Diary Blog, 12 January 2020

Labour leadership contest

It has become clear over the past weeks that the stand-out preference, for the Jewish lobby at least, is Jess Phillips. Now she has “suspended” an “aide” because said aide (Muslim, judging by the name) tweeted anti-Israel comments before she was in Phillips’ employ.



It is thus also clear that Jess Phillips is willing to do anything to gain and retain the support of the Jewish/Zionist lobby.

The above Jewish Chronicle report is interesting also because the suspended “aide” is in fact Jess Phillips’ Constituency Office Manager. Now Jess Phillips is somewhere near the top of the list of MPs in terms of claiming expenses. She claims at least 50% more than most and double or even triple what some MPs claim. Within those expenses, she also “employed” her own husband as “Constituency Support Manager” from her election in 2015 until February 2019. In effect, she seems to have employed him as “House Husband”. We are not talking peanuts here. Something like £50,000 a year. No-one can say that Jess Phillips has not made the most of having blagged her way into becoming a MP.


I have myself blogged about Jess Phillips in the quite recent past:


I suppose that Jess Phillips decided that it would be an easy hit for her opponents if she continued to “employ” her husband (something against Parliamentary rules for new MPs elected in or after 2017; but she was elected in 2015). That would seem to lead to the conclusion that she has had her eyes on Corbyn’s purple for a year at least.

I conclude also that the Zionist/Jewish/Israel lobby has decided to go for the candidate most willing to show herself or himself publicly as a complete doormat for Zionist and Israeli interests. Jess Phillips seems to fit. She is also very interested in money, as her expenses claims and other activities have proven.

Further, it seems that loyalty, for me personally a very high psychological value (after all, Meine Ehre heisst Treue…) means little to Jess Phillips. Her constituency office manager had worked for her for some time without a problem, and the tweets were all posted in the period 2014-2016, prior to that employment.

To gain the approval of the Jewish/Zionist lobby, Jess Phillips has thrown her employee (and in view of the intimacy of working relations between an MP and any constituency office manager, perhaps a friend) “under a bus”, in the oft-seen phrase.

The Zionist lobby has now laid down its arrogant “demands” to Labour: sign up to a document via which we shall control the Labour Party, its MPs, officers, members and supporters, or we shall destroy you.


Few Jews (<5%) vote Labour now anyway. The whole “community” numbers only 250,000-300,000 (though the statistics really need to be brought up to date and properly collated), so 5% of 250,000-300,000 = ~14,000 voters. What right have they to prioritize their own tribal interest(s)?

What makes “their” demands even more bizarre is that it was partly, indeed largely, because of the relentless attacks on Labour and Corbyn by Jewish Zionists in the Press, on radio, on TV and on social media that Labour lost the recent general election and lost it fairly badly (though in fact Labour still got 32.2% of the popular vote, as against 40% for the Conservative Party).

You can add to the above, the way in which “Labour” MPs (controlled or bribed or influenced by “the lobby”) attacked their own leader and Labour even during the election campaign itself!

I am not Labour, have never even voted for Labour, but if I were Labour, I would be disgusted at the antics of MPs such as Jess Phillips.

I have to admit, though, that she is cunning. Employment law was not something I specialized in when I was a practising barrister, so I hesitate to pronounce upon it now, but by suspending her constituency office manager rather than sacking her outright (or not doing anything), Jess Phillips can now say “I cannot comment because a disciplinary process is under way”…

Only complete subservience will now be acceptable to “the lobby”. Even Emily Thornberry, very pro-Jew, fairly pro-Israel and with a half-Jew husband (a High Court judge) is now unacceptable to “the lobby”!


[above, Emily Thornberry with her husband —at right— and the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev, at a Zionist banquet in London]

I think that I can see why “the lobby” is going with Jess Phillips. Not because she is part-Jew (though I suspect that she may be; however, I have so far found no direct evidence), but because she is willing to do anything to progress her political career, has no loyalty to anyone or anything (inc. the Labour Party, which she has called “just a f***ing rose”, after its symbol); because, also, she has no ideology or political principle and is not really a person of any education or culture. Malleable, biddable…

Greek Cyprus: the recent rape of an English girl by a feral pack of Israeli youths

What interests me is the entirely typical way in which (see below) the Jews’ lawyers conspired to blacken the name and/or reputation of the girl. It’s the sort of “pile-on” and conspiracy that we have seen happen in the political sphere too, not least in the UK. It happens when anyone has the courage and/or principle to stand up against “ZOG” or “the lobby”. Alison Chabloz has been but one such politically-hit victim.

I do have reservations about the conduct of the victim prior to the rape, but it would not be right for me to comment further, after her suffering at the hands of the Israeli rapists, suffering made worse by the typically-craven behaviour of the Greek Cypriot authorities.

I myself have been to Cyprus (once, in early 1999), but only to the Turkish-occupied Northern side. Back then, the border between the two sides was closed and relatively few British people went to the Northern side; before the 1974 invasion, though, there was a fairly large British expat community, part of which had been there since the days of British rule: see The Bitter Lemons of Cyprus, usually seen as Bitter Lemons, by Lawrence Durrell.



I do not have much time for the “alt-Right” wastes of space, such as “Sargon of Akkad” (Carl Benjamin; he is one of the better ones, I suppose), but credit where due. Here [below] he defends freedom of expression and mentions the Alison Chabloz case:


Iran and USA

A little history…

Dog and human reunited

For once, a nice story (though with serious aspects):


More about Dominic Cummings and Boris-idiot

I have blogged several times about Dominic Cummings, the latest “lunatic in residence” at 10 Downing Street.



Now his “plan” to recruit “weirdos and misfits” to rule the UK, at the same time making established civil servants sit regular exams, has been heavily criticized:


The dissonance is surely obvious to everyone except Cummings: he says that he wants to recruit people unfraid of rocking the boat, yet his plan to take away job security from the civil service (one of the reasons many join in the first place) is likely to make people afraid to rock the boat, or to say or do anything that a superior might think odd or wrong.

I should think that the resentment caused by the proposed Cummings “reforms” might lead to sabotage and even treachery. The Kremlin must be rubbing its hands…Oh, no…wait…

Actually, the present eminence of Cummings (and his boss, Boris-idiot) is symptomatic of the UK these days. Boris-idiot, who has messed up every job he ever had, now “advised” by a man whose only known attempt at creating something was an airline that folded after a single flight! Now that same man is yapping about how many at or near the top of government are incompetents unfit to rule or lead or even be employed. Hello? Hello?

Harry and MM

I disagree with Katie Hopkins on much, but not this (except that I have no wish at all to have the old Prince Harry, or any Prince Harry, or any prince, back again…)!

As far as I am concerned, I can do entirely without Harry and without the Royal Mulatta.

Had to laugh at Bette Midler castigating Piers Morgan (not that I like him much) for attacking Harry and MM. She said that he should be ashamed, because they are “half” Morgan’s age! Hardly. MM is 38, and will be 39 this year; Harry is now 35. Piers Morgan is 54.

I can see why she assumed that Harry and MM are younger than they are. Their naivety and youthful sense of entitlement and that the world revolves around them. In Harry’s case especially, he has always had his path smoothed, whereas in the case of MM, she was a Hollywood or off-Hollywood “star” of sorts, and we know how they are pampered.

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 January 2020”

  1. As you say the Jewish Zionist/Israel First Lobby has a real nerve demanding Labour stop with their so-called ‘anti-semitism’ ie in reality their backing for the rights of Palestinians against frequent Israeli government cruelty (apparently, the Israeli government is so depraved and wicked they even harvest the organs of the dead Palestinians they shoot in the head etc). Words fail me when I think of the sheer arrogance of the Zionist extremist/Israel First fanatics of the Jewish Board of Deputies outlining their demands of Labour when they had a loony and evil head of the board OPENING CALLING FOR Corbyn’s ASSASSINATION! I didn’t see the Tory Party, Jo Swinson or The Scum/Daily Mail call that viciousness out.🙄🙄🙄

    If the Labour Party has any credibility with British voters left not to say any self-respect they should tell this Lobby and in particular the BOD and the zealots of the so-called ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ to eff off as we are not going to surrender to your demands and nor are we going to stop opposing brutal Israeli oppression of Palestinians.

    To be frank, this Lobby needs shutting down and its more extremist members such as that head of the Board of Deputies imprisioned or expelled from this country. He can call for the murder of Jewish Israeli politicians in his beloved Israel rather than British gentile ones like Corbyn here. Personally, my patience with them has worn out and I think it would be best if they were [comment redacted…]

    Apparently, that video of ultra-Zionist Joe Glasman of the ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ boasting about how he and people like Rachel Riley destroyed Labour’s electoral prospects in December has been made the subject of a copyright claim by them and been taken down on most platforms! Why the bashfulness now, eh?🙄🙄🙄


  2. I don’t particularly like Katie Hopkins either in that she wants to bow to the Jewish Zionist/Israel First Lobby too much and thinks the security of Israel is a British concern. Needless to say, it is not.

    She is right though in that clip about Harry and Meghan. Meghan was always going to cause trouble ie her own family history isn’t an ideal one and there is no doubt that, as an American, she just doesn’t understand the institution of Monarchy, the role and place it has in British national life etc,how its members are expected to behave etc

    Not that Harry is much better as regards the last of those points. They both need to be severely disciplined by the Queen, be expelled from the Royal Family totally or Harry should just divorce her if he wants to retain his Royal titles. This situation was entirely foreseeable by those of us with brains not muddled by the PC guff of the press when this relationship was first announced This situation with both of them can’t go on as it is as otherwise the House of Windsor will fall.

    Personally, I think he should divorce her before she does it to him because she is a scheming little Madame who no doubt plans that eventually to get a large divorce payout from the Windsor clan and to then tell Oprah Winfrey etc all about it!🙄🙄🙄

    It is either those actions or more drastic solutions will need to be considered:


    If looks could kill, eh?😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂


    The whole sad episode could have been avoided if Prince Harry had used a few brain cells (he must have some, surely?) and married someone of his own social background form a country that understands monarchies even if they don’t have them now ie Germany etc or even a British woman! Marrying a blatant social climber and third rate soft porn actress from the USA was always going to be asking for trouble!🙄


    1. I cannot (always) look into souls, as Elizabeth I said, more or less. However, the auguries are not good: cultural differences (of which the Royal Mulatta’s part-African heritage may be the least), the fact that she has already been married (to a Jew in California) and divorced once etc. Was she a “soft-porn actress”? I thought a drama or soap actress.

      MM seems to have only one thing in common with the Queen (apart from the basic biology) and that is that she seems to prefer her dogs to her offspring!

      If it ever came to divorce, she might find herself losing out, but I see that Harry is supposedly worth £30M (not bad for someone whose only known work was a few years as a junior officer) so maybe she is thinking “Californian palimony” or (more officially) “community property” divorce laws.


      1. It was some obscure US TV drama that even many Americans hadn’t heard of. I believe she has played a few minor roles in some low budget soft porn films.

        Yes, her partly African heritage is certainly not the only way she is not really cut out for the Royal Family. She doesn’t ‘get’ the basic concept of Royalty, she has been ill-mannered at times ie sticking her tongue out at reporters. Her background makes it difficult for her to really fit into a Monarchy. I’m not really blaming her in this way as she can’t help that social background. Most Britons are not aristocrats or upper middle-class so a huge number of us would naturally find that we had difficulties in that regard.

        Gina Miller would fit into that family more and she is partly Guyanese. For all of her faults, she is at least a bit classy.

        The saddest thing of all about the situation is that it was all so preventable if Harry had had a bit of common sense and listened to William, Kate and Prince Phillip. Surely, the unstable nature of her own family’s background and her dad’s relationship to her should have sent a few alarm bells ringing in Prince Harry’s head?


      2. At first, I thought: “so Harry is marrying a mulatta actress? Well, she looks OK, and an actress can probably play a role…” but it all went downhill quickly. In fact, the masses disapproved before I did.

        btw, I see that you have a bit of a thing for Gina Miller! Not the first time you have mentioned her…Understandable, though…


  3. It is a funny meme that has been doing the rounds in the last few days over this news we have had of Meghan and Harry wanting to ‘step back’ from their Royal duties.

    This is why she in particular has to go. Basically, Meghan doesn’t care that the way she acts is damaging to the Royal Family as a national institution and the fact her behaviour is therefore making Britain into a worldwide laughing stock on social media and amongst foreign diplomats and Heads of States. Hasn’t Brexit and the Tories giving us unkempt Coco The Clown as party leader and PM done that enough?🤬😡😞☹️

    Harry should know better than her. I think the Queen will need to lay down the law to him as well and discipline him eg if they only want to do part time Royal work then they can both pay back that taxpayers’ money they spent renovating Frogmore Cottage.

    Why can’t we have a Royal Family we can look up to like the Japanese can? EVERYTHING in this country is degenerating fast.🤬😡☹️😞


    1. I does seem symptomatic: Harry and the Royal Mulatta, a joke “prime minister” “advised” by a scruffy lunatic who wants “weirdos and misfits” to replace the upper ranks of the civil service, and a police force more interested in tweeted opinion than real crime…


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