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Diary Blog, 16 January 2023

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Amazing story.


UK universities need a chistka (purge).


Another example of how public services in the UK just do not work any more. The victim of a bad assault, a woman, had to lie under blankets outside a pub for 2 hours, waiting for an ambulance that never turned up. Eventually, she had to take an Uber minicab to hospital.

Adding insult to injury, the police, until pressed, did not bother to gather easily-available cctv evidence.

Finally, the defendant (finally caught after the police had been pressured to actually do their job) was let off with a suspended sentence (albeit with a stiff financial penalty by way of compensation for the victim).

There was reasonable mitigation, yes, but the crime was both violent and unpleasant in itself and, also, the victim was left with continuing —and quite possibly permanent— disabilities and pain caused directly or proximately by the actions of the defendant.

If this continues, UK society will become a jungle.

Jack Monroe

Those who follow the “Jack Monroe” saga have noticed that she never, or at least rarely, admits to having bought expensive items for herself out of the monies she has available to her from several sources; she always either “finds” them, remarkably, or buys them for a song (for a tenth or less of the normal price), or is “given” them by friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or strangers, or has acquired them via “exchange” for unspecified “services“.

As for her having been “in full time work for the best part of 2 decades“, that seems unlikely, but is a question of definition.

“Two decades” brings us back to early 2003. At that time, “Jack Monroe was 14 years old. She left school at 16 (~2005), working in a chip shop and a Starbucks before joining the fire brigade in Essex in 2007 as a call handler. She left in 2011, and was thereafter, for ~18 months, “on the dole”.

“Jack Monroe” worked for her local newspaper in 2012-2013, and also blogged, after which she got a book deal worth, I read, £25,000, with Penguin: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Monroe.

So there we have 7-8 years of intermittent paid work, not quite the 10+ years she claims.

Since 2013, “Jack Monroe” has been (it seems) mostly or completely self-employed, as scribbler, blogger, TV talking head etc. To what extent that counts as “full-time work” is an open question; if yes, then the total is about 17 years; if not, about 7 or so, as said.

As previously noted, Jack Monroe both claims poverty, and so asks for the public to send her money, but also says sometimes that she was in poverty (while on State benefits for 1-2 years), but not now.

Since about 2013, “Jack Monroe” has been in receipt of monies from a number of sources: TV and radio appearances, Press interviews, about £100,000 royalties from her several books (most still in print, I think), deals with ASDA and other supermarkets, and substantial donations (eg from 634 —at time of writing— very misguided people sending her £3.50-£44 each, monthly, via Patreon),

It is claimed by some on Twitter that “Jack Monroe” is “downsizing” (as she puts it) not because she cannot afford the c.£4,000 a month rent and other expenses of her present home but because she is buying a new but possibly smaller home; some say paying the full price in cash. I have no idea whether that be so.

At what point do the 634 mugs still subsidizing her via Patreon start to think why they are still funnelling cash to this very unreliable “grifter” and fantasist, who has recently been in the Guardian laughing about how, when drunk or drugged, she would buy four large pieces of furniture in a few days “for a laugh” or some such.

Is all that is required, for “Jack Monroe” to receive donations from naive mugs, for her to snarl occasionally on Twitter about “cost of living” or “wicked Tories“? Even if they are (and no argument from me on that), how does that either seriously oppose “Conservative” policies or “help the poor“?

“Jack Monroe” has claimed to have been working on a measure of how “the poor” are disproportionately affected by inflation, something she calls (from one of the Discworld books of Terry Pratchett) the “Vimes Boots Index“, but it seems that that might be just another fantasy; in short, another lie.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boots_theory.

Other tweets seen

A truth unacknowledged by those born with a silver spoon…

(((Simon Harris))) has to live, after all (I suppose) (whoever he is).

May be useful to people; I do not know.

An ethnic minority carpetbagger in Government will be protected, as far as possible. Others, English, less connected, poorer, would face sterner measures. I recall a colleague at the Bar, in 2007, telling me about a Devonian fishing captain that he had defended, and who (along with his few crew) had decided to evade tax on profits of fish caught. The man was apparently a heroin addict. They all pleaded guilty, the crew got off with suspended sentences, but the captain received a sentence of, if I recall aright, two years’ imprisonment. The amount was tens of thousands (perhaps about £20,000), not the millions of the Zahawi case.

Historical revisionism


[Grenzpolizei DDR (East German border guards). Maybe we in the UK need something similar in order to stem the migration-invasion]

It often seems that the UK now has effectively no border security. Untermenschen from various countries invade our territory without difficulty, and when “intercepted” (ferried to the UK, or met at the beach), taken to a 3* or 4* hotel, thenceforth battening off the British people for the rest of their lives.

The very best that can be expected of 99% of the migrant-invaders is that they will be totally useless; more likely, most of them are criminal and even murderous.

Late tweets seen

No Western news agencies or TV stations seem interested in finding out how the Kiev regime is treating captured Russian soldiers.

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Diary Blog, 29 January 2021

The “dead end” of Western society

In my unpublished book written in 1990-91 (which a reader from a famous 5th Avenue literary agency said (in a very Ivy League rejection letter!) was “undoubtedly the most extraordinary work I have ever read. It will never get published in New York“), I explored, inter alia, the concept of the “dead end”, and in particular the idea that Western society, which effectively means world society, has come to a dead end except in terms of technical and scientific matters.

The above idea can be seen in almost every field.

Example: saw yesterday this tweet from a Jew academic:

Emeritus professor of economics at a well-known American university, no less, yet all he can offer is a derivative 1930s Marxist-Leninist Soviet propaganda “analysis”. He’s at least 85 years out of date!

At present, our society is either static, or degenerating. The question, which I can pose but not answer, is whether a leap, perhaps “quantum leap”, can be made to a new society, or whether our society has first to be destroyed in its present form. The former is an easier route, but I do not know at present whether it will be possible.

Tweets seen today

The Jews like to present themselves as the creators and maintainers of Western civilization, but are more often in the character of its degenerators and destroyers.

Him and at least six million, if not 16 million, others of a similar type.

Interesting “virus” report

Covid-19 could have a long-term effect on male fertility, German study claims“…


Does that mean that the “Covid-19” vaccine(s) would have a similar, or similar but lesser, effect? My own medical and scientific knowledge is limited, so my question is not really rhetorical: I actually do not know the answer.

More tweets

A form of scarcely-disguised (((corruption)))…

…and at the same time, and what a surprise (not)…the supposedly “nationalist” Sinn Fein are bending the knee to the migrant invaders! How are the mighty fallen!

An American revisionist view of Hitler

I myself would not agree with everything said by the presenter, but it is a reasoned view, all the same.

More tweets


The Great Replacement. White Genocide…Television is part of the conspiracy too, of course: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/12/10/tv-ads-and-soaps-are-the-propaganda-preferred-by-the-system-in-the-uk/

Boris Johnson, the part-Jew, part-Turk posing as Prime Minister, is a traitor, and that on a strategic scale or level.

Exactly. One sign of decadence is when a country like the UK allows a Balkan fraud like Slavoj Zizek [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavoj_%C5%BDi%C5%BEek] to run any academic institution, thus appearing to take him seriously.

Again absolutely correct. Look at Syriza in Greece. The real revolutionaries, Golden Dawn, were repressed, the leaders imprisoned. The fake self-describing “Left” revolutionaries, Syriza, became the government, on a platform of opposition to international finance-capitalism EU “reparations”, but as elected government then rolled over for those transnational forces of money-conspiracy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Dawn_(Greece); https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syriza; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syriza#Government_formation.

Shove them inside.

As with “holocaust” “denial” laws, the modern laws of heresy…

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Diary Blog, 27 January 2020

Photographs of Soviet troops at Auschwitz in 1945 are fake

“Photographs of Soviet troops at Auschwitz in 1945 are fake”, according to “holocaust” “survivor” Eva Schloss, step-sister of Anne Frank, whose mainly-fake diary (penned mainly by the girl’s father after 1945) spawned films and a whole mini-industry of book scribbling in the USA, Israel, France, UK etc.


I myself did not see the TV interview with Eva Schloss, but I notice that while the Daily Mail report mentions “gas chambers” as background, the woman herself does not claim to have actually seen one, even though she was at Auschwitz for eight months!

In fact, I heard an American Jew grating on BBC Radio 4 Today this morning. He has been heavily involved in what he called “maintenance” of the Auschwitz site, which sounds like it was a rebuilding. He said “by the end, we had ‘restored’ it to what it looked like in 1945.” Is that so?

In January 1945, almost everything at Auschwitz was demolished by explosives and/or razed to the ground by fire. What visitors now see (in what is a whole tourist industry now) is a supposed “reconstruction”.

A few years ago, some (I think Swedish) tourists stole the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign. It was recovered a few days later, but before that, in fact within a few hours of the theft, a facsimile had been installed. The facsimile was exactly like the “original”. How there came to be such a copy lying around ready for deployment was never explained.

I was in Poland a few times in the late 1980s, some of which time was spent, on two of those visits, in the fairly small Polish city of Bielsko-Biala, about 15-20 miles from the Auschwitz site.


I recall sitting having a beer at a deserted tourist hotel at Bielsko in December 1988 (I was not staying in the hotel…just there for the beer, so to speak). I saw a lone British tourist (from somewhere in Northern England, from the accent) talking to her Polish guide about how her main reason to be there was to visit the Auschwitz site. I myself never went there and I did not hear any Polish people (I was in the country, in several visits, for a total of about 2 months) once mention either “Auschwitz” or its modern Polish name, or anything to do with it.

Labour leadership

Lisa Nandy, whose grandfather was a pro-Israel Liberal Party MP and then life peer, and whose Indian father was instrumental in having the Race Relations Act passed (which led to the slippery slope of no-free-speech that we now slide down), has spoken to the Jewish Chronicle:


She’s no good. Bin her.

Israel and Israelis

BBC and ITV lead news with “holocaust” stories (and I do mean “stories”)

The UK msm made sure that the news agenda was headed by the Auschwitz jamboree in Poland. Chinese virus that might be a worldwide epidemic? No. Iran? No. Today, only the “holocaust” propaganda can lead the news (or should that be “fake news”?) agenda.

Jewish Zionist supremacism and exceptionalism

I first started to notice this decades ago. Jews often “champion” the rights of non-white races: blacks, browns, whatever. In reality, they think that Jewish suffering is really far more important than non-Jewish suffering, but they have to pretend that they care about (non-white) non-Jews so as not to stigmatize themselves as selfish ethnic supremacists. That’s in Europe, North America etc. They even pretend to care about any hostility Europeans show to the largely Muslim migration-invasion. A smokescreen. In and around Israel itself, of course, they do not feel the need to pretend.

A key aspect of the worldwide Zionist strategy is “holocaust” publicity. It tends to validate the existence of the state of Israel (as “refuge” from the otherwise “antisemitic” world).

SIS fantasist?

Some day, some journalist not totally beguiled by the fantasies of Ian Fleming, John le Carre and Spooks (inter alia) will do a proper job on the general uselessness of MI6/SIS and MI5/Security Service. Until then, only bits and pieces come out. Below, a newspaper report on how a former SIS resident, or station chief, in Moscow, one Christopher Steele, made up “secret” information about Trump for profit…

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