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Jenrick attacks free speech and freedom of academic life (again)

Robert Jenrick, the horrible little pissant who is now a Cabinet minister, has announced that he is to cut funding to local councils and to universities that refuse to “adopt” the misnamed “International Definition of Antisemitism” (“Working Definition”, more properly).


In fact, out of nearly 200 states in the world, only about a dozen have “adopted” this evil fake “definition” wholly, and another half dozen in part:


The IHRA definition has been criticised, especially on the basis that it stifles free speech relating to criticism of Israeli actions and policies. Its adoption of the concept of new antisemitism, specifically connecting some criticism of Israel with antisemitism, has generated controversy.[16][17] High-profile controversies took place in the United Kingdom in 2011 within the University and College Union[18][19] and within the Labour Party in 2018. The definition has been contested by scholars of antisemitism for conflating antisemitism with criticism of the Israeli government, obstructing campaigning for the rights of Palestinians and being so vague as to fail the test of any definition – to be definitive. These include Brian Klug,[20] David Feldman,[21] and Antony Lerman;[14] jurists including Hugh Tomlinson,[22] Stephen Sedley,[23] Geoffrey Bindman,[24] and Geoffrey Robertson;[25] and one of the original drafters Kenneth S. Stern has opposed the misuse of the definition to suppress and limit free speech.” [Wikipedia]

To intrude a personal recollection, I see there the name of Stephen Sedley [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Sedley ], former judge of the Court of Appeal, before whom I appeared as Counsel on a few occasions.



The main drafter of the working definition and its examples, Kenneth S. Stern, cautioned against the free speech implications of its use as a legal tool.[26] He has opposed efforts to enshrine it in legislation[98] and wrote a letter to members of the US Congress warning that giving the definition legal status would be “unconstitutional and unwise” in December 2016.[99] In 2011, he co-authored an article about how the ‘Working Definition’ was being abused in Title VI cases, because it was being employed in an attempt to “restrict academic freedom and punish political speech.” In November 2017, Stern explained to the US House of Representatives that the definition has been abused on various US university campuses. He warned that it could “restrict academic freedom and punish political speech” and questioned whether definitions created by minority groups should be legislatively enshrined, giving as one of several examples.” [Wikipedia]


Jenrick has “demanded” that councils and universities “adopt” the so-called” “definition” for about 6 months now, but he is generally regarded as such a pathetic little pissant that, so far, only 136 out of 343 have caved in to his demands by agreeing to “adopt” it.

Brave universities are fighting the Jewish-Zionist lobby and its political control, and refusing to accept such limitation on freedom (which in any case has no legal effect).

Jenrick is one of the worst pro-Zionist offenders in the present appallingly pro-Israel government, along with Theresa Villiers and Priti Patel. His wife is a Jewish lawyer and their children are being brought up as Jewish, to the extent that Jenrick himself apparently celebrates Jewish religious and cultural festivals etc.

It is to be hoped that universities and local authorities fight this attempt to criminalize or simply ban free speech and historical investigation, and do not “adopt” this “definition”, and/or (even if they do “adopt” it) then simply refuse to go further to attack free speech. They should deliberately ignore it. “I see no ships…”

Jenrick is also throwing public money at “holocaust” propaganda nonsense such as trips by schools to the “reconstruction” at former Auschwitz. Brainwashing of children.

Meanwhile, in Germany…

Jews could flee Germany on a ‘massive’ scale unless urgent action is taken against anti-Semitism, the foreign minister warned today.” [Daily Mail]


Is “warned” the right word?…

Germany will push for tougher legal consequences for anti-Semitic acts, he said, and for more EU nations to make Holocaust denial a crime – currently illegal in over a dozen member states including Germany, Belgium and Italy.” [Daily Mail]

Berlin will also step up the battle against anti-Jewish hate speech and disinformation on social media, Maas wrote, saying perpetrators ‘should feel the full force of the law across Europe’.” [Daily Mail]

No doubt that little pissant Jenrick would love to see all criticism of Jewish behaviour criminalized in the UK too, together with any attempt to really examine the “holocaust” farrago. Fortunately, Brexit renders such repression less likely.

What about that German minister? Until today, I knew little of him:

“Heiko Maas. Awards:

In early 2017, Maas proposed the “Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz” (“network enforcement law”) to combat online hate speech and fake news.[37][38][39] The United Nations responded with a letter, warning that several democratic freedoms were under attack.[40] The proposed law was met with criticism throughout Germany from industry associations, IT experts, scientists, net-politicians, lawyers, privacy activists and civil rights campaigners who regard it as unconstitutional and defiant of EU-law and warn of “catastrophic effects for freedom of expression“, causing online platforms to drastically censor online speech, resulting in privatization of legal enforcement and abolishing online anonymity.

Maas earned the nickname ‘Prohibition Minister’ by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for his many unapproved legislative proposals.[12]”

In June 2017, Maas disclosed to the Bild newspaper that he was the recent recipient of an unprecedented number of death threats including a bullet casing in the mailbox of his private residence. He attributed the threats to dissatisfaction with current German immigration policy.” [Wikipedia]

Sounds like many Germans consider Heiko Maas “unerwunscht” (unwanted)!

Musical interlude


Apparently, some “Conservative” Party MPs are so angry about Chinese involvement in  UK mobile telephone technology that they might rebel in the Commons (pointlessly). Why don’t they get angry about the Israeli interference in all areas of UK life, especially our political parties and politics generally, and about Jewish-Zionist abuse of our law?

The Labour slide continues

Labour is looking less like an alternative government even than it did prior to the 2019 General Election. Under Corbyn, Labour still looked, on a rosy view, like it could actually run a government, albeit probably not very competently. Now? I think not.

People compare Labour now to Labour after the 1983 General Election. Again, I think not, though there are points of similarity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labour_Party_(UK)#Internal_conflict_and_opposition_(1979%E2%80%931997)

Labour in late 1983 was only about 4 years out of power, still had its solid Northern English, Scottish, Welsh and other constituencies, still had the then-powerful trade unions behind it. Now? There are few solid constituencies and the unions are all but defunct.

Leadership: Corbyn was not very popular but I seriously doubt that any of the present contenders will do better; maybe Keir Starmer. Maybe.



5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 January 2020”

  1. Is Theresa Villiers a Jew or does she have any Jewish ancestry? When I’ve seen her on tv, she hasn’t looked as if she is fully English. That may explain why she is so pro-Israel or the reason why she is that way inclined could be to do with the fact her constituency in North London, which was very marginal in 2017, could have more than an average number of Jewish voters in it.

    It is appalling that this wretched government ‘led’ by a New York born half-Turkish, scruffy buffoon/clown/simpleton/worldwide laughing stock wants to restrict free speech even more than it already is.🤬😡😞☹️

    People should be entirely free to object to and be critical of the vicious and evil Israeli government and its trigger-happy soldiers that shoot little Palestinian kids in the head just for fun.

    Brainwashing of children in state schools should be banned. In the 1980’s under Mrs Thatcher the Tories would have condemned Labour for doing this in schools under Labour-run education authorities but now they endorse it. It just goes to show how utterly degenerate the ‘modern’ CON Party is.

    Some parents who can’t really afford the fees scrimp and save to send their children to private schools so they get a decent education AND avoid British government brainwashing of young minds like this. That shouldn’t happen in a well-run country which, sadly, hasn’t applied to Britain since the 1930’s at least.

    Why can the CONServatives not fund their state brainwashing OUT OF THEIR CONSIDERABLE PARTY FUNDS instead of misusing the hard-earnt taxes of British people in this way? There really needs to be mass non-payment of taxes under the vile CON Party not just on account of this but also because that party refuses point-blank to give us the HUMAN RIGHT to fair votes in general elections or in local elections in England and Wales.



    If only the British people resisted the genocidal pro-mass immigration policies of the Tories and their displacement in their homeland like the German people do.


  2. Apparently, the not so pretty Priti Patel, our illustrious and ever smirking Home Secretary (Minister for no law and order and no effective immigration controls), has broken the ministerial code for a second time with this time an American military tech company being involved.

    Is it not time the not so honourable member for Witham, Essex (just up the road from me) be sacked FOR GOOD?


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