Diary Blog, 8 January 2020

Alison Chabloz

The persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz has just blogged about her upcoming appeal:


Alison will be at Derby Crown Court on Friday, should anyone be able to support her.

As a former barrister (disbarred 8-9 years after I ceased practice and by reason of a Jew-Zionist complaint against me by a pro-Israel cabal: see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/the-slide-of-the-english-bar-and-uk-society-continues-and-accelerates/), I am aware that the moral support given to an accused even by one or two people is worth much.

These are the Court details:


In other news…

The Spaniard is thought to have met Monica when she lived in London” [Daily Mirror]

The “Spaniard”?! What Spaniard would that be?


Random thought

Saw this blog:


I have never been there. I doubt that I would like it much.

I have lived in a number of countries in my life, from my own land, the UK (much of my life from 1956 to 2020); Australia (<3 years aged 10-13 in the late 1960s); USA (about 2 years within the years 1989-1993 in New Jersey and New York City, and then, much later, shorter business and personal trips to South Carolina and Florida); France (4 years but commuting every couple of weeks to the UK); Kazakhstan (one year, 1996-1997); Rhodesia (part of 1977); Turkey (a few months), Egypt (a few months), the Eastern Caribbean (a few months). Shorter visits and holidays etc have been many and varied, from Moscow to Cayman, Liechtenstein to Alderney, Tunisia to Poland (where I spent a total of, probably, about 3 months in the late 1980s), North Cyprus to Qatar, among many others.

Now? I am too European —and maybe too advanced in years now— to live in countries controlled by non-Europeans (and to tolerate their dirt and disorganization).

Harry and the Royal Mulatta


Well, seems that those who said that the thick princeling would end up being taken to Hollywood were not wide of the mark…

That pair have become mere “celebrities” in a milieu where it sometimes seems that everyone and his dog is a “celebrity”. Even the Jew-Zionist lawyer, Mark Lewis, and his “she-once-read-Sky-News” second wife (the marriage lasted nearly a year) were posing as “celebrities” about 6 years ago. Now Caroline Feraday is a single mother (no, not Lewis, apparently), and is living in a small house in an obscure Californian suburb, and working in an office, while Lewis himself, now living in Israel, was found to have sent a number of people obscene or offensive messages while, it was said in his defence (!), almost doolally on prescription drugs. Censured and fined by the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal in 2018, he was let off a heavier fine because having been, in effect, sacked by his law firm, the Tribunal heard that his only assets were his vulgar clothes, a pension worth £70 a week and a mobility scooter! Even his car was provided by the DWP, via the Motability scheme! The “top libel lawyer”…


Beware the “celebrities”…

Jess Phillips

A couple of things today re. uncultured loudmouth Jess Phillips, who thinks that she could be a prime minister! In the American vernacular, JESUS H. CHRIST!

Jess Phillips is a real freeloader even compared to most MPs:

The other thing is that I have still not been able to prove that Jess Phillips is maybe part-Jew or has some familial Jewish connection, which I have long suspected; but I notice that the Twitter Jew-Zionist cabal seem to favour her and, only today, I saw some System talking head tweeting about how it was “antisemitic” to oppose Jess Phillips. “The shark can scent blood a mile away when he is hungry…” [Control in The Spy Who Came In From The Cold]

On the stupidity front…

Ha ha! Oh, yes, the voters of Redcar voted to support the Jews! That’s plausible (not)…

Anna Turley was known as completely pro-Israel etc, so why did the Redcar voters not support her and vote for her and so, via her, the Jews? (though I concede that it may just be that the Redcar electorate is composed of badly-educated plebs easily fooled by the Sun “newspaper”. I have never been there, so cannot say).

Still, good riddance!

TV ads

I have blogged about this before, but it has now gone way beyond a joke when almost every single TV ad has to have a mixed-race couple (usually black man with white and often blonde woman) and usually mixed-race offspring. In fact, the situation now is worse even than it was when I blogged about that. It’s plainly a conspiracy, a kind of social engineering aimed at children and the young generally. Normalizing such liaisons.



19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 8 January 2020”

  1. Re Prince Harry.Yes, those of us in the British population that have brains could see that this arrangement was never going to work out and that it would help to create real tensions within the Royal Family which it has done.

    Harry could have married virtually any halfway attractive woman in the world seeing as he is a Prince of what is probably the last significant Monarchy on the planet so how he ended-up with her is beyond me but then he isn’t exactly renowned for being the sharpest pencil in the box, is he?

    It is fortunate that his great-grandmother is not alive still because the Queen Mother would have been furious at yesterday’s news. She resented King Edward VIII for abdicating and putting her husband on the throne when she considered he wasn’t all that suitable to be King and that Edward had shirked his Royal duty.

    If you want a laugh, look on Twitter on Americans’ reaction to this news. Some stupid women there are blaming British ‘racism’ towards Meghan. They don’t understand that we disapprove of Meghan not solely on that ground as there are some non-white women who would make for better wives for Harry ie Gina Miller who is pretty classy.

    We object to Meghan because she is classless, unlike Gina Miller, doesn’t understand or respect Royal Protocol and is just plain unsuitable to be a member of what is a BRITISH STATE INSTITUTION. These Americans forget the Royal Family IS a Royal Family and therefore they aren’t like a family in a movie or in a soap opera but something totally different.


    1. You have said it. On Twitter too, there are many idiots who blame “racists” and “misogynists” for hounding out the Royal Mulatta and her henpecked little boy. Their huge privilege goes with certain approved and customary behaviours. They want the lifestyle (minus the duties) but can’t seem to behave. This was always going to be a disaster.

      I have an idea for a sitcom or comedy drama: A British royal prince marries a black woman and gives up his position to live with her in Hollywood, Beverly Hills or maybe Bel-Air. The marriage goes sour, she chucks him out, he is unable to return to his old life so he becomes a mixture of “bum” and private eye (a la Rockford Files)…


      1. Ha, ha, nice one! That is an all too likely scenario for Prince Harry to actually end-up in. He is a mega daft brush for marrying her in the first place but not withstanding that it is clear who ‘wears the trousers’ in that relationship!

        I don’t often agree with Katie Hopkins and her opinions but check out her tweets on this subject! One of them comparing Meghan on her wedding day to Prince William’s wife with respect to their respective poises in their dresses is particularly cutting!😎😂🤣👌😎

        Yes, indeed, Katie Hopkins, it is true you can’t buy class! There is simply no comparison between Meghan the utterly classless ex soft porn actress to that classic English rose the Duchess of Cambridge!

        Meghan is a truely terrible choice for a Royal wife! At least King Edward VIII’s wife, Wallis Simpson, had a bit of class! There are some Yanks that do possess at least inklings of it! Why didn’t Harry take a woman from somewhere like the Upper East Side, New York, Beverley Hills, Bel Air, or The Hamptons, for example?

        Prince Phillip was a wise old sod when he reputedly said about this relationship, “One steps-out with an actress, one doesn’t marry one”.😄😂😀😎👌


      2. I always thought Meghan was a little schemer and was up to no good. She will divorce Harry next and try and get some millions off him. Looks like the head of ‘The Firm’, Queen Elisabeth ll, should be making a little phone call to MI6 to sort this out before it gets seriously ugly.


  2. I wonder if he and her will beak-up? After all, this new plan doesn’t seem to be all that durable. I can’t see how Harry can be a part time Royal. I half suspect Teresa May’s evil Tory government forced him to marry her in order to ‘modernise’ the Royal Family.

    Onto Jess Phillips, I can see why the Zionist Jew extremists might want her to win: she is one of Labour’s more stupid figures so would be able to be manipulated more but, then again, she is hardly electable with the electorate so there is no point in their doing that if she can’t lead her party to victory at an election. I would have thought Keir Starmer would be their best choice. He is way more intelligent than Jess and more electable but not by that much. The Labour Party doesn’t have much of a choice to make. Sadly for us gentiles Keir seems to be pretty much enamoured with these Zionist zealots and looks to be not prone to telling them where to go but then Jeremy didn’t stand-up for his party or himself either, sadly.


    1. All true. Keir Starmer looks the part, but seems to have few good ideas and is as dull as ditchwater. Obviously better than Jess Freeloaderette, but then they all are; even Clive Lewis, a half-caste who cannot hold his drink.


  3. Keir Starmer looks to be the most electable Labour leader but he may be perceived to be too posh by voters in those new Northern Tory seats to win them back. I hear that if he is elected he will retain large parts of Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals which seem to me to be the right thing to do. Blairite globalist ‘centrism’ has its limits.

    Labour doesn’t have an obvious leader in waiting. They need to above all be united in public and stop bitching at each other ie Zionist troublemakers like Margaret Hodge should be told, firmly, to either button it or get out of the party and the new leader needs to utilise any sensible policy ideas from whatever part of the party they come from ie Clive Lewis’s idea of real electoral reform should not be dismissed out of hand.


  4. Labour needs to dump its obsession with open borders above all. Those Northern seats may well have stayed Labour if the Labour voters had perceived that the Labour Party didn’t dismiss the notion of border controls so casually. Redcar and other places don’t have many ‘metropolitan social liberals’.


    1. Yes, I think that Labour’s “multikulti” obsession has been the main reason for its downfall since 1997. The Jews that Blair made ministers were the ones behind it, inter alia Jack Straw, Barbara Roche, Phil Woolas.


  5. Clive Lewis is right to entertain the idea of real electoral reform ie Proportional Representation. The Labour Party has been mightily stupid to dismiss PR. The electorate expects this from the self-serving arseholes of the CON Party who simply have never
    understood the concept of democracy and because being the party of the ultra-rich 1% minority they are naturally scared of PR because if we had it many more votes would actually count towards election results and hence tax policies towards those people would likely involve a little bit more of a higher rate as in Germany.

    A fairer and more equal society is not the aim of the Tory Party but should be for Labour and that kind of society is much more likely to be built in a country where more people’s votes actually count towards results.

    Labour must leave conservatism on this issue to the selfish and greedy CON Party where it belongs and isolate them on it.

    Being not so opposed to PR as they have stupidly been will help to promote tactical anti-CON Party voting with the Lib Democrats and the Greens and unite the left-of-centre and left vote against the CONS instead of it remaining badly splintered.

    Also, it is just the right thing to do as a left-of-centre parry should never be against more democracy.


  6. I have never been to Redcar either. I will say though that if they voted Tory on the basis that the CON Party believes in British industry and thinks that the steel industry in that town should be revived they are sorely mistaken. The last time the Tories could be said to be the party of BRITISH industry and BRITISH businesses was the 1930’s when they had half-way decent PMs and party leaders like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain at the helm. Chamberlain’s remark about Czechoslovakia during the Sudetenland Crisis in 1938 should be borne in mind by Boris-Idiot with respect to Iran now, “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying-on gas masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people we know little.” You tell them, Neville! Yes, a Britain First attitude to Trump and not getting Britain involved in unnecessary wars which have nothing to do with us is what is needed.

    The Tories don’t believe in anything worthwhile in this country now and have systematically dumped social conservatism ie truly tough immigration controls. I will let them off modernising themselves over most of the LGBT agenda or the LGB part of it anyway.

    I hope the good people of Redcar ignore The Scum ‘newspaper’. It is an evil rag that DOESN’T have our country’s best interests at heart more the USA’s and the state of Israel’s.


    1. Baldwin was, as I am sure you know, from a “steelmaster” background. His family owned steel mills etc. He would have been surprised and even shocked that a parvenu such as Boris-idiot could become leader of the Conservative Party and even PM.


  7. Indeed, he and Neville must be doing cartwheels in their graves at the thought that a clown like Boris could get anywhere near leading the Conservative Party let alone actually leading it. How the previously mighty Tory Party has fallen!😞☹️

    They would be shocked also at the type of ghastly ‘nouveau riche’ types that inhabit the Tory benches along with the thick Barrow Boys etc.

    I believe Chamberlain’s family was also involved with British industry.


  8. A City break in Paris at the Ritz Hotel sounds very pleasant. As for whether it would be a good idea for Meghan and Prince Harry to stay there for a few days I will leave that scenario for Francis Urquhart out of the House of Cards to comment upon, “You might think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”.😂


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