Diary Blog, 31 January 2020

Brexit Day

I favoured Leave from the start (meaning from a while before the 2016 Referendum), but the process was royally mishandled by idiots such as Francis Maude (also a Common Purpose member, fyi), in fact so badly handled that I wonder(ed) whether that was not deliberate. Well, here we are, about to “leave”, though for now only on paper.

I wonder what kind of celebrations there will be. Not many and rather muted, I suspect. I am guessing that any “celebrations” will be rather squalid and sad, like New Year’s Eve used to be about 30 years ago in London, the Trafalgar Square fountains and statues boarded-up to protect them from drunken “revellers” (vandals and twerps, beer cans in hand, and with nowhere better to go).

The public mood is very downbeat, in my opinion: not sorry to be “leaving”, exactly; not scared either, but unenthusiastic, almost sullen.

As for Boris-idiot, looking at the first couple of months of his majority-government, my impression is that the man himself still looks like someone who, against the odds, has won the lottery, or inherited a great estate, and is not quite sure how to handle his unmerited good fortune.

Freedom of expression

Free speech (etc) continues to be attacked. Alastair Stewart of all people, who started political life as a “left-wing Communist” in the National Union of Students before getting into the absurdly well-paid newsreading line and becoming “mainstream”, has been sacked because a black “activist” and “lobbyist” from East London was too dim to understand a few lines of Shakespeare!

Katie Hopkins, meanwhile, has been “suspended” from Twitter (that’s what they called it when I was in reality expelled from Twitter in 2018…). She was the latest target of an unholy alliance of Jew-Zionists, Muslims and pseudo-socialist “anti-fascist” idiots, who all applaud the fact that a quasi-monopolistic finance-capitalist enterprise like Twitter can suddenly —and without being in any way accountable— “decide” to “de-platform” anyone it (i.e. its executives, or even minor office bods) consider to be “racist” etc.

Here below, NHS psychiatrist Tim G. Stevens, who tweets negatively about me from time to time, betrays a basically pedestrian mind. Twitter, says he, is a “private” company (let’s leave the exact terminology aside) and so can ban whomsoever it chooses.

In fact, it is wholly inadequate to say that huge transnational organizations such as Twitter, which hold such an overwhelmingly large market share that they are quasi-monopolies, are simply “private”, or non-State, actors and so beyond the reach of potential civil rights legislation (the type of legislation which does not as yet exist but should exist).

The actor Laurence Fox has been attacked recently for daring to question “woke” nonsense:

When Laurence Fox meets Bonnie Greer again, he should ask her why it is, in what many call “racist” Britain, that a black American woman with no educational background (she started to read Law in Chicago but dropped out), and who has mainly been engaged in writing the kind of subsidized theatrical works that have an audience of 2.5 people, was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the British Museum. She even became Deputy Chair for a while!

When I had a Twitter account, Bonnie Greer joined a host of System-approved msm drones, talking heads, journalists and other scribblers, MPs etc, in blocking my tweets (nb. not my tweets to them or even about them, but on general topics).

The madness continues and intensifies:



Ha ha! This made me laugh! Thank you!

For a more serious take on “holocaust” nonsense, see, below, the work of the late Professor Faurisson:


British politics, the home of mediocrity

I happened to see this person’s biog. on Wikipedia, having never previously heard of her:


So took some kind of degree and then taught in a secondary school for 5 years (1969-1974). Volunteered with Citizen’s Advice, sat as a lay magistrate in Surrey, sat on a tribunal for a while. Climbed up the Conservative Party organization in the 1980s/1990s and was elevated as a life peer in 1996. Apparently (looking at Wikipedia) not a mother, and married to a barrister who took silk and is, or was, a Deputy High Court judge; she herself appears to have worked full-time for 5 years only, on the face of it.

Now, this rather obscure lady remains a member of the Lords, has held ministerial positions, and has only to sign-in for 20 mins at the Lords to receive her £310 per day tax-free stipend, though I doubt that she is in need of the money.

I know almost nothing about this lady, so will not criticize her, but it seems to me that far too many MPs, as well as peers, have nothing very special to offer.

More about freedom of expression

The malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” “charity” has intimidated a music venue (again), the other victim this time (also not for the first time) being Gilad Atzmon, the Jewish but anti-Zionist jazz musician.

A little English music:

24 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 31 January 2020”

  1. I think the only people who are enthusiastic about Brexit are old people who can remember life in Britain before 1973 and who think that Britain was some sort of paradise to what it is now. This is true to an extent but many problems in this country have NOTHING to do with the EU or very little like non-European immigration which started under Attlee’s Labour government in 1948 and really started in earnest under Anthony Eden’s so-called Tory government in the 1950’s.

    These oldies forget that the reason we JOINED the Common Market was because the British political Establishment had made such a mess of this country BEFORE 1973 and had basically given-up on thinking they were competent enough to govern this country alone hence their determination to allow foreigners to rule us via Common Market entry.

    Britain has been going wrong in terms of its governance for at least 80 years and some would say a lot longer than that.

    Not surprisingly these oldies are the backbone of the Tory vote!🙄🙄🙄

    Apart from the old, the only other types of people enthusiastic about Brexit are young libertarian idiots like Darren Grimes ie Thatcherite non entities who, despite all of the evidence, think ‘ free markets’ are the answer to everything!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    These Thatcherite loonies should have been expelled from the Conservative Party as they have done that party and our country a great deal of damage and aren’t real Conservatives more like 19th Century Liberals.


    1. I agree with much of that but not all. Britain pre-1973 was far from paradisal but still, overall, better than now. Its problems were, in principle, capable of being solved. Now? Either not so capable, or only after huge struggle. I favoured (and still favour) Brexit but only “on balance” in that at least the UK will be free of the encroachments of Wholocaust” “denial” laws, EAW etc.


  2. So any JEWISH person who is anti-Zionist is ‘anti-semitic’ according to those dangerous Zionist fanatics of the wholly misnamed ‘Campaign Against Anti-Senitism’. Interesting!

    It is high time they were banned as I think someone will be murdered by them soon and that person could even be an anti-Zionist Jew like Gilda Atzmon.


  3. According to the Red Cross the total death toll from what is described as ‘The Holocaust’ is supposed to be about 300,000 NOT SIX MILLION!

    Personally, I don’t see how the Nazis murdered that sort of latter figure by means of gas chambers because they would have had to be doing it non-stop 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year for THREE or FOUR long years and yet the US Air Force took photographs whilst flying over the camps yet there were no vast plumes of smoke coming from them.

    It seems to me that Zionist extremists have deliberately inflated the figure of deaths and embellished the story in other ways in order to establish the Zionist state of Israel and to protect it from critical comments when it goes over the top ‘defending’ itself.


    1. Yes. Auschwitz itself was only operational for 3 years or so (the different parts were built at different times). There is no doubt that the death toll was high, but there were no “gas chambers”. That was a propaganda idea that pre-dated Auschwitz and was current among Jews from about 1940. As you say, the figures simply do not add up.

      Everything about the Jewish experience of WW2 has indeed been inflated. There is a secret agenda behind it; it has accelerated since the 1960s and especially since the 1980s. An attempt at world control.


  4. The fact that many countries have Holocaust denial laws in place or as good as with criminal penalties in place for those who deny the story or even question parts of it surely means the Zionists and their helpers have something to hide as otherwise why have them? The truth fears no investigation.


  5. It isn’t that surprising that so many millions of people even Brexit supporters are not that happy on our wedding day!🙄🙄🙄

    it is now more necessary than ever to have real electoral reform so we can get rid of Tory and Labour who will make a complete mess of ‘independence’ just as they did before 1973.


  6. Yrs, Boris-Idiot does indeed look as if he can’t believe his unmerited good fortune. He is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and it is a great Shane that more people don’t understand this clown is wholly unsuitable be PM and is well out of his depth. Sadly, there are a lot of morons in the British electorate who think somebody who makes them laugh because he is a buffoon is suitable to be PM!🙄🙄🙄😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️


      1. Yet ANOTHER CON Party ‘deadhead’! The wonders never cease -NOT! Stupid bitch is just typical of their female ‘talent’. Ghastly women selected purely to fulfil a PC quota for having ovaries instead of penises!

        ‘Independence’ under this lot! God almighty, just WHAT have we let ourselves in for!🙄☹️😞


      2. I see she holds a safe seat. Yes, a true blue constituency where you could be a monkey from London Zoo and wear a blue rosette and old Tory pensioners with senile dementia would vote for you in droves. The kind of seat that breeds these idiots and would be an ideal one for the chief organ grinder, Boris-Idiot, himself to relocate to. Isn’t First Past The Post just a wonderful electoral system – NOT!


  7. Now we shall have a light musical interlude to drown-out that cretinous, moronic, unkempt, monkey dog from London Zoo that poses as ‘our’ PM:

    Can we rejoin the EU so we can away from Tory and Labour pricks?


      1. Well, I hope you are correct because otherwise it will have been a totally worthless exercise. Just giving more power to Tory and Labour undemocratic bastards and morons is pointless just so they can resume their nation-wrecking ways as in pre 1973 days!

        I want to see the back of both Tory and Labour. They have had decades in power between them and the end result isn’t impressive.

        Now, let us party like it is 1972! These were hits in the year before our independence was interrupted most rudely (although, that being said, that perpetually drunk idiot Churchill effectively gave away a large chunk in 1940 to the Yanks and we have been members of NATO which also compromises strict independence):


        It won’t be long before the CONS make such a complete fuck-up of ‘independence’ that we will have the return of such nostalgic greats as the Three Day Week and the Winter of Discontent!🙄🙄🙄


  8. Apparently, Beethoven’s OdeTo Joy is top of the charts today! Says I all about Boris and his fellow Tory morons, doesn’t it🙄🙄🙄🙄


  9. The CONS don’t have the intellectual ability to run a whelk stall on the end of Southend Pier or a brothel full of hookers let alone a sovereign country and that would be the case with a ‘normal’ Tory PM let alone a man child who should be entertaining small kids in a circus big top!


  10. A new political party needs to be created which I will provisionally entitle the ‘Make Brexit Worthwhile Party’ (MBWP) This needs to come into existence since the Tories will only pursue a Brexit for the 1% which was the entire purpose of their constant whinging and internal feuds over the issue in recent years.There is, I am afraid, going to be a LOT of disappointment around when Brexit turns out to be just more nation-wrecking globalism for the super rich in the hands of the CON Party.


  11. Two things to say about your post:

    1) About Brexit: Although I am not British I follow closely the political developments in the UK as an ethno- nationalist and European, therefore my heart is with the British patriots who want to get out of the evil EU. The problem is that this movement was highjacked by a fraud called Nigel Farage who has been controlled opposition from the very beginning. It showed clearly at the pathetic, lame “celebration” that he attended. He said that Brexit was a triumph of “democracy” (that utterly corrupt system imposed by the sword in Europe after 1945) and that Tony Blair was welcomed to work together (???) in this “new” Britain. What a load of crap!

    2) About Laurence Fox: He spoke against the tyranny of politically-correct thought and that is good. BUT he did not go any further or elaborate on the subject. Unfortunately, he is just another Roger Scrutton, he will speak against cultural marxism but he will never denounce its Jewish roots neither its evil, criminal agenda. He will never follow it through. He is what North American ethno-nationalists rightly call a “cuckservative”. That should not surprise us considering his background. Let’s not forget that his disgusting sister Lydia Fox proved to be race-traitress by marrying a mongrel called Richard Ayoade. Laurence Fox IS NOT an ally or a friend.


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