Diary Blog, 3 February 2020

Good morning.


Streatham incident

A part of London I know slightly but not well. A couple of times, c.1980, I had a beer in the pub just about where the incident occurred. A few times, round about the same year, I had a milkshake or whatever in the local McDonalds (the first one I had ever patronized, I believe, and quite possibly the last, except for the odd visit to the ones in Victoria Street and at Marble Arch, and one in Maryland). I also had a (dishonest and generally non-paying) Sri Lankan instructing solicitor in Streatham in the early 1990s; I attended her office for a reception once. She killed herself a few weeks later. I think that the last time I was in Streatham was probably about 25 years ago.

Leaving aside reminiscence, it seems that the Government response to the latest terrorist incident is to say that —ill-defined— “terror” convicts will in future have to serve more or less their full sentence, rather than be released on licence earlier (most prisoners get out at half-time).

Tweets about the incident, many misinformed or simply laughable, now rain down…as do comments by the sort of idiot-MPs we now have in Parliament. For example, here is  Bell Ribeiro-Addy, the MP for Streatham, who went to the scene of the attack. She said: “The perpetrator didn’t serve his full sentence, which is questionable – what is more questionable is why he needed to be under surveillance. If someone needs to be under surveillance it brings the question on why they were released in the first place.” [Guardian]

This is what Wikipedia says about her:

Ribeiro-Addy was born and raised in Streatham, growing up on a council estate on Brixton Hill. She is Christian and of Ghanaian descent.[3][4] Privately educated at the independent Streatham & Clapham High School, Ribeiro-Addy graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science with Ethics & Philosophy of Science from the University of Bradford later gaining a Master of Arts in Medical Law & Ethics at Queen Mary University of London, awarded in 2007, and a Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP Law School, awarded in 2015.[5] She was the National Black Students’ Officer for the National Union of Students (NUS) from 2008 to 2010, national co-ordinator of the Student Assembly Against Racism, and the national convenor of the NUS’ Anti-Racism/Anti-Fascism campaign.

So…Bell Ribeiro-Addy has, as well as her grand-sounding but probably rather easy first degree and (ditto or double…) Masters’ degree, a “graduate diploma in law”, yet she seemingly cannot understand the simple concept that people are released from prison according to strict rules and regulations under law. They cannot be kept in prison for arbitrary reasons. This is the UK, not a banana republic like Ghana, from where Ms. Ribeiro-Addy’s parents came. The UK may be becoming a banana state, and MPs such as Ms. Ribeiro-Addy are accelerating that process, but we are, thankfully, not quite there yet. I feel a blog article in my “Deadhead MPs” series coming on…

The “Secret Barrister” on Twitter, often worth reading, has this to say about the governmental response:

It will be recalled that I have previously blogged about Dominic Cummings, Boris-idiot’s lunatic-in-chief:



Boris-idiot, Dominic Cummings and Priti Patel at the head of domestic policy; what could possibly go wrong?…

“Secret Barrister” adds:

The tweeter below attacks the “Secret Barrister”, but he himself has little (in fact nothing) intelligent to say, which means that he has a good chance of becoming a “Conservative” MP at some point in the future, so long as the Jew lobby does not dislike him.

Another tweeter seems to imagine that the terror attack might have been stopped, had the local police station still been open and full of police, though she adds a rider:

Thus speaks a would-be “journalist” who writes for the Huffington Post joke “newspaper”. Her assignment for today? To look up the meaning of the word “uncanny”…Her usage reminds me of how (until someone told him he sounded stupid) Barack Obama would, in almost every second or third sentence, use the word “extraordinary”, and with great sonority…

As to the police, I do not see how their response can be faulted. They took out the terrorist only minutes (perhaps less than one minute) after he started his rampage.

It may be that the terrorist knew or assumed that he was under close surveillance, and that that was why he stole a knife rather than simply buying one with cash: had he bought one, the watchers would have assumed that he was about to attack; he probably underestimated the skill of the surveillance people, thinking that he could steal a knife without anyone seeing that he had done so. Having said that, some witnesses are saying that the terrorist took the knife openly. If that is right, my theory falls and I do not know what to think except that maybe the terrorist was seeking some spurious Islamist “martyrdom”, i.e. “suicide by cop”.

The governmental response is pathetic. The terrorist  had served a relatively short sentence. Had he had to serve the remaining months, would that have changed anything? No.

Now, while it is true that most (the vast majority of) Muslims in the UK would not commit such acts, or (arguably) even support them if done by others, a certain percentage of that Muslim population would either do them or support them. Active would-be terrorists are few.

There are, officially, about 2,660,000 Muslims in the UK, so the real figure may be about 3 million. Let us say that 1 in 10,000 is a terrorist or a would-be terrorist. That’s still 300. Not huge, but the State does not have the resources to keep 300 possible terrorists under 24/7 surveillance. What if the ratio is 1:1,000? That would be 3,000 terrorists. You see the problem. It takes dozens of operators, or at least 20 as a minimum, to keep close surveillance on even one person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 300 x 20 = 6,000 officers. 3,000 x 20 = 60,000 officers. No can do. Even if the number of police/MI5 etc needed is only 3,000, the burden is still too heavy. It’s not possible.

The only long-term solution is for the UK to become a relatively-homogenous ethnostate.


Me like…


Global cooling?


If that were to happen, Greta Nut would “top” herself…


Mike Hoare

The legendary contract soldier, Mike Hoare, has died at the age of 100. Long ago, I knew a couple of people who had known him in Africa.



Of course, kneejerk “antifascists”, bien-pensant scribblers etc will denigrate someone of this sort, but Hoare was a hero who saved many people from torture and death during the Simba rebellion in the Congo (1964-65). Not only Europeans, but Africans too. Nuns etc. Read Congo Mercenary before you judge him harshly:



The sort of adventurer and hero “Not Wanted On Voyage” in contemporary Britain, sadly.

Scotland and England

For myself, I am content to let the Scots leave the UK should they wish it, though in my view it is an unconvincing “independence” that would see Scotland dominated by the EU and international finance, by (presumably) NATO too, and with a population likely to be swamped by mass non-European immigration over time (though Scotland is at present over 95% white, which is probably why few Scots sympathize with English people who despair at their country becoming black/brown— “I’m All Right, Jack”…).

Any pull-out by Scotland would of course have considerable repercussions in terms of rump-UK politics. The 650 Westminster MPs would become 591 and, with boundary changes, perhaps only about 560. The Conservative Party would be dominant in the short-term, with the Scottish SNP and LibDem contingent no longer there.

Another day shuts down

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 3 February 2020”

  1. Yes, whilst the number of Muslims prepared to commit these acts is a relatively small figure it doesn’t need many to pose what could be an horrific threat ie the use of a ‘dirty’ nuke/ chemical weapons/ suicide bombings and the swamp in which they are swimming is becoming bigger and bigger. How many new Muslim immigrants has this perennially stupid globalist Home Secretary let in in the last week alone?🤬😡🙄

    Muslim immigration should be almost completely banned with the sole exception of very, very skilled immigrants like heart and brain surgeons from relatively sane Islamic countries like Eqypt rather than Pakistan.

    Yes, in the longer term, we will have to encourage these people to go back home to their countries of origin or Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ will become true.

    Yes, I like the idea of that Brexit Restoration Bill. The Tories are showing their true globalist colours by having all those union flags down the Mall and around Parliament that were there last Friday removed.

    It obviously signifies their intention for Brexit to be a pointless, globalist one where Britain will continue to be treated as merely being a borderless economic space that the 1% can make an increased fortune from.🙄🙄🙄

    It may as well be scrapped for all the national division it is causing. What the Tories intend to use Brexit for and what the people would like it to mean are. It related.

    Boris-Idiot made another rambling and incoherent speech today about it. To be honest, I think he still takes cocaine. The bloke is a simpleton who can barely tie up has own shoe laces unaided and we are expected to trust him to negotiate a decent trade agreement with the EU or the USA?

    God almighty, what have we let ourselves in for here?🙄🤬😡☹️😞


  2. Brexit has turned into a complete waste of time already and it isn’t even a week old yet! The CON Party’s United Kingdom-wrecking Brexshit needs to die a death,


  3. Looks like Scotland is about to go ‘Independent’ under the Scottish Non Nationalist Party or Scottish Numpty Party for short. Yes, it won’t be a real independence of any sort apart from being separate from the rest of the United Kingdom but, sadly, many of them haven’t worked that out yet. Evidently, Scottish education isn’t what it used to be and it was the best in the United Kingdom.

    I don’t want them to go ‘independent’ for many reasons not least because with a party of globalist loons in control in Edinburgh we would have an illegal immigration problem with our border and that is already a severe one under the misrule of other globalists like Priti Patel. Frankly, the SNP would be a security risk for us.

    Cameron should hold his head in shame for what he has unleashed. The cowardly idiot had no pressing need to call a referendum and should have attempted to mitigate his stupidity by imposing a minimum threshold level for the referendum to change the status quo such as a 75% participation level and/or a 55% winning level as that might have meant less protest voting.


    1. Of course referendums are inherently not normally a good idea in a supposedly parliamentary democracy and certainly they aren’t in regard to an issue which had grown too large for a referendum but Cameron was more concerned with the unity of his party than the unity of his and our country.🤬😡😞☹️


  4. It is funny how a party that used to refer to itself proudly as the Conservative and Unionist Party is so happy to play fast and loose with the United Kingdom’s unity with this Brexshit shambles.


    1. Well, just look at them, I mean the Cabinet and the MP-cadre: Jews, ex-Muslims and Hindus, dodgy failed business types, not forgetting the odd woman only there because she found fortune on her back (or however…).


  5. The Scottish Parliament should never have been created. Even John Major got that one right. I am not opposed to devolution per se but devolution should have been carried out with a UK-WIDE perspective in mind and with a regional basis to it so that every part of the UK could join in.

    Keir Starmer’s supposedly bright idea is to keep-on feeding the separatist crocodile by giving the Scottish Parliament yet more powers as if the SNP can be appeased!🙄🙄🙄

    He seems to be not all that well-inclined towards constitutional reform AT WESTMINSTER where it is needed ie with the introduction of Proportional Representation.


  6. [article header typo]

    Till I read Secret Barrister’s remarks about the 2019 Act I wondered if the Streatham event had a hint of Problem-Reaction-Solution about it. So White Nats putting up stickers berating their racial displacement will be in jug for longer eh?

    @IRM nice photo of Restoration Bill – is there a blog or webpage that goes with that?

    The videos on the Standard feature the usual face-masked gun-totin’ cops. The State has assumed a monopoly on the use of lethal force and maintenance of territorial integrity and takes our money for it but we rarely get the service paid for. Maybe a spirit of disintermediation should be applied and the police abolished. Everyone without a criminal record for anything substantive would have the right of concealed carry. That would sort out pronto quite a few societal plagues: drugs, rape, child abusing gangs, serious assaults and other problems. Today the pols speak of assault rifles but they never speak of The Equalizer or the numbers of women in the States who’ve fought off home invasions and rapes using guns. *pace*

    But pols’ thoughts are elsewhere.




    The first two are substantively frauds and the last, the means of perpetuating those frauds.

    PS: channel flicking I noticed the said “d.m. cummings” being followed (at a respectful distance) and asked politely by a journo about his feelings on having “achieved” Brexit; he was imo aggressively dismissive and churlish in his refusal to comment.


    1. Wigger: I just noticed that poster attached to a tweet from a Remain whiner but there was no provenance.

      Re Cummings and the journalist: Cummings may look like a purveyor of The Big Issue but I noticed that he was accompanied by two bodyguards. That lunatic is running this regime fronted by Boris-idiot.


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