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Diary Blog, 4 May 2022

Afternoon music

[1941-1945 war memorial, Panfilov Park, Almaty, Kazakhstan]

More aftermath of the “panicdemic”

Hundreds of restaurants and gyms hit with lockdown fines could see their fixed penalties revoked in the courts, one leading lawyer has suggested.”


Tweets seen

Very true, but no-one under the age of about 55 will even understand that, at least fully.

Both completely in the pocket of the Jew-Zionist/Israel lobby.

The idiocy of so many “woke” and/or “feminist” loonies, in a single picture.

If only we had a real choice, in this fake “democracy”.

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God, another “woke” North American loonie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Warren. Worse than Nicola Sturgeon…

The msm were mostly polite enough not to show the whole of Caroline Henry, Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, a massively fat woman who is the wife of Conservative Party MP, Darren Henry [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darren_Henry].

[Caroline Henry, Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire].

Below, the woman’s husband, Darren Henry, MP for Broxtowe:

[Darren Henry MP (Con, Broxtowe)]

In January 2022, a briefing released by the TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed Henry to be “Britain’s most expensive MP…” after £280,936 of expense claims during the 2020/2021 financial year.[28][29]

Looks like they are both, one way or another, living off the fat of the land…

I do not know whether women like that are part of a general trend, but here below is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire,

Neither of the above women have (or had, prior to election) any experience of policing, needless to say. Britain 2022…

As a matter of fact, it seems that neither of the women noted had much to show in terms of non-political career (or indeed any career) prior to election.

Caroline Henry described herself at election in 2019 as “a businesswoman“, but no details were displayed. She is the mother of two children. As for Donna Jones, she seems to have no children, and no husband, and her only known job (except some vague “work” with Portsmouth Football Club), is that she was, from 2008-2019, a local councillor, and at one time head of the ruling Conservative Party group on Portsmouth Council.

Britain 2022


…and not even the Daily Mail saw fit to note that all of the defendants were Roma Gypsies from Romania. The readers’ comments imply that they know, but “comments have been moderated in advance.”

Moderated” meaning censored.

More Britain 2022


RAF bosses have apologised for wanting a ‘preferably not white male’ pilot to represent them at a Top Gun: Maverick press event.

Well, if the the office bods at RAF HQ cannot find a black lesbian, preferably with physical and mental problems, to represent the RAF, perhaps they could just dress up one of the criminal Roma Gypsies in the previously-noted story, and send him out (maybe as a “trans” person)…

I don’t know why the RAF is bothering, anyway. It scarcely exists any more. From what I have seen online just now, the UK has only about 130 attack aircraft in service at present, and I expect many of those are not immediately operational. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_United_Kingdom_military_aircraft.

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Late music

[Wenceslas Square, Prague, 1930s]

Diary Blog, 18 January 2020

I wanted to blog about the admittedly done to death case of “Kim” Philby and others, but have been distracted. I shall do that article later…or tomorrow, or whenever…inshallah (Arab scheduling).

I was just having a late brunch— in case anyone is interested, which I doubt, scrambled eggs (Burford Browns) with smoked salmon and dill; pitta toast. While doing that, I watched one of those police reality shows: Police Body Cam.

What had me initially shaking my head was the racial make-up of the perpetrators. Almost all were black. There were a couple of silly white ones too, one drunk in the street, and one “failure to appear” (at court), who was arrested pursuant to a bench warrant.

The show was filmed in Nottingham.

I suppose that there is an academic, somewhere, who would be able to say why Nottingham has so many blacks. According to Wikipedia, nearly a fifth of the Nottingham metro-area population is either black (West Indian and African) or self-describing mixed-race: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottingham#Demographics

It may be a fruitless speculation, but one does wonder why that is so. After all, Nottingham until recently had no nearby international airport, and it is also far from any seaport. There was a lace and a more general textile industry in Nottingham, but that went into steep decline, apparently, after the Second World War. The immigrants seem not to have washed up in Nottingham to work, as such.

It seems that there were race riots in 1958, in the St. Ann’s district, where the first immigrants were concentrated. Think about that: the local white English did not want the blacks to be there in 1958, they presumably having arrived in recently-preceding months or years. By 2020, a fifth of the whole population, not only in that district, but in the entire metro-area (a population now of nearly a million), is black or mixed-race! 200,000! Well, there it is. I have never visited Nottingham, and probably never will.

The other “shocking but not surprising” aspect to that TV show was what happened to the criminals shown. Only one, the compliant little white man arrested pursuant to a warrant, was actually imprisoned (for a number of offences). 20 months, so out in 10. The others, including one black shown assaulting police, spitting at them, resisting arrest, criminal damage etc, all got “community orders”, small compensation orders, small “community service” (unpaid slave labour) sentences etc.

I am far from a “hang and flog” enthusiast. I favour pre-trial diversion, warnings, cautions, non-custodial sentences generally, and (also in general) short rather than long custodial sentences where custody is unavoidable, but it is clear that in many areas leniency has become laxity.

As I watched that TV show, I could not but think of those I have met myself and who have been sentenced to suspended or even immediate sentences of imprisonment for doing nothing but express a socio-political viewpoint. In the case of Alison Chabloz, singing satirical songs about Jewish behaviour and the absurdly inflated “holocaust” farrago and its many proven hoaxes; in the case of Jez Turner (Jeremy Bedford-Turner), sentenced to a whole year in prison (of which he actually served half, and was put under severe restriction for the “free” “second half”, by the way) merely for saying that the Jews should be expelled from the UK as they were two or three times in the historical past.

Bagel business

Saw this report:


It refers to this shop:


Many may be surprised to read that I have eaten a bagel from there myself. I was with friends in a car, circa 1985, and they decided to stop and get some. Notwithstanding the maxim “Nicht kaufen bei Juden”, I plead guilty to having consumed one. I do not remember what kind, but probably poppy-seed with smoked salmon. I prefer smoked salmon au natur, without cream cheese, but I know that Jews often mix the two (the Jews do not mix meat and dairy products, but fish is OK according to their rules of “Kashrut” because it is considered “parev”, i.e. neutral, neither dairy nor meat). Apropos of nothing much, Jews, at least in the USA, call smoked salmon “lox”, a Yiddish corruption of the German lachs (salmon). It is one of the main fillings for bagels.

That’s my Rick Stein/Jamie Oliver slot finished…

Every individual must draw his or her own line as to “nicht kaufen bei Juden”. I am certainly not going to stop listening to Ashkenazy’s interpretations of Rachmaninov, for example.

What surprised me (I am no sort of businessman) is that the profits from such a small shop have generated profits in the millions. As I say, I am no businessman. I notice from the Wikipedia piece, though, that that shop sells 7,000 bagels per day! Incredible.

News from the criminal courts…


African trainee-solicitor rapist left his ID, legal papers etc at the scene of his crime. Ha ha! More seriously, why is this sort of trash even in the UK? And why was he employed at a so-called “top legal firm” when there are English law students looking for places? Does the law firm want to be seen to be “right on” or even (shudders) “woke”? For one thing, this “lawyer” seems to have been as thick as two short planks.

Interesting comment

I generally tend to disagree with commentator Matthew d’Ancona, but this chimes with my own view (except for the Remain aspect):


Abuse of young English girls by Pakistanis in Rotherham

Chief Inspector of Police, Rotherham: “The force was aware abuse had been taking place for some 30 years, adding: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.

An officer allegedly told a missing child’s father the town “would erupt” if people knew Asian men were routinely having sex with under-age white girls, it has been claimed.” [Daily Mirror]


If only those young girls had been taught about racial and ethnic boundaries, in the manner of the BDM (Bund Deutscher Maedel) of the 1930s. They would never have thought it possible to indulge in sexual activity with non-Europeans.

Nick Griffin was actually prosecuted for “incitement to racial hatred” (but acquitted by a British jury) after he and the BNP raised these issues, gaining huge public support. The prosecution was purely politically (or socio-politically…) motivated. The CPS prosecutors in the North of England are themselves often of Pakistani or other non-white origin. Nick Griffin has been vindicated.

Pot criticizes kettle…


On a side note, I see that, if I am not mistaken, the tweeter who used to go by the name “Mycroft” has made the front page of the Daily Mail (sub nom “@bigbadburrow”)! His enemies will be seething!

Richard Burgon

Good to see that at least one prominent Labour Party MP has refused to sign the list of demands laid upon Labour (with supreme gall) by the organized Jews. Burgon may not be very interesting ideologically, but he at least has principle.

A musical end to the day

Prokofiev. I am probably more likely to listen to Shostakovitch than Prokofiev, but the one does not preclude the other. Prokofiev was one of the real greats of the 20thC. I was slightly acquainted with the composer’s son, Oleg; his son, also Sergei, but who spelled his surname differently in the West in order to avoid confusion, was a very important, though publicly obscure, writer on historical, spiritual, Anthroposophical matters.



A final thought for the day

I suddenly feel optimistic about a social-national upsurge in the UK. The economy looks like it might tank before long. The Labour Party has all but run out of steam, the Conservative Party is dying on its feet despite its recent election win; its new seats are not rooted. In the right circumstances, a social national movement might yet triumph, sweeping all before it.