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Diary Blog, 12 January 2021

Radio 4 Today Programme; Cressida Dick

Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, interviewed on the Today Programme. Fairly poor. Did not seem to understand when the interviewer asked whether the “increase in cases” of “the virus” was by reason of those breaking the law, or simply because there were more people legally out and about (compared to early 2020). Cressida Dick simply ploughed on about illegality. Wooden. Woodentopped.

No sign of very high intelligence. Much “communitarian” noise.

The interviewer did not ask about whether the huge increase in testing has simply resulted in a corresponding increase in “cases” (many completely asymptomatic). Beyond the Commissioner’s competence, I suppose. What concerns me is that the Commissioner’s own job seems to be beyond her competence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cressida_Dick

Interesting graphs


Fascinating to see how much safer life is in England and Wales now compared to the 1840s, since which time there has been a fairly steady decline in the death rate. Even shocks such as the 1918-1920 influenza pandemic have not much impacted the overall picture.

At peak, in the 1840s and then again in the 1890s, about 4% of the population died in a year. Now, the figure is about 1% to 2%. Two to four times better.

Tweets seen today

Derbyshire Police, once again putting the plod into policing (take a look at how they abused satirical singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz; her blog pages are here: https://alisonchabloz.com/).

I thought that at least the higher courts were better than they now have been proven to be. That leaves yet another part of UK society running on empty, together with journalism, the Bar, the NHS, the Westminster and local political system, the schools and universities and (a fortiori), the police.

I agree with the above, within reason. There must be limits to such loyalty, but the drift towards a sub-Stalinist society of snooping and denunciation must be resisted.

Load up…

Exactly. I have been blogging and (before the “CAA”-connected Jews instigated my expulsion from Twitter) tweeting about how a fairly small number of online organizations, huge transnational enterprises, constitute quasi-monopolies and are shutting down freedom of expression.

Now everyone is noticing, but many fools who think that they are terribly clever are still bleating about how “private companies” (including in fact “public” ones) such as Amazon, ebay, Facebook, Twitter etc are simply commercial enterprises, and can exclude anyone at will for “violation” of Mickey Mouse “Terms and Conditions of Service” etc.

Some of the worst of such bleaters are those who think of themselves as “socialist” or pro-“human rights” and so on.

(taking the term “university” loosely, that is…)

Some music

Brilliant staging.

Interesting, nicht wahr? You get someone such as the part-Jew, supposedly “socialist”, extremist, Paul Mason. He openly calls for a police state and repression of “dangerous” views (i.e. of dissidents), and he was an editor on BBC Newsnight for years, made a very good income at that and then as a TV talking head elsewhere.

Mason had and even now has no problem getting his (admittedly not uninteresting) books published by mainstream publishers, yet people such as me, such as David Icke, such as Alison Chabloz, and even Peter Hitchens, are “dangerous” and, says Mason (according to the Jew-Zionist lobby too) should be censored, barred, banned, even prosecuted and/or put into prisons or concentration camps.

Mason’s Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Mason_(journalist). I have read one or two of his books. My assessment of him: economically, interesting; politically, completely stupid.

Society is closing down. The Jews (Zionist or other) are not the only ones to blame for that. The extreme Muslim or Islamist element as well. Then there is the pseudo-socialist “antifa”-type (either actually, or the academic termites that support “antifa”). The blacks are just “useful idiots” of the others, as seen in “Black Lives Matter” etc. (((Others))) are pulling the strings of the puppets.

As for the organs of the State, such as MI5, secretive online propaganda outfits, the political or other police, well, they are mostly the flunkeys of the System, to put it in 1960s terminology.

Who did more damage to the UK? Christine Keeler? Soviet spies? The IRA? Or was it the Labour, Conservative and Liberal/LibDem MPs who imported millions of blacks and browns into the UK (which importees started to breed prolifically)? Was it the BBC and other decadents who have been poisoning the airwaves for at least 50 years? Was it the cuckoos-in-nest (((financial speculators))) and (((fraudsters))), the “Robert Maxwells” and others?

The fact is that the (as someone once described them) “precious” (meaning “up their own a****”) SIS, and purse-lipped MI5, have to a large extent been rearranging deckchairs on the deck of the Titanic UK for half a century and more. Pathetic.

“Social distancing”

The proposed new “3-metre rule” is, of course, even more absurd, and even less workable or enforceable, than the “2-metre rule” (which in any case is not law but merely “guidance”.

3 metres is 9.85 feet. In old money, ten feet. How does that work in, say, a supermarket, let alone the village shop or urban convenience store? It does not. It cannot.

Afternoon music

Late tweets

Recommended Twitter account


Well, here we are. Crunch time. I have heard Americans bleating about “the right to bear arms” etc for years and years and years. Well, here we are. Time to put up or shut up…

Biden is pretty obviously not a good person.

Late music

Diary Blog, 10-11 December 2020

10 December 2020

Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck was very recently imprisoned yet again, at the age of 92, for expressing “forbidden” views on aspects of modern history. A modern version of the heresy trials of 500 years ago.

A martyr for freedom of expression.


Bad joke

Heard some “expert” on BBC Radio 4 Today. The education of UK children had to be prioritized (re “the virus”), said he. What education would that be? In the UK, children and young people are in school or similar training for 13 years. Can we really say that those 13 years are used properly? Not only by the pupils but by society? I think not, in most cases. The whole thing needs a rethink.

Today then continued with a piece by the Chief Rabbi! The propaganda never stops, in this country. That short daily quasi-religious piece is done at least once weekly, if not more often, by Jewish rabbis etc, yet Jews are only a fraction of 1% of the population. About 1 out of 200 at most. Disproportionate in the extreme.

Tweets seen

Some of the bastards trying to get to the UK. Invaders. Enemies. Any helping them are also enemies.

The last true Pope was either John Paul II or Benedict XVI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes

John paul 2 coa.svg
Coat of Arms of Benedictus XVI.svg



Late music

11 December 2020

Early tweets seen

…and Ukraine is, outside Israel, the most obviously ZOG state in the world…

Another example of how police and CPS waste public resources pursuing fake “hate crime”



Leaving aside the juridical element, I have wondered for some time what is happening in society, not just in the UK but worldwide, that so many people are now attempting to “change sex”, especially (it seems) male to female. Is it something genetic? Karmic? Is it “something in the water”? Maybe something to do with the cocktail of chemicals now synthesised and released into the environment?

More tweets seen

Looks like even some of the System newspapers are getting sick of the pushy Jewish lobby, exemplified by the fake charity known as “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”]. Note also how an “apology” is demanded. “They” love to force “apologies” out of non-Jews. It has the effect of devaluing the apologizer and psychologically crushing him or her. The “demand” for “apologies” is a constant; look at the situation vis a vis the Jewish/Israel lobby and the UK Labour Party.

Israel, as a state, is no worse, and in some respects better, than the states that surround it. It is, of course, a fake state from one point of view; contrived, even more so than city-states such as Singapore or, say, Monaco.

For me, the objection to Israel (leaving aside how it was founded on the basis of terrorism, theft, robbery, trickery, and the expropriation of Arab Palestinian lands, is that Israel is more than a state. It is the centre of a global hub, the middle of a spider’s web of fraud, theft, conspiracy and worldwide political manipulation, using both the Jewish communities in many countries, and also non-Jew agents and catspaws (and “useful idiots”, in Lenin’s phrase), to exploit the peoples of the world.

Is the real centre of that web in Israel, or in the Jewish “communities” elsewhere? I rather think the latter, in fact.

For example, when I myself was in Kazakhstan (1996-97), I had considerable —almost daily— contact with both the British Embassy (which was walking distance from my home) and —to a lesser extent—the local diplomatic milieu generally. I met several of the ambassadors and got to know one or two personally. I certainly recall, apart from the British Ambassador, the American, Australian and Pakistani, as well as several lesser diplomats in various missions.

I never met the Israeli one, but was told by an Israeli businessman (an ex-IDF general) that Israeli ambassadors are very carefully controlled and evaluated by their bosses. They are judged on the quantity and quality of their contacts in a very precise way. From what I heard, at least, it seems that an Israeli embassy does not operate in the way of a normal one, but more like a rezidentura of the old KGB.

Look at those two tweets above, by a leading UK-based (ex-Israel) Zionist, who has been heavily involved in commentating and other activities relating to the Labour Party and to UK “antisemitism”.

His claim re. Israel is that it is “multi-ethnic”. That is true in the sense that there are numerous ethnic groups there. It is a “false truth”, though. It would be absurd to think that any group other than the Jews control everything of importance in Israel.

I think that that is how “they” see the world in general. They have no wish to “convert” the world to Judaism (and the strictly religious ones at least say that that is not possible anyway —including those Ethiopian “Jews”). They do not even wish to kill non-Jews, in general. What they do want is to exercise general world control, and to fruitfully exploit the world for, mainly, their own benefit.

My view? I do not agree to them controlling the world.


Interesting podcast

More tweets seen


Capital Ring

Capital Ring waymarker post.jpg

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_Ring. Interesting. I did not know. When I was younger and usually fitter, and lived on and off in London, I had similar ideas.

More tweets

An interesting exchange, pointing out as it does the immense social changes in Britain in the 20th Century, and brought about, partly, by the two world wars.

I have no idea what “Mailchimp” is, but I take it that we are talking about the latest censorship, or “private-public partnership” for a “police state” (as it used to be called.

That chart is an overview. Much of rural Britain, and even of suburban Britain, is still British. Regions such as the South West (outside Bristol) are largely untouched, even today.

Look at the tweet below: wants European children to be even more brainwashed…

Hard to respond except with laughter, at this stage…

Below, another one of his pearls of “wisdom”:

That’s rubbish. I knew a number of women who had bank accounts, yes in their own names, in the early 1970s.

Never rely on random “facts” seen via Google searches…In fact, a small number of women had accounts even in the 17th Century, though it is true that few had accounts prior to 1882; but by the 20th Century that was fairly common (in the UK).


Yet that idiot’s tweet has had 33,000 “likes” in two days! Fake “news”…and the Twitterati lap it up.

Actually, relatively few men (maybe under 50%) had bank accounts either until fairly recent times. I recall seeing a statistic in the newspaper in the early 1970s, to the effect that only 25% of UK people had bank accounts (though many had building society or Post Office accounts, which at the time were different).

One called Rudd (which I in fact knew already). I have always wondered whether Amber Rudd is part-Jew, though I have, at present, insufficient information. She was certainly a paid-up member of the Israel lobby.

Afternoon music

I quite recently posted this symphony; I post it again because the composer, a New Zealander, is all but unknown in the UK, undeservedly.


Late tweets seen

Such bridges for animals (and occasional people on foot) are a great step forward.

[bridge for animals and walkers over M25 in Surrey, south of London]

More late tweets

Late music

Diary Blog, 20 November 2020

Wikipedia and the various versions of “history”

Wikipedia is a useful resource if used with a sceptical attitude. For example, I saw this piece about one Anna Seghers, a Jewish woman who became a Communist Party member in Germany in 1928: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Seghers.

According to that article, Anna Seghers was “arrested by the Gestapo” in 1932. That would in fact have been impossible, if only because the Gestapo was established only in 1933, at which time it was a police organization purely in the region of Prussia, having been set up by Goering. It became a nationwide organization three or more years later, in and after 1936: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestapo.

Anna Seghers was from Mainz, in the Rhineland-Palatinate, and spent all or most of her life until 1934 in that region of Germany, mostly in Koblenz and Cologne. In other words, in the part of Germany where she lived, and when she lived there, there was no Gestapo.

It is possible that this Anna Seghers was questioned by local police, though not Gestapo, or even that she was briefly detained in 1933 or 1934 in Prussia (where there was a Gestapo), though that seems unlikely. Whatever the true facts, and even if she was arrested, she was then released. So she was not (as typical postwar propaganda would have it) brutalized, imprisoned, sent to a concentration camp, shot, “gassed” or her skull exhibited by SS-Ahnenerbe…

In fact, she went —and was allowed to go— to Switzerland in 1933 or 1934, and from there she went to Mexico.

While still in Paris, in 1939, she had written The Seventh Cross, for which she received the Büchner-Prize in 1947. The novel is set in 1936 and describes the escape of seven prisoners from a concentration camp. It was published in the United States in 1942 and produced as a movie in 1944 by MGM starring Spencer Tracy. The Seventh Cross was one of the very few depictions of Nazi concentration camps, in either literature or the cinema, during World War II.” [Wikipedia]

So look at that above paragraph: The Seventh Cross was “one of the very few depictions of concentration camps” before 1945, yet that description is entirely fictional! Anna Seghers was never anywhere near a concentration camp or any kind of camp! In fact, she had left Germany in 1933 or 1934, i.e. before or within a few months of Hitler’s accession as Chancellor.

Reminiscent of the above is the 1993 film Schindler’s List, which many think of as “history”, whereas in fact it was based on a novel, Schindler’s Ark, written by an Australian who was only born in 1935, and whose novel (i.e. a work of fiction, which in fact won the Booker Prize for Historical Fiction) was published in 1983.

Naturally, a few real facts are woven into the fictional narrative. This is common to all “faction” writing (cf. The Day of the Jackal etc).

Another is the film Sophie’s Choice, which is completely fictional, but which many naive people cite as a “true story” and an example of the behaviour of the SS etc!

The “Working Class History” Twitter account weasels about Anna Seghers having “survived”, as if “the Gestapo” did terrible things to her instead of…nothing. The tweet there is very misleading, implying that Anna Seghers was detained for years, maybe until 1945!

If Anna Seghers had any contact with the German political police at all, it was probably no more than I had when a pack of Jews made a malicious report about me to the Essex Police in 2017: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/.

I notice that self-describing “historian” and “journalist” Mike Stuchbery, a twice-sacked temporary schoolteacher now living in Stuttgart, Germany, retweeted the above misleading tweet. He really ought to start to check his facts, in the manner of a real historian…[https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/].

Tweets seen

The BBC is riddled with traitors, as are all msm outlets.

I should like to know how many people now listen to BBC Radio 4 shows such as PM or Broadcasting House? Few, I think.

A couple of “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [“CAA”] Jew-Zionists discuss one of the women they and their friends used to troll mercilessly online (using pseudonymous Twitter accounts), a fact the lawyer for the “CAA” had to admit in open court during one of the court hearings in one of the Alison Chabloz cases.

They also made malicious complaint against people offline, ruining, for example, the (until-then successful) photography business of Jo Stowell. Now they still push a stick in on Twitter from time to time.

[photographer Jo Stowell]

The odd thing about the above-noted remark by Applebaum is the contemptuous reference to the lady’s “failure in life“. A not uncommon remark by (((individuals))) like him, but does he ever look in the mirror? A former occasional/freelance scribbler, specializing in film, who has not had much published for quite a number of years (the occasional piece appears in the Jewish Chronicle). Applebaum is now, in effect, a 40-something house-husband. What right has he to look down on anybody?

Has Applebaum just explained, en passant, why he is so obsessive (about “anti-Semites”)?

My own experience (one of a number) of “CAA” malice: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

More tweets seen

Priti Patel bullied staff” [news reports]. It is well-known that Indian women often bully their staff, eg household maids etc. That is even more true of those employers (or, in Sun-speak, “bosses”) brought up in modest circumstances (as Priti Patel was— her parents were small shopkeepers who built up a chain of profitable small shops). What surprises me is the surprise shown by all (in the msm etc).

Actually, exactly what do you have to do now to get permanently binned as a minister or Cabinet minister? Seems that bullying your staff is not enough. Neither is being corrupt, nor being an agent of Israel. Priti Patel has now achieved the hat-trick…yet there she sits on her huge rear end, still posing as Home Secretary. Jesus CHRIST!

Jan Morris

Jan Morris, the writer, has died. As a travel writer, particularly, Jan Morris was unequalled, though “In an interview with BBC in 2016 she told Michael Palin that she does not like to be described as a travel writer, as her books are not about movement and journeys; they are about places and people.” [Wikipedia]; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Morris.

Chris Bryant

Not often that I find myself in agreement with “antifa” supporter, “Dr.” Louise Raw, but…

Chris Bryant, former paid Common Purpose employee, fake “Labour” MP, prolific expenses cheat, and doormat for the Jewish/Israel lobby. Voted for the Iraq war; member of Labour Friends of Israel; supporter or member of the pro-NWO/ZOG “Henry Jackson Society”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant#Personal_life; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bryant#Expenses_claims_scandal.


Public sector pay freeze to pay for lockdown and furlough” [news reports]

Still want more “lockdown” (shutdown), and more facemask nonsense?

If so, don’t complain about the inevitable consequences…

More tweets

Ah. MSM drones who never said a single word in defence of Alison Chabloz, Jez Turner, me, others, are finding out now that their own freedom of expression is disappearing because it is convenient for ZOG/NWO to repress it.

This is what the MPs who are members of Conservative Friends of Israel (80% of Con MPs) and Labour Friends of Israel (many, inc. Jess Phillips, Rachel Reeves, Yvette Cooper, Keir Starmer etc) are supporting. Dictatorial Jew-Zionist power both in the Middle East and also in Europe, including the UK.

Those who are or think that they are “Left” or “socialist” should simply call those they criticize what “they” really are, behind all the other “identities”… eventually, they must express themselves clearly as to the menace…

Late music

Diary Blog, 29 October 2020

Tweets seen

Tweet no.1:

Evidence? See below

Tweet no.2:

Sadly, the Jewish lobby had me expelled from Twitter, so I cannot personally enlighten that first tweeter.

It is strange, though, how the Remain whiners, as the first tweeter is (a Jewish woman, and very pro-EU, resident in —as the newspapers are wont to say— “leafy” Wallingford, Oxfordshire—…most Remain whiners seem to be in circumstances not too uncomfortable) are also the “lockdown” and facemask zealots. It must be by reason of a wish for the State or —in the EU case— super-state to lay down strict rules etc. Psychological nexus rather than political nexus.

Wildlife corridors

I have been proposing wildlife corridors and a “wildlife grid” for many years. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/10/29/butterflies-risk-wiped-rewilding-corridors-arent-created/


“I know it has been said before, but it’s worth repeating because Matt Hancock would like you to believe the opposite. 

The virus poses little threat to healthy people under 60.

The over-60s should take particular care. They must make their calculations.

 As a 68-year-old man who has not been totally written off by his GP, my chances of dying from Covid-19 if I catch it are supposedly about one and a half per cent. Not huge but not negligible.” [Stephen Glover, Daily Mail]




I was interested to hear Rocco Forte of the hotel/catering “empire” on Radio 4 Today. Very much anti the “panicdemic”, and making all the good points: more people dying of other conditions (eg flu) than of “Covid-19”; the lack of peril to almost anyone under 40; the economic damage (his companies are about to lay off thousands of employees) etc. Also, Forte has himself actually had “the virus” (“an unpleasant 3 weeks“, he said) and recovered, despite being 75 years old.

Whatever one’s view of “the virus”, the incompetence of the present UK government and its cronies (eg the well-connected but pathetic careerist bumbler, Dido Harding) is incredible.


Again. Why is Europe, or more accurately, why is the System, tolerating this?

More tweets seen

The more you give (in), the more (((they))) want…#PoundOfFlesh.

Note the dictatorial tone…that’s what happens when you make concessions to “them”.

Labour now has a leader who is basically a System/Jewish lobby doormat. A “Labour Friend of Israel” and married to a Jewish wife (a property lawyer) with whom he is bringing up their children as if fully Jewish.

I notice that, even in the present circumstances, when the government of the UK has been taken over by a ragbag of anti-British globalist incompetents, Labour cannot get ahead of the misnamed “Conservatives” in the opinion polls. Unsurprising, when it scarcely opposes any Government policies…

Jewish lobby tool Ian Austin, the ex-MP, is very odd indeed. As far as I know, he has never explained why he tweeted, a couple of years ago, that hard-core pornography, particularly that involving bestiality, should be decriminalized. Seems a really nasty individual (as well as having been one of the worst expenses cheats in Parliament).

Quelle surprise…

Well, there it is. The Jews (Jew Zionists) have retaken the Labour fortress that is now a ruin, and are wiping out remnants of “old Labour” (socialist Labour) found here and there.

I shed no tears for Corbyn. I have never been a Labour Party supporter, member, or even voter. Corbyn was weak on the “JQ”; opposing Israel, yes, but at the same time weaselling by paying lip-service to the “holocaust” farrago, to Jewish holidays etc. He should have come out fully against the (((Lobby))) and its pernicious influence over politics, culture, migration-invasion, law etc in the UK. Corbyn allowed the Jewish/Zionist lobby to crush him and, with him, what was left of the Labour Party.

This situation might be hopeful for social nationalism. Now that there is in reality —and clearly-seen— one System party, notionally split into “Labour” and “Conservative”, the people can see that only a new movement (not just party, but movement) can lead them against those fake parties of decadence and evil.

The trouble with that is that such a party would be akin to the Labour Party that lost, in 2019, the General Election, and lost it not because any other party was preferred to Labour, but because former Labour voters refused to vote Labour or at all…

The real British people will not vote for an old-style “socialist” party and especially not for one that wants a black-brown/mixed-race Britain. Not in numbers large enough to form a government.

Any new Corbyn party might become a significant force though, in that it would get the votes of many of the ethnic minorities, as well as some of the votes of public service personnel and metro virtue-signallers.

If Corbyn Labour got about 32% of the popular vote at the 2019 General Election (the Conservative Party nearly 44%), then any new Corbyn party would probably get about 15% at best. On a good day, 20%; on a bad day, 10%. Not enough to win very many MPs, in all likelihood, but enough to finish off official Labour under Starmer. Hm…

If, in any general election in the next 4 years, official Labour were to get, say, 20% or 25%, then its cadre of MPs will reduce to double figures.

That says it all…

Incidentally, did I read somewhere that Keir Starmer and his Jewish wife have buy-to-let properties? Not sure.

Brilliant. In a nutshell…

Cartoon seen

Well…fancy that! You live and learn…

I thought that that cartoon might be a kind of hoax, but it turns out to be absolutely right: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender#Etymology_and_usage; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money#Sex_reassignment_of_David_Reimer.

The above should be better known (to the public).

Photo seen

It seems that the influence of Plato lives on…

Oil, Fracking, and George Osborne

Remember George Osborne, that nasty little part-Jew who was Chancellor until a few years ago? Remember how his Big Idea was that fracking would be Britain’s bold new frontier, firing up the “Northern Powerhouse” (his other Big Idea)? Well that was then.

Today, the “Northern Powerhouse” is just a political footnote. As for fracking, after being stalled by reason of its environmental effects, it has been killed off by the fall in oil prices. Not only in the UK; USA and Canada too. Today, oil prices fell further: “Brent was trading 3.5 per cent down at $37.74, while WTI stood down 3.6 per cent at $36.05.” [City AM]. Fracking is completely uneconomic below USD $40 (some say $60) a barrel.

As for Osborne, I don’t know what it is about the British, but they always imagine that whatever political careerist or chancer becomes Chancellor of the Exchequer, he is some kind of genius. Then, it was George Osborne, and before him others such as Nigel Lawson and Denis Healey, inter alia. Now it is Indian “clever boy”, Rishi Sunak. (Healey was in fact highly educated and cultured, though basically an enemy; a Bilderberger and globalist).

More tweets seen

[Critics] were essentially saying that Jews were liars [about “antisemitism” in Labour]“, says Gideon Falter of the malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity. Well, his own evidence in trials, given on oath, has not always been accepted by the criminal or other courts: see, for example, the Rowan Laxton case.

Kay Burley is not really interviewing Gideon Falter; she is facilitating him and his propaganda.

Note the (((typical))) arrogant Zionist triumphalism: Falter tells Labour what must be done…

Had Corbyn and his cohorts come out fully and forcefully against the Jewish-Zionist lobby, it might have been a gamechanger in British politics. As it is, the matter remains unresolved, and the struggle goes on.

Europe awake!


Late tweets

The LibDems “stomping” on people? Be careful what you wish for; what goes around comes around…

“Scotsman” by absorption? The SNP is not “national” except in name.

Look at this idiot (below): Roanna Carleton-Taylor, of Derbyshire. Aka “@AntiFashWitch” on Twitter. The leading light of the ludicrously-misnamed “Resisting Hate” troll group.

In the clip below, she is seen talking about how she can engender fear (!) by using the body parts of spiders etc. What a nice individual…a collaborator of self-described “historian” and “journalist” (in fact, a sacked temporary schoolteacher), Mike Stuchbery, now resident in Stuttgart (thanks to the generosity of the German state and those who donate to him): https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/23/a-few-words-about-mike-stuchbery/

The above woman is also connected with Zionists and their “antifa” dupes in London and Manchester, among other places.

Quite. I blogged about globalist NWO/ZOG puppet Macron a year or two ago: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/09/on-recent-events-in-france/.


In fact, Hitchens is not entirely correct. There do exist other possibilities, but were I to cite them, I should probably have the toytown police and poundland KGB at my door (again)…

Late music

Diary Blog, 11 August 2020


Looks as though, as in Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union in the fairly recent past, things are now hotting up in Belarus. Existing discontents are probably being used by the New World Order [NWO] conspiracy to bring Belarus (former Belorussia) into the NWO/NATO matrix.

Below, a “protester” runs down members of a riot squad (probably Belarus KGB-Alpha, a kind of spetsnaz unit) and drives away.

Whether you call the driver’s action “protesting”, “criminal” or “terrorism”, I should not like to be in his shoes. As the Cheka [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheka] said in the Russian Civil War, “the legs of the traitor are not as long as the arms of the Cheka”…

Belarus is effectively a dictatorship, but one which has some positive aspects.

Talking about the Slavonic world, I happened to see the film report below:

The village is in the western part of the Urals region. As for the lady herself, her name suggests a Tatar origin.

The project has an online presence:




The village had, formerly, nothing but the tarmac road laid down in Soviet times; otherwise, nothing, not a school, shop, or even a well.

The presenter describes the place as a “village”, but in England we would call it a “hamlet”. I think that the distinction is that a “hamlet” is very small and/or has no church. The Russian language before the revolution had the same distinction: a “derevnye” [деревня] was a village (with church), whereas a “selo” [село] was a hamlet or tiny village usually without a church.

In Soviet times, with most local churches destroyed, left to become ruined, or used as barns etc, places were often designated simply as “settlements”. A “settlement” was (or is) a “poselenye” [поселение]. Another word found is “gorodok” [городок] though that really means “small town”, a town being a “gorod”, which can be anything from a place with maybe 1,000 inhabitants to somewhere as big as Moscow, with millions.

It does show the importance of the individual in human and social life: one person can make a huge difference, the crucial difference.


As far as I know, I was the first person to use the term “migrant-invaders”. That was when I had a Twitter account (from 2010, effectively from 2011; the Jews had me expelled in 2018).

This morning, I was listening to a few minutes of the now-almost-irrelevant BBC Radio 4 Today Programme; pathetically-poor Liz Truss was being grilled by Nick Robinson about the hundreds of invaders now crossing the Channel daily. It seems that at least a handful (about 20) Conservative Party MPs have signed a letter quite correctly describing the migrants as “migrant-invaders“, and —needless to say— Today presenter Robinson took umbrage at the phrasing. Idiotic Truss would not endorse the language her colleagues have used.

Still, interesting. Who knows, maybe my blog is more influential than I myself sometimes imagine…

More from Minsk

Looks as though there is a head of steam building up behind the protests:

The Northern Urals region

Saw the video below, made by the same American as the video posted above in this blog post. The real Russian people, some of them, are among the best people you will find anywhere in the world.

Beautiful countryside, but a land ravaged by Sovietism, particularly the terrible Collectivization of the 1928-40 period [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collectivization_in_the_Soviet_Union].

Telling to see the magnificent 19thC main building in one semi-desolate place. Sovietism and in particular the Collectivization of agriculture ruined so much in Russia, though as always one could point to some positive aspects, and in particular, electrification as well as, in some cases, road construction and (sometimes, near towns and cities) piped water. As Lenin said, “Socialism means Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.

Now, population decline is ubiquitous in rural Russia, with villages and small towns left full of the elderly, the poor, drunks and those generally unable to migrate to larger places.

Rural and other collectives of social nationalists in various countries

People who have long read my blog will be aware that I support the migration of (UK) social nationalists to certain parts of the country, in order to concentrate forces. A socio-political Schwerpunkt, to adapt the ideas of Clausewitz. Well, others, in other countries, have had similar ideas. USA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northwest_Territorial_Imperative https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Covington

https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1287998/ https://ruralnexion.bigcartel.com/

https://www.seattlemag.com/knute-berger-column/progressive-northwest-white-supremacists-think-its-perfect-place-sow-hatred https://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-fg-pacific-northwest-hate-20190525-story.html https://www.nytimes.com/1986/07/05/us/neo-nazis-dream-of-a-racist-territory-in-pacific-northwest-refuses-to-die.html https://theowp.org/possible-threat-of-neo-nazi-groups-in-united-states/


https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-17556575/germany-s-new-breed-of-neo-nazis (typical BBC: the reporter was a Jewish woman…).



Deutschland erwache!



Musical and natural-world interlude

Tweets seen today

Ah. Mentally-violent “antifa” cheerleader, grifter and self-described “historian”/”journalist”, Mike Stuchbery, now claims to “speak for most Britons“! He is an Australian now living in Stuttgart, someone who only lived in the UK for a few years.

Stuchbery, like so many self-described “Left” individuals, pro-EU partisans and multikulti enthusiasts, is also aggressively (from a distance) pro-facemasks or muzzles. It’s a pathology…

Here he is again:

As always, Stuchbery is pro-violence, so long as he himself is not involved except as rear-echelon instigator.

Here’s another ignoramus, Paul Bernal, who is (incredibly) a lecturer in law, and who thinks that “free speech” is still free speech even when you get imprisoned (as under “holocaust” “denial” laws in France, Germany, Austria) or shot (as in Stalin’s Russia etc) for saying something unapproved. Here, in the tweet below, he calls the migration-invasion across the Channel a “story”. No…actually, it is an invasion. 50,000-100,000 a year; and that is only the number coming across in small boats. Others come hidden in yachts, fishing boats, car boots, trucks etc. Then there is “legally-permitted” immigration, which is about 99x the number coming across in rubber boats; and what about the number popping out of immigrant mothers resident in the UK? Pop! Pop! Pop!

Here is Owen Jones, too. A full house of idiots today!

Jones is partly-right: the state of the country is the fault of those exploiting the British people, not (mainly) the migrant-invaders. However, we the British people do not want them here anyway!

More tweets

#SS #Ahnenerbe

He’s right. Twitter is a waste of time, though useful for me in terms of posting the opinions of others as illustrative, for my blog.

Very true. A Waitrose employee told me recently that their store management received an email from Waitrose HQ demanding that all staff wear facemasks or muzzles. Free country? Hardy ha ha!

Look at this now [below]!

Anyone who thinks that this is anything other than a giant international conspiracy must be rather naive, almost panglossian. Don’t forget that most of these “democratic” Western “national leaders” know each other rather well. Many studied together, went to Bilderberg [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_meeting] together etc…For example, Jacinda Ardern worked for the Labour Party in London! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacinda_Ardern#Early_life_and_education


Lockdown/shutdown of the UK

The article below, written in April by Peter Hitchens, is well worth reading: https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2020/04/we-love-big-brother

Disturbing footage has emerged showing a woman being choked by a male police officer during a violent arrest in Melbourne after she was caught not wearing a face mask.” [Daily Mail]


The woman can be heard repeatedly screaming 'He's choking me' throughout the clip

In Melbourne, the very place where that nasty little bastard Stuchbery originated! Is it something in the water?

Will there now be demonstrations, marches, even riots in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand? No, of course not! She’s white and probably has no serious criminal record…#WhiteLivesMatter…

Yes. As I have blogged recently several times (echoed by Peter Hitchens and others), what is really crazy is that the sort of people who used to be rebellious, who prioritized “rights” and “civil liberties” and “freedoms” in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s (I mean those who think of themselves as “Left”, [“libertarian” or other] “socialists”, even “anarchists”) are now those who are begging, literally in some cases, to have stricter control by the State, stricter rules, harsher penalties for going out or not wearing a mask or muzzle. That mentally-disordered “antifa” nut, Stuchbery, is far from being the only one.

Look at Twitter. Virtually all those who identify, on or in the Twitter echo-chamber, as “anti-racist”, “FBPE”, “Remain”, “socialist”, pro-EU etc, the pro-Jewish lobby mob too, are fanatical in their support for facemask-wearing, “lockdown” and anything else that restricts the British people during the overblown Coronavirus “crisis”.

As for Australia, what has happened to them? I myself was there for 3 years as a child (in Sydney) and attended school there: Middle Harbour PS and North Sydney Boys’ High. 1967-69. The police were never even seen where I lived (admittedly a fairly affluent area, Mosman and Cremorne); I never noticed any police even at busy places where I might swim, such as Manly Beach and Balmoral Beach (the latter the nearest to my home), or even much in the city centre (they call that the “CBD” now).

Of course, Australia is now “diverse”: it has imported millions of non-Europeans since the 1970s, and its population is about double the 12 million who lived in Australia when I was at school there…

More tweets seen

So your chance of dying from Coronavirus in the UK on any day at present is not much greater than the chance of hitting a major National Lottery prize…

Late-night music

Diary Blog, 10 April 2020

First thoughts today

Listening to Radio 4 Today Programme, as I write. An elderly lady was called by her GP and more or less forced to agree to forgo treatment if she became unwell by reason of bloody Coronavirus! So much for the NHS! All the rabbits “clapping for the NHS” are zombies as far as I am concerned. Yes, the NHS is a very good idea, yes many of the staff —not all— are also very good, but the NHS is not only underfunded but maladministered, and seems to have the corporate attitude “like it or lump it”.

We (i.e. as a society) have had to accept (though many prefer their illusions) that the NHS is actually not better than the health services available to people in most other European countries…Indeed, it is often nowhere near as good.

What is happening in the UK is that all of our cherished illusions about our own society are being tested to destruction. Bluntly, the NHS is letting people suffering from anything other than Coronavirus die, while prioritizing (some of…) those suffering from the virus, which people however cannot actually be cured or even treated (except by administration of oxygen or air).

Other institutions in the UK have also been found wanting. The police, in particular. We have had Derbyshire police using drones, spying on elderly fell walkers  and then “shaming” them on Twitter. We have had the police of various forces, including Devon and Cornwall, setting up road blocks to snoop on whether the journeys of motorists are “necessary”. We have even had one particular “muppet”, the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire, saying that his “officers” (police woodentops) may start to rummage through the shopping trolleys of people leaving supermarkets to “check” whether this or that item bought is “essential”! This is not only the behaviour of a police state, but of one that has lost its mind! A Toytown police state and a poundland KGB.


Here’s another police “muppet”:

In the South West, Chief Superintendent Ian Drummond-Smith, police commander for Cornwall, warned non-residents to stay away from the area.

He said: ‘Our officers will be patrolling this weekend, firstly on the M5 and A30 in an attempt to prevent visitors from entering the force area, and then locally to enforce the restrictions.

‘We will do so in a fair and balanced manner, but travelling down to the West Country is a serious breach of these restrictions and those doing so can expect to receive a fine.‘”

[Daily Mail]

So how long before we need “internal passports”, in the manner of the Soviet Union?

The police are now making up the law, making up their own powers, as they go along. Lord Sumption, former Supreme Court justice, has now remarked about this unlawful arrogation of power by the police.

I was talking a few days ago to a lady of my acquaintance, aged about 90. She likes to drive her little car to a coastal car park, usually (on weekdays) containing about 3 cars, elderly couples sitting in them and gazing at the view, or strolling on the grassy clifftop. Well, now the local council has taped off that car park, and the police have put some kind of stupid “Stay at home, Protect the NHS” bs notice there. Does that in any way stop the spread or supposed spread of the virus? No. So why do it? Petty jobsworth zombie behaviour.

Other long-cherished British illusions have also been cruelly exposed as illusory or exagerrated. One is that the UK is “a society under law”. Courts are either closed or operating as “virtual” courts, in which the justice available is also often “virtual”, meaning more apparent than real. Some district judges (paid magistrates) have been behaving like poundland Judge Jeffreys clones.

Government too. It seems like they too are making it up as they go along. Floundering idiots posing as “statesmen”

There’s a massive scare campaign going on. I myself thought, at first, that Coronavirus was a huge threat to Europe and the world. I have been on a journey (one which most, it seems, have yet to make). I now have a very different view.

Let us look at the deaths from Coronavirus in the UK: so far, about 8,000. That is out of about 70 million inhabitants. In other words, about one person out of every nine thousand, so far.

Coronavirus does not affect all people equally, despite what the government is saying in what amounts to a propaganda campaign. In the 1980s, when AIDS first emerged, the System claimed that it, too, was a threat to “everyone”, when in fact HIV/AIDS was almost entirely confined to a few groups: gays engaging in anal sex, sub-Saharan Africans, persons given contaminated blood, to a lesser extent other blacks and browns. It was thought impolitic to speak the truth, that heterosexual European (white) people, especially persons of Northern European race/ethnicity, were almost certainly not going to get HIV/AIDS no matter what they did in bed or elsewhere (so long as they avoided the groups already mentioned).

At this time of year, in the UK, about 10,000-11,000 people die every week as a norm. Coronavirus has increased that by about 500. In other words the increase, i.e. increase on the norm for this month’s average over the past 5 years, has been —is— about 5%.


The Today Programme had some “expert” on, talking about the “risk” to certain age groups. However, that was the risk of being infected, not the risk of serious illness, let alone death. Most people infected with Coronavirus are unaware of being infected with anything, or have mild symptoms commonly also suffered via other conditions, or have distinct symptoms but recover after a week or two without any medical intervention at all.

At present the risk of being killed in the UK by (or with…) Coronavirus is about 1 in 9,000. For anyone under 70, bar a relative few with particular and serious pre-existing health conditions, the real risk is nearer to 1 in 40,000, if that. For those under 40, the risk of death is vanishingly small. For anyone under 20, we are talking about one chance in a million, or several million. Lightning-strike territory.

Incidentally, the Radio 4 Today Programme bimbo who did its superficial little piece about Oberammergau this morning made a few schoolgirl errors:

  • While the “Black Death” was a form of Plague, and basically bubonic plague [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Death], it was current in the mid-14th Century, peaking around 1347-1351;
  • the bubonic plague did recur in Europe and elsewhere [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Death#Recurrences] but
  • the Oberammergau Passion Play dates from an outbreak of plague in Bavaria in 1634 and was not, as such, the “Black Death”. Also,
  • contrary to what the Today Programme bimbo said (and so thinks), 1634 was not in the “mediaeval” period!
  • The international Jew lobby forced the people of Oberammergau (I think around 1990) to take out from the Passion Play the bit of the Gospel text where the Jews choose the robber zealot Barabbas to be granted clemency (instead of Jesus Christ), they then crying out to Pontius Pilate, “let His Blood be on us and upon our children!”

The Nazi leader meets children in the small town in Bavaria. Picture evidence of the controversial visit to the religious play is scarce but an unseen photo album created by one of the actors in the 1934 performance has now emerged for sale

[above: Adolf Hitler says hello to a couple of local young children at Oberammergau, in 1934]


Look at this graph:

View image on TwitterThe West has shut down its economy to try to flatten the curve, but it is arguable what effect this has had on the medical or health situation. The effect on the economic situation, however, is more easily determined. Dire…


As can be seen, the UK will be one of the hardest-hit economies, down by about 27%. Interestingly, Germany is forecast to do even worse. Our time is coming. We’re back!

In fact, even the medical or public health questions are not straightforward:

No doubt the rabbits and zombies will keep on “clapping for the NHS” as it falls to pieces. Anyone not clapping will be noted and subjected to online “shaming”…

Paranoid? Maybe, but who would have predicted that, in 2020, UK police would be intimidating citizens walking in their own gardens, or in local parks, or stopping people taking a harmless drive or motorbike ride on an early Summer day? Who would have predicted the the police would use loudhailers and/or drones to bully sunbathing girls in parks or on empty beaches, old ladies resting on park benches, middleaged couples walking on deserted moors? Who would have predicted that police would threaten to check people’s shopping to snoop on whether, in the opinion of the police “officer”, the items just bought are “essential”?

It is natural, though mistaken, to assume that those “working in the NHS” know better than, say, me about Coronavirus etc. Mistaken because, though not a medic, health specialist or scientist, I have recently at least read things written or said by leading (real) experts in virology, epidemiology etc, which most people, inc. most NHS people, have not. About 2 million UK residents work “in the NHS”. Everything from lawyers and accountants to cleaners and porters, as well as, obviously, doctors and nurses.

Most of those people, though mostly no doubt competent in their own work, know as little –or less– about “Coronavirus” than I do. The few who have a better claim are the tiny handful who are virologists, epidemiologists and genuine experts in allied fields.

I am not going to be shouted down, either by “me-too” conformists, whether they be the usual Twitter mob or others, or by “people who work in the NHS” (unless, as aforesaid, genuine experts— and who in any case hold differing opinions inter se).

Britain in the political near future

I do not have the means to start a new political-social movement, in fact I have fewer means than almost anyone in the UK in financial terms, but it must be done, and soon. Before very long, by the coming winter, the time will be right, the situation ripe. It will spread like a wildfire once started.

Peter Hitchens is ahead of the curve here. He sees that [what we think of as] “normal” is over, probably permanently. Europe (not just the EU) is heading for a massive depression. In 1945 the USA was able to regenerate Europe in economic terms, using the Marshall Plan, but now the USA may well hit the economic buffers as hard as Europe and so be unable to help (and probably unwilling, to boot).

By the way, many people think that the reason that Germany (West Germany) pulled ahead of the UK after WW2, at least after about 1956, is because Germany had Marshall Plan money and the UK did not. This is, in fact, yet another myth of the period. A very convenient myth for many in the UK.

In fact, the UK not only did have Marshall Plan aid but had more of it than Germany. The greatly undervalued historian Corelli Barnett examined that, inter alia, in his works:


Barnett has made the point that Britain post-1945 had a choice:

  1. To maintain its Empire; or
  2. To regenerate its industry and economy generally; or
  3. To create a Welfare State.

Barnett’s view is that the UK had the possibility to do one or perhaps two of those things immediately, but not all three. Britain tried to do all three things simultaneously…

One might cavil that a welfare state could only be maintained by a functioning economy anyway. True, but what is a “functioning” economy ? What is a “welfare state”, indeed? Present-day Cuba has at least the bare bones of a welfare state despite being economically a “basket case”. Wriggle room exists. There are questions of definition.

A few more tweets seen:

Public attitudes and government decisions can be simply mad, deluded…

Yes, I am talking about the Coronavirus situation (“crisis”, “scare”, “scam”, “emergency”…you choose).

However, this has happened at various times in human history and not only in relation to “pandemics”. Take the First World War. It is common knowledge (and so probably wrong) to say that WW1 started because, once one empire started to mobilize, the others had to follow suit or be rolled over. Trite. There are elements of truth in that view, to be sure, but when we ask why the war both started and then continued for over 4 years, the answers are absent.

If you read the books of the period, such as the John Buchan stories, Greenmantle etc, you see that there was a panic, an absence of reflection, as well as a moral certainty that the British (or, in their countries, Germans, or Russians) had the moral high ground.

In fact, the First World War need not ever have happened, had people really thought.

Now look at the Coronavirus situation, eg in the UK. No-one knows much about the virus, though scientists are learning now. We know that it is transmitted in water droplets, eg if someone sneezes or even breathes. It is not transmitted in air, as such, so people sunbathing in parks or walking in the Peak District are not going to get it that way, or give it to anyone. Likewise, no-one can transmit the virus by driving around alone or riding a motorcycle. Has that knowledge changed government advice or police actions? Not a jot.

On the other hand, it is known that the UK “lockdown” (same elsewhere) is going to depress the economy and all but kill it for years, decades. Does that change the mind of this government? Not a jot…


Here is an example of the madness now abroad:


So…what has happened is that the well-known bakery shop chain has been given the right to draw on £150 million of public funds over a year. Despite it being merely a retail outlet. Despite it having closed all 2,050 of its shops.

Almost all the 24,900 staff have been placed on “furlough”, meaning that the government (and taxpayers) will be paying 80% of their pre-furlough pay; Greggs is allowed to pay the other 20% of their previous pay level but in most cases will not be doing so.

What about the head of the organization, oneRoger Whiteside? Oh, he’s OK, because he is of course not being “furloughed”… and has decided to take 80% of his usual pay of £1,503,440, i.e. £1,202,752! Coronavirus Britain, 2020…


Is this a good use of £150M of central funding? I think not.

Stanley Johnson

Seems that the public have seen through that nasty little con-man, Stanley Johnson, father of Boris-idiot:


Stanley Johnson tried to get elected as MP, for the second time, in a new constituency, Teignbridge (Devon), in 2005, but failed (he came in a poor second). Voters described his appearance at a hustings with “Boris” as “a couple of public entertainers”, and unimpressive.

Talking of “unimpressive”, news now of that horrible little pissant, Robert Jenrick:


Carrie Symonds

I suppose that the person most pleased that Boris-idiot is recovering is his fiancee. I am sure that her main concern was and is personal, but it must have occurred to her that, should Boris die (from any cause), she would be left dependent on her own resources, though I believe that her father is wealthy anyway.

In fact, Ms. Symond’s situation is a cautionary tale for other young women who, pregnant or not, are not married to what was once termed their “significant other”. Indeed, “Boris” is still, as I write, married to Marina Wheeler (his second wife), I believe, though divorce proceedings were instituted some time ago.

Had Boris Johnson died from Coronavirus his week, Ms. Symonds would have been entitled to not a penny of his estate, unless Boris has made a will in her favour, or a codicil to an existing valid will. In fact, Ms. Symonds would not even be allowed to stay at Downing Street and would be removed fairly swiftly.

I note the above not because I feel sorry for Ms. Symonds, who has wealthy connections and at least some monies of her own, but to caution others who are in similar non-marital relations (perhaps quasi-marital, so be it) and who are poorer than this lady.

When I was at the Bar, though I did almost no directly family law-related work (and in fact never even studied Family Law at university or Bar school), I did encounter the occasional similar story. I even met one lady, aged 40, who had been in a relationship for 20 years, had two or three children and lived with her quasi-husband in a house bought many years before via a mortgage. A married life in all but name (they did marry a few years later) but, had the husband died before the actual marriage, there would have been some headaches, especially financial, for the lady in question.

Priti Patel

Downing Street is under growing pressure to explain the continued absence of Priti Patel from the government’s daily coronavirus press conferences.” [Daily Mail]


It is quite obvious why her colleagues do not want Priti Patel there. She is as thick as two short planks and, unlike some others (eg Iain Dunce Duncan Smith), unable to conceal the fact.

Police “muppets”, version 2, 3, 4, whatever…

Now Cambridgeshire Police have had to “clarify” why one of their officers “checked” supermarket aisles to see whether the slaves of finance-capitalism, oh, sorry, no wait….the citizens of the UK’s “free country” had been buying “non-essential” items (which, btw, is not unlawful anyway., not even in the new Coronavirus Police State…). The woodentop even tweeted about it! Dumb police woodentop klaxon…

My thoughts about this latest unpleasant absurdity from our uniformed zookeepers…I mean the police:

  • Why is a policeman wasting his time on duty “checking” anything lawful on private shop premises?
  • Why is that police narcissist tweeting about his activities?
  • Does the woodentop actually know any of the law(s) that he is supposed to be enforcing?
  • Does the woodentop in question know that he cannot simply make up laws and his own (in this case, non-existent) powers as a  police constable?
  • Why does Cambridgeshire Police employ someone as a constable (I presume constable…God, could he be a sergeant?!) who a. seems devoid of common sense and b. seems to be power-mad?

Cambridgeshire Police say that the “officer” was “over-exuberant” and “has been spoken to”. Really?…So why are you, you police “muppets”, even employing an “over-exuberant” idiot who also seems to have no idea of a. the law, b. the limits of the law, c. the limits of his own powers as a police employee? Has the “muppet” recently come back from a taxpayer-funded “Common Purpose” course where he was told to “lead beyond authority“?

Common Purpose is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1989 that develops leaders who can cross boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities.



I think that a few things will need to happen down the line. First thing? Find a suitable wall…(make that “walls”…there are 85,000 Common Purpose “alumni” worldwide, many of them in the UK).

More tweets seen

…and look at this ridiculous police bimbo! [from South Yorkshire Police] [link to video to see said policewoman]

Not only does this (more or less) female police “muppet” from South Yorkshire Police argue with and try to bully people standing in their own garden (!) but approaches them, shouting in their faces, behaviour which really might spread Coronavirus…and yet the idiotic policewoman tries to lecture the householders (incorrectly, at that!) about the virus! One of the householders is standing inside the doorway of his own house!

and this

Watch that too [above]. Stunning. Toytown police, this time from Wales. Three police “muppets” harassing a man out walking his dog in a deserted park. The policewoman (who is leading this farce) tries to claim that the man (fully clothed) is “sunbathing” (which he is not, and that that is illegal (it is not).

Anyone for a conspiracy theory?

It occurs to me (usually after a beer) that this Coronavirus thing is being used as an experiment to see how far the public will wear being told to stay in their little boxes and spin…

Another conspiracy theory

The Chinese government started the Coronavirus pandemic in order that the West would shut down its economy. After shutting down one province for a while, China then re-emerges, to take over much of the crippled world.

I suppose that the flaw in the above theory is that, without Western nations to which to export, China’s own economy will fall flat… In other words, China would be cutting its own throat.

Twisting the theory again though, one recalls that someone (Pat Nixon?) asked Chou-en-Lai what he thought of the French Revolution. Answer: “it is too early to say“. Could Pat Nixon really have asked such a question? The point, though, is that, of all peoples in the world, the Chinese take the long view.

As with most conspiracy theories, one ends up in a wilderness of mirrors…

Q&A session, Daily Telegraph:

Fly fishing is a solitary pastime. Am I allowed to partake of this as part of my exercise regime? I have to drive half an hour to get to the river but once there, I will not see any other people.”

Daily Telegraph: “No. It is not exercise and you have to drive to get there. The Government has been clear that it does not want people to drive anywhere to spend time outdoors.

Is there no-one in government, police, or the msm with the nous and courage to stand up and say “THIS IS BULLSHIT! DRIVING SOMEWHERE DOES NOT SPREAD ANY VIRUS. FISHING ALONE DOES NOT SPREAD ANY VIRUS! SUNBATHING ON UNCROWDED LAWNS OR BEACHES DOES NOT SPREAD ANY VIRUS!”? Apparently not. We are no more free now than Soviet citizens were, it seems, and there is no “free Press” or radio or TV worth a plugged nickel. Temporary, of course. Or is it?

As for the police, I do not know what is more irritating, the fact that some police are exposing themselves as petty and power-mad bullies, or the fact that Britain’s police (including their commanders or top brass) seem so utterly stupid and devoid of commonsense.

Latest government bs

They are talking about extending the “lockdown” bs for another three weeks! Maybe even longer! I hope that the zombies and rabbits, all clapping etc, think to blame themselves and also this government of incompetents, when they emerge blinking into the sunlight in May, June or July, for the fact that they have lost their jobs and maybe homes because of the unproven “lockdown” policy. I was not completely against it for a brief period, a week or two, but it is now going to destroy the UK economy, society and any remaining civil rights.

Music, to soothe the savage breast…

Diary Blog, 30 December 2019

Discrimination against English people is OK; but discrimination against blacks, browns, Jews etc is not OK….in this sick degenerate society

“Race row after leading private schools turn down donor’s £1m offer to help poor white boys”

“Sir Bryan said: “If Cambridge University can accept a much larger donation in support of black students, why cannot I do the same for underprivileged white British?”


Irish tinker “travellers” (again)

Listening to Farming Today on BBC Radio 4. Lawless bands engaging in illegal hare coursing. All or almost all is done by Irish tinker “traveller” riff raff, aka “gypsies”, but the BBC will not, of course, permit those words to be used. The BBC interviews farmers in the Fen country about this criminal nuisance, but either the farmers do not dare to designate the criminals or the BBC does not permit them to do so. This gives a false picture.

It is as if these hare coursing criminals have come from outer space, as far as the BBC is concerned. No question is put on air as to who or what these “people” are; just “hare coursers”… who arrive in 4WD cars, do illegal hare coursing, bet on it, film it. But they are not “travellers”, “gypsies”, “tinkers”…oh no…BBC, police, even the victims say “No Sir, we’re not “racist”…” As Americans say, “what a crock”!


“Fewer than one in 100 alleged hate crimes investigated by the UK’s first dedicated police unit have resulted in a charge, as experts say £1.7 million would have been better spent fighting violent crime.

Just 17 cases, or 0.92 per cent of the 1,851 incidents logged by the UK’s first online hate crime hub have led to charges.

Only seven of those charges resulted in a prosecution, meaning that under one in 200 proceeded to court. Three cases were pending a Crown Prosecution (CPS) charging decision, according to the figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws by the Press Association.” [Daily Telegraph]

Ha ha!…and of those remaining 7-10 cases, most probably ended in acquittal.

Greta Thunberg (again)

Incredibly, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, the ultimate System radio mouthpiece in the UK, has Greta Thunberg as “Guest Editor”.

I have already blogged about both Greta Nut and the connected Extinction Rebellion nonsense:




One has to ask why the Today Programme has asked this mentally-disturbed, autistic creature, 17 years old this week (on 3 January 2020), and who has no educational qualifications of any kind (not even school ones), let alone any scientific ones, to edit their show? It’s pure System propaganda.

Greta Thunberg is no more authentic than a ventriloquist’s dummy:


If I am honest, Greta Nut’s “impassioned” rants just make me laugh out loud. Ridiculous, irrelevant little nut.
Sick politics
Kay Burley was apparently offered not only a safe Westminster seat by both Lab and Con (in 2015), but even an immediate Cabinet place! The present system is just mad. It is neither democratic nor rational.
Halal and kosher slaughter should be banned
A limit on capital and income
I can agree with that in principle. It is question of where the lines are drawn.
Scare stories…
Good point…
Merkel actually hates Germany, really hates it. See: https://twitter.com/ElizabethMcFinn/status/1211400457995902977?s=20
Changing perceptions
Interesting to see this “human interest” report:
In itself, a fairly standard story about an aged “veteran” from WW2, but look at the last paragraph:

The Dambusters raid – officially known as Operation Chastise – has gone down in history as one of the war’s most famous stories.

Purpose-built ‘bouncing bombs’ were used to target dams in Germany in May 1943 – which then burst and caused catastrophic flooding in some parts.

A post-war film cemented the raid in the nation’s popular consciousness – although it claimed more than 1,600 lives.” [Daily Mirror]

There is gradually seeping into these wartime stories the consciousness of the human cost, not only to one side in war, but also to the “enemy” (especially civilians), of such military operations.