Diary Blog, 10 January 2020

1700 hrs

The first news of today is that persecuted singer-songwriter Alison Chabloz was at Derby Crown Court for the hearing of her appeal against a notional 8 week sentence imposed by Chesterfield Mags several months ago in respect of alleged breach of condition of her original suspended imprisonment sentence handed down by Westminster Mags in June 2018.

In reality, because only half of (most) sentences are actually served in prison, that sentence was 28 days minus days in court etc, meaning that the sentence now being appealed amounted to about 23 days, of which she has in fact served 3, maybe 4 days (inc. day of her actual release on bail pending appeal). Failure of the appeal might mean that Alison has to sit another ~19 days in prison, though the Crown Court has the power to substitute a harsher or more lenient penalty.

According to early reports, as yet unconfirmed, Alison Chabloz is now released on unconditional bail and her matter adjourned until 21 February 2020.

[however, see updates below]

Though I do not wish to contravene the contempt of court laws, this is an appeal before a single judge (though there may be sitting with him one or two lay magistrates), so I doubt that anything that I write here will divert the course of justice from its path.

In my opinion, Alison Chabloz has a reasonably good chance of success on the facts, but of course this is a very “political” case. “They”…you know…(((they)))… are taking a great interest and “they” want their pound of flesh and more. More honest people have been appalled that a woman can be prosecuted, let alone imprisoned, in England, for singing songs of historical and socio-political satire.

Prior to today’s court hearing, Alison Chabloz commented on her blog:


A few tweets seen today:

[the above is a mentally-disturbed (and on medication) “antifa” troll and stalker from, it seems, the Manchester area; he may or may not have attended the hearing at Derby today].

Below: a tweet from a Jew-Zionist stalker who was in Derby today to gloat. Bitter herbs for his or her food this evening! Note how other Jews join in online…

From the fragments that I have seen on Twitter, it appears that the presiding judge was not unwilling to consider the claim by Counsel for Alison Chabloz that “a lobby” has been behind this legalized hounding of her; the judge wants further information and evidence of that (it seems). Should not be too difficult. “They” (e.g. the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity) have been crowing online for months, indeed years, about how they have instigated and now “re-opened” court proceedings against Alison Chabloz.


Just look at that report! The Jews of the “CAA” were in near-ecstasy at the thought of Alison Chabloz having been handcuffed. A psychiatrist specializing in psycho-sexual disorders would have a field day with that little cabal!

Hopefully, Alison will be able to blog about the events of today.

Update, 1800 hrs:

According to Shazia Hobbs, whom I believe is a supporter of Alison Chabloz, in fact Alison’s appeal has been adjourned not until next month, as the first reports indicated, but until 25 and 26 June. Presumably set down for two days.

Shazia Hobbs is now, like me and so many other people, banned from the ever-more-boring Twitter echo chamber, but her post about this on GAB and FreeSpeechExtremist seems plausible, in view of the fact that the police in Derbyshire seem thoroughly under “their” thumb…

Alison’s appeal has been adjourned to 25th and 26th June at Derby Crown Court. While the judge gave her unconditional bail to 25th June, she was arrested outside court by Derbyshire police officers, apparently on new charges under section 127 of the Communications Act.


My first thought on the above, assuming that it is accurate, is that the action of the (“occupied”?) Derbyshire Police would seem to corroborate the claim of Alison’s legal counsel that there is a continuing “lobby” campaign to “get her”. As yet, the identity of the complainant in this new matter is not known to me. I have a couple of likely suspects in mind, though.


Harry and the Royal Mulatta

Looks like the “royal” couple will be right royally at home in the new Canada…(I saw this on FreeSpeechExtremist, together with the caption: “Canada isn’t Canada anymore“)

I notice that the UK msm is now turning against the (literally) “entitled” pair of spoiled brats. I have never seen that before, not even with Diana or “Fergie” (Sarah Ferguson).

Alison Chabloz update, 2300 hrs

One of the Jew-Zionist tweeters noted above has now tweeted this photograph, below, of Alison Chabloz being led away today by Derbyshire’s poundland KGB:

It will be noted that others are around. Who are they? The one on the right, filming; the one trailing at the back. Not police, I think.

18 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 10 January 2020”

  1. Yes, the. tribe’s very own Sigmund Freud would certainly find the ultra Zionist Israel First nutters of the so-called ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ (surely one of the most misnamed charities there is in existence in this country?) a worthy lot to analyse at leisure.

    Admittedly, her song Survivors was near to the bone but don’t they have a sense of humour? I thought it was quite funny!😂😄

    Poor old Canada! It doesn’t look to be British North America any longer!😞☹️

    Yes, the Royal Mullata and the gormless (he is so dim he is blissfully unaware of the fact she is blatantly using him) Prince will feel right at home. I pity Canadians though having the gruesome twosome spend more time there. What have they done to deserve that? The best thing for everyone would be if Harry and Meghan were exiled to the Pitcairn Islands or St Helena They both need to be made persona non grata so they don’t threaten the future existence of the Monarchy. It is a real shame we British don’t own the Bahamas any more as we could exile them there! Mind you, I don’t think Prince Harry would make for a suitable Governor unlike King Edward Vlll!


    1. The “Campaign Against Antisemitism” is so extreme that most Jews ignore it; few support it. Where it scores is that it has suborned various police forces either through actual policemen and policewomen or via these absurd “Police and Crime Commissioners”, a political intrusion into the police. The one in Derbyshire, I believe it is a Sikh, was exposed for having had close links with the “CAA”. Alison Chabloz published, a year or more ago, letters obtained via Freedom of Information requests.


      1. Yes, those absurd Police and Crime Commissioners! Those of us who live in England outside of London will be having elections later this year for them. Needless to say, the elections for these posts attract derisory turnouts and are the only ones where the CON Party allow we lowly plebs/oiks to vote without using their favourite undemocratic voting system system of FPTP which they insist must be stuck in aspic for all time for important elections like general elections and council elections.🙄🙄🙄🙄.


  2. How much time and money has been wasted on this case? Haven’t the police and courts got better things to do? Like going after drug dealers, gang rapists, violent assaulters? The ‘party of law and order’ has some very strange priorities. Still, that should come as no surprise seeing where they get some of their funds from!🙄


    1. Exactly. The Alison Chabloz case is purely political. In the past, British people would see such persecution elsewhere and say with smug satisfaction, “this is a free country”. Haven’t heard that for about 30 years and the main driver for the “thought police” in the UK is the existence of (((a certain element))).

      Sadly, real British people have been infected, to the extent that, eg on Twitter, the first thing you see when many encounter a tweet disagreed with is “I’m reporting you”, or “reported to Twitter Security and police”. The very idea of freedom of expression on political, social and historical matters is now seriously under threat in the UK, and the threat is spearheaded by (((them))).


      1. Yes, it is sad to look at so many people on Twitter and other platforms self-censoring themselves and trying to do the government’s PC tyranny job for them. A sure sign of a people who have been under the government’s cosh for too long and got too used to it so they have forgotten what true freedom of expression was once like,


      2. People in the UK are now so supine that they just allow anything to be done to them. They are more supine than Soviet citizens used to be, and the British have far less excuse for their weakness.


  3. This country is in such an awful mess under the anti-British, globalist, nation-wrecking NON Conservative and now decidedly NON Unionist as well Conservative Party. No wonder REAL criminals like all the many knife attackers in Stab City Upon The Thames can go about their activities unhindered when the police and courts under the CONS have all the wrong priorities!


  4. My understanding is that Alison was not arrested on ‘new charges’. She was arrested for failing to reply to a request to attend a police interview under caution. She was then questioned concerning an hour long interview she gave to an Irish radio host several months ago. Apparently the police had a full transcript of the interview – Clearly another vexatious complaint has been lodged. She has not been charged.

    Also, there is now a condition attached to her bail pending the scheduled June hearing. It is that she does not post to the internet at all in the meantime. The Judge seemed a reasonable and fair-minded guy to me which makes me doubt he has any idea of just how draconian and punitive that condition really is.


    1. It is not for a police sergeant to arbitrarily deny a citizen the right to post on the Internet, so I trust that whatever that prohibition is will be challenged in court asap.

      Thank you for that information.

      ps. I do not think that the police sergeant would have the power to amend the *unconditional* bail continued by the Crown Court judge. That purported ban would therefore, in my view, only last until February or until challenged in court.


      1. I believe it was a court imposed condition for her extended bail pending the re-convened appeal hearing in June and not connected to her later police interview. Part of the penalty applied by Westminster magistrates to her original conviction was that she should not “post to a social media outlet” for 12 months. This bail condition looks like an ill-informed attempt to apply a similar condition but in an unambiguous manner – ironically tantamount to an admission that the original was indeed at best ambiguous, a contention that forms part of her appeal and which will be considered at the reconvened hearing AFTER, the question of her alleged abuse of process illustrated by CAA/probation service/DPP collusion in this whole matter.

        Seems pretty positive to me, but meanwhile poor Alison continues to be subjected to all manner of noxious abuse by the usual suspects


      2. Thanks again. I should have been interested to have been in court to hear it.

        “They” seem to be obsessed particularly with Alison, perhaps because her humour brings out the sheer nonsense of so much of the “holocaust” fakery: Irene Zisblatt and her daily-swallowed diamonds, Elie Wiesel’s lies, the shower-rooms that were “really” “gas-chambers”, pesticides magically turned into poisonous or asphyxiating gas etc etc.

        ps: I imagine that that condition is far too wide to be within the ambit of the Human Rights Act and Convention.


  5. I found it pretty dry and boring actually – but no doubt the ‘trade-craft’ would have been of interest to an ex-practitioner.

    As you say, we are required to inhabit an absurd historical fairyland, manufactured by the usual suspects for their own power, control and edification. Nothing particularly new about that I guess. Its just that, post WWII and especially post 9-11, the extremity of its defense and promotional antics has become akin to that of the ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’


    1. Sadly, even the criminal courts are rarely dramatic, though when I was a pupil-barrister, our defendant and his accomplice did try to fight their way out of the dock after having been sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court. The pair first of all started shouting at the jury that they were “dogs, f***ing white dogs!” for having convicted them. In fact, that was not true: one was black, I think, and at least two were Indians or similar.

      The defs were West Indians (one enormous), convicted of robbery of a petrol station. They *had* been convicted on rather slight evidence, though: no cctv (this was 1992), the cashier was too afraid to give evidence, and the bags of coins found in the car driven by the defs were only found after *three* searches over the course of a week…the main haul of banknotes was never recovered. A large knife had been found a day after the robbery on the *second* search…

      So the evidence was suspect, but there it was. Anyway, the guards somehow managed to subdue the pair, as Counsel (three in all for the defence, inc. me, though a mere plus-one in my case) pretended that nothing was happening. The jury looked petrified.


  6. I am not too surprised that Derbyshire Police are so utterly useless and sit near the bottom of police league tables and are more concerned with people being non-PC rather than getting to grips with real criminals as the Commissioner there, according to the Wikipedia page I have just looked at, is an Indian and a member of the Labour Party. Not that an ethnic British Tory would be a great deal better. The people there should vote him out.

    I have voted in both of the elections even that first one in 2012 with its comically low turnout. The electoral system allows you to cast a first and second preference but to utilise them as effectively as the system allows requires people to have a good idea as to which two candidates will be the leading contenders to win the post.

    I try and vote for decent independents who may be more likely to get the police in their areas to concentrate on tackling real criminals rather than those who offend PC opinions.


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