Diary Blog, 4 February 2020


The wish of that tweeter will come to pass, but in the future, especially the far future.

Amazing covertly-taken film footage (below)


The “real world” intrudes on today’s blog, sadly…

In past decades, people would probably have been shouting, writing etc about how a government behaving like this should be shot etc, but today, people are scared of the police arriving at their door at the slightest provocation (e.g. an angry or even simply dissenting tweet, or Facebook post, or remark made in public or even in private).

The non-European real terrorists have over the years symbiotically worked with the Zionists and others who wish to repress our freedom of expression; new repressive laws are in place, the police and courts are becoming hysterical…the net result is that we can have a quasi-tyrannical and completely dishonest dystopian government such as that run by Boris-idiot and his lunatic-in-chief, Cummings, and yet citizens are actually afraid even to say anything really “edgy” about what should be done about it. All one sees are bleats on Twitter, mostly as weak as water.

As to the food story, It may even be that there is an occultic high-Masonic aspect to this: the wealthy able to eat properly, be healthier, as a class or group also ruling over the “pleb” masses eating junk food, pop tarts, pot noodles, fried chicken and McD hamburgers etc. Already, people in the wealthier parts of the UK live about 10 years longer and also longer in good health than those in depressed parts of the North of England. The same is true of the USA.

Alison Chabloz


The persecuted singer-songwriter can be heard on Internet “radio”, European Freedom, this evening (4 February 2020) at 1900 hrs:

The above links to the show which will start at 1900 hrs this evening, UK time.


More about Labour and the Jew-Zionist lobby

I happened to see this https://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/labour-expels-member-who-accused-rachel-riley-of-prostituting-jewish-heritage-1.496324

I am scarcely a regular reader of the Jewish Chronicle (it has reported on me over the past decade, though…https://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/amazon-user-claims-jewish-lobby-1.18697?highlight=ian+millard)

I suppose that those who are now being expelled from the Labour Party at the behest of the Jewish lobby feel badly about it, but they are really being done a favour. Corbyn had his points, but was terribly weak in fighting back against the Israel/Zionist/Jewish lobby. He never did take the fight to them, and even persisted in paying lip-service to the absurd “holocaust” farrago. McDonnell was even worse. Now, all but about 4 or 5 Labour MPs have signed up to the so-called “International Definition” of so-called “Antisemitism” (in fact adopted so far by fewer than 20 states out of 200).

Labour is a waste of space now. A waste of time too. Why would any real British activist in any case support a party which is now really just for the blacks and browns? A party which supports mass immigration too. We have seen that many former Labour voters rejected Labour in the recent 2019 General Election. Those voters mostly did not vote Conservative; they just did not vote Labour.

The USA, “land of freedom”…

Cancer patient with four weeks to live is jailed for 10 months for stealing food” [Daily Mirror]


End of the day…

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15 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 4 February 2020”

  1. Did you see that speech Boris-Idiot made yesterday? It was real howling at the moon stuff. I am positive the man is on drugs of some sort. Somehow he and that other weirdo nutter Cummings must be displaced from office.

    If it hadn’t been for Zionist Jew extremists and their brainwashing lies over ‘anti-semitism’, Frogface Fraudulent Farage, the terrible ‘leadership’ skills of Jo Swinson and Jeremy Corbyn, Sun-‘reading’ cretinous oiks, the unkempt moron in No.10 wouldn’t be there.🤬😡


    1. I did not see that “speech”, though I noticed tweets about it.

      As you say, Boris-idiot is now posing as PM by reason of an unholy alliance of the other “party leaders”.


      1. John Crace in The Guardian is posing the essential question that everyone with half a functioning brain cell in the country wants to know the truth of:

        https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/feb03/shapeshifter-world-king-the-pm-boris-johnson could-be-seriously-unwell

        If he is seriously unwell then that is no laughing matter either for Boris personally or for this country, especially at this time in history.

        Do PM’s face heath and mental tests before entering No.10 and/or background investigations of other kinds? If they don’t then this is to be deplored and should change.

        In the USA, you are not allowed to be President if you are born outside that country. We should do the same here as Boris wasn’t born here but in New York and that should disqualify him for being PM in my opinion.


      2. “Page not found”…

        Ah, I see what you have done. The link was not properly highlighted.

        I found that sketch. Well, we know what should be done with Boris and his “diverse” Cabinet, but we are not allowed to spell it out…


  2. Labour is hopeless as you say. They have no original thoughts for the future. They aren’t even very good lefties in some ways ie they don’t respect the fundamentals of an inherently and iconic leftist value ie democracy when they have the same dogmatic opposition to introducing equal votes ie Proportional Representation as the selfish, self-serving, undemocratic Selfservative Tory scum.

    For white people in this country, apart from the very poorest, Labour may as well not exist.


  3. Jew Zionist extremists call even ill treatment of Jews in concentration camps a ‘Holocaust’! That is ridiculous and it can’t be construed as the truth in anyway. The ‘Holocaust’ can ONLY mean the systematic genocide of Jews in extermination camps ie camps whose SOLE PURPOSE was for murdering Jews for being Jews.

    ILL treatment of Jews was no different to that metered out to those Japs the Americans interned in their concentration camps in California etc. The story is embellished in many ways for dramatic effect although even the most fanatic Jew Zionist extremist doesn’t now normally claim there were lampshades made out of human skin etc.

    Has the order from Adolf Hitler for the mass murder of Jews been found yet or are we still waiting for it?


    1. Remember the “blueprint of Auschwitz”, “found” in a Berlin attic (supposedly) years ago? I think that that was about 25 years ago. It even had “Gas Chamber” obligingly marked on it in large letters! I presume that it was hidden away once discovered to be more faked “evidence”. Still, “they” got a few days of publicity out of it and were able to say that the “deniers” had been silenced…


  4. No, I don’t remember that. I do recollect reading that Treblinka which was supposedly the second main extermination camp has had its soil levels tested for disturbances by sophisticated equipment and it was found that the soil hadn’t been disturbed for several decades including the early 1940’s. Where did the Nazis put the ashes of their victims?


    1. Yes. Some Jewish pseudo-academic whose name I forget made a TV programme which was a disaster for the “gas chambers” theory, because she found effectively nothing. A video debunking her “documentary” was pulled from youtube and banned on Twitter.


      1. This maybe?


        “Caroline Sturdy Colls (born 1985) is a Professor Conflict Archaeology and Genocide Investigation at Staffordshire University specializing in Holocaust studies…..”

        Then like the Siberian invaders in the States regarding Kennewick Man etc etc they say digging must be forbidden – defiling the memory of the dead or some such cant.


  5. The Holocaust consists of, in reality, a couple of hundred thousand Jews being ill treated and dying through that cause and through lack of food, lack of medicines, infectious diseases such as typhus etc.

    Where are the ashes of the victims? What real, physical evidence exists of HOW these Jews actually died?


    1. What the Zionists and their “useful idiots” claim is a mountain of “evidence” is really a mountain of assertion, hearsay, mutually-supporting and not credible post-1945 history writing. Not for nothing is it called The Hoax of the 20th Century…


  6. I have read that Adolf Eichmann was subjected to a long-drop hanging in a country which has never had a death penalty apart from this one instance because the Israeli government was afraid he would spill the beans on how Zionist groups and the Nazi regime agreed to encourage Jews to move from Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied countries to what was then the British mandate of Palestine.


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