Diary Blog, 1 January 2020

A few minutes of J.S. Bach to welcome in the New Year and the new decade.

That music always makes me smile. When I did a couple of days of parachute training in deepest Wiltshire in 1978, that piece was used as the soundtrack to a short film showing a stick of men and women exiting a plane in a string and then freefalling, eventually joining up to create a star-shape. Quite something.

Not quite what they imagine…

I don’t particularly like Kasparov, but of course he is (mostly) right here:

Having said that, most UK “millennials” have a pathetically-low level of political and historical knowledge anyway. They have been filled at school with ahistorical semi-fantasy such as the supposed evils of National Socialist Germany (complete with “gas chambers” that never existed and of which there is no credible evidence). The Soviet Union? GULAG “archipelago”? The purges and other killings which characterized Sovietism from 1917 right up to, say, 1956 (some would say the 1980s)? The “millennials” know little or nothing about that.

The (or those particular) “millennials” seem to have a fantasy-politics idea about “Communism” (and by that do they mean “socialism” as practised in the various states espousing it since 1917, or do they mean the Marxist end-game “Communism”, with the State “withering away” etc? Hard to say, and we are not told).

I suggest that they read GULAG Archipelago, Under Two Dictators, Into the Whirlwind, The World I Left Behind etc. Of course, few will…



There is another point here. Since, mainly, the early Blair years, freedom of expression has become conspicuous by its absence in the UK. Look at the cases of Jez Turner, imprisoned (and for a year —in reality, 6 months— at that) merely for saying in a rather humorous speech that Jews should be expelled (for the second or third time) from England;



or Alison Chabloz, prosecuted and actually convicted (it’s a bad joke…) for singing some funny songs about Jews, “holocaust” hoaxes and similar fakery.



Then look at this! An unfortunate fellow actually charged, prosecuted and convicted of “incitement” for making what seem to have been (judging from the newspaper report)  fairly unexceptionable remarks on Facebook and Twitter:


That unfortunate victim of political “justice” was sentenced, incredibly, to TWO YEARS IMPRISONMENT by a judge who admitted that the sentence was meant to “deter others” (from making socio-political statements of an anti-multikulti and radical nature). Pure political theatre on behalf of the Devon & Cornwall Police (who evidently have too much time on their hands), the CPS and the Court. Save perhaps for the sentence, this could have been a “troika” of the NKVD in 1937, a “show trial” of the same period, or indeed a session of the “People’s Court” in 1944 Germany.

Another political prisoner in the UK.

RIP, free speech…

Or look at me, come to that: disbarred (albeit years after I gave up Bar practice, so be it) merely for having tweeted, as a private citizen, 5 particular tweets (out of at least 150,000 tweeted), e.g. tweeting that Michael Gove is a pro-Jew, pro-Israel, expenses cheat. All of which was true! He was. He is (except that Parliament has made it harder to commit fraud since 2010). He is also, as we now know, a “former” cocaine abuser (I think that the bastard is still using, in fact, looking at him):


I was also “interviewed”, “voluntarily”, by Essex Police in 2017:


Let us be clear here: the Jewish-Zionist lobby was behind both of my encounters with “authority” detailed above. Collusion between that lobby and others (probably all freemasons) and also, in the Essex case, the police.

Freedom of expression has already been severely restricted in the UK, an outcome of both the post-1997 extension of power by the Jewish lobby, and also the increasingly “diverse” nature of the UK. A “diverse” society is either a shambles or a dictatorship, or both.

Freedom of expression is arguably the most important issue in the UK at present.


I just read, 6 months late, this obituary of the scribbler and historian Norman Stone, whom I recall reading (though probably only in The Spectator) 20-30 years ago. The obit is a good read; also quite surprising!


Christmas University Challenge

Watched a University Challenge featuring alumni teams from Wadham College, Oxford and Trinity, Cambridge, including the journalist Anne McElvoy (who usually appears as a talking head on politics shows, looking terribly pleased with herself), the Jew scribbler Jonathan Freedland (Guardian columnist) and other writers, academics etc.

I got more questions right than than both teams put together, possibly because the questions were easier than usual and/or because there was a paucity of detailed scientific/technical/mathematical questions. I see that I was not alone:

The Twitterati

When the Jewish-Zionist “claque” on Twitter had me expelled (mid-2018), I had about 3,000 “followers”. I never had huge illusion about the “influence” Twitter gives. Very little, really. For many, it is not an adjunct to doing something, but a substitute for it. Slacktivism.

We see that thousands inveigh against evil bastard Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, Esther McVey etc. What has happened to them? Nothing. Now we see that the British Government has become a repressive ZOG regime under Boris Johnson, a part-Jew public entertainer who is the most egregious political con-man since Horatio Bottomley [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horatio_Bottomley], and that is even counting Nigel Farage and Robert “Maxwell”. Thousands take to Twitter to denounce Boris-idiot and his Cabinet of “Israel First”-ers. What happens to Boris? To Priti Patel? To Sajid Javid? Nothing.

The fact is that, though it has its educative uses, Twitter, from a political viewpoint, is mainly a waste of time, a distraction, and a diversion.

Labour leadership

YouGov polling:

Leaving aside my own preferences, I should say that, objectively, there are four solid candidates: Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Yvette Cooper, Lisa Nandy. The other three are just a joke.

Of the four real candidates, I despise Yvette Cooper because she

  • was a proven expenses cheat, along with her husband Ed Balls;
  • is a “refugees welcome” idiot and also hypocrite, who falsely claimed that she would put up “refugees” (migrant-invaders) in her own home (not that I would like her any the more if she actually did so);
  • is completely in the pocket of the Jew-Zionist element;
  • is a would-be dictator (among other flaws an enemy of freedom of expression).

As to Keir Starmer, yes, in a sense he could be termed a solid candidate, in that he:

  • looks the part;
  • has a solid background in law and government;
  • was born on the same same day of the year, 2 September, as me —though in 1962, not 1956— (only joking, though I was born on 2 September).

What are Starmer’s views on free speech? I do not know, though he has written a book partly about that. I saw this tweet, which is not encouraging…

…and it looks as if Starmer is a bit of a doormat…

This is better…

Overall? I cannot see Keir Starmer energizing the voters. Rather a dull fellow. If he becomes Labour leader, which seems quite likely, I imagine that Labour will improve slightly in the opinion polls, that the Jew-Zionist element in the msm etc will not give Labour such a hard ride, and that Labour will then lose the next general election gracefully…

What about Rebecca Long-Bailey?

For me, she is the best overall candidate, but only out of a poor bunch. She at least has (a few) ideas and some commitment to positive change, and is not entirely a System/Establishment stooge:


Rebecca Long-Bailey

  • has seen some of the less privileged aspects of UK life (though she herself worked as a solicitor for years, in the property field, inter alia);
  • does at least seem to want a better society (well, it’s a start; many Conservative and Labour MPs do not even make it that far!)

As against that, Rebecca Long-Bailey

  • was caught out lying about watching her father worry about losing his job, then doing so (in fact, those events happened when she was 2 years old!), which was not only untrue, but a rather stupid claim (because easily disproven);
  • seems to be (?) not opposed to mass immigration (migration-invasion);
  • seems a humourless type, a possible or would-be dictator (cf. Yvette Cooper).

I am not sure whether she would stand up to the Jew-Zionist element. Probably not.

I cannot see Rebecca Long-Bailey attracting huge numbers of voters, but you never know. It may be that younger voters might favour her.

Lisa Nandy

  • fairly presentable;
  • a System politician through and through;
  • pro-immigration;
  • looks like a throwback to the Blair-Brown years.

Not likely to inspire many voters to vote Labour.

So there they are, “the candidates”. Labour looks like continuing its downward spiral, but the younger voters favour Labour at present and I cannot see most of the dispossessed young morphing into Conservative voters, even as they age, so the Labour Party may still have life in it in the medium term (meaning the next few years).

9 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 January 2020”

  1. A ‘diverse’ society is ‘good for Jews’ though because it helps them to blend in more and not be so noticeable as an ethnic minority which is why so many of the Zionist extremist/Israel First lot promote it.

    Yes, a multi-ethnic ‘diverse’ society either falls into chaos or is held together by basic civil liberties being suspended or run roughshod over.

    Singapore is often held-up to be a successful multi-racial society but how much of that is due to the fact that small island city-state is very prosperous and/or has a very authoritarian government that is fully prepared to use the law and the full armoury of the state ie prisons, the police etc to keep the various ethnic groups there in line?

    Back to the Jew Zionist extremist/Israel First Lobby and individuals, they make me laugh when they accuse Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party of being ‘anti-semitic’ when THEY are guilty of it themselves! After all, who wants to suppress all criticism of the Zionist government of the Zionist state of Israel and its repression of THEIR FELLOW SEMITES ie the Palestinians?


  2. Yes, standards are plummeting in all sorts of fields in this country not least ‘Higher’ education and even our world class universities like Cambridge and Oxford are not immune from it.

    Michael Gove is, indeed, one of the most fervently pro-Zionist MPs in the House of Treason so much so in fact he may as well be the member for Tel Aviv West rather than Surrey Heath. He used to write for Murdoch’s rag The Times ( a formerly esteemed national broadsheet newspaper regarded as ‘THE newspaper of record’) where he espoused all sorts of wacky ‘neo-conservative’/Zionist opinions despite the fact he is, apparently, only of gentile descent.


  3. Hopefully, Boris-Idiot will die soon. I really can’t stand the constantly lying, anti-British, New Yorh-born, half-Turkish tosser! Mind you, if he did drown in that villa’s swimming pool in Mustique, what horror show would the CON Party impose upon us without a vote then? Priti ‘why does she ALWAYS sneer? Patel, their pet Paki Sajid Javid, or some other pro-Israeli and anti-British goon?

    Why did they not choose Jeremy Hunt? Yes, he was and is a liberal globalist ( is there ANY other kind of Tory now days?) but at least he is relatively sane, doesn’t lie so much it can only indicate a mental problem, and has a decent haircut and doesn’t therefore embarrass us on the world stage like the Benny Hill tribute act/clown/buffoon does!

    Just how long do we have to endure the Boris Johnson Nightmare On Ten Downing Street for?


    1. Priti Patel’s sneer or smirk says “I would have spent my life pregnant behind the counter of a Kampala grocery store, but now look at me! I was caught out as an Israeli agent but now I am again a “British” Cabinet minister!”


      1. Indeed. I think she also wears that expression because she thinks her fellow Tories really do believe she is as British as most of them are! I would suggest to her that belief may be the case for some of them but for others they will just keep their real opinions on that score to themselves! Don’t delude yourself, woman! Tories can be, and often are, VERY two-faced! Many of your fellow CON Party members think you are a rather foolish ‘Uncle Tom’ figure as is Sajid Javid! They are USING both you and Sajid, dear!

        Quite a few Tories may well sympathise with what Winston Churchill said about Indians: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_views_of_Winston_Churchill


  4. What on earth is the point in Labour Party members choosing their new leader? Just pass the names over to the Jewish Zionist extremist fanatics of the severely misnamed ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ and tell them to vet the candidates and pick one! If they approve of any of them then that person is the Labour Party’s next leader! Sorted!

    If I were a Labour Party member
    I would be pretty bitter and resentful of the horrendous and wholly unjustified HATE ( a strong word that is so often misused in this country nowadays) campaign these people have conducted for FOUR LONG YEARS with their fellow Jew Zionist extremists/ Israel Firsters in the media and would be highly minded to tell them to eff off and to choose any of the candidates (if there is one) that is most likely to tell them exactly where they can go.

    It is high time all politicians in this country not just Labour Party ones adopted the stance of Ulster Protestants towards this repulsive bunch of extremists and that one is the famous ‘NO SURRENDER’.


  5. Some people are suggesting Ian Lavery may put his hat into the ring but that may not be a serious possibility. He might tell the Zionist extremist lot where they can shove off to as he seems to have a bit of a go in him as was demonstrated in a clip of him arguing with Boris Johnson when the latter was using typical public school boy antics to wind-up someone from the ‘lower classes’.


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