Diary Blog, 27 January 2020

Photographs of Soviet troops at Auschwitz in 1945 are fake

“Photographs of Soviet troops at Auschwitz in 1945 are fake”, according to “holocaust” “survivor” Eva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank, whose mainly-fake diary (penned mainly by the girl’s father after 1945) spawned films and a whole mini-industry of book scribbling in the USA, Israel, France, UK etc.


I myself did not see the TV interview with Eva Schloss, but I notice that while the Daily Mail report mentions “gas chambers” as background, the woman herself does not claim to have actually seen one, even though she was at Auschwitz for eight months!

In fact, I heard an American Jew grating on BBC Radio 4 Today this morning. He has been heavily involved in what he called “maintenance” of the Auschwitz site, which sounds like it was a rebuilding. He said “by the end, we had ‘restored’ it to what it looked like in 1945.” Is that so?

In January 1945, almost everything at Auschwitz was demolished by explosives and/or razed to the ground by fire. What visitors now see (in what is a whole tourist industry now) is a supposed “reconstruction”.

A few years ago, some (I think Swedish) tourists stole the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign. It was recovered a few days later, but before that, in fact within a few hours of the theft, a facsimile had been installed. The facsimile was exactly like the “original”. How there came to be such a copy lying around ready for deployment was never explained.

I was in Poland a few times in the late 1980s, some of which time was spent, on two of those visits, in the fairly small Polish city of Bielsko-Biala, about 15-20 miles from the Auschwitz site.


I recall sitting having a beer at a deserted tourist hotel at Bielsko in December 1988 (I was not staying in the hotel…just there for the beer, so to speak). I saw a lone British tourist (from somewhere in Northern England, from the accent) talking to her Polish guide about how her main reason to be there was to visit the Auschwitz site. I myself never went there and I did not hear any Polish people (I was in the country, in several visits, for a total of about 2 months) once mention either “Auschwitz” or its modern Polish name, or anything to do with it.

Labour leadership

Lisa Nandy, whose grandfather was a pro-Israel Liberal Party MP and then life peer, and whose Indian father was instrumental in having the Race Relations Act passed (which led to the slippery slope of no-free-speech that we now slide down), has spoken to the Jewish Chronicle:


She’s no good. Bin her.

Israel and Israelis

BBC and ITV lead news with “holocaust” stories (and I do mean “stories”)

The UK msm made sure that the news agenda was headed by the Auschwitz jamboree in Poland. Chinese virus that might be a worldwide epidemic? No. Iran? No. Today, only the “holocaust” propaganda can lead the news (or should that be “fake news”?) agenda.

Jewish Zionist supremacism and exceptionalism

I first started to notice this decades ago. Jews often “champion” the rights of non-white races: blacks, browns, whatever. In reality, they think that Jewish suffering is really far more important than non-Jewish suffering, but they have to pretend that they care about (non-white) non-Jews so as not to stigmatize themselves as selfish ethnic supremacists. That’s in Europe, North America etc. They even pretend to care about any hostility Europeans show to the largely Muslim migration-invasion. A smokescreen. In and around Israel itself, of course, they do not feel the need to pretend.

A key aspect of the worldwide Zionist strategy is “holocaust” publicity. It tends to validate the existence of the state of Israel (as “refuge” from the otherwise “antisemitic” world).

SIS fantasist?

Some day, some journalist not totally beguiled by the fantasies of Ian Fleming, John le Carre and Spooks (inter alia) will do a proper job on the general uselessness of MI6/SIS and MI5/Security Service. Until then, only bits and pieces come out. Below, a newspaper report on how a former SIS resident, or station chief, in Moscow, one Christopher Steele, made up “secret” information about Trump for profit…

Valete for today


17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27 January 2020”

  1. Ha, ha, I am surprised the Daily Tory Zionist printed this! How much more of this story is fake or exaggerated? How convenient for the Zionists that the extermination camps, which were once claimed to exist in Germany and Austria proper, were, after a few decades had passed and the Holocaust story had been told millions of times over all around the world, then said to have only existed in Poland which was behind the Iron Curtain so researchers sceptical of the details of the story couldn’t go there.

    I wonder if Israel would exist today if not for this story? Even if it had still come into existence then that country’s treatment of the Palestinians could be freely criticised by the goyim without us being called ‘anti-semites’.


    1. The “holocaust” fable is central to the Zionist project. It disarms criticism both of Israel and of Jewish behaviour generally, while providing a plausible reason for Israel to exist (as “refuge”). Above all, it unites Jews of all shades of opinion politically. Very few exceptions.


      1. Yes, even a former Israeli government minister admits that the Zionist state uses accusations of ‘anti-semitism’ and the Holocaust as a shield to deflect critics of the Zionist State’s actions towards Palestinians.

        As for the fabled ‘six million’ number, hasn’t that specific number been used by Zionists for DECADES BEFORE the alleged ‘Holocaust’ was said to have occurred to bolster their claims of Jews being persecuted by the eternally wicked and untrustworthy goyim?

        That figure seems to an have a religious/mystical aura about it!


  2. You have lived a well-travelled life! How many different countries have you been to? Have you ever visited Japan or South Korea? I haven’t been to either but I would like to go to both, particularly Japan.

    Yes, Lisa Nandy is crap though it has to be said they don’t have much choice. They rejected the only candidate (Clive Lewis) who had some original thinking and some good points to make.

    Their best bet is to have either Keir Starmer or Rebecca Long-Bailey but to take a serious look at some of Clive Lewis’s ideas and incorporate them into the next Labour manifesto.

    The Labour Party is in a very serious hole so a rehash of simply Blairite PC globalist ‘centrism’ or pure Corbyn like socialism is not going to cut it.


    1. I do not know how many countries I have visited overall. Over a hundred, though. Neither Korea (North/South) nor Japan, though. I would find it interesting to visit Israel, but I expect that I would have a traffic accident or other fatal event were I to go there!


  3. Speaking about Ann Frank’s Diary wasn’t it written with the aid of a Biro pen which wasn’t invented until the war had ended?


  4. Lisa Nandy is, indeed, no good but then none of the others are either really. The Labour Party is hopeless. They don’t realise that many people hate globalist values and that especially applies to those groups in society the party was originally set-up for ie the white working-class.

    They must row back on some of their most extreme globalist ideas ie backing continual open borders otherwise they don’t stand a chance.

    Their best bet is probably Keir Starmer but his image as a ‘metropolitan liberal-left globalist’ may well do him some harm amongst those voters they need to win back. He is the most plausible future occupant of No.10 they have but he would have to dump entirely or dump to a substantial degree the Labour Party’s adherence to ‘woke’ globalist values.

    I can’t see him setting the world alight either but, as I said, this is a contest where the leader has to be thought of as a future PM and can we really say that about Rebecca Long-Bailey?


  5. Keir Starmer though looks like he would be a puppet of the Zionist extremist/Israel Firsters of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and other vicious extreme Zionist/Israel First groups so that will gain them their approval and should he be Labour leader we can expect the rabid ‘Labour is an ‘anti-semitic’ Party’ rubbish put about by the Zionist extremist/Israel First elements in the media to die a death so that will help Labour with the mostly very stupid British electorate who fell for these ridiculous smears.


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