Neanderthal Notes

[I am not an anthropologist, but take an interest in such matters; the commentaries below are reproduced without edit and without further substantive comment; any spelling errors are in the original].

Anthropological Note

I happened to see this (on FreeSpeechExtremist):


Cro-Magnon is no real scientific term, it used to refer to the “physically modern human”, to which also Neanderthals belong, even though modern (((science))) wants to make them look primitive and more like Homo Erectus or somesuch, which isnt the case however.
Considering that most DNA is “neutral”, ie appears in the same form and sequences in all mammals (not just humanoids), the ~4% of clearly identifiable Neanderthal DNA in Europeans is an aweful lot. The changes are called evolution (and culturally driven breeding). I know people dont want to hear it, but we are indeed more Neanderthal than anything else.

The reconstruction image I posted earlier was done by a forensic physicist who usually does reconstructions for police investigations. So he knew what he was doing. “Modern” depictions of Neanderthals with giant eyebrow bulges and ape-like statue on the other hand are BS.

The Out of Africa Theory abuses Cro-Magnon (again: physically modern human, in contrast to Australopiticus etc, it’s only a set of traits, not a humanoid species) btw as some kind of mysterious “Ur-Human” who was likewise mysteriously highly mobile and bred with everything he could find apparently, to avoid the consideration of a multiregional development and the otherwise over-present occurance of “analogous evolution” (compare mammal predators to marsupial predators like the Tasmanian Devil, duck-like marsupials). For Human Evolution this possibility is completely denied under the OoA dictate. Because muh, we are all the same and race is only skin deep ‘n stuff. This image is the representation of the OoA theory, it’s not science, but it’s been declared the only valid theory by UN’s 1960s Race Question resolution and whoever publishes finds against it is fired, gets his career ended and his life ruined.

and this:


Reconstruction of a Neanderthal girl from before “political correctness”.

Fair skin is not a “recent” mutation but at least 150,000 years old, and probably no mutation at all, but an inherent feature of a seperate (not race) of humans altogether. Europeans, and to a lesser degree Asians, possess identifiable Neanderthal genes, while Africans do not.

The Anatolian farmer theory is also bullshit, because “farming” (ie the full dependence on farming) had a hard limit in south-eastern Europe ~6000 years ago, it did not spread further until ~Stonehenge era and even then it was an adoption, an addition to a half-nomadic cattle herding life-style, and did not come “with” the Anatolian farmer people.

Farming, btw, was not an improvement to the living conditions in the Fertile Belt, but quite a setback. They suffered from malnutrition, caries, overpopulation in the cramped, tiny settlements=all sorts of diseases and infections and undernutrition in general. We did well with adopting this only slowly and carefully with foresight and rather kept the cattle herding and dairy stuff instead.”

Certainly thought-provoking…


10 thoughts on “Neanderthal Notes”

  1. Well racial differences certainly seem to have been proved even by this tawdry, nation-wrecking, globalist CON Party administration as the Met Police have put The ENTIRE BOROUGH of Newham under a section 60 order meaning police offers there can now stop and search anyone they if they think a person has a knife on them.

    Of course, leftie excuse makers will say poor white people commit knife crime too and that would certainly be correct but the police on Merseyside have never thought it necessary to have a lock down on Liverpool and that contains quite a few poverty-stricken areas.

    Also, what explains the fact that the city of Birmingham has this country’s highest rate of gun crimes? I was watching a Ross Kemp documentary on ITV a few days ago that presented that fact.

    Import the Third World and you will get Third World crime rates yet some Tory morons on Twitter and elsewhere still assert that simply replacing the admittedly bad Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, with their newest pet ethnic candidate will somehow magically transform the abysmal crime situation in Stab City Upon The Thames.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Also, why does’t Tokyo have a problem with terrorism? After all, it is a large city like London is according to Khan so it should be expected!


    1. There has always been a certain amount of “knife crime” in the UK (though mostly carrying not using), just as “acid attacks” or the like did (very rarely though) happen in the past. It is, as you say or imply, the swamping of the UK cities by blacks and browns etc that has made the difference. The courts have been slow to stamp on both (though actually I do not see why white citizens should not carry knives discreetly should they wish to do so).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think white citizens should be allowed to carry knives or indeed anyone else but as we have insufficient police officers for our burgeoning population caused, partially, by weak to non existent immigration controls by ‘the party of immigration control’ (ha, ha, IF ONLY THAT WERE TRUE!🙄) and the PC Stazi/PC Gestapo are ineffective anyway under the laughable ‘party of law and order’ I can understand why some people wish to carry them.

        That Ross Kemp documentary was about the fact that more and more police officers are having to be armed due to gun crime being on the increase. Sadly, I think the day will come soon when entire police forces in this country will have to be armed and a lot of this need will have arisen because successive Labour and CON Party governments flooded, and are continuing to flood us, with the detritus of the Third World with their propensity to commit crime.


      2. Sometimes people need self-defence. Many years (decades) ago, a group of teen nuisances were making trouble on a bus in London. Throwing uncooked rice etc. I was sitting at the front of the lower deck. One or two grains hit me. I took out from my case a leg of a coffee table (that I happened to have on my person…) and charged. Three jumped straight off the rear platform (this was in the days of the old Routemasters and the bus was not going very fast); the one ringleader defied me on the platform. I raised the table leg and was about to hit his hand when he let go of the rail and fell back into the night, swearing as he fell.

        Ha ha! Great memory. I bet that the “yoot” thugs (all white, btw) thought twice before causing such trouble again! I might add that as I, full of adrenalin, returned to my seat, where I had been peacefully reading something like The Cherry Orchard, several people said “well done” or the like. Two West Indian women were particularly complimentary. One often sees that, that the blacks, if not completely degenerate, value order.


  2. Apparently, Eamonn Holmes is trending on Twitter at the moment as he has made some un-PC but accurate observations about Meghan and Harry. Of course, the loony-left Twitterati are going into meltdown mode over them! They always were allergic to the TRUTH about that awful cheap Yankee slag Meghan and that dim woke Prince.


    1. It makes me laugh that the “socialist” (so-called) and pro-multikulti idiots on Twitter etc are defending the unearned and indefensible privileges of this American half-caste and her toyboy.


  3. Indeed. They were enamoured of the fact that she is a half-caste whilst ignoring the fact that we wiser people recognised before she came on the scene ie that she is manipulative, scheming, common tart/slag and has about as much class as a dog pissing on a lamppost. It was obvious she wanted to marry him because he is a prince of the world’s most famous Royal Family and is merely using him as a prop for what she thinks is her greatest acting role.

    For God’s sake, even the Daily Tory Moron rag let us have a glimpse as to her true character before the wedding when they printed a picture of her when she was younger standing in a tourist photo arrogantly boasting that one day she would marry a British prince and end up in there!🙄🙄🙄

    Yes, they begrudge British people if they are wealthy and have worked hard for their money (not all of them have simply inherited their wealth) but introduce a ‘woke’ PC signalling Yank half-caste actress to ‘modernise’ a ‘stuffy, white, traditional’ British institution’ and they cant praise such a person enough even though their so-called principles should make them resentful and be opposed to her for being a rich woman marrying into a family that is even wealthier and whose members don’t create wealth in the same way as a businessman or woman would and who have inherited their riches.


    1. I was informed only today or yesterday that there was an American TV sitcom some years ago, about a black “prince” from Africa who moves to the USA. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, apparently. Time for a remake (with a twist)?


  4. Ha, ha, now there is no need to be sarcastic about this situation even though to those with brains like you and I it was easily predictable!

    Seriously, those two are a disgrace in wanting all the privileges that go with being members of the Royal Family but few, if any, of the responsibilities. That attitude isn’t surprising from her being American ‘trailer park trash’ and an ex actress on trashy US programmes and soft porn films but he should know better. The Queen should put her foot down and strip them of their Royal titles.


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