Diary Blog, 5 January 2020

Cambridge Analytica

What makes me laugh, if bitterly, is that so many msm characters still sort-of believe that we in the UK live in a “democracy”, even if flawed. If we are in a “democracy” at all (and it is of course a question of definition: see my brief historical analysis in Notes, below), then it is one where the democracy is little and mostly on the surface:

The release of documents began on New Year’s Day on an anonymous Twitter account, @HindsightFiles, with links to material on elections in Malaysia, Kenya and Brazil. The documents were revealed to have come from Brittany Kaiser, an ex-Cambridge Analytica employee turned whistleblower, and to be the same ones subpoenaed by Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Kaiser, who starred in the Oscar-shortlisted Netflix documentary The Great Hack, decided to go public after last month’s election in Britain. “It’s so abundantly clear our electoral systems are wide open to abuse,” she said. “I’m very fearful about what is going to happen in the US election later this year, and I think one of the few ways of protecting ourselves is to get as much information out there as possible.”

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Congress after it was reported 87 million Facebook users had information harvested by Cambridge Analytica.
[Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg testifies to Congress after it was reported 87 million Facebook users had information harvested by Cambridge Analytica. Photograph: Yasin Öztürk/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]

The documents were retrieved from her email accounts and hard drives, and though she handed over some material to parliament in April 2018, she said there were thousands and thousands more pages which showed a “breadth and depth of the work” that went “way beyond what people think they know about ‘the Cambridge Analytica scandal’”.”

UK General Election 2019

The recent General Election was a prime example of the depths into which British “democracy” has fallen. The main three System parties were all headed and fronted by idiots:

  • Boris-idiot, who shows off his rote-learned ancient Greek and Latin, together with his collection of obscure words from the OED, when he wants to impress the plebs. A part-Jew public entertainer, useless at all previous jobs, sacked from most, whose previous bosses and colleagues concur in saying how useless, dishonest and unpleasant he is. Someone with no real ideas politically or ideologically;
  • Jeremy Corbyn: a long-term political self-caricature. At least he is anti-Zionist, but spoils even that by parrotting “holocaust” and “anti-fascist” nonsense, marking Jewish holidays etc. A personification of ideological cognitive dissonance, who was backed up by another idiot exhibiting similar traits, John McDonnell (who after the election result was interviewed in his garden, looking bemused and indeed like nothing more than a “grandad” who had been tipped out of his wheelchair and mugged). Corbyn’s political idea for the UK seemed to be a mixture of Labour policies 1945-1992, 1960s Cuba, 1980s Nicaragua, or the crazy Venezuela of more recent times, with a bit of (cartoon version) 1930s politics thrown in— “No Pasaran!” Spanish anti-Franco-ism, the Front Populaire, “the battle of Cable Street” etc. A joke;
  • Jo Swinson: doormat for the Jew-Zionists, who thought that she could be a Prime Minister when she was already hugely over-promoted as leader of the pathetic LibDem party, which seems to have no reason to exist anyway.

Ecce, your “democratic” choice!

Then we see that a fake pop-up “party” (Brexit Party), promoted by a con-man (Farage) siphoned off any radical nationalist votes, then unexpectedly withdrew all candidates facing Conservative Party candidates. A deliberate manipulation, probably a conspiracy. Possibly even procured by secret bribes, paid to Farage offshore. That is my honest belief, anyway.

And that is before we even consider the role played by the (basically, mainly) Jew-Zionist dominated Press, TV, radio etc. It has already been established by objective academic studies that Boris-idiot and his party were given a completely one-sided easy treatment as compared to Labour. (((They))) wanted Boris-idiot to win. He did.

Labour leadership contest

This is what our “democracy” has come to. You get someone who, like Jess Phillips, is basically uneducated, uncultured, a careerist and/or freeloader (see her MP expenses: eg she employs her husband as “Constituency Support Manager”, meaning house-husband, for which she claims £50,000 a year for his pay, plus this and that).

She does not fool many people though…


The selection procedures of the System parties are pathetic. Most people with any real background are filtered out if they have their own views. The ones who get in are those who, like Jess Phillips, cobble together a CV from bits and pieces, and know people. Again, look at Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and his fraudulent CV. Or women like Liz Tr[redacted] and Lucia[redacted], who can be said to have become MPs “on their backs” (if that is the accurate phrase). Then once installed, those MPs are exceptionally hard to remove, particularly if they know the right people in their local party organization.

Boris-Who? Boris-How? Boris-Where?

People are asking “where is Boris, at this time of huge tension in the Middle East?” Well, the straight answer is that he is in a £20,000 a week villa on Mustique, but the answer to the implied question is another question: who cares where the idiot is?

The people who think that Boris should be in Whitehall, leading Britain’s response to the US and Iran, are those who think that Britain is still some kind of huge international player militarily. In reality, not so. We hear a lot about how Britain “punches above its weight” because of its commercial and financial hub position, because of its (supposed) intelligence and security expertise, because of its proficient armed services, even because of the English language!

There is some truth, of course, in all of those, but to say that Britain is a huge player militarily or geopolitically is mainly wishful thinking. It is the same or similar self-delusion that leads people (often misled by scribblers making money out of it) to think that National Socialist Germany was defeated mainly by clever little people in Whitehall back-rooms thinking up terribly clever “deception” operations, running “resistance” networks in occupied Europe etc.

Well, these activities did have some peripheral effect or effects (the ones that worked at all; a notable amateur duffer was the later James Bond scribbler, Ian Fleming), but of course those operations (The Man Who Never Was, the Double-Cross System, and virtually anything attempted by the ludicrous Special Operations Executive) were, or were supposed to be, subordinated to actual military operations.

The Reich was defeated, of course, not by terribly precious people in Whitehall, White’s Club, or the Ritz bar, thinking up deception operations and directing small numbers of sociopaths (in the Maquis, the “Resistance” etc), stabbing lone Germans in the back, or blowing up cafes, but by the millions of Red Army soldiers on the Eastern Front, gradually advancing with their tanks, horses, field guns and terror, by the huge American armies, navy, air force and, though hidden, atom bombs, and by the similar millions of British and Empire soldiers, sailors and airmen, fighting on all fronts.

Britain today is not really very powerful. I regret that, but it does not help to pretend that Britain is almost a superpower. One is reminded of the speech given to the assembled Con Party Conference at 25 years ago by Michael Portillo (he is better as a TV train buff; I enjoy his shows). In fact, part of that speech was good, but he made a fool of himself by pressing into service the name of the Special Air Service:

The thing is that, yes, elite units like the SAS are superb tools of the State, but —as General Schwarzkopf said in the 1990s Gulf War— “special forces do not win wars”. They are strategic tools, to be used in “special” strategic situations, and are not much good —and indeed wasted— in ordinary battles or large scale advances.

The fact is that Boris-idiot, as notional chief of the UK, is not really a player, unless the USA wants Britain to be seen to be there as “ally”, rather than USA seen to be acting unilaterally, which of course is the reality (with Israel hiding behind the curtain).

The events of the world, whether in Iran, Iraq or elsewhere, are happening regardless of what Boris-idiot says or does. Anyway, Britain only has about 70,000 in its Army, and of those only about 50,000 are even deployable. Many are simply not fit for duty, let alone action.

The fact is that Britain is a spectator for the most part. I suppose that the British nuclear forces (on submarines) are the exception to that. It would be an extraordinary misuse of them to utilize them to attack Iran, though, in support of Trump’s adventurism and Israel’s hidden agenda.

Trump and Iran

Trump has managed to do what generations of peacemakers failed to do— unite the Iranians and Iraqis! I suppose, to be fair, Teheran’s influence over Baghdad has been growing for many years anyway.

Looking at the wider picture, in the 1970s, 1980s, Israel was menaced by anti-Israel states all around. Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and other North African states, Libya in particular. Now look! Syria, Iraq both devastated, Egypt under “control”, Libya on its knees and engaged in internecine conflict, Lebanon flooded with refugees from Syria, and the Gulf Arabs almost lining up to say nice things to Israel.

These changes did not come about by accident. Now Iran is in the gunsights of the Israelis and, more importantly, their “tail wags dog” “ally”, the United States, which subsidizes Israel, gives or sells it weapons, supports everything that Israel does or wants, yet tells its own people that the USA needs Israel, when the reality is of course the reverse!


2300 hrs

It seems that Iran has offered USD $80M for the head of Donald Trump. About $79,999,099 more than it is worth! Tempting though…Sadly, it is about 42 years since I last fired a long-distance rifle (and if one were to enter the lists, it would be nice to have the chance to spend the bounty…).

Alison Chabloz, the persecuted singer-songwriter, is in court on Friday 10 January 2020, her appeal hearing against a relatively brief prison sentence imposed for “breach of condition” within another sentence. Good luck to her!








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  1. If Labour (very stupidly) and the CON Party (understandably in their case since they are the party of the 1% and sod everyone else and because they have never got the concept of genuine democracy) still refuse to, undemocratically, countenance giving us an opportunity in a referendum to change the voting system from the absurd and profoundly undemocratic First Past The Post voting system to one of Proportional Representation or even the semi-PR system called Parallel Voting then the Liberal Democrat Party is still needed in British politics.

    That and the wider issue of constitutional reform in general is their core issue so, in that sense, they still have a role to play.

    Frankly, I don’t know why the other parties don’t hold a referendum on PR to ‘shut-up, the Liberal Democratic Party and reduce it to 5% or so of the vote but then if we DID have a referendum on PR (contrary to many people’s ill-informed opinion the one on the AV system in 2011 was NOT on a PR voting system in 2011) the risk would be the British
    people voting FOR PR and that won’t serve the self-serving,selfish, scum of Tory and Labour well!

    If we did have PR the Liberal Democrat Party would probably not get over 15% of the national vote ever again as this seems to be the limit for liberal parties in most Western democracies eg Germany’s Free Democrat Party is one of the best supported in the world and has never got more than 15% in a German Bundestag election.

    Most European countries do have room for small liberal parties though as the Left is a broad grouping and can go from the Marxist Left at one end of the spectrum to liberal parties at the other so, even with PR, the Liberal Democratic Party is unlikely to disappear entirely.


  2. Ha, ha, Michael Portillo making his ‘we are the party of defence’ speech’ at the CON Party conference in 1995. IF ONLY that were true! MOST Tory governments have failed to invest sufficiently in our armed forces from the 1930’s onwards! Mrs Thatcher’s Defence Secretary, John Nott, proposed to seriously butcher the Royal Navy in 1981 thereby providing a big ‘Come and have a go’ message to Argentina prior to the Falklands’ War in 1982 and their attitude towards investing in the army, navy and air force hasn’t radically altered much since then. Much though I don’t like to admit it, those two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers were built with LABOUR GOVERNMENT money!


  3. The Special Operations Executive (SOE) had a plan to assassinate Hitler by getting an agent to go to his mountain retreat in Southern Bavaria and shooting him whilst he took one of his daily walks on his own which he did like clockwork at virtually the same time every day.

    ‘Operation Foxley’ was called-off because SOE thought Hitler would be of more benefit alive because he was no good at directing the war effort and kept-on overruling the advice of his generals and also because they thought Hitler would become a martyr which would provoke Neo-Nazism when the war ended.

    This plot would have been of more use in early 1940 ie before Neville Chamberlain’s sad fall from power.


    1. I suspect that either that plot was not approved because the agent/marksman would never have got to within striking distance *or* because Hitler’s death would have precipitated a military coup, after which there might be public pressure in the UK to conclude an armistice. The Soviet Union and Roosevelt both wanted unconditional surrender.


      1. So did Churchill apparently! Bloody fool! British power and influence steadily diminished from virtually the day he became our PM! Germany was always going to fight on if it had to surrender unconditionally even if Hitler had been overthrown just to save face. I suppose Churchill thought Hitler or any other German regime had to be made to surrender totally in case twenty years down the line a new dictator came to power with a World War One like ‘Stabbed in the back’ legend.

        Churchill didn’t recognise the fact that we in Britain have to live with Germany as we are both geographically near each other whereas with the Yanks they don’t so they have an active interest in seeing Europe weakened and divided. Winston was far too enamoured with the USA and didn’t have a grasp on world geopolitics.

        It was a national tragedy the day he became PM and we have been paying for it ever since. Shame he wasn’t strangled at birth. If only Lord Halifax had been PM instead.

        Now, in Boris-Idiot, we have Eton College’s very own tribute act to Harrow School’s ‘village idiot’. No wonder Boris admires Winston.🙄🤬😡☹️😞


      2. I agree, though there was a great deal more to Churchill than there is to Boris-idiot. Boris is a “tribute act”, if you like. Also, Churchill had real forces to play with.

        “The Royal Navy, at the beginning of World War 2, was immense — it was the largest naval force in the world. The 332 warships included 15 mighty battleships, 7 aircraft carriers, 66 cruisers, a whopping 184 destroyers, 45 patrol vessels, and fully 60 submarines.”

        By 1945, hugely more.


        “The Royal Navy currently possesses a meager 77 commissioned vessels. 19 surface combatants, 11 submarines, 15 mine-countermeasure craft, 22 patrol vessels, a landing platform, two amphibious docks, four survey ships, one icebreaking vessel, and two historic ships compose this fleet.” (Internet answer)

        There is a nuclear capability now, though.


  4. There was nothing inherently wrong in Jeremy Corbyn respecting Jewish holidays apart from the fact that he has never made much of a fuss over OUR gentile holidays and Jewish Zionist extremist fanatics were and are incredibly rude and disrespectful to him by throwing it back into his face and calling him an ‘anti-semite’ which he isn’t as you can see in their replies to him on Twitter when he has done this.

    Being ‘anti-Zionist’ even to a mild degree automatically equates to being an ‘anti-semite’ in their eyes!🙄

    Ultra-Orthodox anti-Israeli Jews are called ‘self-hating’ Jews by these people so what chance does an old, white ‘Goy’ like Jeremy Corbyn have!


  5. Yes, Boris-Idiot does love using long words and reciting some Classical Greek and Latin just to impress the lower orders. It is all an act with him. The man is a phoney from beginning to end.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg, on the other hand, doesn’t do it just to impress the plebs. He really does have an extensive vocabulary and sees nothing wrong in using it in a normal way.


    1. Who is then the greater fool? The con-man who uses ancient Greek to overawe the plebs, or the man who thinks that it is normal to use words which his listeners cannot understand?


      1. I don’t think Jacob Rees-Mogg sees it in that way. Even considering that most voters don’t have a good standard of education and/or a good vocabulary, I haven’t seen Mogg use all that many very rare and long words regularly unlike Boris who does it as a way to impress the plebs and to make them think he is more capable of being PM when even the most superficial understanding of him indicates that is not so. Mogg would make a better PM than Boris even though he has no experience of government. Mind you, even a lot of bin men would as well!

        The greatest fools of all are too many British voters who allowed themselves to be swayed by the mostly untrue ‘antisemitism’ allegations of the Jew Zionist extremist Lobby, The Scum ‘newspaper’s’ gormless lies and who genuinely think Boris-Idiot makes for a good PM when all the evidence suggests that is not so and he has failed at every job in politics and in his prior life.

        Boris will come a cropper soon but, sadly, that will also involve pain and heartbreak for this country!🤬😡😞☹️


      2. Exactly. In the end, it is at least partly the fault of the people themselves just as (per Cicero) “the welfare of the people is the highest law”.

        Do you notice that the Sun “newspaper” is now cheerleading for Britain to be Trump’s poodle and attack Iran? Pity that that aged cuckold (and doormat for Israel) Murdoch cannot be dropped into Iran (head first).


  6. Yes, Britain is far safer when Boris-Idiot is NOT at the helm of state. If only the Queen could sack him like the Prince of Liechtenstein can dismiss that tiny micro-state’s PM.

    How long do we have to wait before Boris resigns? He has already been PM for far too long already! Please can we have an early Christmas 2020 present to the nation?


      1. Let us hope his party suffers absolutely horrific losses in local elections etc from now on to the Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party ANYONE! Can we have 80 odd Tory Friends of Israel MPs die in a plane crash en route to visiting that country?

        God, has to give this country a bit of luck at least once!


      2. I’m bloody well hope so. Having this clown
        as PM at the best of times makes me feel ill and nervous for the future but his being in No.10 when that cretin Trump is a resident of the White House should frighten all of us to death.


  7. When are we going to see a revival in Tory anti-Americanism? After all, we wouldn’t want to be free of the EU only to become the Zionist USA’s 51st state!🙄🤬😡😞☹️

    Good old John Enoch Powell was anti-American to a certain extent! Yet another stance he should be admired for!


  8. What you have said about that EVIL (a word that is often over used nowdays so I don’t employ it lightly) rag The Scum doesn’t surprise me in the least. If only the rest of the country would follow the good example of the people of Liverpool and boycott it totally.

    Aparty from Boris, I hope Rupert Murdoch drops down dead soon considering all the evil he has facilitated in this country and around the world. A more unpleasant example of Australian fruit it would be very difficult to find.

    So those are my New Year wishes for 2020 then!,😄😎👌😂


  9. Dominic Cummings! What to say, really? Most people turning-up for their work places like that would be disciplined or even sacked by their employers! Mind you, when your employer has all the sartorial elegance of the original Worzel Gummidge then it should be expected that a scruffy git like him would be found within the formerly fairly respectable environs of No. 10 Downing Street and Whitehall.

    The self-serving, constantly lying, Buffoon/Charlatan lowers the standards of everyone he meets and works with!


  10. Someone should tell Boris-Idiot to sort out that mop of a haircut as well! I wish it was a bad dream but it sadly isn’t, he is a PM now and therefore needs to look smart in order to represent this country properly on the world stage! Celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke will sort it out for a couple of hundred quid and the salon isn’t too far away from Downing Street in Mayfair.


    Time to smarten yourself up, Boris, as you are not in the local Big Top entertaining little kids now!


  11. So not only is Trump himself a wack job it looks as if his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is one of those weird Christian Zionist loonies they have over there. Please, God, can you send us at least ONE British PM and Foreign Secretary who will keep our country a long way away from these nutters! PLEASE!


      1. Sadly, I have to agree. God only knows what utter chaos, complete incompetence, downright anti-British evil this grade-A CLOWN will impose upon us in the next few years.🤬😡☹️😞

        Damm the BBC, senile dementia suffering CON Party members, Jew Zionist extremists, the media generally, Jo Swinson and those idiotic former Labour Party voters for voting CON when they should have stayed at home, our crazy electoral system for having, jointly, doing things that led to this idiot becoming PM and getting a large majority.

        God must give this country some luck in the next five years because we are going to need BUCKETS of it with the buffoon/self-serving charlatan in No.10.


      2. Looking at the country overall, I am not optimistic, unless a sea-change occurs. Still, Germany was in a terrible state during the 1920s, and most Germans laughed at the idea that anything could be done, and even at Hitler and the NSDAP, which achieved only 2.6% in the 1928 national elections. Worse than the Greens or, in recent years, UKIP in the UK. Four years later, in 1932, the NSDAP were part of the government. A year after that, 1933, Hitler was head of government. Anything is possible.


  12. Yes, but at least some Germans were aware of what the Jew Zionist extremists were up to and Germany has had a PR voting system SINCE 1918 . Apart from the Kaisers’ period, the Nazi regime and the Communist Party era in the former East Germany, Germany has ALWAYS been more democratic than Britain is.

    Hitler never ‘won’ an election due to the ultra-PR system of the Weimar Republic. Labour and Tory both say we can’t have PR because it would help ‘extremists’ ie nationalists (they conveniently don’t mean their OWN forms of ‘extremism’ ie senseless foreign wars of aggression like the Iraq War 2, the Poll Tax, mass immigration etc) yet Herman Goering no less stated at the Nuremberg Trials Hitler would have ‘WON’ a majority if our archaic system of First Past The Post had been used.

    Hitler got into power by backstairs intrigue and via the elderly President Hindenburg. No prizes for guessing that Queen Elisabeth ll or a King Charles lll being the good Tories that they are wouldn’t help a British nationalist into office in the same way!


    1. Of course. In 1932, the NSDAP got 33% of the popular vote, which alone would have been enough in many *British* general elections to give a Commons majority. The main 1933 election gave the NSDAP about 44%, which in the UK would give a very large majority.


      1. Indeed. For any Tory looking in and thinking that fellow must be a Labour Party supporter (I have NEVER voted Labour before and I am not likely to) or a ‘sore loser’ because I have condemned the Tory ‘victory’ on December 12th under FPTP, I had the SAME attitude towards FPTP in 1997 when Bliar ‘won’ his huge landslide on just 43% of the vote and when he ‘won’ in 2005 with a particularly disturbingly low 35% of the vote which was the RECORD low infact.

        Some critics of the archaic FPTP voting system ARE CONSISTENT in their beliefs.


      2. As now with the Tory majority of 80 and the one Mrs Thatcher had of 144 seats caused NOT by an increase in Tory popularity in 1983 (their national vote share WENT DOWN by about 1% from 1979’s level) but because the anti-Tory vote was so severely split between the Labour Party and the Liberal/SDP Alliance. The Labour Party had 28% and the Liberal/SDP Alliance had 25%.

        Which all goes to show how ludicrous and unsophisticated First Past The Post is in that there is NO DIRECT LINK between a party’s share of the vote and its number of MPs and a party can GAIN popularity with the electorate YET LOSE SEATS as the Liberal Democratic Party did in December and a party can LOSE VOTE SHARE yet GAIN SEATS!🙄🤬😡


  13. Germany was in such an incredibly horrific state that even with the profoundly undemocratic First Past The Post which effectively chucks into the nearest dustbin AROUND 50% OF ALL VOTES PUT INTO IT IN OUR ELECTIONS AS AN INHERENT DESIGN FEATURE Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NDSAP) would have done well and could have gained a majority on as little as 37% of the vote as David Cameron’s extremist CON Party did here in 2015 with its psychopath Iain Dumbo-Smith causing some disabled people to commit suicide. 🤬😡😞☹️. Tories love FPTP because they are blatantly undemocratic and have never really understood what a genuine democracy would look like and because their poor murdering extremism isn’t as likely to gain a majority under PR.

    Germany’s utterly dire situation was only going to end with either the Nazi Party in office or the Communists.


  14. Apparently, the government is wanting to form a new ‘Special Relationship’ with Victor Orban’s Hungary. If this is true that is good. We could learn quite a lot from somebody who is one of Europe’s better PMs at the moment.

    However, I notice the Jew Zionist extremists over at the Jewish Chronicle and the Board of Deputies are not happy about this ( ARE they EVER happy about what goes on in this country politically-speaking?🙄🙄🙄) so I wonder if the CON Party will get accused of that ever so elastic term ‘anti-semitism’ soon?


      1. Indeed. I see that the Jewish Labour MP, Alex Sobel, for North West Leeds who sadly replaced the former goy Liberal Democrat MP there in 2017 is also ranting about this proposed ‘Special Relationship’ between Britain and Victor Orban’s Hungary! No doubt he objects to Orban’s alleged ‘anti-semitism’ and his pro nativist family policies designed to get Hungarians to breed and have children so that Hungary doesn’t need to import Third Worlders and can preserve its national character.🙄

        I have yet to hear Mr Sobel condemn the ‘fascist’ government in Tel Aviv but then when Zionist Jews do ‘fascism’ and ‘National Socialism’ that is ok!🙄

        Mr Sobel uses the (((. ))) symbol for Jews on Twitter! He is self-aware enough to do that!


      2. I notice that his parents emigrated *from* Israel *to* the UK! I also notice that he is now 44 and has had no gainful employment outside being an MP and local councillor (except messing around with quangos and “social enterprises”). First elected as MP in 2017, at age 42
        Looks like a parasite and agitator, basically.

        His constituency in North Leeds is notionally marginal but in reality fairly safe for Labour now that the LibDems are toast. It has, I just read, a Jewish element and also (in or nearby) a golf course that apparently used to be called the Jewish Golf Course.



  15. We should have laws against Jew Zionist extremism. All of these various lobby groups should be shut down. There should be no room in this country for Lobby groups working for the interests of what is a foreign state and that should go for all foreign countries but particularly Israel since it is a country in a dangerous part of the world, that has connections to very influential people such as the US President and the dangerous Jew Zionist Lobby there and its groups ie AIPAC, the Zionist Organisation of America etc. Also, Israel has a government that is composed of individuals who are very trigger happy and are, at times, mentally unbalanced.


  16. For any Tory and Labour Party anti-democratic dinosaurs looking-in here is your bedtime reading: https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk


    Oh, for Tory readers who try and con me and delude themselves and others by saying we have already HAD a referendum on Proportional Representation so why am I whinging and moaning for your information Britain HAS NEVER HAD a referendum on Proportional Representation! That 2011 referendum you like to bring-up constantly was on a system called the Alternative Vote (AV) which is NOT NOW NOR EVER WILL BE a system of PR!

    Even some Tory MPs make the mistake of saying AV is PR! They are either being THICK or deliberately being disingenuous! I suspect it is the latter but with the standard of Tory MPs nowdays you can never be sure!


  17. Indeed, David Cameron himself urged the country to reject AV on the basis it WAS NOT a system that would produce results whereby. a party’s seat total would have closer relationship to its vote total than under First Past The Post and COULD make this situation WORSE in landslide conditions.

    The fact that AV is NOT a form of PR is why the Tories so graciously allowed us mere plebs to have that ‘choice’ in a referendum!


  18. AV is a PREFERENCE voting system in single-member constituencies ie one MP per seat as now NOT a Proportional Representation voting system.


  19. Alex Sobel has one good point in his favour. Apparently, he is one of the Labour Party MPs in favour of dumping the archaic, undemocratic, almost entirely worthless crap of First Past The Post and moving to a system of Proportional Representation so I have to give him some credit for that.

    There was a Tory MP who supported PR, Ben Howlett, in Bath but he got defeated by a Lib Dem in 2017 so in some ways that was a bit of an own goal. The Tory MP for St Ives is the only known advocate of it at the moment in his party but now that he has a fairly decent majority of a couple of thousand instead of the tiny one of some 300 odd votes he had in 2017 with the Lib Dem in second place I wonder if he still supports it? I would like to think he supports it out of conviction rather than a way to hold onto what was a very marginal seat between the CONS and the Liberal Democratic Party.

    I haven’t looked at the result in North West Leeds at the recent election but I think the Tory was third in that seat so the Lib Democratic Party may pick it up again on a tactical vote by Tory supporters to oust a Labour MP. Tory voters ALSO engage in tactical voting sometimes to the surprise of some people!

    As for the wider prospects of the Liberal Democrats, I wouldn’t write them off entirely. I think it is unlikely they will get to a consistent level of plus 20% support as in the 1980’s but I can envisage them getting to the high teens for several reasons ie if the Labour Party is perceived as too leftwing and also they may get a tactical anti-Tory vote in the South of England again as the Labour challenge in a lot of seats in the South (mine in Brentwood and Ongar being a good example) has fallen back a lot and the Liberal Democrats have regained second places or very nearly eg in my seat the difference is now less than a hundred votes with the Lib Democrats just pipped to third.


  20. This is, in fact, why Labour should give serious consideration to PR. Ever since the 1983 election when regional voting patterns became stark and the Labour Party basically collapsed in large parts of the South of England, the Liberal Democratic Party has been an alternative to vote for if you don’t like the Tories. If I were a Labour MP I would be worried that there were the first stirrings of a significant Lib Dem revival in the South and, of course, there is the added complication of Scotland having been lost to the SNP to think about!


    1. The LibDems have had their last hurrah, I think. Admittedly, I thought that after the Con Coalition as well, but underestimated the shallowness of thinking of the mass of voters. Too kind, as usual…

      If, as seems likely, the new 600-seat Commons is approved, then the LibDems will reduce to maybe 2 or 3 MPs. Endgame, surely?

      PR is the wish of those parties unable to get a majority, so yes, Labour *might* support it, but demographics are moving decisively against the Conservative Party, so Labour might consider that Lab can get a majority next time. Not impossible, bearing in mind the younger pro-Lab voters and the dying pro-Con retirees. Admittedly, I heard something to the contrary recently, to the effect that a group of young (18-19 y o) voters known to me *all* voted Con last month, but that *was* in West Sussex…


      1. Labour can gain the support of a lot of young people BUT if those people don’t put their X’s by the name of a Labour Party candidate on a ballot paper in an actual election then that backing is utterly worthless.

        Old people, in the main, don’t just think Tory they VOTE Tory!

        One good point for the Liberal Democratic Party is that their support, apparently, went up the most in the South East region which has the largest number of seats but the problem is the counties around London are where the strongest Tory seats are normally located. The CON Party has only lost that party of the country ONCE before in the Liberal Party landslide of 1906!

        Yes, demographics are going against the CON Party which just goes to show how stupid they are when they continue to import people who, in the vast majority of cases, will NEVER vote for them! They are not known as ‘Britain’s stupid’ party’ for nothing!! I have no objection to their crass stupidity eroding their electoral chances but I do when it comes to their idiocy destroying my country.🤬😡😞☹️

        Can’t we just ban them?


  21. Labour needs to learn to be less tribalist and to not instantly dismiss anyone who non-Labour but is on the ‘Left’ of politics as someone not worthy of being talked to or someone who is a ‘closet’ Tory. The CON Party can afford to be tribalist maniacs but the Labour Party can’t.


  22. Since many vote Lib Dem not out of any real belief but because they are the third main party and not Tories or Labour it is hard to predict their future support in that due to these factors it can just ‘explode’ suddenly and can stay there for quite a while. Their core vote is pretty small but their potential support can be fairly high.


    1. Sometimes all that is needed for this potential support to rise to the surface is for the Liberal Democrats to win a by election ie like it did after the by election victory at Eastbourne in 1990.


  23. Memories of that CON Party/Lib Dem coalition are fading to the benefit of the Liberal Democrats. One thing it did show is that coalitions can work in peacetime and be strong and stable so there is no need for anyone to be afraid of PR because of that reason. The Liberal Democrats had a share in power but were clearly the junior partner as was correct since the CON Party had much greater support in the election of 2010.

    Of course, coalitions can work better under electoral systems that more naturally produce them ie PR than First Past The Post.

    Labour can’t assume much will just fall into their laps over the next few years. How, for instance, can they easily predict the Welsh won’t start to vote for Plaid Cymru en masse which will add to their already existing SNP problem?


    1. Labour deserves to fall into a black hole, but the whole scam of the System is to offer a false or at best partial “choice”. If voters tire of Con, where can they go as things stand? Only to Lab or a protest (LibDEm/Brexit Party/UKIP etc…controlled opposition)


  24. The Lib Democrats, are, of course, a ‘system’ party but not as much of one as the Labour Party is because of their support for PR.

    Farage’s Brexit Party is a sick joke as is its leader. Farage is, undoubtedly, the biggest political conman this country has ever had.

    AND he is STILL at it! He wants people to pay good money to attend a party to celebrate Brexit at the end of this month! Has he not ‘earnt’ enough from the Ponzi scam called the Brexit ‘party’.


    1. I think that Boris-idiot is more of a conman than Farage, and B-idiot is more dangerous too, having real power. Look at this Iran situation! As I blogged last year, B. is no good in a crisis. Others are now waking up to that.


      1. Boris-Idiot is a significant threat to the safety of this realm but sadly he has real power now as you say thanks to all the morons that voted CON Party last month and didn’t recognise him for the charlatan that he is in time as anyone with a functioning brain cell would have done ages ago.

        Where are our constitutional ‘checks and balances’ which our illustrious British constitution is meant to provide to protect us from a certifiable loon in No.10?

        Hello, British Monarchy, are you there still?🙄


  25. That weirdo scruff Dominic Cummings said he wanted misfits to join the team at No.10. Well, there is good news for him in that regard as Uri Geller has applied for a job! So, an Israeli spoon bender could be with him soon! More Zionist cuckoos in the nest for us to look forward to!🙄😡🤬😞☹️

    This administration really is a living horror show!


    1. Uri Geller?! Good grief! I was already looking at a small pack of Jews who are and have been embedded in the “comms” part of the Con governments for some time. We’re infested, just infested.


  26. Yes, you have read that right! Uri Geller of all people! To say we have entered the Twilight Zone under this government would be an understatement!


  27. Yes, and the Royal Family though that may be on the mend soon. Looks like the cheap tart /soft porn actress from Yankland has finally managed to work out we sensible Brits could see her coming from a mile away and don’t want her. Go away woman and if you do not mind we taxpayers will have a refund on that property you refurbished with our money.


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