019

Discrimination against English people is OK; but discrimination against blacks, browns, Jews etc is not OK….in this sick degenerate society

“Race row after leading private schools turn down donor’s £1m offer to help poor white boys”

“Sir Bryan said: “If Cambridge University can accept a much larger donation in support of black students, why cannot I do the same for underprivileged white British?”


Irish tinker “travellers” (again)

Listening to Farming Today on BBC Radio 4. Lawless bands engaging in illegal hare coursing. All or almost all is done by Irish tinker “traveller” riff raff, aka “gypsies”, but the BBC will not, of course, permit those words to be used. The BBC interviews farmers in the Fen country about this criminal nuisance, but either the farmers do not dare to designate the criminals or the BBC does not permit them to do so. This gives a false picture.

It is as if these hare coursing criminals have come from outer space, as far as the BBC is concerned. No question is put on air as to who or what these “people” are; just “hare coursers”… who arrive in 4WD cars, do illegal hare coursing, bet on it, film it. But they are not “travellers”, “gypsies”, “tinkers”…oh no…BBC, police, even the victims say “No Sir, we’re not “racist”…” As Americans say, “what a crock”!


“Fewer than one in 100 alleged hate crimes investigated by the UK’s first dedicated police unit have resulted in a charge, as experts say £1.7 million would have been better spent fighting violent crime.

Just 17 cases, or 0.92 per cent of the 1,851 incidents logged by the UK’s first online hate crime hub have led to charges.

Only seven of those charges resulted in a prosecution, meaning that under one in 200 proceeded to court. Three cases were pending a Crown Prosecution (CPS) charging decision, according to the figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws by the Press Association.” [Daily Telegraph]

Ha ha!…and of those remaining 7-10 cases, most probably ended in acquittal.

Greta Thunberg (again)

Incredibly, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, the ultimate System radio mouthpiece in the UK, has Greta Thunberg as “Guest Editor”.

I have already blogged about both Greta Nut and the connected Extinction Rebellion nonsense:




One has to ask why the Today Programme has asked this mentally-disturbed, autistic creature, 17 years old this week (on 3 January 2020), and who has no educational qualifications of any kind (not even school ones), let alone any scientific ones, to edit their show? It’s pure System propaganda.

Greta Thunberg is no more authentic than a ventriloquist’s dummy:


If I am honest, Greta Nut’s “impassioned” rants just make me laugh out loud. Ridiculous, irrelevant little nut.
Sick politics
Kay Burley was apparently offered not only a safe Westminster seat by both Lab and Con (in 2015), but even an immediate Cabinet place! The present system is just mad. It is neither democratic nor rational.
Halal and kosher slaughter should be banned
A limit on capital and income
I can agree with that in principle. It is question of where the lines are drawn.
Scare stories…
Good point…
Merkel actually hates Germany, really hates it. See: https://twitter.com/ElizabethMcFinn/status/1211400457995902977?s=20
Changing perceptions
Interesting to see this “human interest” report:
In itself, a fairly standard story about an aged “veteran” from WW2, but look at the last paragraph:

The Dambusters raid – officially known as Operation Chastise – has gone down in history as one of the war’s most famous stories.

Purpose-built ‘bouncing bombs’ were used to target dams in Germany in May 1943 – which then burst and caused catastrophic flooding in some parts.

A post-war film cemented the raid in the nation’s popular consciousness – although it claimed more than 1,600 lives.” [Daily Mirror]

There is gradually seeping into these wartime stories the consciousness of the human cost, not only to one side in war, but also to the “enemy” (especially civilians), of such military operations.

31 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 December 2019”

  1. I’m getting quite frankly beyond suspicious of reports such as the following, it is now well documented that Jews have staged fake events of so-called anti-Semitism to big up their inviolate victim status (presumably in order to deflect attention from actions of certain Jews eg members of the military in Israel -vs-Paestinians and to create sympathy to deter reprisals) – it’s just become one mass, non-stop, psychological projectile vomit:


    Cooper? Kuyper or some other variant?

    The London Evening Standard is nothing but an incessant fanfare of pro-Jewish enmity propaganda constantly belittling and accusing the non-Jewish population of imaginary ‘hate’. Here’s one at random:


    All the main positions in Johnson-Kemal’s Cabinet are occupied by non-English but no regard is had and why should it be when one particular special interest group basks in the benign sunshine of relentless ethnocentric editorial lionising, both in the fossil media and on the alpha-wave hyno-screen? BBC TV’s Newsnight hasn’t been dubbed JewsNight for no reason.
    And what exactly are Gentiles supposed to make then of items such as this, referencing Democrat Richard Fochtmann who publicly celebrated the mounting toll of suicides of White men in the USA – credit where credit’s due Mr Fochtmann, how about refferencing the Sackler Family and the Opioid Crisis?


    Israeli pharmaceuticals manufacturer Teva is not only a major supplier to the NHS, at the cost of the UK taxpayer, of generics but apparently plays a leading role in supplying hormonal treatments for the growing transgender market – bills for pills and your self-perceived enemy not merely turned, but sterilised.


    1. I liked your characterization (“Newsnight/Jewsnight”), a situation I used to tweet about before the Jew-Zionist cabal on Twitter pressured Twitter to have me expelled.

      Evening Standard, now edited by George Osborne, a part-Jew.

      This (from that article) made me laugh: “If a friend or girlfriend found out I was Jewish, there was the possibility they would recoil in disgust.”

      As you say, these incidents may be false flag. Hard to say. I have noticed that such incidents rarely really hit the Jewish-Zionist element hard. Like the pointless attacks on Jewish graveyards. Who would bother to attack dead bodies? Only rarely are suspects arrested. Those attacks, or some of them, may be carried out by Jews themselves, in fact I believe I read that one very Zionist Jew in the USA *was* arrested, a few years ago, in relation to some attacks etc.

      The recent North London daubings may be —as you say— an attempt to justify further restriction on free speech.

      Of course, ordinary vandals do damage Christian graveyards (too?), and other targets, but those crimes, if reported at all, appear only in the local Press.


    2. The councillor who is tearing himself to pieces over this attack is, inevitably, a CON Party moron! Oh, for the good old days of the 1930’s when quite a few Tories normally had a couple of functioning brain cells and a sense of proportion towards Jews and weren’t so utterly in love with them they discounted the fact that gentile Britons had, in some cases, a reason to be suspicious of Jews and that some so-called ‘anti-semitism’ wasn’t wholly irrational ‘bigotry’ and was merely a form of gentile self-defence from Jewish attack:



      1. I have seen the present situation develop over the years. Newspapers such as the Sunday Times were infiltrated and taken over in terms of content from the 1980s. By the early 1990s, almost completely. The newspaper itself, and also its magazine.


  2. MANY of these ‘anti-semitic’ attacks are carried-out by Jewish Zionist fanatics not just in this country but abroad in the USA in particular and also elsewhere ie Continental Europe. Their aim is to reduce the number of Jews who may stray away from being overt Zionist zealots in support of Israel by increasing a sense of cohesiveness amongst Jews vis a vis gentiles in their host countries. Also, they are designed to increase the number of Zionist pro-Israel loonies by making Jews wary of gentiles and to think gentiles simply can’t be trusted to not be ‘anti-semitic’ towards them. In short, to increase the number of Jew Zionists and Israel Firsters and decrease anti-Zionist Jews and those who want to fully integrate into gentile societies and see themselves as just as British, American as gentiles.

    These Jewish Zionist ‘anti-semitic’ attacks are so common in America that there is even a rather funny and sarcastic cartoon with a Rabbi on it furtively spraying an anti-Semitic slogan on a Jewish gravestone under the heading, ‘Hey, Rabbi, Whatcha doing?’


  3. If this attack wasn’t carried out by a member or supporter of that misnamed Jew Zionist extremist group the so-called Campaign Against Anti-Semitism then it may have been done by a poor British gentile pissed-off and annoyed at the disgraceful four year long Jew Zionist/Jewish nationalist extremist hate campaign against Corbyn and the Labour Party which meant they lost the election more badly than they might have done otherwise and that person may suffer under the tyrannical reign and wanton cruelty of the Tory-run Department of Work and Pensions.

    If I were a normal Jew who wants to fully integrate into British gentile society and saw themselves as just as British and as patriotic and pro-British as many gentiles are I would be concerned at the activities of the Israel First/Zionist fanatic/Jewish nationalist extremists in my community because these people are creating REAL anti-semitism where it didn’t exist before.


    1. Naturally, most of the 250,000+ Jews in the UK are not active in that sense. The CAA are a few hundred fanatics. However, most Jews do have that background supremacism and alienation. It runs through them all, or almost all, like Brighton rock. Few stand up to the Silverman, Glasman, “Mark Lewis Lawyer” type. They go along with it, and with Israel.


    2. btw, here are those Jew rapists who got away from Cyprus:

      What can one expect? The Cypriots, esp. the Greek ones, have no honour. All they respect is money…I wonder how much it cost the Israelis to spring that pack?


    3. Still, REAL ‘anti-semitism’ is what Zionist, Israel Firsters WANT to see because if it didn’t exist then they wouldn’t be able to scare Jews away from gentiles, make them distrustful of us AND wouldn’t be able to get Jews to support Israel so fervently or to encourage Jews in gentile countries to move to Israel.

      NOT FOR NOTHING did the Zionist extremists/Jewish Supremacist/Jewish nationalist Jews in Germany co-operate with Hitler’s regime so as to encourage them to move to the then British mandate of Palestine and create Israel.

      No wonder then that ‘naughty Goy’ Ken Livingstone got into political hot water a few years ago for pointing out this HISTORICAL FACT of Jew Zionist extremist and Nazi regime co-operation with each other. The fact is that Hitler’s regime AND Zionist fanatics AGREED that Jews in Germany were fundamentally alien to Germany so Hitler’s government and they should do their joint best to encourage ‘alien’ Jews to move to Palestine from Germany.


      1. When you look at the Jewish “community”, whether in the UK or Israel, you see that the only common thread they have is the “holocaust” fable. Without that, the various factions would have very little in common (which is why they make such a touchstone of it all).


  4. Indeed. If the ‘normal’ Jews who genuinely do wish to fully integrate into British gentile society fail to successfully confront the Zionist extremists in their community then, I’m afraid, they are going to be caught-up in the inevitable gentile backlash when it comes. I don’t envy the task they have in this respect but they must give it their best shot for their own safety.

    As far as I can see, the best Jews in Britain are the ultra-Orthodox ‘most’ Jewish ones ie the ones with the funny hats etc in places like Stamford Hill, North Hackney. They are the most religious ones and normally keep themselves to themselves and are even anti-Israel in some cases. They, generally-speaking , don’t interfere too much in politics or the media or seek to do gentiles any harm like the secular or barely religious ones.

    They were the same in Germany and Austria in the 1920’s but got caught-up in the Nazi regime’s actions to their detriment.


      1. They are ok for the most part. I agree they do look strange though. I’ve been to Stanford Hill and saw quite a few of them there. It was like being in Jerusalem next to the Wailing Wall! I would rather live next to them than near some violent black person in Tottenham who would think lightly of stabbing me if I wore a nice watch or living in Rotherham next to Pakistani men who would rape young female relatives without being too reticent about it.


      2. I am tolerant enough to bear having those ones in my country because they don’t normally cause any trouble for us but the Zionist extremist/Israel First trouble makers are a different matter entirely and, frankly, they should put into practice their Israel First principles and grab a one way El Al air ticket to TelAviv, Haifa or Jerusalem and settle there or a future nationalist government will buy some tickets for them! I am sure the Israeli government will love to receive them and we will be glad to see the back of them. A convenient ‘Final Solution’ to the Jew Zionist extremist/Israel Firster problem for us and them!😀😎👌😃


      3. I believe one of these very ‘Jewish looking’ Orthodox Jews joined the National Front. I think his name was Albert Elder or something like that. There’s was another Jew who joined too though he may not have been an Orthodox one. His name was Gerry Vine.


  5. Yes, both Halal and Kosher slaughter should be banned . Animal cruelty shouldn’t be excused for religious reasons by EITHER Muslims or Jews.

    The last Labour government didn’t do this but did ban that quintessentially British or, more appropriately, English gentile tradition of fox hunting.

    Yes, Labour couldn’t bring themselves to ban on the grounds of animal cruelty Halal and Kosher slaughter but did do so with fox hunting. Unlike Muslims and Jews we British/English gentiles aren’t regarded as PC groups in society so our traditions can be banned with barely a thought whilst the religious traditions of Muslims and Jews can’t be.

    Also, Labour saw class warfare points to score with banning fox hunting.

    I believe I am correct in saying that Halal and Kosher slaughter is banned in Denmark nowdays due to political pressure from the nationalist/national-conservative Danish People’s Party (DPP) but I may be wrong.


  6. Those ultra-Orthodox/Hasidic ones who live in Stanford Hill in North Hackney, London, are certainly decidedly odd looking to our gentile eyes and this especially applies to when they dress their children up for the Purim festival as you will see if you type in the words Ultra Orthodox Jews and Stanford Hill into google and search for images.😀


  7. If you look on google and put in the name of that vile Zionist Jew extremist hate group the so-called ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ and London protest against Corbyn and Labour you will soon discover its true sinister nature and purpose eg one young Jew Zionist fanatic was wearing a T shirt with a picture of notorious former Israeli PM Menachem Begin who was a leader of the Irgun terrorist group which bombed the King David Hotel (the headquarters of British rule in Palestine) in Jerusalem in 1947. Begin was a nasty piece of work even by normal Jew Zionist fanatic standards and pretty anti-British by all accounts so much so I believe I am correct in stating that his government even allowed the export of Israeli Exocet missles to Argentina during the Falklands’ War! Not surprisingly, we hear nothing about this disgraceful Israeli government action in our ‘free ‘British’ press! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

    It should be evident to anyone who takes even the most fleeting real look at this group that they are Jew Zionist extremist fanatics and Israel Firsters and are more concerned with combatting who they think are critics of Israel by labelling them ‘anti-semites’ than they are interested in fighting against the relatively small numbers of REAL ‘anti-semites’ this country has.



  8. Oops, Jeremy Corbyn’s great ‘anti-semitic’ crime was to be an advocate for the rights of Palestinians!

    It looks like the Jew Zionist extremist fanatics in our midst and in the media considered Corbyn to be a possible danger to Israel should he have become PM of the United Kingdom and therefore they decided to pull out all the stops to prevent that happening by smearing him as an ‘anti-semite’. It is high time the disgraceful Arthur Daley like spivs of the CON Party offered Jeremy and his party a fullsome apology for getting into bed with these people FOR THE FOUR YEARS of their hate campaign but as ‘modern’ Tory MPs have all the morals and class of an alleyway dog I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.



  9. I see that defeated ex Labour Party Zionist and proven CIA Asset MP, Ruth Smeeth, , is whinging and moaning YET AGAIN (do they EVER stop?🙄) about the Labour Party she done more than most to ruin the election chances of!

    She probably would be an MP still if she had helped her party instead of stabbing it in the back and accusing it of virtually non exist ‘anti-semitism’ ie more like support for Palestinian rights and some criticism of the way the state of Israel behaves sometimes.

    They (the Zionist extremist fanatic/Israel First mob ie people like Ruth Smeeth) go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and we have given them numerous opportunities over the decades since the 1930’s onwards to reform their behaviour yet they never get around to doing it which is why I now advocate a peaceful, humane and mutually beneficial parting of the ways between us.


    1. Hitler said that, despite the contrary impression “they” put up, the Jews are “a very stupid people”, and the actions of that Labour Party Jewish/Zionist cabal would seem to prove Hitler right! Ruth Smeeth has been trashing not only Corbyn but Labour itself, for FOUR YEARS! She obviously thought “Stoke on Trent? Ha ha! Where are the pleb ‘goys’ going to go?” Well, now she has her answer (away from her)! Her political career is finished *unless* a pro-Israel cabal takes over in the Labour Party. That explains her continuing agitation.


      1. Apart from the very religious
        Orthodox ones who tend to keep themselves to themselves and who, therefore, should have been excluded from his plans, I think Der Fuhrer had it right about the Jews at least initially. The secular/barely religious ones in Germany caused trouble for German gentiles, were always moaning and whinging about practically non-existent REAL ‘anti-semitism’ (in reality, the alleged ‘anti-semitism’ was justified German gentile complaints about Jewish behaviour) so he proposed that Jews instead of annoying German gentiles by continual moaning moved to Palestine! Sadly, few of them actually did do that so this ideal solution was not effective.

        Der Fuhrer believed that many Jews were simply incompatible with German gentile society and that whilst a significant number of them were in Germany causing trouble and moaning all the time neither German gentiles or those Jews would ever be satisfied and at ease with themselves so the best solution all round for both parties would be a mutual separation and who can really say he was wrong?

        I think that increasingly that is also the case here and we must mutually agree to separate as well. It seems to me that most Jews in Britain and in other gentile countries ie the non orthodox ones are really not content to live in peace with us and will always find some reason to complain about gentiles so we should separate.


      2. Sadly, that might well happen as it looks as if Blairite and therefore Zionist Jew extremist/Israel First sympathising Keir Starmer is likely to win. Mission accomplished as far as the Jew Zionist extremist/Israel First Lobby and groups like the wholly misnamed ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ is concerned!


  10. I see that Jeremy Goldstein of the Jewish Leadership Council ( I wonder how far a British gentile would get in setting-up a British Gentile Leadership Council before he or she was accused of being a ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semite’ in a supposedly gentile country?🙄🙄🙄) has, in that revered publication the Daily Mail (or should that be renamed the Jerusalem Post?) virtually ordered Labour to do a Nazi Party style purge of any members who support Corbyn!🙄

    Is anybody else getting sick and tired of Jew Zionist extremists/Israel Firsters like him interfering in British politics and trying to bend it to their will in the interests of what is a foreign state?🙄🤬😡☹️😞

    It is high time these people either stopped this behaviour or [*redacted*…] Israel.


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