Diary Blog, 25-26 January 2020

@ChristiJunior @ArdanianRight I think the Israeli government on some level has accepted the inevitability of a non-Jewish majority and the likelihood that its borders will be overrun. And that was quite possibly the motivation behind destabilizing Ukraine and cleaving it from the Russian sphere of influence — it is being prepped to be the next Jewish Homeland, using the ‘Khazar Hypothesis’ as justification.”
Could the above idea be correct? On the face of it, it seems absurd, but maybe not. After all, most present-day “Jews” are not even descended from ancient “Israelites” or New Testament-era “Jews”:
The Israeli government has put out a big effort trying to rubbish various research studies indicating that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from ancient Biblical Jews. After all, the main justification for present-day “Jews” even being in Palestine/Israel has been that the present day “Jews” are descended from the ancient ones. Without that link, the present-day “Israelis” are either tourists or occupying invaders.
I suppose that the justification for the very existence of “Israel” as a state is
  • the claim that Israelis are the descendants of ancient Jews and/or Israelites; and
  • the claim that Jews have, since 1933 or thereabouts, needed a refuge under their own control, by reason of repression and particularly the so-called “holocaust” etc.

Both of the above reasons are central to Israel’s validity as a state. They are cultural and psychological pillars holding up the Israeli state. If both fall, Israel ceases to have validity at all beyond that conferred by invasion, conquest and occupation.

It can be seen why, on the one hand, a huge effort has been put up to rubbish the “Khazar” hypothesis, and also why Israel and its Jewish and other agents worldwide try to criminalize any historical examination of the farrago of nonsense presented to the masses in the West, especially, as “the” “holocaust”.

Both of the above are impliedly contained within the idea that states and organizations in the UK and elsewhere should sign up to (“adopt”) the so-called “International Definition of Antisemitism”, a tendentious nonsense which so far has been adopted fully by only about a dozen or so states out of nearly 200.


The Royal Mulatta

I saw newspaper speculation that Meghan Markle might try to become U.S. President! I suppose anything is possible. After all, Trump was such a joke that The Simpsons did a story, in the early 1990s, about him becoming President. Ho ho…as if that could ever happen!


The tweet, below, by one Titus Flavius (!) made me laugh!

Late Saturday night, so some music:


Prince Charles and Greta Thunberg

I see that Charles met Greta Thunberg, who has “interrupted” her non-existent studies to attend the World Economic Forum. The photograph is interesting: Charles looking rather sheepish, Greta Nut looking mightily pleased with herself.

One has to think: what is behind this? The now-famous Swedish autistic has met the British Crown Prince, presidents, religious leaders (including the Pope) etc. Why? She is not educated even to a “high school” level, knows of scientific matters only the fragments that she has learned by heart from tracts etc. Above all, she has no solutions to the problems of “climate change”other than the complete shutdown of our present society and economy. Were she not in the news so often as a “world-famous activist”, one would, not unfairly, just dismiss her as an idiot or as a silly and irrelevant crank.

One has to ask what powerful forces are behind this unpleasant stunted creature. What powerful bloc finds Greta Thunberg a useful instrument? Why do people with far more education, knowledge, background, experience etc line up to worship at the “shrine” of Greta Thunberg?

Leaving aside the question of what forces are pushing the autistic to the fore, I find myself wondering what the future will hold for Greta Thunberg. She appears not only mentally but physically stunted, a 17 year old who looks about 12, if that. One cannot easily imagine her married, let alone a mother. As for some kind of career or profession, her attitude of “my way or the highway” would seem to render the idea almost impossible even if one leaves aside her lack of formal educational qualification.

Will Greta Thunberg carry on as she is at present, “demanding” that world leaders do as she wants (or else…), saying that “we children” (she recently changed that to “the youth”) “are watching” etc? Will she sink into obscurity? I would not be surprised were she to be hospitalized at some point. She sometimes strikes me as something out of the Tales of Grimm or Nordic folklore, a malicious and almost frightening creature not quite human.

The “ho” madam Ghislaine “Maxwell”

Prince Andrew is a disgusting bastard, really…


More news from France

When Jews have the power…

I agree with the social media post below, in essence. The same is true, mutatis mutandis, of the UK forces:

@judgedread @ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior The Israelis know they can’t depend on America to be their regional bludgeoning instrument forever. As the racial and gender composition of America’s expeditionary forces becomes less white and less male, its fighting capability becomes dramatically less. And while drones and the eventuality of combat robots and other technological advances will make up some of the difference, there will never be a substitute for a white fighting man as an occupying force. The once-inexhaustible well of rural white boys for America’s war machine is about to run dry forever. Hence the panicked urgency for Trump to destroy Iran on Israel’s behalf.”

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25-26 January 2020”

  1. Meghan Markle is free to try and become US President if she wants to but she should do it without ANY connection whatsoever to the British Royal Family. It is high time this little, self-serving, gold digger/Madame was formally expelled from the Royal Family as she has done an incredible amount of damage to them in just TWO YEARS and even Diana who didn’t act appropriately at times took far, far longer to do that.

    Just not allowing her to use the Royal title is not enough! FORMAL EXPULSION from ‘The Firm’ is what is desperately needed.

    Sadly though, even if that were to happen, the stain she and Harry have jointly caused on the institution of the British Monarchy can’t be airbrushed away from history entirely.🤬😡😞☹️

    I hope God smiles on Britain soon because Boris-Idiot and his moronic ministers need to be removed as soon as possible. NO ONE who voted in that silly referendum gave him or his wretched, self-serving and ultra-selfish party permission to break-up the United Kingdom. They have taken Brexit WELL BEYOND ANY REAL DEMOCRATIC MANDATE.

    They should be maintaining the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom not destroying it. ANY party, of whatever colour, should be expected to do that, least of all one that still has the title of the Conservative and Unionist Party!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Ulster will fight and Ulster will be right!


      1. Indeed which just goes to show how stupid the Queen was to give her permission for the inevitable ‘car crash’ marriage to go ahead in the first place. EVERYONE of us with brains in this country easily foresaw that Meghan was a brazen hussy who only wanted to marry into our Royal Family to play her greatest ever acting role and to make money eventually.

        The Queen or Prince Phillip may need to get MI6 to tamper with some brakes to a car with Meghan in because cancers like her in Royal Families need to be removed totally lest they cause the entire institution to fall. They need to get there first before ‘that woman’ goes on Oprah and makes-up lies about the Royal Family on Yankee tv. Undoubtedly, that is what this schemer is planning to do next.


      2. Frankly, M’Lord of Essex, I always think that you tend to over-value both the Royal Family and MI6/SIS…

        However, you are right to think that the Mulatta will be milking this for decades.


  2. Ironically, the most ‘Jewish’ Jews ie the Ultra-Orthodox ones are often not even wanting Israel to exist as they see it as the Zionist state NOT a Jewish one!

    It is easy to those who can think which, unfortunately excludes many British voters as the recent election showed, to see why Zionist extremists such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews do their level best to stir-up REAL anti-semitism ie by accusing the Labour Party of ‘anti-semitism’ They want to do this because if Jews can be convinced that REAL ‘anti-semitism’ exists then the Zionist justification for the state of Israel can be shown to be true and it gives them more influence.

    Without gentiles being provoked into anti-semitism where would Zionist extremists like the Board of Deputies be? Nowhere is my guess!


  3. Zionist extremists should be deported to Israel. They would be happy and we will be as well.

    The Ultra-Orthodox Jews can stay in Britain if they want since most of them rarely get involved in politics ( I believe the Tories have, or did have, a few of them as councillors in North Hackney) and even when they do they don’t normally cause us any trouble unlike the Zionist zealot/Israel First extremist ones do.


  4. Even though it is now a pointless exercise since the despicable, lying traitors of the CON Party clearly have no wish to preserve the United Kingdom because of proceeding with their botched ‘Brexit’ farce, before this happened it would have been an idea to investigate whether some bridge or, better still, a tunnel could have been built between the British mainland and the Province of Northern Ireland. Some people have talked about one going from Larne or nearby to South West Scotland since this is the nearest route and it also has the advantage of being a fixed link between the part of the UK ie Scotland which has the closest ancestral, historical and cultural links to NI but such a link would destroy some of the nice countryside they have in South West Scotland so, perhaps, a better idea would be to see whether a motorway/rail link tunnel could link the economic centres and major cities of Belfast and Liverpool.

    This idea is, perhaps, overly ambitious and not technically feasible but if one looks on the Wikipedia page about fixed-link tunnel projects one sees many schemes that look to be impossible or far too expensive such as one linking South Korea and Japan.

    I have even got a name for my proposed tunnel: the Seamus Heeny/Lord Edward Carson Tunnel.


  5. Instead we could call it the Seamus Heaney/C.S Lewis Tunnel or the Seamus Heaney/George Best Tunnel (mind you Belfast City Airport was already renamed after him in 2006 so it would be appropriate for another famous Northern Irish person to have a transport facility named after them)

    Yes, naming a new tunnel after a Z list ‘star’ wouldn’t be good.


  6. If we were to have a new tunnel/bridge anywhere within the United Kingdom (mind you, it enters its death spiral from Friday onwards thanks to the non Conservative and non Unionist Party so we can dispense with the country’s name soon) then the very last name we should call it would be the Meghan Markle Bridge/Tunnel. I would suggest such a construction should be called Yankee Troublemaking Tart Tunnel/Bridge instead!


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