Diary Blog, 18 January 2020

I wanted to blog about the admittedly done to death case of “Kim” Philby and others, but have been distracted. I shall do that article later…or tomorrow, or whenever…inshallah (Arab scheduling).

I was just having a late brunch— in case anyone is interested, which I doubt, scrambled eggs (Burford Browns) with smoked salmon and dill; pitta toast. While doing that, I watched one of those police reality shows: Police Body Cam.

What had me initially shaking my head was the racial make-up of the perpetrators. Almost all were black. There were a couple of silly white ones too, one drunk in the street, and one “failure to appear” (at court), who was arrested pursuant to a bench warrant.

The show was filmed in Nottingham.

I suppose that there is an academic, somewhere, who would be able to say why Nottingham has so many blacks. According to Wikipedia, nearly a fifth of the Nottingham metro-area population is either black (West Indian and African) or self-describing mixed-race: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottingham#Demographics

It may be a fruitless speculation, but one does wonder why that is so. After all, Nottingham until recently had no nearby international airport, and it is also far from any seaport. There was a lace and a more general textile industry in Nottingham, but that went into steep decline, apparently, after the Second World War. The immigrants seem not to have washed up in Nottingham to work, as such.

It seems that there were race riots in 1958, in the St. Ann’s district, where the first immigrants were concentrated. Think about that: the local white English did not want the blacks to be there in 1958, they presumably having arrived in recently-preceding months or years. By 2020, a fifth of the whole population, not only in that district, but in the entire metro-area (a population now of nearly a million), is black or mixed-race! 200,000! Well, there it is. I have never visited Nottingham, and probably never will.

The other “shocking but not surprising” aspect to that TV show was what happened to the criminals shown. Only one, the compliant little white man arrested pursuant to a warrant, was actually imprisoned (for a number of offences). 20 months, so out in 10. The others, including one black shown assaulting police, spitting at them, resisting arrest, criminal damage etc, all got “community orders”, small compensation orders, small “community service” (unpaid slave labour) sentences etc.

I am far from a “hang and flog” enthusiast. I favour pre-trial diversion, warnings, cautions, non-custodial sentences generally, and (also in general) short rather than long custodial sentences where custody is unavoidable, but it is clear that in many areas leniency has become laxity.

As I watched that TV show, I could not but think of those I have met myself and who have been sentenced to suspended or even immediate sentences of imprisonment for doing nothing but express a socio-political viewpoint. In the case of Alison Chabloz, singing satirical songs about Jewish behaviour and the absurdly inflated “holocaust” farrago and its many proven hoaxes; in the case of Jez Turner (Jeremy Bedford-Turner), sentenced to a whole year in prison (of which he actually served half, and was put under severe restriction for the “free” “second half”, by the way) merely for saying that the Jews should be expelled from the UK as they were two or three times in the historical past.

Bagel business

Saw this report:


It refers to this shop:


Many may be surprised to read that I have eaten a bagel from there myself. I was with friends in a car, circa 1985, and they decided to stop and get some. Notwithstanding the maxim “Nicht kaufen bei Juden”, I plead guilty to having consumed one. I do not remember what kind, but probably poppy-seed with smoked salmon. I prefer smoked salmon au natur, without cream cheese, but I know that Jews often mix the two (the Jews do not mix meat and dairy products, but fish is OK according to their rules of “Kashrut” because it is considered “parev”, i.e. neutral, neither dairy nor meat). Apropos of nothing much, Jews, at least in the USA, call smoked salmon “lox”, a Yiddish corruption of the German lachs (salmon). It is one of the main fillings for bagels.

That’s my Rick Stein/Jamie Oliver slot finished…

Every individual must draw his or her own line as to “nicht kaufen bei Juden”. I am certainly not going to stop listening to Ashkenazy’s interpretations of Rachmaninov, for example.

What surprised me (I am no sort of businessman) is that the profits from such a small shop have generated profits in the millions. As I say, I am no businessman. I notice from the Wikipedia piece, though, that that shop sells 7,000 bagels per day! Incredible.

News from the criminal courts…


African trainee-solicitor rapist left his ID, legal papers etc at the scene of his crime. Ha ha! More seriously, why is this sort of trash even in the UK? And why was he employed at a so-called “top legal firm” when there are English law students looking for places? Does the law firm want to be seen to be “right on” or even (shudders) “woke”? For one thing, this “lawyer” seems to have been as thick as two short planks.

Interesting comment

I generally tend to disagree with commentator Matthew d’Ancona, but this chimes with my own view (except for the Remain aspect):


Abuse of young English girls by Pakistanis in Rotherham

Chief Inspector of Police, Rotherham: “The force was aware abuse had been taking place for some 30 years, adding: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.

An officer allegedly told a missing child’s father the town “would erupt” if people knew Asian men were routinely having sex with under-age white girls, it has been claimed.” [Daily Mirror]


If only those young girls had been taught about racial and ethnic boundaries, in the manner of the BDM (Bund Deutscher Maedel) of the 1930s. They would never have thought it possible to indulge in sexual activity with non-Europeans.

Nick Griffin was actually prosecuted for “incitement to racial hatred” (but acquitted by a British jury) after he and the BNP raised these issues, gaining huge public support. The prosecution was purely politically (or socio-politically…) motivated. The CPS prosecutors in the North of England are themselves often of Pakistani or other non-white origin. Nick Griffin has been vindicated.

Pot criticizes kettle…


On a side note, I see that, if I am not mistaken, the tweeter who used to go by the name “Mycroft” has made the front page of the Daily Mail (sub nom “@bigbadburrow”)! His enemies will be seething!

Richard Burgon

Good to see that at least one prominent Labour Party MP has refused to sign the list of demands laid upon Labour (with supreme gall) by the organized Jews. Burgon may not be very interesting ideologically, but he at least has principle.

A musical end to the day

Prokofiev. I am probably more likely to listen to Shostakovitch than Prokofiev, but the one does not preclude the other. Prokofiev was one of the real greats of the 20thC. I was slightly acquainted with the composer’s son, Oleg; his son, also Sergei, but who spelled his surname differently in the West in order to avoid confusion, was a very important, though publicly obscure, writer on historical, spiritual, Anthroposophical matters.



A final thought for the day

I suddenly feel optimistic about a social-national upsurge in the UK. The economy looks like it might tank before long. The Labour Party has all but run out of steam, the Conservative Party is dying on its feet despite its recent election win; its new seats are not rooted. In the right circumstances, a social national movement might yet triumph, sweeping all before it.

27 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 January 2020”

  1. On the ever present subject of blacks and crime, if you want to discover how terminally THICK with a capital T too many voters are in this country then look at a thread on Shaun Bailey’s (the CON Party’s latest pet ethnic and candidate for London’s Mayor) Twitter account . You will find it here :https://Twitter.com/ShaunBaileyUK and it is dated yesterday.

    Plenty of Tory morons and others thinking that simply electing Shaun Bailey will miraculously solve London’s ever increasing violent crime rate!🙄🙄🙄

    Whilst it is true to say Sadiq Khan isn’t a good mayor of London, there isn’t much he can do about the crime rate seeing as he doesn’t have many powers least of all those connected to the law of the COUNTRY AS A WHOLE.

    London has a crime problem not solely on account of having Khan as the Mayor but because of the lack of powers he has to deal with that problem, the country having a government for the last nine years more concerned with giving tax cuts to the already wealthy whilst cutting police numbers in London and elsewhere and one which continues to IMPORT a crime problem.

    London is a Third World sh**hole so it will have the crime rate of a Third World sh**hole! That shouldn’t be rocket science but to Tory cretins it is!

    Even mass hanging and flogging sentences as in Singapore wouldn’t do much to bring London’s crime problem under control!

    If only we could deport Tory voting morons to the Falkland Islands but I don’t think I would wish that to happen to the residents of those islands since, at present, they don’t have problems with crime and Tory voters bring these problems into effect or worsen them because of their idiocy.


    1. I read a few of those tweets. Thanks.

      London shows symptoms of deep division now. Basically an island of wealth and sometimes (in places) very great wealth floating on a sea of deprivation. Some will say “it was ever thus”, which is true, but it is the degree, and direction of travel that matter. A sense that we are going back to a pre-1914 world, but disguised by shiny new buildings and technology and flimflam.

      I never go to London (where as you know I once lived, mainly in Little Venice) these days. In fact, I have not been there now for about 3 years.

      The choice, when you have London’s racial/ethnic/national mix, wealth disparities, semi-chaos, is either a gradual sinking into real chaos (or anarchy or both), or a turning of the screw: greater repression, greater control.

      I cannot see Shaun Bailey winning, though. His likely support is now split by the candidature of Rory Stewart, for one thing. Also, will Londoners vote for a halfhearted embezzler who used most of his pathetic “social enterprise” funding on his own leisure and pleasure? He may not have been charged with anything, but, as we saw with that weird Iranian woman and her “Kids’ Company”, making fraud charges stick in these loose mis/dis-organizations is not easy.


    2. I doubt whether Shaun Bailey will get elected anyway since there are now not enough white voters to provide a sufficiently big backbone to the Tory vote in London. London doesn’t use the CON Party-friendly First Past The Post electoral system for the election of its Mayor! The electorate has two votes ie one for their first preference and the other for their second. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Sadiq Khan won on the first round as he came quite close to dong that last time:



      1. I see that Zac Goldsmith was not far away in 2016. Will Shaun Bailey do better or worse? I suspect worse, if only because voters could be fairly sure that Goldsmith, whatever his flaws, was at least not in it for the beer, the money, or career (not so sure about that last, thinking about it).


  2. I think he will as well for quite a few reasons like those you state as well as the fact Zac Goldsmith was thought to be a white man by the white voters in the fringe boroughs on the outer ring where the Tories are still strong like Havering. London is now less white than it was then hence it is less likely to elect Tories especially in a system where an elector has more than one vote.

    Zac Goldsmith is partly Jewish, isn’t he? Yes, Rory Stewart may do surprisingly well and split the vote share of the Tory candidate.

    I also rarely visit London despite it being only a short train journey away from me in Brentwood, Essex. Normally, I only go up to the West End a few times before Christmas.


  3. Nicht Kaufen bei Juden! Not buying from Jews if my schoolboy German has it correct!😄

    I haven’t visited that shop but I have been past it whilst walking down Brick Lane a few years ago to see how bad the Bangladeshi takeover was of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets!🤬😡😞☹️
    Brick Lane and that borough used to have a lot of Jews living there but now there are very few as they have moved to places like Golders Green etc.

    The closest I have come to eating Jewish food is purchasing a Marks and Spencer New York Deli Pastrami on Soft Rye Bread sandwich a few weeks before Christmas:



    It was pretty nice. I once visited Stamford Hill and, as you know, it is an an area that has a substantial Ultra Orthodox Jewish community so there are a lot of Kosher food shops there and when I was feeling hungry I was going to get a salt beef sandwich from one of them but decided against it for some reason I can’t recall.



    1. If you like salt beef, there is a good place for that, if the ownership does not bother you. I think it is or was in Thayer Street or thereabouts. “Reuben’s”, I think. I had a sandwich from there once (I still ate meat when aged 19-20). Of course, I lived in New Jersey for a while, too. Also, I used to go occasionally on the subway (the El) from Manhattan to the Russian-Jew area of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, though not very often. The shops and supermarkets there were like Moscow or Leningrad, but with no shortages! 30 years ago, pretty much…


  4. Yes, Richard Burgon isn’t what you would call an ‘original ideas man’ politically-speaking but he does seem to want to push back a little against the Jew Zionist/Israel First loonies by refusing to submit to the outrageous demands of the ultra Zionist Israel Firsters of the Board of Deputies so he should have some credit for that.

    A ‘very naughty Goy’ for Labour Deputy Leader will do nicely!😁😂😀😎👌


  5. The latest news from the downmarket and trashy ‘British’ version of Dynasty and Dallas formerly known as the British Royal Family (or is it the Royle Family?🙄😂) is that Prince Harry and Duchess Difficult have lost their Royal titles and have to pay back £2.4 million to the British taxpayer for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage.😀😎👌

    Ha, ha, ‘Sussex Royal’ is Royal no longer and the ‘brand’ value will plummet!😂😂😂😀😀😁😁😁😎😎😎👌👌😃😃👌👌

    Nice one, Queenie, you have managed to put your foot down
    at long last! Perhaps, your Majesty, you might do that with your PMs occasionally as well starting with that clown called Alexander De Pfeffel Johnson!

    The brazen Yankee hussy and the dim ‘woke’ Prince actually thought they get could get one over ‘The Firm’.! Just how WRONG can you be?😂😎🤣👌😁😂🤣😂👌



      1. Yes, the gruesome twosome needed to be removed just like a cancer needs to be treated before it kills an entire person so this was a much needed piece of family surgery.

        They should go to the US though not Canada. Canadians should not have to pay out money to provide for their security and if Meghan opens her gob too much on Yankee chat shows about how terrible the British Royal Family are then she needs to remember MI6 are just a phone call away from the Queen or Prince Phillip and are allowed to operate overseas so she would be well advised to keep her thoughts to herself.

        We wouldn’t want her to suffer, ahem, an ‘accident’ now, would we?


        ‘The Firm’ can operate like the Italian Mafia if they want to!


      2. For me, it is a question of congruence v. incongruity (or dissonance, if you like). There is royalty, then there is “celebrity”. Superficially similar but not the same. Prince Rainier, always a bit of a figure of fun, the “potentate” of a police state smaller than Hyde Park and Kensingston Gardens (together— 544 acres as against 620 acres), fought a constant battle to maintain his princely dignity and not become, with Grace Kelly and their offspring, mere “celebrities”. How much more important is that for the British monarchy.


  6. Scheming Meghan thought she could worm her way into ‘The Firm’ and make a packet off them! She is a fraud just like Major Charles Ingram was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

    I saw this blatant social climber coming a mile off! It is a shame Prince Harry didn’t!


  7. I will leave it to the irreplaceable Mrs Merton to pose the essential question to Meghan Markle about her relationship with the Prince of :Wokeness:


  8. If the CON Party wants to continue to have the support of those ex-Labour voters up North they are going to have to take radical and serious measures to limit immigration. deal firmly with law breakers and perhaps most importantly change their globalist and libertarian economic stance. Those voters want to see visible improvements in all three areas and to feel their areas are on the mend and their personal prosperity improving as well.

    I suspect though the Tory Party will balk at changing their economic stance in a serious way and, as a result, that new found Northern support will wither away as dramatically as it arrived.


    1. I agree. Those new seats are very shallowly rooted. It is clear now that about as many 2017 Labour voters did not vote at all as voted elsewhere. They may or may not go back to Labour, but will probably not stick with the Conservatives.


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