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Diary Blog, New Year’s Day, 1 January 2021

First thoughts

Saw a few minutes, on TV, of the “celebrations” by the Thames at London last night. Pure dystopian propaganda, carried out in and over an equally dystopian London, dark and deserted.

Technically, and as a spectacle, the display could not be faulted. Brilliant. What disturbed me was the content; that, and the surrounding situation.

This was not the Britain I recognize (except in fear), but a caricature; “Danny Boyle Britain”, if you like (thinking of the opening show of the 2012 London Olympics). There was the by now almost obligatory laudatory reference to the NHS. I fully support a health service free at point of use, but the NHS has become a kind of quasi-religious totem or sacred cow in the UK. You would think that nowhere else in Europe or the world has health or medical services (and that the NHS is being run properly).

Then there were other references, together with meaningless Orwellian slogans flashed into the sky: “Hope Together“, they said, “Love Together“, they said. It did not take much of a leap of imagination to see an isolated and lonely Winston Smith on the dark, almost freezing Embankment, looking upon this spectacle for the masses where the masses were absent. Or perhaps Volodin, in Solzhenitsyn’s In the First Circle [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_the_First_Circle].

The BBC TV News propaganda megaphone this morning outdid its own (unintentional) usual irony by putting on the sub-screen tickertape, “celebrations across UK“…

Some music

Tweets seen


The BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, like much BBC output, is now all but unlistenable (radio) and unwatchable (TV). Not only biased but boring, very very boring.

“@rattus2384” is Stephen Applebaum, a fanatical Jew-Zionist troll and one-time “film critic”, who also tweets as “@grubstreetsteve”.

Google “the Great Reset”, “the Great Replacement”, “NWO”, “ZOG”,”Bilderberg”, “World Economic Forum”, “WEF”, and “Ian Millard barrister” (and “Ian Millard WordPress”…), and you will be on the right track…

I myself do not eat meat, but were I living on Britain’s streets (and, like Hitler, I came close, a couple of times in my life), and if then I were offered food unacceptable to me, while I would not eat it (I should prefer to scavenge or steal food more acceptable to me), I should all the same be grateful that someone was interested enough to make the offer…

Incidentally, while I am not a member of, or supporter of (as such), Patriotic Alternative, and in fact have never met nor had any online contact with it, nor with any people who are in it, I do commend in outline that which they seem to be doing.

Funny but, speaking politically, with a serious edge. This might be the way to go for social nationalism in the future. “From out of the fog, we strike…“.

That sort of thing has happened before in the USA and, though rarely proven, in the UK, France and Germany; Jewish fanatics trying to prove “neo-Nazi” “antisemitism” by faking attacks on Jewish sites such as synagogues and cemeteries. It always seemed bizarre to me. Would “neo-Nazis” really waste time attacking Jews who were already dead? In fact, several Jews, over the years, have been arrested and eventually convicted for similar “false flag” attacks.

Pity, though, that that tweeter validates the language of the enemy (“racism“…).

I notice that even UK Government official websites (eg NHS) now have stylized cartoons showing the sort of family propagandized on UK TV ads etc, i.e. the black man with the white woman and their half-caste offspring. The Great Replacement. White Genocide, in effect.

Below, an example of the absurdity of Twitter: “Dr.” Louise Raw (whose doctorate is not medical but was the result of study of an industrial dispute of 1888), argues with another tweeter.

I notice that quite a few people have retweeted or “liked” Louise Raw’s tweet.

Leaving aside the substance of what she tweeted, I wonder how many of those retweeters etc assumed that Ms. Raw is a medical doctor?

As I have said before, in the UK it has always been the norm or “done thing” that persons with a medical degree are called “doctor”. In fact, many medics have no “doctorate”, as such; it is a courtesy title in many cases.

Others who, in the UK, have always been able to use the title “Dr.” without eyebrows being raised, have been priests and others in holy orders, tenured academics and schoolmasters, and scientists.

In other countries, notably Germany, it has always been acceptable for anyone, pretty much, who has a doctorate in anything, to use the title. One example was Dr. Goebbels: “At the University of Heidelberg, Goebbels wrote his doctoral thesis on Wilhelm von Schütz, a minor 19th-century romantic dramatist.[20]… After submitting the thesis and passing his oral examination, Goebbels earned his PhD in 1921.[21] By 1940, he had written 14 books.[22] “[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels].

It may seem, perhaps in view of the German praxis, pedantic to complain that an obscure Twitter person, who is not a public figure, calls herself “Doctor” on an everyday basis (and she is now not alone; there are even several MPs doing this, Julian Lewis and Therese Coffey among them). However, I think that we now have to stand up for standards. “Doctor” should not be devalued; “Professor” already has been, along with “Lord” and “Baroness”…

Afternoon music

More tweets

Now that I am supposedly 64, that tweet resonates with me! Incidentally, should any (younger?) readers of my blog not get the “Logan’s Run” reference, see below:

More tweets seen

University Challenge Alumni Final

Well, in the end, the Courtauld Institute won it, beating Manchester, but what poor teams! As in previous matches, I did better than either team, by far. These were the finalists! Incredible.

Late tweets

“Avoid paying taxes”? Hardly revolutionary, though I suppose that there was the Boston Tea Party; also, Gandhi’s boycott of British-made cotton.

Another time, I shall examine where the UK is in terms of the disastrous effects of the “lockdowns” and semi-lockdowns.

Late music

Diary Blog, 30 December 2020

University Challenge

Watched a recording of University Challenge, an alumni match between Reading and New College, Oxford: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000qsjx.

Pretty poor, as with previous alumni matches this Christmas. I did far better than either team. Amazing how ignorant many of these “respected commentators”, TV journalists, novelists etc, are.

Tweets seen today

It is very strange that all or virtually all the Twitter accounts of Jews, that I have seen, are very much pro-“lockdown”, the facemask nonsense etc, just as they are for censorship, and the prohibition of “unapproved” opinion. I do not know why that should be, unless it is something ingrained…

Cyprus was better under British rule. Having said that, the lack of freedom is becoming widespread in the UK too, now.

Quite typical Jewish attitude [see “Kate Morgan”, above]…

Many will empathize with “@Amy_amorie”; there is a pervasive brainwashed society all around us.

The present UK Government is a Jewish-lobby, finance-capitalist cabal. On that premise, the importation of millions more unwanted migrant-invaders is almost guaranteed…

Ah, Cohen…I wonder what kind of “person” that is?…

Britain, 2020…

Along the same lines, I was watching the TV game show Only Connect [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Only_Connect] yesterday. At one point, a clue involved the Shakespeare play The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and the accompanying picture showed two blacks!

And nowhere has her misrule been more damaging than in Germany itself.

In a nutshell…(see below):

“The virus”

The head of the WHO emergencies program, Dr Mike Ryan, said: “The likely scenario is the virus will become another endemic virus that will remain somewhat of a threat, but a very low-level threat in the context of an effective global vaccination program.

Ryan warned that the next pandemic may be more severe. “This pandemic has been very severe … it has affected every corner of this planet. But this is not necessarily the big one,” he said.https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/29/who-warns-covid-19-pandemic-is-not-necessarily-the-big-one.

If a really lethal “pandemic” were to strike, killing most people, our civilization might have to rebuild. However, it could rebuild better. To that extent, I agree with the World Economic Forum. https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/01/26/the-tide-is-coming-in-reflections-on-the-possible-end-of-our-present-civilization-and-what-might-follow/.

Afternoon music

Evening thoughts

Went to Waitrose. Slightly busier than usual in the evenings. Still a black-clad and mask-wearing Handmaid’s Tale militiaman stationed by the entrance, presumably to deter non-wearers of facemasks.

Later, watched this evening’s alumni match of University Challenge, this time the Courtauld Institute against St. John’s, Oxford. Once again, both teams not much good, in fact downright poor. I certainly did better than both. An Indian woman called, I think, Ghoswami, was notably poor (she thought that Baku might be the most northerly major city of China, among other hopeless answers!); as for the other team, a Jewish woman called Klein knew almost nothing, though admittedly she did correctly identify a painting by Veronese which I thought was probably by Raphael.

Just realized that I used the last of the Kirsch watching that show, and will not be shopping again for a few days: https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/kirsch/063037-32017-32018

Late tweets

While I myself am not a member or, as such, “supporter” of “Patriotic Alternative”, I feel that these mostly young people are basically on the right lines. A political party is one route, setting up community or communities is another; there are other ways too. Those routes are not opposed to each other but complementary, like the fronts in a major military campaign or war.

Late music

Diary Blog, 28-29 December 2020

Peaceful music

28 December 2020

Tweets seen today

I myself am not on Facebook, but that reminds me of the attitude of the Bar Standards Board [BSB] when a pack of Jews called “UK Lawyers for Israel” complained about me to the BSB in 2014, a malicious complaint that led to my disbarment nearly two years later, in 2016: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/

Out of 150,000+ tweets and retweets posted over a number of years, and about 100 complained of by those Jews, a mere 7 (SEVEN!) were thought to be “grossly offensive” by the BSB and so formed the basis for the quasi-trial (Bar Disciplinary Tribunal hearing) in October 2016.

In fact, the allegedly offensive tweets were reduced in number at hearing to only 5 (FIVE). Out of 150,000+…Over 6 years of Twitter membership.

My point here is other, to wit that my tweets, all general comments about society and politics, were true in all particulars. One, at which the Tribunal took particular offence, was that Michael Gove [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Gove] was “a pro-Israel, pro-Jew expenses cheat“. That was deemed “grossly offensive” despite the fact that the facts alleged by me were, in fact, facts.

In other words, I was condemned for having tweeted the truth. Where is the greater offence, the crimes or defaults of a politician, or the tweets posted and which commented on those defaults?

I might add that, in 2016, the general public was not aware (neither was I) that snivelling Jewish-lobby puppet Gove was (is?) also a regular cocaine abuser.

The other four tweets which sank me at Tribunal were also all true…

Truth is often no defence in the public-private politically correct and Zionist-dominated police state of 2020 Britain.

What should be done with Professor Ferguson and others?

Bicycle riders are a nuisance, especially in the semi-rural English coastal area where I live; dark clothing, often no lights, usually no street lighting. Having said that, car drivers are often very negligent too.

My own niece, an Australian citizen working temporarily in West London, was knocked off her pushbike early in the year, and was lucky not to have been badly injured. The “accident” happened at an intersection where she had the right of way. The driver briefly stopped , then sped off. The police (who could have seized cctv evidence from nearby businesses, but did not), were useless. The hit-and-run driver, probably a non-European, has never been traced, identified, or punished.

I agree with Hitchens on the liberty point (not to have to wear helmets) but it is true that many have lost their lives by reason of not having been wearing helmets.

Around 1988 or 1989, I was asked by a friend and former Russian-language teacher of mine, the now-deceased Dostoyevsky translator, Ig Avsey, a good-hearted if eccentric fellow [https://www.theguardian.com/education/2013/dec/09/ignat-avsey-obituary], to investigate the death of his 30-something nephew, an employee at the BBC radio monitoring facility (now closed) at Caversham Park, close to Reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caversham_Park

Ig told me that his nephew had suddenly fallen down at home (in the Caversham Park suburb close to the monitoring station; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caversham_Park_Village); he later died. Ig was (unwarrantedly) suspicious of the nephew’s girlfriend, with whom the deceased had recently had a child; mother and baby also lived in the house.

Ig seemed to think that the young woman, a Ukrainian in her twenties, might have had a drunken argument with the nephew, and hit him with something. There had been a head injury, but the police were not treating it as suspicious.

Having heard of the deceased nephew (and having once briefly met him in London, several years before these events), I was aware that he was a fairly heavy drinker. On the night of the death he had apparently taken a fairly considerable amount of drink at the bar within the monitoring centre.

Anyway, I attended the inquest held in Reading, though only as observer (I was at the time not yet Called to the Bar). Ig had instructed Counsel, a fairly confident young woman whose name escapes me but who made a career at the Bar (I used to see her around the Inns in later years).

The inquest was a rather sad waste of time, as many are. The trail seemed to have gone cold.

However, some weeks after that, the report of the inquest, printed in the local newspaper, brought forth a bus driver who declared that he had been driving his bus one evening when a cyclist, not stopping where a cycle path met the road, and the man not wearing a helmet, had shot across in front of the bus, which had stopped short; the cyclist had, despite not having been struck, fallen off onto the road. He had been helped up, and had continued on his way, obviously somewhat the worse for drink.

So there it was. No espionage connection, no drunken domestic argument and assault, just a somewhat intoxicated man who fell off a pushbike and was not wearing a safety helmet. His choice, his accident, his death.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to read more about Ig Avsey, I have mentioned him in blog posts occasionally: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2020/09/24/diary-blog-24-september-2020/comment-page-1/ (scroll down until you find the relevant bit).

Late tweets seen


Rare pleasures

Had two relatively rare pleasures, one being traditional fish and chips, the other being a glass or so of Royal Tokay. The fish and chips was the first I had had for months, the Tokay (5 putts.) the first for at least 10 years. Both very pleasant.

At the same time, I saw University Challenge, another alumni match (Durham and Downing College, Cambridge). As on previous occasions, I did better than both teams. In a sense, that pleases me, but in another sense it displeases me (that highly-paid and respected broadcasters, scribblers and others are so damned ignorant in this country!).

Late music

29 December 2020

BBC World Service

Woke up to some interminable BBC World Service Outlook programme, based around a black girl with sickle cell anaemia. Next up was something called Witness History, which might have been better entitled Witless History. Basically, more anti-white, anti-European propaganda, this time based around the history of UNESCO, and featuring an angry, shouting UN career “diplomat” from Senegal.

The World Service continues to be very poor.

Morning music

Humanity is still at the beginning of its evolution.

This blog

Blogging, like tweeting, is mainly a waste of time and effort. Maybe 99% a waste (the blog; tweeting, 99.9%!)). I blog and will continue to do so, not because of that 99%, but because of the 1%.

In your nothing I hope to find my everything” [Goethe, Faust; Faust to Mephistopheles]


As Peter Hitchens has written, Ukraine has been at the centre of many of the conflicts of the past century. Bolshevism, the White Guard, the Russian Civil War, Collectivization, Lebensraum, the war of 1941-45 etc.

During the Second World War, many Ukrainians supported the German invasion, as they had the German anti-Bolshevik occupation after the First World War.

Now we have a situation which has developed from that where the old Soviet Union collapsed and, understandably, after 70 years of Sovietism and/or war, many Ukrainians felt that they would be better off independent of Russia, an aim of many since the 19th Century.

Ukrainian-Americans were an important factor in the Ukranian nationalist revival, which however was before long taken over by Jewish-Zionist elements. One must never forget that the Khazars were from regions now partly in Ukraine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazars; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazars#Judaism.

Sadly, many of the hopes of the Ukrainians were dashed in the 1990s and thereafter. Corruption, poverty, gangsterism, and a wave of Jewish carpetbaggers arriving from the USA and elsewhere. I even saw that some Jewess from Maida Vale (the area of London where I spent most time over the years) had bought a confectionary factory there!

The “Orange Revolution” of 2004-2005 was basically a Jewish-funded NWO/ZOG plot, though you will look in vain for any hint on Wikipedia…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_Revolution.

Now, Ukraine’s President, Prime Minister, and other top figures are Jews! One is even a Israeli citizen!

Ukraine was the germ of Russia itself. The Vikings or “Varangians”, as they are known in Russia, sailed down the great rivers of that part of the world (Don, Dniepr, Volga etc) and founded Kievan Rus, which is where Russia began, along with Novgorod: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kievan_Rus%27.

Varangians | Familypedia | Fandom
[Nikolai Roerich: Guests from Overseas]

Ukraine and Russia have always developed together. Not always in great harmony, but always together. That partnership is now fragile and under attack.

The Crimea was placed administratively under the control of the Soviet republic of Ukraine in 1954: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimea. The population, though, is mainly Russian (65%; Ukrainians 15%; Crimean Tartars 10%; others 10%).

The Russian reassertion of sovereignty in 2014 was opposed by “the West” (NWO), which since then has completely taken over “independent” Ukraine and is building a great naval base on territory controlled by the Kiev government.

As Peter Hitchens says, these “NATO” (NWO) incursions are a direct threat to Russia, to its integrity and future. As Hitchens notes, imagine what would happen if the Russians did something similar in the Gulf of Mexico…

We may be looking here at the genesis of World War Three. At the same time, “NATO” forces are engaged in military exercises both in Ukraine and in the Baltic states.

Without Ukraine at least as neutral, Russia, as a near-superpower, is no longer in existence. Indeed, it would be not very viable, long-term, as a state at all, especially looking at the slow infiltration of Chinese influence in the Eastern part of Siberia (the former Soviet Far East).

[“Russia does not have borders; it is wherever there are Russian people”]

Russia may be relatively poor compared to the USA and the EU, but it has both nuclear and non-nuclear forces which can match the “West”. Yes, the USA can destroy Russian cities and bases ten times over, and it is not known for sure whether the Russians can destroy the similar America targets ten times over, five times, or only once! Is there any difference?

In fact, were, say, New York, Washington DC, Seattle, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Boston to be destroyed, would the USA even be able to function? Would it take 10 years to recover? 50? 100?

This is a road better not travelled down.

Tweets seen today

I do not often agree with Maajid Nawaz, but…

One of the best Twitter accounts.

Exactly. The US Constitution is largely anachronistic and ineffective. Also, this is not a debate; it is a war. So far, mostly a cold war. So far.

A very important tweet. Had I the money, I would buy a country estate. I notice, incidentally, that the supply of such estates in the UK has lessened in the past couple of years. The wealthy are trying to buy lifeboats…

The Bealtaine Cottage Twitter account and website is also worth looking at: https://bealtainecottage.com/

Quite. I thought, earlier in 2020, that to create new hospitals was a great achievement even bearing in mind their limited aims and equipment etc, but now I wonder whether those “Nightingale Hospitals” were just part of a propaganda “big lie”…

Just as the most enthusiastic supporters of mass media and social media censorship now are those who, in the past, would have fought for liberty: journalists, MPs, published authors etc.

The Jewish influence in society (and especially in the mass media and the legal profession) is a large part of all this.

Late tweets seen

Late music

Diary Blog, 18 December 2020

Court of Appeal stands up for freedom of expression


Judges have insisted that freedom of speech includes the ‘right to offend’ in a landmark ruling which could help to turn the tide.

Presiding over a case in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Bean and Mr Justice Warby said: ‘Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having.’”

Mr Justice Warby explained that the relevant parts of the Communications Act ‘were not intended by Parliament to criminalise forms of expression, the content of which is no worse than annoying or inconvenient in nature’.

Miss Scottow [appellant] told The Daily Telegraph: ‘It was necessary to enshrine one of the most fundamental rights of every living being in a democratic society – the right to freedom of speech that is now routinely attacked…’ ” [Daily Mail]

The malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” [CAA] conspirators will be tearing their hair out (those that have any). This must be relevant to the ongoing Alison Chabloz saga. Unlike the magistrates’ court decision in Alison’s 2018 conviction, which (contrary to CAA lies) set no precedent, this is a judgment in the Court of Appeal, and certainly does set a precedent.

Can the Alison Chabloz trial (presently set down for 2 days, 30-31 March 2021, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London) now even be continued? It would seem otiose now to continue the prosecution, quite apart from anything else.

[Alison Chabloz]

It could be argued that, stricto sensu, there is no precedent set by the Scottow appeal, in that Human Rights Act 1998, s.3 requires the court to interpret legislation in accord with Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (which “guarantees” freedom of expression).

Sadly, the ECHR is hemmed in by so many ifs and buts that it is all but meaningless. For example, several EU states, such as France and Germany, are signed up to the ECHR yet have “holocaust” “denial” laws akin to those of the mediaeval times which criminalized “heretical” opinions.

On a practical level, this is a precedent. The ruling reaffirms the right to freedom of expression on political, social, religious, and historical topics.

On a connected point, Scotland may soon have a “hate speech” law that runs counter to the developing law in England. The funny thing is that, if so, anyone in Scotland wanting to post anything online which might be caught by that absurd yet tyrannical law need only go an inch over the border in England to escape such capture. If comments are not posted in the jurisdiction, they will not be justiciable in the jurisdiction.

Radio 4 Today Programme

God, what a bloody bore the Today Programme has become. I wonder how many people listen now. I try it most mornings, mainly if I am awake early enough to listen to the preceding broadcasts (Farming Today etc) but usually switch off before long.

Japanese whaling

Some years ago, when I still had a Twitter account (i.e. before a pack of Jews had me expelled), I often used to tweet about and against Japanese whaling. I also made the point that the international pressure against Japanese whaling, though absolutely correct, would not lead directly to a cessation of whaling by the Japanese.

For the Japanese, saving face is all important. It meant that the Japanese could not be seen to bow to either international diplomatic pressure or to the direct pressure exerted on the high seas by the Greenpeace and especially the Sea Shepherd protective ships: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Shepherd_Conservation_Society.

In his 2009 book, Whaling in Japan, Jun Morikawa states that Sea Shepherd’s confrontational tactics have actually strengthened Japan’s resolve to continue with its whaling program. According to Morikawa, Sea Shepherd’s activities against Japan’s whaling ships have allowed the Japanese government to rally domestic support for the program from Japanese who were otherwise ambivalent about the practice of hunting and eating whales.” [Wikipedia]

While I personally supported Sea Shepherd to the hilt, the above was obviously correct. However, I sensed that the Japanese leadership was trying to find a way to scale down whaling while still saving face. Whaling was and still is subsidized. Few Japanese now eat whale meat (a practice which, though ancient on a small scale, in modern form dates mainly from the 1940s:

“…demand for whale meat in Japan is very weak. Domestic consumption has plummeted from 200,000 tons a year in the 1960s to just 5000 tons lately, according to government figures cited by Kyodo News. This trend suggests that the marine mammals’ best ally may well be the Japanese people.” [https://www.maritime-executive.com/editorials/japan-scales-back-its-whaling-program]; https://www.economist.com/asia/2020/04/23/japan-wants-to-catch-whales-but-who-will-eat-them.

Japan has 4,000 tons of almost unusable whale meat in cold storage. https://www.pri.org/stories/2019-04-17/japan-few-people-eat-whale-meat-anymore-whaling-remains-popular

Most other products of whaling as practised in the 19th and 20th centuries have now been superseded by inorganic substitutes.

Japan needed to get out of whaling for both presentational and economic reasons, but needed a face-saving way not to be seen to back down. It found it, as I always thought it would. Simply, whaling has been continued in and around Japanese waters, within the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone under the Law of the Sea (i.e. extending to c.200 miles out): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclusive_economic_zone; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclusive_economic_zone_of_Japan.

Following the September 2018 Florianopolis Declaration where the IWC rejected Japan’s latest commercial hunt proposal, and concluded that the purpose of the IWC is the conservation of whales,[112] Japan withdrew its IWC membership on December 26, 2018. It then resumed commercial hunting in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone on July 1, 2019, but ceased whaling activities in the Antarctic Ocean.[114][115]” [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling_in_Japan

“...without government subsidies, their whaling industry is not expected to survive.” [Wikipedia]

Though unfortunate for those whales killed within Japan’s EEZ, meaning about 200 minke whales annually, the change of policy does mean that Japan is no longer going to kill whales in the Antarctic and South Pacific, or indeed in the North Pacific outside Japan’s EEZ, though Japan retains the purported right to do so if it wishes.

This is a great step forward for the whales. It has also had other effects. Iceland looks like stopping all whaling now: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/04/commercial-whaling-may-be-over-iceland/

Norway is still whaling, but despite claiming that domestic demand for whale meat (from minke whales) is increasing, the number of whaling ships active in 2020 is only 12 (formerly, 34): https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/03/demand-whale-meat-norway-rising-conservationists-regulations-minke-welfare. Norway exports to Japan, but the increase in intra-EEZ whaling by Japan has led to a surfeit of supply, so is likely to destroy demand for whalemeat brought from Norway.

Mostly a positive picture.

Tweets seen


Unusually, I agree with the implication of Jew-Zionist “@Mendelpol” here (as well as with Laura Towler): people should indeed say “Jews” where —and only where— that is both appropriate and true…(though in fact I think that “@thisislaurat” was using the phrase “you people” in a wider way in those tweets).

In any case, I do not suppose that even the most “antisemitic” would claim or complain that everything of importance is controlled by Jews!

More tweets seen

Look at the expressions!


A house I leased for a couple of years about 18 years ago had a real conservatory just like that, though maybe two-thirds of the size. Beautiful.


Sick minds,all too typical of the corrupt, entitled msm/Westminster/connected milieux in the UK, especially London. Walls. Squads.

University Challenge

Another Christmas alumni contest. The final one. Wadham, Oxford v. Leeds. Once again I did far better than Wadham’s whole team (inc. Anne McElvoy and Jonathan Freedland), and as well as, maybe better than, Leeds, though the latter were good at science, and I could answer few of those questions; got a few right. Leeds won by a mile over Wadham.

Late music

Diary Blog, 1 January 2020

A few minutes of J.S. Bach to welcome in the New Year and the new decade.

That music always makes me smile. When I did a couple of days of parachute training in deepest Wiltshire in 1978, that piece was used as the soundtrack to a short film showing a stick of men and women exiting a plane in a string and then freefalling, eventually joining up to create a star-shape. Quite something.

Not quite what they imagine…

I don’t particularly like Kasparov, but of course he is (mostly) right here:

Having said that, most UK “millennials” have a pathetically-low level of political and historical knowledge anyway. They have been filled at school with ahistorical semi-fantasy such as the supposed evils of National Socialist Germany (complete with “gas chambers” that never existed and of which there is no credible evidence). The Soviet Union? GULAG “archipelago”? The purges and other killings which characterized Sovietism from 1917 right up to, say, 1956 (some would say the 1980s)? The “millennials” know little or nothing about that.

The (or those particular) “millennials” seem to have a fantasy-politics idea about “Communism” (and by that do they mean “socialism” as practised in the various states espousing it since 1917, or do they mean the Marxist end-game “Communism”, with the State “withering away” etc? Hard to say, and we are not told).

I suggest that they read GULAG Archipelago, Under Two Dictators, Into the Whirlwind, The World I Left Behind etc. Of course, few will…



There is another point here. Since, mainly, the early Blair years, freedom of expression has become conspicuous by its absence in the UK. Look at the cases of Jez Turner, imprisoned (and for a year —in reality, 6 months— at that) merely for saying in a rather humorous speech that Jews should be expelled (for the second or third time) from England;



or Alison Chabloz, prosecuted and actually convicted (it’s a bad joke…) for singing some funny songs about Jews, “holocaust” hoaxes and similar fakery.



Then look at this! An unfortunate fellow actually charged, prosecuted and convicted of “incitement” for making what seem to have been (judging from the newspaper report)  fairly unexceptionable remarks on Facebook and Twitter:


That unfortunate victim of political “justice” was sentenced, incredibly, to TWO YEARS IMPRISONMENT by a judge who admitted that the sentence was meant to “deter others” (from making socio-political statements of an anti-multikulti and radical nature). Pure political theatre on behalf of the Devon & Cornwall Police (who evidently have too much time on their hands), the CPS and the Court. Save perhaps for the sentence, this could have been a “troika” of the NKVD in 1937, a “show trial” of the same period, or indeed a session of the “People’s Court” in 1944 Germany.

Another political prisoner in the UK.

RIP, free speech…

Or look at me, come to that: disbarred (albeit years after I gave up Bar practice, so be it) merely for having tweeted, as a private citizen, 5 particular tweets (out of at least 150,000 tweeted), e.g. tweeting that Michael Gove is a pro-Jew, pro-Israel, expenses cheat. All of which was true! He was. He is (except that Parliament has made it harder to commit fraud since 2010). He is also, as we now know, a “former” cocaine abuser (I think that the bastard is still using, in fact, looking at him):


I was also “interviewed”, “voluntarily”, by Essex Police in 2017:


Let us be clear here: the Jewish-Zionist lobby was behind both of my encounters with “authority” detailed above. Collusion between that lobby and others (probably all freemasons) and also, in the Essex case, the police.

Freedom of expression has already been severely restricted in the UK, an outcome of both the post-1997 extension of power by the Jewish lobby, and also the increasingly “diverse” nature of the UK. A “diverse” society is either a shambles or a dictatorship, or both.

Freedom of expression is arguably the most important issue in the UK at present.


I just read, 6 months late, this obituary of the scribbler and historian Norman Stone, whom I recall reading (though probably only in The Spectator) 20-30 years ago. The obit is a good read; also quite surprising!


Christmas University Challenge

Watched a University Challenge featuring alumni teams from Wadham College, Oxford and Trinity, Cambridge, including the journalist Anne McElvoy (who usually appears as a talking head on politics shows, looking terribly pleased with herself), the Jew scribbler Jonathan Freedland (Guardian columnist) and other writers, academics etc.

I got more questions right than than both teams put together, possibly because the questions were easier than usual and/or because there was a paucity of detailed scientific/technical/mathematical questions. I see that I was not alone:

The Twitterati

When the Jewish-Zionist “claque” on Twitter had me expelled (mid-2018), I had about 3,000 “followers”. I never had huge illusion about the “influence” Twitter gives. Very little, really. For many, it is not an adjunct to doing something, but a substitute for it. Slacktivism.

We see that thousands inveigh against evil bastard Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, Esther McVey etc. What has happened to them? Nothing. Now we see that the British Government has become a repressive ZOG regime under Boris Johnson, a part-Jew public entertainer who is the most egregious political con-man since Horatio Bottomley [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horatio_Bottomley], and that is even counting Nigel Farage and Robert “Maxwell”. Thousands take to Twitter to denounce Boris-idiot and his Cabinet of “Israel First”-ers. What happens to Boris? To Priti Patel? To Sajid Javid? Nothing.

The fact is that, though it has its educative uses, Twitter, from a political viewpoint, is mainly a waste of time, a distraction, and a diversion.

Labour leadership

YouGov polling:

Leaving aside my own preferences, I should say that, objectively, there are four solid candidates: Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Yvette Cooper, Lisa Nandy. The other three are just a joke.

Of the four real candidates, I despise Yvette Cooper because she

  • was a proven expenses cheat, along with her husband Ed Balls;
  • is a “refugees welcome” idiot and also hypocrite, who falsely claimed that she would put up “refugees” (migrant-invaders) in her own home (not that I would like her any the more if she actually did so);
  • is completely in the pocket of the Jew-Zionist element;
  • is a would-be dictator (among other flaws an enemy of freedom of expression).

As to Keir Starmer, yes, in a sense he could be termed a solid candidate, in that he:

  • looks the part;
  • has a solid background in law and government;
  • was born on the same same day of the year, 2 September, as me —though in 1962, not 1956— (only joking, though I was born on 2 September).

What are Starmer’s views on free speech? I do not know, though he has written a book partly about that. I saw this tweet, which is not encouraging…

…and it looks as if Starmer is a bit of a doormat…

This is better…

Overall? I cannot see Keir Starmer energizing the voters. Rather a dull fellow. If he becomes Labour leader, which seems quite likely, I imagine that Labour will improve slightly in the opinion polls, that the Jew-Zionist element in the msm etc will not give Labour such a hard ride, and that Labour will then lose the next general election gracefully…

What about Rebecca Long-Bailey?

For me, she is the best overall candidate, but only out of a poor bunch. She at least has (a few) ideas and some commitment to positive change, and is not entirely a System/Establishment stooge:


Rebecca Long-Bailey

  • has seen some of the less privileged aspects of UK life (though she herself worked as a solicitor for years, in the property field, inter alia);
  • does at least seem to want a better society (well, it’s a start; many Conservative and Labour MPs do not even make it that far!)

As against that, Rebecca Long-Bailey

  • was caught out lying about watching her father worry about losing his job, then doing so (in fact, those events happened when she was 2 years old!), which was not only untrue, but a rather stupid claim (because easily disproven);
  • seems to be (?) not opposed to mass immigration (migration-invasion);
  • seems a humourless type, a possible or would-be dictator (cf. Yvette Cooper).

I am not sure whether she would stand up to the Jew-Zionist element. Probably not.

I cannot see Rebecca Long-Bailey attracting huge numbers of voters, but you never know. It may be that younger voters might favour her.

Lisa Nandy

  • fairly presentable;
  • a System politician through and through;
  • pro-immigration;
  • looks like a throwback to the Blair-Brown years.

Not likely to inspire many voters to vote Labour.

So there they are, “the candidates”. Labour looks like continuing its downward spiral, but the younger voters favour Labour at present and I cannot see most of the dispossessed young morphing into Conservative voters, even as they age, so the Labour Party may still have life in it in the medium term (meaning the next few years).