Diary Blog, 30 January 2020

Labour Party

When I first read the Private Eye piece below, I included it in a blog article under the subtitle (taken from Schiller) “Against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain”. It is worth clicking on it to read the whole short article.

I understand that Corbyn’s advisers (perhaps other than Milne, if Private Eye is right) thought that the best strategy would be to wait it out, tough it out, take all the slings and arrows of being called “cowardly”, “scared of the electorate” etc, and refuse to be drawn into an election battle which Labour would be unlikely to win. As that Private Eye article says, both Corbyn and LibDem leader Jo Swinson were convinced that they would do well in any snap election.

The fact is that Boris-idiot could not have called an election without at least the Labour Party MPs voting for it. The few LibDems were of course a mere add-on. Had Labour not gone along with the Conservative Party demand, Boris-idiot’s government would have limped along for a while, powerless, hopeless, until the Conservative MPs forced Johnson out and replaced him, probably some time in 2020.

Corbyn’s decision to submit his party to an electorate very unfavourable to him and Labour was one of the stand-out political mistakes of the past half-century. I imagine that future students of Politics in universities will spend much time on the 2019 General Election.

The same was of course true of Jo Swinson, but in her case the effect was minimal (except to her personally, as her own constituency chucked her out). The LibDems lost, on paper, nearly a dozen MPs, but most were recent defectors from other parties. The LibDems did decline from the 2017 position, but few expected them to do really well anyway.

Brexit Party? Farage’s absurd decision to stand down his candidates in Conservative-held seats was another huge error, in addition to which he stabbed his own candidates and members in the back. Madness, and very dishonest.

It might have been different for both Labour and LibDems even so, had Farage not done what he did. The Brexit Party was floundering in the opinion polls anyway, but would probably have done well enough to get a few thousand votes in most seats, thus gifting both Labour and the LibDems seats, Labour in the North (mainly) and the LibDems in the South (mainly). The Conservatives might have ended up with dozens fewer seats, Labour and LibDems with an equal amount (together). That might have resulted in the Conservatives either having a small majority (under 10) or no majority.

The net result now, however, is that, without having really “won” the election (the Conservative vote having increased by only one point over that of 2017), the Conservatives have the power to impose finance-capitalist dystopia on the UK.

We read that Ayn Rand devotee and pro-Israel Pakistani nut and Muslim apostate Sajid Javid has written to all departments of government demanding a 5%+ reduction in spending plans. So much for “an end to austerity”. Yet Javid is apparently going to back the disastrous and pointless HS2 vanity project, with its huge costs and equally huge environmental damage.

Labour now tries to find a new leader, one who will magically win back those white English and Welsh and even Scottish former Labour voters who have voted with their feet either in not voting at all, or voting somehow other than for Labour. A monumental task. The white British people have been betrayed time and again by Labour:

  • mass immigration, which during Blair’s government was deliberately allowed to swamp the UK with millions of immigrants, often non-European (blacks, browns, Roma gypsies etc). The Jewish ministers Barbara Roche and Phil Woolas (both now chucked out of Parliament) were leading conspirators in that, but the buck stops, in the end, with the Prime Ministers in question, and their Party, Labour (not that the Conservatives are any better in practice);
  • child abuse of white English children by (mainly) Pakistanis. A blind eye turned to that suffering by Labour MPs, councillors, and Common Purpose-infected police and social workers;
  • Labour becoming “Conservative-lite”, especially under Blair and Brown. Crumbs from the table thrown to the masses, but in reality the rich getting richer and the poor either standing still or getting poorer; also, the anti-social security campaigns that started under Blair, then intensified under Brown (and also Alastair Darling, who has never been punished for his role) before reaching levels of dystopian madness under Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and others of the misnamed “Conservative” Party;
  • the collapse of any effective police service except in respect of the most serious offences; also, the politicization of the police and the manipulation of the police and CPS by the Jewish-Zionist element; the attempts to police thought and opinion online and elsewhere, eg via the Communications Act 2003; Corbyn defending Irish tinker “traveller” riff-raff even during the 2019 election campaign! What an idiot!
  • deadhead MPs (many but certainly not all of whom are blacks): Diane Abbott, Fiona Onasanya (now removed), Kate Osamor, Dawn Butler, Jess Phillips. Some have difficulty stringing a sentence together on paper, or even orally.

I do not see much future for Labour as it now is. Any attempt to move Labour to some ill-defined “centre” must be doomed to failure in that Brown lost, Miliband lost, and in fact had Blair been there in 2010, he too would have lost.

Having said all that, statistics show that the Conservatives are only favoured by those over 50, and particularly by those over retirement age. That being so, the field is more open than seems to be the case superficially.

For me, it is clear that what the bulk of the British people really want is an intelligent and effective social nationalism. That wish, however, is subconscious for the vast majority. If a party or movement could emerge of such a character, and if it could survive and thrive, then anything would then be possible and we could really set to.

Katie Hopkins

The “Twittersphere” is agog with the news that Katie Hopkins has had her account suspended. The Twitterati are ecstatic…

Now I am not on the same ideological page as Katie Hopkins, who is pro-Jew, pro-Israel and also pro the kind of “Conservatism” that I despise (finance-capitalist, Ayn Rand “libertarian” etc), but I have no wish to take away her freedom to express opinion. The pseudo-socialist Twitterati are not so liberal. They love it that a huge transnational enterprise can simply take away someone’s free speech (so long as the victim is not on their side of the argument…). What silly little people they are!


The ironies of the Katie Hopkins suspension are several, but one is that Katie Hopkins is usually so eager to support Israel and Jewry, yet the prime mover in the suspension seems to have been Rachel Riley, the Jewish TV presenter or whatever, with the Twitter Zionist claque right behind her.

Twitter has expelled most dissenting voices (including me, in 2018), and so is left with three or four types of tweeter (some may fall into two or even three groups):

  • the —more or less— System tweeters;
  • the Jewish-Zionist element;
  • the pseudo-socialist and/or “anti-fascist” element;
  • the “moronic masses”, interested in sports, pop music, supposed “celebrities” etc.

The extent to which UK Twitter is out of touch could be seen during the 2019 General Election campaign; Twitter was mostly pro-Labour or LibDem, except that the Jews were attacking Corbyn and Labour generally. Twitter loves “refugees” and indeed all immigrants. Twitter knows who obscure American sports persons are. Twitter mostly believes the official “holocaust” farrago.

As noted above, the ideological emptiness of the pseudo-socialist and/or “anti-fascist” tweeters is shown up rather well when they defend the ability of huge capitalist enterprises (the owners of such or the little employees of such) to shut down the free speech of someone they, the Twitterati, dislike. They’re idiots.

Here is one example:

That’s Mike Stuchbery, self-styled “historian”, “journalist” etc, of whom I have blogged previously:



Here’s another:


A few, even on Twitter, are standing up for freedom of expression: see “Ross”, below

Well, as in previous “cases”, we see those who are behind all or almost all of this repression of freedom:

Some of my own experiences:




I wonder whether those applauding ever-deeper censorship and repression in the UK, Germany, France, USA etc ever think about what might result if all previously-legitimate forms of socio-political expression and/or dissent are taken away?

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” [John F. Kennedy]

Cognitive dissonance in ideology

The more “socialist” types on Twitter and beyond tend to suffer from the same ideological dissonance as, say, Corbyn, John McDonnell etc. They oppose Zionism and Zionists in and around Israel/Palestine, yet do not oppose the forces of Zionism where they are far more powerful (in most respects), meaning in the UK, USA, France etc! It is pointless getting worked up on behalf of the poor old Palestinians and their exploitation by Zionist Jews, if you ignore similar exploitation happening in your own backyard! Here (below) is one poor sap who evidently has not yet made the connection:

North Star guide our sight, with Light, with Light, with Light!

An interesting old film


Night music…

17 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30 January 2020”

  1. Yes, if we had a Proportional Representation or had had two half-way astute leaders of the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats we could have had a hung parliament but we had an very inexperienced Jo Swinson leading the Liberal Democrats who launched wave upon wave of verbal attacks against Corbyn because of her adherence to the Jew Zionist Lobby and to try and get Tory voters to switch to them but which just reinforced their fears about him and Corbyn who was, like virtually all Labour leaders have been, a political dinosaur ie a tribalist who was simply not interested in co-operating with the Liberal Democratic Party and who, consequently, preferred to attack them than his joint enemy the Tories.

    Now, we have this repulsive Tory government for at least five long years elected, once again, on a clear minority vote share and which may well preside over the break-up of the United Kingdom and do lots of extraordinary stupid and destructive things like HS2. Having that Javid weirdo as Chancellor with full power is thanks to naive Jo Swinson and political luddite Corbyn.


  2. So the Zionist extremists/Israel Firsters of the Board of Deputies of ‘British’ ( only when we feel like it and when we perceive there to be some advantage for Israel or for our community in being so) Jews are not keen on British values like freedom of speech. Well, who would have thought that?🙄🙄🙄😡🤬

    Katie Hopkins is the last of their worries. I am surprised they haven’t tried to get rid of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations off Twitter yet because they denounced the Zionist extremists of the Board of Deputies for their hate campaign against Corbyn and Labour. ‘Self-hating’ Jews are simply not on!🙄🙄🙄


  3. Yes, these Labour lefties aren’t too bright. Why can’t they work out that Zionists are racist and are therefore dismissive of the rights of Palestinians AND other non Jews like British white goys?🙄

    Zionists even hate their fellow Jews who don’t support Israel like some Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill don’t like the ones below let alone us!


  4. So anti-British white gentile racism by the Zionist zealots of the Board of Deputies is ok then according to that Labour leftie and we gentiles attempting to defend ourselves against that would be construed by him as ‘anti-semitism’ even when it is defensive in nature?

    No wonder they lost the election so badly!


  5. The Board of Deputies and other extremist Zionist groups like the so-called ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ (though these contemptible hypocrites find that being against the rights of Palestinian SEMITES isn’t a form of anti-semitism even though it is) should be banned and their members and supporters be referred to the government’s anti-extremism programme. Why should Zionist extremists not be referred to it when white and Asian Muslim extremists are?🙄🙄🙄


    1. True. There are differences, though. The Islamists wish to convert the world (in this case, Europe) to Islam and to kill those unwilling to comply.. The Jew-Zionists do not wish to do that, but “only” to rule Europe by stealth (at least initially), by wealth and manipulations, in order to exploit Europe and its peoples in the Jewish interest. The so-called “far right” (social-national, mainly) white European “extremists” (such as myself, it might be said, though I do not consider myself to be in any respect “extreme”) want to create a Europe which can then evolve to higher levels of both society and consciousness. Therefore they want a Europe composed basically of white Northern Europeans as a basis or foundation for that.


  6. Yes, I have just been looking at some of the tweeters responses to Katie Hopkins being banned and I find it disgusting and rather frightening to see the gloating of leftie idiots about this news. These morons are obviously unaware of the fact that lefties are supposed to find democracy and the right of freedom of speech/freedom of expression/of thought etc to be an inherent value of their side of politics.

    With people like that in their ranks it should come as no surprise that Labour lost the election by a large number of seats and that the Liberal Democratic Party finds it hard to convince people as to why we need equal votes ie Proportional Representation. In their defence, it seems to be Labour Party supporting cretins doing it for the most part.

    The British ‘Left’ need to take a long, hard look at themselves because with their contempt for the most basic values of democracy they shouldn’t be surprised that increasingly large numbers of ordinary people find their politics to be an utter irrelevance.

    I am like you in that I don’t care for her opinions in the main but she does have every right to express them so her banning is fundamentally unjust and should be reversed.

    Twitter bans far too many people nowadays. If only another social media platform had as wide a reach as they do as if they did it would provide Twitter with some much needed competition.


    1. As you say. I have blogged before about “quasi-monopolies”, such as Twitter, Facebook, ebay, Amazon etc. Not monopolies in the strict sense, but as good as. Also about the self-described “Leftists”, or latter-day socialists, who are so short of ideological underpinning that they applaud it when huge finance-capital enterprises “de-platform” people (like me, like Katie Hopkins, like Alison Chabloz etc) who put forward dissenting views. The “socialists” are now pretty much irrelevant. Kindergarten politics.


  7. I can distil those five bullet points in one word: CHAOS, as in ordo ab chao. The Tories have form for espousing chaos as a means of “reshaping” society and in this regard are a facsimile of the Labourites. In fact in a rather dramatic demonstration of the veracity of the long held suspicion that MPs all work for Someone Else:


    This is proof they’ve completely lost their minds. All is now in plain sight. And as for those MPs, they weren’t elected but selected.

    This can only end badly.


    1. Wigger: Well put, not least the reminder that before candidate-MPs are *elected*, they have to be *selected*. Most decent candidates are filtered out at this stage.

      As for MPs signing up to that absurd “definition” (“adopted” by only a dozen or so states), all that proves to me is that, out of 650 MPs, only 7 are not under the Jew-Zionist thumb. Bin the lot.


  8. Utterly disgusting but not surprising to those of us who aren’t hugely naive like most of the morons who comprise a large part of the British electorate.

    If only all these virtually Israeli MPs died in a huge plane crash visiting that ‘shi##y little country’ as even a former French Ambassador of Jewish descent called it around the time if Bliar’s war crime in Iraq.

    I wonder who would govern the country then if virtually all of our treasonous MPs were to die?

    Isn’t it time we had a Brexit from the USA and Israel as well as, or instead of, one from Europe?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. Or we could just have a ‘day of the rope’ for CON Party and Labour traitors and [*redacted*] 600 plus of them within a single day!

    Once we are free of the EU the return of capital punishment becomes possible so we need to test the gallows to make sure the equipment is all in good working order:

    I can’t think of better people to test the gallows out on than Tory and Labour scumbag MPs.


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